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Polling Booth in Khurda Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Khurda

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Khurda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Khurda Assembly Constituency falls under the Khurda Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Gurujanga-1Gurujanga Primary School, Gurujanga
2 Gurujanga-2Gurujanga Primary School, Gurujanga
3 Gurujanga-3Gurujanga Primary School, Gurujanga
4 Gurujanga-4Gurujanga High School, Gurujanga
5 Gurujanga-5Gurujanga High School, Gurujanga
6 Gurujanga-6Gurujanga High School, Gurujanga
7 Makundaprasad-1Makundaprasad Primary SchoolME School, Makundaprasad
8 Makundaprasad-2Makundaprasad UGME School, Makundaprasad
9 Makundaprasad-3Makundaprasad Urdu Maktab, Makundaprasad
10 MakundaprasadMakundaprasad Urdu Maktab, Makundaprasad
11 Makundaprasad-4Makundaprasad UGME School, Makundaprasad
12 MakundaprasadMakundaprasad UGME School, Makundaprasad
13 JemadeiJemadei Primary School, Jemadei
14 JemadeiJemadei Primary School, Jemadei
15 Jajarsingh-1Khordha Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jajarsingh
16 Jajarsingh-2Khordha Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jajarsingh
17 Jajarsingh-3Khordha Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jajarsingh
18 Jajarsingh-4Khordha Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jajarsingh
19 Jajarsingh-5Samantarapur Project Upper Primary School, Samantarapur
20 jajarsingh-15Samantarapur Project Upper Primary School, Samantarapur
21 Jajarsingh-6Samantarapur Project Upper Primary School, Samantarapur
22 Jajarsingh-7Forest Colony Primary School, Jajarsingh
23 Jajarsingh-16Forest Colony Primary School, Jajarsingh
24 Jajarsingh-6Forest Colony Primary School, Jajarsingh
25 Jajarsingh-7Khordha Project Upper Primary School, Jajarsingh
26 Jajarsingh-8Khordha Project Upper Primary School, Jajarsingh
27 Jajarsingh-9J.N. Vidyapitha, Jajarsingh
28 Jajarsingh-17Town Primary School. Center School
29 Jajarsingh-12Practising UGME School,
30 Jajarsingh-13Practising UGME School,
31 Jajarsingh-18Practing UGME School, Jajarsingh
32 Sanapalla-1Bhaliabadi Upper Primary School, Bhaliabadi
33 Sanapalla-2Bhaliabadi Upper Primary School, Bhaliabadi
34 SanapallaBhaliabadi Upper Primary School, Bhaliabadi
35 PanabarajPanabaraj Central Primary School
36 KalyanapurKalyanapur Primary School
37 Jariput-1Jariput U. Girls Upper Primary School
38 Jariput-2Jariput U. Girls Upper Primary School
39 DaleiputDaleiput Nodal Upper Primary School
40 TotapadaTotapada Primary School
41 PallaBarunei Nodal Upper Primary School, Palla
42 PallaBarunei Nodal Upper Primary School, Palla
43 Gadakhordha-1Gadakhordha Project Upper Primary School
44 Gadakhordha-2Gadakhordha Project Upper Primary School
45 Gadakhordha-3Block REO Colony Project Upper Primary School
46 SialiapatnaSialiapatna Sevashrama
47 KadalibadiKadalibadi Primary School
48 KuradhamallaKuradhamalla U. Girls Upper Primary School
49 Deulatangi-1Deulatangi Primary School
50 Deulatangi-2Deulatangi Primary School
51 SaantaKaipadar Nodal Upper Primary School
52 BhatapadaBhatapada Primary School
53 KankadahadaKankadahada Primary School
54 Bangida-1Bangida Nodal Upper Primary School
55 Bangida-2Bangida Nodal Upper Primary School
56 AdakhandiaAdakhandia Primary School
57 MadhapurMadhapur Primary School
58 KaipadarKaipadar Malisahi Project U. P. School, Kaipadar
59 KaipadarKaipadar High School
60 KaipadarKaipadar Nodal Upper Primary School
61 DadhimachhagadiaG.R.C. Dev. Nodal Upper Primary School
62 ChhatramaChhatrama Primary School
63 BajapurBajapur U.P.
64 BajapurBajapur U.P.
65 BajapurBajapur Primary School
66 BaniatangiBaniatangi U. Girls Upper Primary School
67 BaniatangiBaniatangi U. Girls Upper Primary School
68 BajapurBajapur Primary School
69 ChhatipurChhatipur U. Girls Upper Primary School
70 DurgapurDurgapur Primary School
71 AndaSaleswar Dev Nodal Upper Primary School
72 AndaSaleswar Dev Nodal Upper Primary School
73 AndaSaleswar Dev Nodal Upper Primary School
74 AndaSaleswar Dev Nodal Upper Primary School
75 HaripurHaripur Urdu Primary School
76 JhinkijhariJhinkijhari Project Upper Primary School
77 TapangaTapanga Primary School
78 TapangaTapanga Primary School
79 KanpurMalipada Nodal Upper Primary School
80 KanpurMalipada Nodal Upper Primary School
81 KanpurMalipada Nodal Upper Primary School
82 ChampajharChampajhar Primary School
83 PanichhataraPanichhatra Primary School
84 JagannathpurBaraghara Patana UGME School,
85 Ramachandi -1Ramachandi Nodal Upper Primary School
86 Ramachandi 2Ramachandi Nodal Upper Primary School
87 Ramachandi -3Ramachandi Nodal Upper Primary School
88 DhaulimuhanDhaulimuhan Project Upper Primary School
89 DhaulimuhanKaimatia Primary School
90 BrajamohanpurBrajamohanpur U. Girls Upper Primary School
91 BrajamohanpurBrajamohanpur U. Girls Upper Primary School
92 SaradhapurSaradhapur U. Girls Upper Primary School
93 MasaniaLekhanpur Upper Primary School
94 DihakhalaDihakhala Project Upper Primary School
95 OrabarsinghGatiswara Dev Nodal Upper Primary School
96 KrushnapurKrushnapur Project Upper Primary School
97 OramiOrami Primary School
98 DhabalpurDhabalpur Balapur Primary School
99 KurumapadaJagannathpur Project Upper Primary School
100 KurumapadaJagannathpur Project Upper Primary School
101 NarangadaChintamani Bidya Niketana Narangada
102 NarangadaChintamani Bidya Niketana Narangada
103 KanchiloKanchilo Primary School
104 BhogapurBhogapur Primary School
105 MotaMota U. Girls Upper Primary School
106 MotaMota U. Girls Upper Primary School
107 GodipadaGodipada Primary School
108 LahangaLahanga Primary School
109 GayabandhaGayabandh U.G.M.E. School
110 ChhanagiriChhanagiri High School
111 ChhanagiriChhanagiri Nodal Upper Primary School
112 ChhanagiriChhanagiri Nodal Upper Primary School
113 DeulipatanaDeulipatana Primary School
114 OlasinghOlasingh Primary School
115 OlasinghDasarathi High School
116 DamanbhuinDamanbhuin U.G.M.E. School
117 DamanbhuinDamanbhuin U.G.M.E. School
118 MundaambaJankia Primary School
119 MundaambaJankia U.P.
120 Jankia NuagaonJankia Nuagaon Primary School
121 RamabilliRamabilli U.G.M.E. School
122 SarapariSarapari UGME School
123 SarapariSarapari UGME School
124 Tankol-1Tankol High School
125 Tankol-2Tankol Primary School
126 Tankol-3Tankol Primary School
127 TotapadaTotapada Primary School
128 RatamatiRatamati Nodal Upper Primary School
129 BagheiputBagheiput Primary School
130 RameswarRameswar Nodal Upper Primary School
131 RameswarRameswar Nodal Upper Primary School
132 KayaKaya Primary School
133 GolabaiGolabai Sasan Centre Primary School
134 ChandramapatapurChandramapatapur Primary School
135 GolabaiBhagabati High School, Golabai
136 GolabaiBhagabati U.P.
137 TalapadaTalapada Primary School
138 KuniasamantarapurKuniasamantarapur Primary School
139 BhagabatipadaBhagabatipada Primary School
140 JajpurJajpur Project Upper Primary School
141 LendoLendo UGME School
142 LalitapatapurLalitapatapur Nodal Upper Primary School
143 AseliAseli Primary School
144 Dia-1Dia UGME School
145 Dia-2Dia UGME School
146 KapileswarKapileswar Primary School
147 Kasipur-1Kasipur Primary School
148 Kasipur-2Kasipur Primary School
149 NirakarpurNirakarpur High School
150 NirakarpurNirakarpur High School
151 Nirakarpur-3Nirakarpur High School
152 KhajuripadaKhajuripada Project Upper Primary School
153 Khajuripada-2Khajuripada Project Upper Primary School
154 PadmapurpatnaPadmapurpatna Primary School
155 Badapokharia-1Badapokharia Project Upper Primary School
156 Badapokharia-2Badapokharia Project Upper Primary School
157 Nilagiripatana-1Badapokharia Nilagiripatana Nodal Upper Primary School
158 Nilagiripatana-3Badapokharia Nilagiripatana Nodal Upper Primary School
159 Nilagiripatana-2Badapokharia Nilagiripatana Nodal Upper Primary School
160 BodangarapatanaBodangarapatana Primary School
161 NalasinghNalasingh Project Upper Primary School
162 Achyutpur PatnaAchyutpur Patna Primary School
163 Achyutpur-2Achyutpur Patna Primary School
164 KamaguruN.C. M.E. School, Kamaguru
165 KamaguruKamaguru Primary School
166 KamaguruBelapada Primary School
167 ArisalaArisala Primary School
168 BrundabanpurBrundabanpur Primary School
169 Nuagada-1Ugratara M.E. School, Haripur
170 Nuagada-2Ugratara M.E. School, Haripur
171 Nuagada-3Nuagada Primary School
172 Nuagada-4Nuagada Primary School
173 RautarapurSinghipur Primary School
174 Bhusandapur-1Bhusandapur Nodal Upper Primary School
175 Bhusandapur-2Bhusandapur Nodal Upper Primary School
176 Bhusandapur-2Bhusandapur Nodal Upper Primary School
177 Bhusandapur-3Bhusandapur Nodal Upper Primary School
178 Bhusandapur-4Bhusandapur Nodal Upper Primary School
179 Bhusandapur-6Bhusandapur Nodal Upper Primary School
180 TentuliapadaTentuliapada Primary School
181 KantalbaiS.T.U. Academy, Kantalbai
182 UjalagopinathpurUjalagopinathpur Upper Primary School
183 UjalagopinathpurUjalagopinathpur Upper Primary School
184 JhatinuagaonJhatinuagaon Colony Primary School
185 JhatinuagaonJhatinuagaon Colony Primary School
186 Katilagoth ColonyKatilagoth Colony Primary School
187 Gobardhanpur ColonyGobardhanpur Colony Primary School
188 Gobardhanpur Colony-2Gobardhanpur Colony Primary School
189 Kusumiroutpada-1Kusumiroutpada U.G.M.E. School
190 Kusumiroutpada-2Kusumiroutpada U.G.M.E. School
191 MulijharMulijhari Primary School
192 AbhimanpurAbhimanpur Primary School
193 Raulasahi-1Raulasahi Primary School (R-1)
194 Raulasahi-2Raulasahi Primary School (R-1)
195 Sundarpur ColonySundarpur Colony Primary School
196 Sundarpur Colony-2Sundarpur Colony Primary School
197 NuapadaNuapada Primary School
198 SundarpurSundarpur Primary School
199 SundarpurChandimangala Primary School, Sundarpur
200 Raulasahi-3Raulasahi Primary School (R-1)
201 KaratiasahiKaratiasahi Project Upper Primary School
202 Tangi-3Balaram Dev Bidyapitha, Tangi
203 Tangi-4Balaram Dev Bidyapitha, Tangi
204 Tangi-1Tangi Primary School
205 Tangi -5Tangi Primary School
206 Tangi-2Tangi Primary School
207 Tangi-6Tangi Primary School
208 Panaspur Patna-1Panaspur Patna Primary School
209 Panaspur Patna-2Panaspur Patna Primary School
210 Panaspur Patna-3Panaspur Patna Primary School
211 BrahmandihBrahmandih Primary School
212 SanakusumiSanakusumi Primary School
213 Badapari-1Badapari Nodal Upper Primary School.
214 Badapari-2Badapari Primary School.
215 Badapari-3Badapari Primary School.
216 NuagaonNuagaon Primary School
217 BhobaraBhobara Primary School.
218 HarichandanapurBhobara Primary School.
219 JhariaJharia Project Upper Primary School.
220 BarikoBarikobadhi Patana Project Upper Primary School.
221 SingaramaSingarama UGME School.
222 PanasapurPanasapur Primary School.
223 KandagadiaKandagadia Primary School.
224 ParioradPariorad Project Primary School.
225 ParioradPariorad Project Primary School.
226 OradOrad Project Primary School.
227 KunjuriKunjuri Primary School
228 NaramanabiNaramanabi Primary School,Naramanabi
229 AdiapadaAdiapada Primary School
230 JayamangalapurJayamangalapur UGME School
231 JayamangalapurJayamangalapur UGME School
232 DixitapadaDixitapada Primary School.
233 Kuhudi-1Kuhudi Kshetrabasi ME School.
234 Kuhudi-2Kuhudi Kshetrabasi ME School.
235 Kuhudi-3Kuhudi Primary School.
236 Kuhudi-4Kuhudi Kshetrabasi ME School.
237 Kuhudi-5Kuhudi Kshetrabasi ME School.
238 Kuhudi-6Kuhudi Primary School.
239 Kuhudi-7Janata HigHigh Schoolchool.
240 TaladihJanata HigHigh Schoolchool.
241 RatanapurRatanapur Primary School.
242 Ratanapur-1Ratanapur Primary School.
243 Balipatpur-1Balipatpur Primary School,Balipatpur
244 Balipatpur-2Balipatpur Primary School,Balipatpur
245 Balipatpur-3Balipatpur Rifugee High School
246 Balipatpur-6Saraswatinagar Primary School
247 Balipatpur-4Balipatpur Rifugee High School
248 Balipatpur-4Balipatpur Rifugee High School

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