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Polling Booth in Khandapada Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Khandapada

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Khandapada Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Khandapada Assembly Constituency falls under the Khandapada Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 NuapadaJanata Nodal U.P.M.E. School, Nuapada
2 BalabhadraparsadBalabhadraprasad Primary School
3 Kumbharapada-1Kumbharapada High School
4 Kumbharapada-2Kumbharapada High School
5 Rayat DholamaraRayat Dholamara M.E. School
6 Badabhuin-1Badabhuin Primary School
7 MainsibindhaMainsibindha Primary School
8 BarapalliBarapalli
9 KandhamirigiKandhamirigi Seva Shram
10 KrushnachandrapurKrushnachandrapur Girls Primary School
11 SaradhapurSaradhapur Primary School
12 JakelaJakela Primary School
13 KandhapatharaKandhapathara Primary School
14 SingibariSingibari Primary School
15 MadhupurMadhupur U.G.M.E. School
16 AnlapataAnlapata Primary School
17 GiridipalliGiridipalli Proj .Upper Primary School
18 MangarajpurMangarajpur Proj..Upper Primary School
19 RakesiaRakesia Primary School
20 BalaramprasadKrushnagouranga Memorial High School
21 Sidhamula-1Sidhamula Nodal U.P.M.E. School
22 Sidhamula-2Sidhamula Nodal U.P.M.E. School
23 RajakiariRajakiari Primary School
24 Ghanasalia-1Ghanasalia U.G.M.E. School
25 Badabanapur-1Badabanapur U.G.M.E. School
26 Badabanapur-2Badabanapur U.G.M.E. School
27 Kantilo-1Nilamadhab Bidyapitha
28 Kantilo-2Bhagaban Govt. M.E. School
29 Kantilo-3Kantilo Girls Primary School
30 Kantilo-4Kantilo Boys Primary School
31 Kantilo-5Radhanath Girls Primary School
32 Kantilo-6Radhanath Girls Primary School
33 Kantilo-7Panusahoo Patna Primary School
34 BenagadiaBenagadia High School
35 PathardwarPathardwar Project Upper Primary School
36 GopinathpurGopinathpur Primary School
37 TentuliapalliTentuliapalli P.Upper Primary School
38 KaduaKadua Primary School
39 Patharganda-1Patharganda Primary School
40 Patharganda-2Patharganda Primary School
41 KiajharKiajhar U.G.M.E. School
42 Kiajhar PatanaKiajhar Patana P.Upper Primary School
43 GochhabariGochhabari Proj.Upper Primary School
44 SambarbindhaSambarbindha Seva Shram
45 BadajhadBadajhad Primary School
46 DattapokhariDattapokhari Primary School
47 RupapaliRupapali Primary School
48 SinghapadaSinghapada Primary School
49 KhuntubandhaKhuntubandha Primary School
50 BarakoliBarakoli Primary School
51 MadhabereniMadhabereni Proj. Primary School,
52 Bodasa-1Bodasa U.G.M.E. School
53 Bodasa-2Bodasa U.G.M.E. School
54 Mardarajpur-1Mardarajpur U.G.M.E. School
55 Mardarajpur-2Mardarajpur U.G.M.E. School
56 Harichandanpur (New)Harichandanpur Primary School
57 Khalisahi-1Lingaraj Nodal U.G.M.E School, Khalisahi
58 Khalisahi-2Lingaraj Nodal U.G.M.E School, Khalisahi
59 Khalisahi-3Lingaraj Nodal U.G.M.E School, Khalisahi
60 KotapokhariKotapokhari Primary School
61 PuaniaPuania Proj.Upper Primary School
62 IchhapurIchhapur Primary School
63 Khandapada-1Rama Chandra High School, Khandapara
64 Khandapara-2Khandapadagada Girls High School (E.Side)
65 Khandapara-3Khandapara Town Model Upper Primary School
66 Khandapara-4Khandapara Town Model Upper Primary School
67 Khandapara-5Khandapada Girls High School (C. Side)
68 Khandapara-6Khandapara Primary School
69 Khandapada-7Khandapada M.E. School
70 KunjabiharipurKaithapalli
71 BarapalliBarapalli
72 Sikharpur-1Sikharpur Primary School
73 Sikharpur-2Sikharpur M.E School
74 SalajhariaSalajharia U Girls High School
75 Ranipada-1Ranipada U.G.M.E School
76 Ranipada-2Ranipada U.G.M.E School
77 LaxmiprasadLaxmiprasad Primary School
78 BadahamaraBadahamara Primary School
79 JogiapalliJogiapalli U.G.M.E. School
80 AnlamadaRaghunathpur
81 GopalipadaGopalipada Primary School
82 Gunthuni-1Bansidhar M.E. School, Gunthuni
83 Gunthuni-2Gunthuni J.B. School
84 Jagannathprasad-1Labanyaprava Nodal U.P.M.E, Jagannathprasad R1
85 Jagannathprasad-2Labanyaprava Nodal U.P.M.E, Jagannathprasad R1
86 KuaharaLadukeswar Nodal U.P.M.E, Kuahara
87 Darada MahulapadaDarada Mahulapada Primary School
88 HatakataHatakata Proj.Primary School
89 BahadaBahada Proj.Upper Primary School
90 Banamalipur-1Banamalipur Govt. M.E. School
91 Banamalipur-2Banamalipur High School
92 RamachandrapurRamachandrapur Primary School
93 RanichheliRanicheli Primary School
94 MangalpurNatabarprasad Primary School
95 GohiriapadaGohiriapada U.G.M.E. School
96 KalapangiKalapangi U.G.M.E. School
97 MardarajprasadMardarajprasad Proj. Primary School
98 NimapatnaNimapatna Primary School
99 Basudevpur-1Basudevpur Primary School
100 Basudevpur-2Basudevpur Primary School
101 BasantapurBasantapur Primary School
102 Purusottam PrasadSarbeswar Nodal Upper Primary School, Purusottam Prasad
103 BhagabanpurBhagabanpur U. Girls Upper Primary School
104 BhokilapadaBhokilapada Project Upper Primary School
105 BetakholiL.D. Nodal Upper Primary School, Luniauti
106 TikiripadaTikiripada P.Upper Primary School
107 NuapalliNuapalli Proj.Upper Primary School
108 KesharsinghKesharsingh Primary School
109 BoragaonBoragaon Primary School
110 KalatangiKalatangi Primary School
111 DhanachangadaDhanchangada U. Girls Upper Primary School
112 LaxmiprasadLaxmiprasad Primary School
113 BhogadaBhogada Proj. Upper Primary School, Bhogada
114 MahulaberenaMahulaberena Primary School
115 PatharchakadaPatharchakada P.Upper Primary School
116 Madhapur-1Madhapur Primary School
117 Madhapur-2Madhapur Primary School
118 KendupalliKendupalli Primary School
119 JhagadapadaJhagadapada Primary School
120 Padmabati-1Padmabati Nodal Upper Primary School
121 Padmabati-2Gopinath Bidyapitha
122 TalamaradaTalamarada Proj.Primary School
123 Hanumanta PrasadHanumanta Prasad Proj. Upper Primary School
124 ChheliaChhelia Proj. Upper Primary School
125 BaunsabatiBaunsabati U. Girls Upper Primary School
126 MaradaMarada Primary School
127 Rakama-1Swapneswar Dev Bidyapitha,Rakama
128 Rakama-2Rakama Primary School
129 BadiloBadilo Primary School
130 Kainfulia-1Kainfulia U.G High School
131 Kainfulia-2Kainfulia U.G High School
132 DuadiaDuadia Primary School
133 Salapada-1Salapada Project Upper Primary School
134 Salapada-2Manibandha Kendupalli Primary School,
135 BarabatiChintamani Nodal Upper Primary School., Barabati
136 MardabadiMardabadi Primary School
137 MituaniMituani Primary School
138 Patana JamusahiPatna Jamusahi Primary School
139 DhalabandhaDhalabandha Primary School
140 JamusahiJamusahi U. Girls Upper Primary School
141 RampadaRamapada Project Primary School
142 Gopal PrasadGopalprasad Primary School
143 Badabhuin-2Badabhuin Primary School
144 Baigunia-1Baigunia Primary School
145 Baigunia-2Baigunia Primary School
146 Baigunia-3Baigunia Upper Primary School
147 BaghuapalliBaghuapalli Primary School
148 Baladia Nuagaon-1Baladia Nuagaon High School
149 Baladia Nuagaon-2Baladia Nuagaon Primary School
150 OlasaOlasa U. Girls Upper Primary School
151 KhuntupadaRameswar Dev Proj. Upper Primary School,Khuntupada
152 KalikaprasadKalikaprasad Proj. Upper Primary School
153 ArakhapalliArakhapalli Primary School
154 BadasaharaBadasahara U. Girls Upper Primary School
155 SanasaharaSanasahara Primary School
156 NimaniNimani Primary School
157 BandhadwarBandadwar U. Girls Upper Primary School
158 Gobardhan PrasadGadakhola Proj. Upper Primary School,Gobardhan Prasad
159 Chakradharprasad-1Jawahar Nodal School, Chakradha Prasad
160 Chakradhar Prasad-2Jawahar Nodal School, Chakradha Prasad
161 GolapokhariGolapokhari Nodal Upper Primary School
162 BaliapataBaliapata Project Upper Primary School
163 Bhapur-1Bhapur Nodal Upper Primary School
164 Bhapur-2Bhapur Nodal Upper Primary School
165 KhairagadiaKhairagadia Proj.Upper Primary School
166 MandarbereniMandarbereni Project Primary School
167 MalibereniMalibereni Ashrama School
168 Bijipur-1Bijipur Primary School
169 SukapokhariSukapokhari Primary Schoolmary School
170 DubapalliDubapalli Primary School
171 RakamaSalajharia Proj.Primary School
172 Sasana-1Tikiripada Sasan U. Girls Upper Primary School
173 Sasana-2Tikiripada Sasan U. Girls Upper Primary School
174 NandabarNandabar Nodal Upper Primary School
175 JasobantapurJasobantapur Primary School
176 Karabara-1Karabara Primary School
177 Karabara-2Kapila Martha Upper Primary School ,Karabara
178 ManitriManitri Proj.Upper Primary School
179 ManipurManipur Proj. Upper Primary School
180 Fategarh -1Fategarh Primary School
181 Fategarh -2Fategarh Primary School
182 Fategarh-3Banshidhara Upper Primary School ,Fategarh
183 PithakhaiManikia Pithakhai Proj.Upper Primary School
184 ParbatipurParbatipur Primary School
185 Pathapur-1Pathapur Primary School
186 KaradapalliDinanidhi Bidyapitha, Karadapalli Primary School
187 Pathapur-2Marichia Primary School
188 ElapadaElapada U. Girls Upper Primary School
189 TarabaloTarabalo M.E. School
190 BeguniaBegunia Primary School
191 Nilakantha PrasadNilakantha Prasad Primary School

Last Updated on April 29, 2020
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