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Polling Booth in Khallikote Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Khallikote

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Khallikote Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Khallikote Assembly Constituency falls under the Khallikote Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Badapalli-ISeva Shram, Badapalli
2 GinduripalliGunduripalli Primary School
3 DevijharaPrimary School, Devijhara
4 SanabolaSanabola Primary School
5 Khajapalli-IUpper Primary School (W), Khajapalli
6 Khajapalli-IIUpper Primary School (W), Khajapalli
7 KhajapalliUpper Primary School, Khajapalli
8 PaladhuapalliPrimary School, Paladhuapalli
9 BiripurUpper Primary School Biripur
10 Ustapada-IPrimary School (E), Ustapada
11 Ustapada-IIPrimary School (E), Ustapada
12 LaxmanapurPrimary School, Laxmanapur
13 Langaleswar-IILangaleswar High School (N), Langaleswar
14 BakutigamPrimary School, Bhakutigam
15 SingipurPrimary School, Singipur
16 Pari NuagamPrimary School, Pari Nuagam
17 Bagalapur-IIUpper Primary School (N), Bagalapur
18 Bagalapur-IUpper Primary School (N), Bagalapur
19 Bhikapada-IIPrimary School (W), Bhikapada
20 Bhikapada-IPrimary School (W), Bhikapada
21 ManapalliPrimary School, Manapalli
22 Kairasi-IUpper Primary School (E), Kairasi
23 KairasiHigh.School (E), Kairasi
24 Kairasi-IIUpper Primary School (E), Kairasi
25 KairasiUpper Primary School, Kairasi
26 Manikapur-IPrimary School, Manikapur
27 Manikapur-IIPrimary School, Manikapur
28 Maheswarpur-IIPrimary Schools.Chool (W), Maheswarpur
29 Maheswarpur-IPrimary Schools.Chool (W), Maheswarpur
30 Kanheipur-IIHigh School (N), Kanheipur
31 LochapadaPrimary School, Lochapada
32 BhejiputUpper Primary School, Bhejiput
33 Langaleswar-ILangaleswar High School (S), Langaleswar
34 Langaleswar Langaleswar Primary School
35 Pathara-IIPathara Primary School (W) Pathara
36 PatharaPathara Primary School
37 Pathara-IPrimary School (E) Kandarasahi
38 PatharaU. Primary School (E) Kandarasahi
39 Odia AllapurPrimary School, Odia Allapur
40 Upper AllapurPrimary School, Odia Allapur
41 Uppara BalantaraPrimary School (E), Upara Balantara
42 GorapalliPrimary School,Gorapalli
43 KandiganKandigan Primary School
44 Kanheipur-IHigh School (W), Kanheipur
45 Nutana GurunthiPrimary Schoolnutanagurunthi
46 Sasan GurunthiUpper Primary School, Sasan Gurunthi
47 ChandipithaProject Upper Primary School Chandipitha
48 BadhinuapalliPrimary School, Badhinuapalli
49 BarapadarPrimary School, Barapadar
50 Balunkeswarpur-IHigh School (E), Balunkeswarpur-1
51 KendubadiPrimary School, Kendubadi
52 KendupataUpper Primary School, Kendupata
53 PitanapalliPrimary School, Pitanapalli
54 KamalapadaraPrimary School Kamalapadar
55 TulasipurPrimary School East Tulasipur
56 Balunkeswarpur-IIHigh School (E), Balunkeswarpur-1
57 PhasulaPrimary School Phasula
58 PhasulaPrimary School Shyamasundarapur
59 Bikramapur-INupper Primary School
60 BikrampurS.C Bidyapitha, Bikrampur
61 Bikramapur-IINupper Primary School
62 BikrampurNupper Primary School
63 Srikrushna Saranapur-IIPrimary School ( W) Srikrusnasaranapur
64 Srikrushna Saranapur-IPrimary School ( W) Srikrusnasaranapur
65 PanditagamPrimary School, Panditagam
66 PhasidiPhasidi Co.Operatiove Society Building, Phasidi
67 MohanapurPrimary School Mohanpur
68 TentuliapadaPrimary School, Tentuliapada
69 Kehsapur-ISebasram Keshpur
70 Kehsapur-ISebasram Keshpur
71 HaridamulaHaridamula Primary School
72 DalibatiDalibati Primary School
73 Kholasahi-INetaji Primary School Kholasahi
74 Nuasahi Mardharaj H.S. Khallikot
75 Karanasahi-IAvas Primary School ( S) ,Khallikot
76 BahutisahiBahutisahi Primary School
77 Karanasahi-IIAvas Primary School ( S) ,Khallikot
78 AvasAvas Primary School ( S) ,Khallikot
79 Bharasa-IIPrimary School
80 Bharasa-IPrimary School
81 SolabandhaPrimary School, Solabandha
82 Nutana BerhmapurProject Upper Primary School, N.Berhampur
83 PustapurPrimary School, Pustapur
84 KanchanaUpper Primary School, Kanchana
85 KanchanaUpper Primary School, Kanchana
86 BhatapadaPrimary School, Bhatapada
87 MalikeswarpurUpper Primary School, Malikeswarpur
88 RanipadaPrimary School, Ranipada
89 Danapur-IUpper Primary School (E), Danapur
90 Danapur-IIPrimary School (W), Danapur
91 Naikanipalli-IPrimary School (E), Naikanipalli
92 Naikanipalli-IIPrimary School (E), Naikanipalli
93 Ambajhara NuapalliPrimary School, A.Nuapalli
94 Talapada-IPrimary School (E), Talapada
95 Talapada-IIPrimary School (E), Talapada
96 MathuraUpper Primary School, Mathura
97 MathuraUpper Primary School, Mathura
98 GolamathuraPrimary School, Gola Mathura
99 BrajarajpurPrimary School, Brajarajapur
100 GuahriapattaSevashram, Guhariapatta
101 PaladhuapalliPrimary School ( E) Paladhuapalli
102 Pana NuagamPrimary School, Pana Nuagam
103 SamalaU.Primary School Samala
104 KanakaPrimary School Kanaka
105 DimiriaPrimary School ( E) Dimiria
106 HadibahadapalliProject Upper Primary School
107 GolagandapalliProject Upper Primary School, Golagandapalli
108 R.BahadapalliProject Upper Primary School
109 Sabulia-IIPrimary School Sabulia
110 Sabulia-IIIPrimary School Sabulia
111 SabuliaUpper Primary School Sabulia
112 Sabulia-ICo-Opp Socity Bulding Sabulia
113 Babara BarapalliPrimary School, B.Barapalli
114 BadapalliBadapalli P.Primary School, Badapalli
115 MedipurPrimary School, Medipur
116 AllapurPrimary School Allapur
117 Bania-IIProject Upper Primary School
118 Bania-IProject Upper Primary School
119 ChikiliUpper Primary School, Chikili
120 ChikiliUpper Primary School, Chikili
121 GopapurPyr.School (E), Gopapur
122 KalanjipalliKalanjipalli Primary School
123 BarasaraPrimary School, Barasara
124 TalaramapalliUpper Primary School, Talaramapalli
125 DengapadarPrimary School, Dengapadar
126 Achuli PhasipadaPrimary School, Achuli Phasipada
127 BedhanalinakshyapurProject Upper Primary School, B.N.Pur
128 RaghunathpurPrimary School, Raghunathapur
129 KharinipadaPrimary School, Kharinipada
130 MakundapurPrimary School, Mukundapur
131 AladigamUpper Primary School, Aladigam
132 AladigamUpper Primary School, Aladigam
133 Pratapur-IIN.U.Primary Schoolpratapur
134 Badaramapali-IIPrimary School ( South) Badarampalli
135 Bada Ramapalli-IPrimary School ( South) Badarampalli
136 Kumanda-IUpper Primary School, Kumanda
137 Kumanda-IIUpper Primary School, Kumanda
138 Gouda NuaganPrimary School, Gouda Nuagan
139 DeulapalliPrimary School, Deulapalli
140 KaranjaraPrimary School, Karanjara
141 Chhelu-IUpper Primary School (E), Chhelu
142 Chhelu-IIUpper Primary School (E), Chhelu
143 BaliaPrimary School (E), Balia
144 Kama NalinakshyapurUpper Primary School, K.N.Pur
145 MendhapalliMendhapalli Upper Primary School
146 Khojapalli-IKhajipalli Primary School (E)
147 Pratappur-IPratapur Primary School
148 GothialiGothiali Primary School
149 Badabaragam-IIBadabaragam Upper Primary School (W), Badabaragam
150 Badabaragam-IUpper Primary School (E), Badabaragam
151 Ranigam-IPrimary School (E), Ranigam
152 KarandaplliProject Upper Primary School, Karandapalli
153 Ranigam-IIRanigam P.Primary School
154 MulakumariPrimary School, Mulakumari
155 ChadhiapalliP.U.Primary School,Chadhiapalli
156 AchhuliAchuli Primary School
157 HandigharHandighara Upper Primary School (S)
158 JaleswarkhandiPrimary School,Jaleswarkhandi
159 HindulaHindula Primary School,Hindula
160 Hindula Primary School,Hindula
161 KusapurPrimary School,Kushapur
162 AnguU.Primary School,Angu
163 AnguU.Primary School,Angu
164 Solaghara-IISolaghara Primary School (W),Solaghara
165 Solaghara-INew Primary School, Solaghara
166 RaipurPrimary School,Raipur
167 RaipurPrimary School,Raipur
168 GoVIndapurGovindapur Primary School
169 MakundapurPrimary School, Makundapur
170 Kumari-IIU.Primary School,Kumaril(W)
171 Kumari-IKumari Upper Primary School (E)
172 Purushottampur-IXSitarampur Agraharam Primary School
173 Purushottampur-VIIGada Sahi Primary School (E),Purusottamapur
174 Purushottampur-VIIIKanaka Primary School
175 Purushottampur-VIGada Sahi Primary School (E),Purusottamapur
176 Purushottampur-VN.D.High School
177 Purushottampur-IVN.D.High School
178 Purushottampur-IIIN.D.High School
179 Purushottampur-IIN.D.High School
180 Purushottampur-IN.D.High School
181 KolasingiKolasingi Primary School,Kolasingi
182 ChatamundaliPrimary School,Chatamundali
183 BhimpurBhimpur Primary School
184 BhimpurBhimpur Primary School
185 BurutuluBurutulu Primary School
186 Jamuni-IU.Primary School,Jamuni
187 JamuniAshok High School Jamuni
188 Jamuni-IIU.Primary School,Jamuni
189 HundataP.U.Primary School,Hundata
190 HatapurPrimary School,Hatapur
191 Ranajhali-IRanajhali Upper Primary School (N)
192 Ranajhali-IIRanajhali Upper Primary School (N)
193 KeshapurKeshapur Primary School
194 JaganathpalliPrimary School, Jaganathpalli
195 NarasinghapurPrimary School, Narasinghapur
196 Venkataripur-IISasanapalli Primary School
197 JaganathpurPrimary School, Jaganathpur
198 VenkataraipurVenkataraipur Primary School (E)
199 PichhuliPichhuli Primary School
200 KhosalapalliKhosalapalli Primary School
201 Gangadahani-IGangadahani Primary School
202 Gangadahani-IIGangadahani Primary School
203 DamodarpurPrimary School, Damodarpur
204 NuapalliPrimary School,Nuapalli
205 BaghalaBaghala Upper Primary School
206 BaghalaBaghala Upper Primary School
207 PaliammaPaliamma Primary School
208 SitarampalliPrimary School, Sitarampalli
209 NimapalliNimapalli Primary School
210 Bhatakumarada-IPrimary School,Bhatakumarada
211 Bhatakumarada-IPrimary School,Bhatakumarada
212 KandalapalliPrimary School, Kandalapalli
213 SargunapalliSargunapalli Primary School
214 Bhatakumarada-IIPrimary School,Bhatakumarada
215 BhatakumaradaPrimary School,Bhatakumarada
216 Naidupalli-IPrimary School,Naidupalli
217 Sunathara-IPrimary School,Sunathara
218 Sunathara-IIPrimary School,Sunathara
219 Sunathara-IIIPrimary School,Sunathara
220 PadmabatiPrimary School,Padmabati

Last Updated on April 29, 2020
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