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Polling Booth in Korei Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Korei

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Korei Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Korei Assembly Constituency falls under the Korei Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 KiapadaKiapada UGME , Kiapada
2 AndhariJajangi Ambulpur UGME
3 KadamaKadama Nodal Upper Primary School
4 KadamaKadama Nodal Upper Primary School
5 RautapadaRautapada Primary School
6 SolabandiSolabandi Upper Primary School
7 AsanajharAsanajhar Primary School
8 PatarakanaPatarakana Upper Primary School
9 ParamanandapurParamanandapur Primary School
10 RagadiR.K. nodal Upper Primary School , Ragadi
11 KorabandiKorabandi Nodal Upper Primary School
12 GohiragadiaGohiragadia UGME
13 KhamiganKhamigaon Nodal Upper Primary School
14 PachhikotPacchikote Nodal Upper Primary School
15 KacharasahiKacharasahi Primary School
16 Kantore -2Kantore UGME , Gajendrapur
17 KantoreAshok Das High School , Kantore
18 BachhipurBachhipur Primary School
19 RamakrishnapurRamakrishnapur Primary School
20 RanapurBC High School , Ranapur
21 GopalpurGopalpur Primary School
22 MahuliaMahulia UGME
23 SanlaKantabania Primary School , Sanla
24 GaurapurGaurapur Primary School
25 JugalJugal Upper Primary School
26 JalandaJalanda Primary School
27 Jalanda PartJalanda Primary School
28 Purbakote -2Purbakote UGME
29 Purbakote-1Purbakote UGME
30 KayanKayan Primary School
31 TalagadiaTalagadia Upper Primary School
32 PimpalPimpal ry. School
33 UpulaiUpulai UGME School
34 Talagarh--1Talagarh Nodal School
35 TalagarhTalagarh Nodal School
36 PatarangaPataranga Primary School
37 AsokajharAsokajhar Upper Primary School
38 Talagarh--2Talagarh Nodal Upper Primary School
39 NaguanSwarnaprava Nodal Upper Primary School , Brahmanidevi
40 SantarapurBerunpur Primary School
41 MulisaragadaMulisaragada Nodal Upper Primary School
42 MulisaragadaMulisaragada Nodal Upper Primary School
43 Tulati-2Tulati Nodal Upper Primary School
44 TulatiTulati Nodal School
45 Tulati-1Tulati Nodal School
46 TulatiTulati Nodal School
47 Haladigadia-2Madan mohan Nodal Vidyapitha
48 Haladigadia-1Madan mohan Nodal Vidyapitha
49 SantasahiSantasahi Upper Primary School.Santasahi
50 Tarakote-1Tarakote Nodal Upper Primary School
51 Tarakote-2Tarakote Nodal Upper Primary School
52 TulasipurTulasipur Nodal Upper Primary School
53 IchhapurIchhapur UGME
54 SolapatiaSolapatia Upper Primary School
55 SolapatiaKadamini UGME School
56 Makundapur-1Makundapur Upper Primary School
57 Makundapur-2Makundapur High School
58 MakundapurMakundapur High School
59 GambhariaGambharia Primary School
60 OsalaJubaraj Nodal Upper Primary School, Osala
61 Barundei-1Barundei Primary School
62 Barundei-2Barundei High School
63 Barundei-3Barundei High School
64 UttarakhajiraUttarakhajira Upper Primary School
65 TarapadaTarapada Upper Primary School
66 SadakapurSadakpur Upper Primary School
67 PhajalpurKorei Upper Primary School
68 Fajalpur-1Korei Upper Primary School
69 KharajabatiraKharajabatira Upper Primary School
70 TentulikhuntaTentulikhunta Primary School
71 NakharaRadharaman Nodal Upper Primary School, Nahaka
72 NakharaRadharaman Nodal Upper Primary School, Nahaka
73 Chorada-1V.N. High School
74 ChoradaV.N. High School
75 Chorada-2V.N. High School
76 Chorada-3Jawahar Nodal Upper Primary School
77 Chorada-4Jawahar Nodal Upper Primary School
78 Chandama -1Chandama Primary School (NS)
79 Chandama -2Chandama Primary School (NS)
80 SobaraDhabalagiri Upper Primary School Sobara
81 SobaraDhabalagiri Upper Primary School Sobara
82 KusunapurKusunapur Primary School
83 RampasRampas Primary School
84 Jodabar-1Jodabar Primary School
85 JodabarJodabar Primary School
86 Jodabar-2Jodabar Primary School
87 UmapadaMeher Nodal Upper Primary School
88 PadmapurSapagadia Primary School
89 PadmapurSapagadia Primary School
90 Mundamala-1Mundamala Primary School
91 MundamalaMundamala Primary School
92 Mundamala-2Chrome Nagar Vidyapitha Ferrochrome Plant
93 KhandahataKhandahata Primary School
94 BiramanipurArabinda BidyapithaBiramanipur
95 KopandaKopanda Primary School
96 Dolipur-1Abhimanue Samatasinghra Vidya Pitha, Dolipur
97 Dolipur-2Dolipur Primary School, Dolipur
98 Dolipur-3VySanskrit Schoolanagar Primary School, Dolipur
99 Dolipur-4N.C. High School , Dolipur
100 Natapada-1Nilakantheswar Primary School (ES)
101 Natapada-2Nilakantheswar Primary School (ES)
102 DalaMahabir Upper Primary School Dala
103 DalaMahabir Upper Primary School Dala
104 BadapatuliPatuli UGME , Badapatuli
105 ChilipadaChilipada Upper Primary School
106 DhanewarGouranga Nodal School, Dhaneswara
107 MrutunjayapurByasadeba Upper Primary School,Mrutyunjayapur
108 AladajaleswarapurAladajaleswarapur Upper Primary School
109 Amrutia-1Amrutia Primary School
110 Amrutia-2Amrutia Primary School
111 RangarangaRangaranga U.Primary School.Ranagaranga
112 BadheijalandaBadheijalanda Primary School
113 HatapurHatapur Primary School
114 Bandalo-1Dulakhapatana Primary School
115 Bandalo-2Mangala Upper Primary School , Dulakhapatana
116 RoutpadaRoutpada Upper Primary School
117 SarsadaSarsoda Primary School
118 KhiroKhiro Primary School
119 DhanatriDhanatri Upper Primary School
120 RanapalRanapal Nodal Upper Primary School
121 BhakandariBhakandari Upper Primary School
122 RanigodaRanigoda Primary School. Schol
123 RanigodaRanigoda Primary School. Schol
124 BarttamanaBarttamana Upper Primary School ,Bartamana
125 Ochinda-1Ochinda UGME
126 OchindaOchinda UGME
127 Dhanapur-1Dhanapur Primary School ,Nuapada
128 KurupadaGhontesar Nodal Upper Primary School, Kurupada
129 TaluganLN Nodal Upper Primary School Taluri Talugan
130 TaluriLN Nodal Upper Primary School Taluri Talugan
131 JanhaJanha UGME School
132 JanhaJanha UGME School
133 ChhotarayapurChhotarayapur Primary School
134 ThakurapatanaThakurapatana UGUP Schoool , Thakurapatana
135 BhikipurBhikipur Upper Primary School
136 KrushnanagarRaghunath Nodal Upper Primary School,Krushnanagar
137 PahangaPahanga Upper Primary School
138 RautarapurRautarapur Primary School
139 JokadiaJokadia Primary School
140 TarapurTarapur Upper Primary School
141 LakshminagarLaxminagar Primary School
142 LakshminagarLaxminagar Primary School
143 RadhanagarRadhanagar Upper Primary School .Radhanagar
144 Khaman-1Hingula Primary School (Sanskrit School) Sankhachila
145 Khaman-2Hingula High School (ES) Sankhachila
146 KhamanHingula Primary School (Sanskrit School) Sankhachila
147 Khaman-3Hingula High School (ES) Sankhachila
148 NaudapurNaudapur Primary School
149 Banamalipur-1Banamalipur Pri School
150 BanamalipurBanamalipur Pri School
151 Badabiruan-1Badabiruanm Upper Primary School
152 Badabiruan-2Badabiruanm Upper Primary School
153 HatasahiGoleipur Primary School,Goleipur
154 GoleipurHatasahi Primary School,Hatasahi
155 SotiSoti UGME School
156 SotiSoti UGME School
157 Panikoili-2Jagabandhu Nodal Vidyalaya , Alatiri Panikoili
158 AlatiriNarasinhapur Upper Primary School
159 DamodarapurDamodarapur Primary School.Damodaraur
160 DamodarapurDamodarapur Primary School.Damodaraur
161 Panikoili-1Panikoili High School
162 PanikoiliPanikoili High School
163 PatharapadaPatharapada Primary School
164 Bada BaruneipadaPatharapada Primary School
165 Karada-2Karada Nodal Upper Primary School
166 Karada-1Karada Nodal Upper Primary School
167 MulapalMulapal UGME School
168 MasudupurAtala Bihari Nodal Primary School
169 BadatrilochanapurMakunda Bindha Primary School
170 Keut Laguan-2Keut Laguan Upper Primary School (W)
171 BareiBarei Upper Primary School
172 Tandra-1Tandra Primary School
173 Tandra-2Tandra Primary School
174 TandraTandra Primary School
175 KujhibaraKujhibara Primary School
176 Tikarapada-2Tikarapada Upper Primary School
177 Tikarapada-1Serapur Project Primary School
178 DarakundiTikarapada Upper Primary School
179 BrahmanarasinghapurDarakundi Upper Primary School,Darakundi
180 TulasipurBrahmanarasinghapur Primary School
181 ParikainnchiTulasipur Upper Primary School,Tulasipur
182 Badakainnchi-1Parikainnchi Upper Primary School
183 KainchisasanMadhuban Primary School,School,Badakaincha
184 Badakainnchi-2Kainchisasan Nodal Primary School,Kainchisasan
185 GandhanBadakainnchi Upper Primary School
186 EkatalaGandhan Nodal U. Primary School
187 GoradhaEkatala Primary School,Ekatala
188 GopinathapurRadhagovinda Primary School Gordha
189 GopinathapurGopinathapur Upper Primary School
190 GarualGopinathapur Upper Primary School
191 IchhapurGarual Primary School
192 BantaraIchhapur Upper Primary School
193 BhotakaBantara Primary School
194 BhotokaJagabandhu Nodal Vidyalaya
195 SerapurJay Druga U.G.M.E.School,Bhotoka
196 AradaJay Druga U.G.M.E.School,Bhotoka
197 BilipadaArada Primary School
198 SarangapurBilipada U.G.M.E School,Bilipada
199 OraliSarangapur Nodal Upper Primary School
200 KamarapalOrali Primary School
201 BahadalapurKamarapal Upper Primary School
202 ParidabadBahadalapur Primary School,Bahadalapur
203 BadaniranjanapurParidabad UGME School
204 Mugupal-1Badaniranjanapur Project School
205 Mugupal-2Khairabadpatana Primary School,Mugulipala
206 KhairabadKhairabadpatana Primary School,Khairabada
207 Mugapal-3Khairabad Primary School
208 KoruanKhairabadpatana Primary School
209 HaripurKantabania Primary School ,School,Gholopur
210 HaripurHaripur Primary School
211 Narasinhapur-1Haripur Primary School
212 NarasinhapurNarasinhapur Upper Primary School
213 Narasinhapur-2Narasinhapur Upper Primary School
214 NarasinhapurNarasinhapur Upper Primary School

Last Updated on April 29, 2020
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