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Polling Booth in Kantabanji Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kantabanji

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kantabanji Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling Kantabanji. Boudh Assembly Constituency falls under the Kantabanji Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 KharliKharli Govt. Primary School (West),Kharli
2 DebriamundaDebriamunda Govt. Primary School,Debriamunda
3 BhalukunaBhalukuna Upgrade High School (East),Bhalukuna
4 HalanbhataHalanbhata Govt. Primary School (West),Halanbhata
5 GoindimalGoindimal Govt. Primary School (East),Goindimal
6 MagurjungalMagurjungal Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Magurjungal
7 MahulpatiMahulpati Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Mahulpati
8 BarialiBariali Govt. Primary School,Bariali
9 KuspaliKuspali Govt. Primary School (West),Kuspali
10 GabhraGabhra Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Gabhra
11 DholmandalDholmandal Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Dholmandal
12 BahabalBahabal Govt. Primary School,Bahabal
13 BudhibahalBudhibahal Govt. Primary School (West),Budhibahal
14 RoutmundaRoutmunda Govt. Primary School, Routmunda
15 RamudRamud Govt. Primary School,Ramud
16 Jharni (Part)Jharni Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Jharni
17 Jharni (Part)Jharni Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Jharni
18 TetelkhuntiTentulikhunti Govt. Primary School,Tetelkhunti
19 KataralagaKataralaga Govt. Primary School, Kataralaga
20 BaghuabahalBaghuabahal Govt. Primary School, Baghuabahal
21 SaragulSaragul Govt. Primary School, Saragul
22 BhandarabanjiBhandarabanji Govt. Primary School, Bhandarabanji
23 RengaliRengali Govt. Primary School, Rengali
24 KharajuriKharajuri Govt. Primary School, Kharajuri
25 TengaraTengara Govt. Primary School, Tengara
26 SanajharabaheliSanajharabaheli Govt. Primary School, Sanajharabaheli
27 Andaladarh (Part)Andaladarh Govt. Primary School, Andaladarh
28 BuromalBuromal Govt. Primary School,Buromal
29 DangamaraDangamara Govt. Primary School,Dangamara
30 KurliKurli Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Kurli
31 Beheren SiletBeheren Silet Govt. Upper Primary School ,Beheren Silet
32 DabriDabri Govt. Primary School,Dabri
33 KhutlumundaKhutlumunda Govt. Primary School,Khutlumunda
34 MahulbahaliMahulbahali Govt. Primary School,Mahulbahali
35 LarkiLarki Govt. Primary School (East),Larki
36 Turekela (Part)Turekela Sevashram (West),Turekela
37 Turekela (Part)Turekela Sevashram (West),Turekela
38 NagphenaNagphena Govt. Primary School,Nagphena
39 BadadaklaBadadakla Sevashram ,Badadakla
40 TetelkhuntiTetelkhunti Govt. Primary School,Tetelkhunti
41 GhuneshGhunesh Govt. Primary School,Ghunesh
42 GadgadbahalGadgadbahal Govt. Project Upper Primary School,Gadgadbahal
43 BanjipaliBanjipali Govt. Primary School,Banjipali
44 SemlaSemla Sevashram ,Semla
45 KuibahalKuibahal Govt. Upper Primary School ,Kuibahal
46 SamarsingSamarsing Govt. Primary School,Samarsing
47 HialHial Govt. Project Upper Primary School,Hial
48 Dumer ChuanDumer Chuan Govt. Primary School (West),Dumer Chuan
49 Railway ColonyRailway Colony Upper Primary School (East)
50 SignalpadaRailway Colony Upper Primary School (East)
51 JhankarpadaJhankarpada Govt Primary School, Jhankarpada
52 Jhankar Pada (Ward -10)Govt Primary School, Jhankarpada(Right)
53 Durga MandapGovt M.E School, Durgamandap
54 HatalipadaGovt Girls High School, Hatalipada
55 Masjid KaloniRailway Colony Upper Primary School,
56 Masjid KaloniPhulachand Govt. Primary School,Kantabanji
57 Postoffice PadaPhulChand Primary School,Post Office Pada
58 Gayatri Mandirapada-1Govt ME School (East), Gayatri mandirPada
59 Gayatrimandirpada-2Govt ME School (East), Gayatri mandirPada
60 Wad No-4Rashtriya Hindi School, Bazarpada
61 Ward no-9RMC Building(West), Gujuratipada
62 Gujuratipada-2RMC Building(West), Gujuratipada
63 Asokanagar (Ward no-6)Primary School (East), Ashok Nagar
64 Nuapada-1Primary School (West), Nuapada
65 Nuapada-2Primary School (West), Nuapada
66 Chatuankha (Part)Chatuankha Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Chatuankha
67 Chatuankha (Part)Chatuankha Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Chatuankha
68 Kukudahad (Part)Kukudahad Govt. Primary School (West),Kukudahad
69 Kukudahad (Part)Kukudahad Govt. Primary School (West),Kukudahad
70 DhumsuGovt. Primary School (East), Rengali
71 DangarpadaDangarpada Project Upper Primary School (West),Dangarpada
72 DhatukajuriDhatukajuri Govt. Upper Primary School, Dhatukajuri
73 BadasaimaraBadasaimara Govt. Primary School, Badasaimara
74 IchhaparaIchhapara Govt. Primary School, Ichhapara
75 SindhibahaliSindhibahali Govt. Primary School, Sindhibahali
76 JaenntaraJaenntara Govt. Primary School, Jaenntara
77 Chalki-1Chalki Govt. Primary School, Chalki
78 Chalki-1Chalki Govt. Primary School, Chalki
79 BandupalaBandupala Govt. Primary School, Bandupala
80 SatighatSatighat Govt. Primary School, Satighat
81 KachharabhadiKachharabhadit Govt. Primary School, Satighat
82 JamunabahalJamunabahal Govt. Primary School, Jamunabahal
83 GudighatGudighat Govt. Primary School, Gudighat
84 BijamalBijamalt Govt. Primary School, Gudighat
85 ChanutamalChanutamal Govt. Upper Primary School, Chanutamal
86 ChanabahalChanabahal Govt. Primary School, Chanabahal
87 KurlubahalKurlubahal Govt. Primary School, Kurlubahal
88 JamutjuriJamutjuri Govt. Primary School (West),Jamutjuri
89 GhanamahulGhanamahul Govt. Primary School,Ghanamahul
90 BandanpaliBandanpali Sevashram
91 BirnaBirna Govt. Primary School,Birna
92 MakarchuanMakarchuan Govt. Primary School,Makarchuan
93 KarlabahaliKarlabahali Govt. Primary School,Karlabahali
94 MalpamundaMalpamunda Govt. Primary School,Malpamunda
95 MandalMandala Govt. Primary School,Mandala
96 KameimundaKameimunda Govt. Primary School,Kameimunda
97 PakhanmundaPakhanmunda Govt. Primary School,Pakhanmunda
98 BarlaBarla Govt. Primary School,Barla
99 KadobedaKadobeda Govt. Primary School (South),Kadobeda
100 KhujenKhujen Govt. Primary School (North),Khujen
101 BandanpaliBandanpali Govt. Primary School,Bandanpali
102 MuribahalMuribahal Govt. Primary School,Muribahal
103 BadbankiBadbanki Govt. Upper Primary School ,Badbanki
104 BadbankiBadbanki Govt. Upper Primary School ,Badbanki
105 JamkiJamki Govt. Primary School,Jamki
106 PandrenPandreni Govt. Primary School,Jamki
107 PatimalPatimal Govt. Primary School,Patimal
108 SalepadaSalepada Govt. Primary School,Salepada
109 KhagsaKhagsa Govt. Primary School (East),Khagsa
110 KuliadarhaKuliadarha Govt. Primary School (West),Kuliadarha
111 DhamandangaDhamandanga Govt. Upper Primary School (East), Dhamandanga
112 RengaliRengali Govt. Primary School ,Rengali
113 ChaulsukhaChaulsukha Sevashram ,Chaulsukha
114 ChaulsukhaChaulsukha Sevashram ,Chaulsukha
115 SukunapadarSukunapadar Govt. Primary School, Sukunapadar
116 KumbhariKumbhari Govt. Primary School, Kumbhari
117 SaleparaSalepara Govt. Primary School, Salepara
118 BabejuriBabejuri Govt. Primary School, Babejuri
119 KarlaKarla Govt. Primary School, Karla
120 BarabandhBarabandh Govt. Primary School, Barabandh
121 GhusuramundaGhusuramunda Govt. Primary School, Ghusuramunda
122 GambharikholGambharikhol Govt. Primary School,Gambharikhol
123 PanganiaPangania Govt. Primary School,Pangania
124 SimanibahalSimanbahal Govt. Primary School,Simanbahal
125 BaldasBaldas Govt. Primary School,Baldas
126 JamutjhulaJamutjhula Project Upper Primary School (East),Jamutjhula
127 KandhbahalKandhbahal Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Kandhbahal
128 SargulSargul Govt. Primary School (West),Sargul
129 SanbankiSanbanki Govt. Primary School,Sanbanki
130 SalemudgaSalemudga Govt. Primary School,Salemudga
131 CharpaniCharpani Govt. Primary School,Charpani
132 MundkaniMundkani Govt. Primary School,Mundkani
133 TikrapadaTikrapada Govt. Primary School (West),Tikrapada
134 TalchakelTalchakel Govt. Primary School,Talchakel
135 AndalpuriAndalpuri Govt. Primary School,Andalpuri
136 SargigudaSargiguda Govt. Project Upper Primary School,Sargiguda
137 RajamaraRajamara Govt. Primary School (West),Rajamara
138 BrahmniBrahmni Govt. Primary School,Brahmni
139 DumerpadaDumerpada Govt. Primary School,Dumerpada
140 Muribahal (Part)Muribahal Govt. Primary School (South),Muribahal
141 Muribahal (Part)Muribahal Govt. Primary School (South),Muribahal
142 BanabahalBanabahal Govt. Primary School, Banabahal
143 KarlapitaKarlapita Govt. Primary School, Karlapita
144 KharaliKharali Govt. Primary School,Kharali
145 DengapadarDengapadar Upper Primary School
146 TetelakhuntiTetelakhunti Govt. Primary School,Tetelakhunti
147 MalisiraMalisira Govt. Primary School (East),Malisira
148 DesilDesil Govt. Primary School (West),Desil
149 TentulikhuntiTetelakhunti Govt. Primary School,Tetelakhunti
150 DangarapadaDangarapada Govt. Primary School, Dangarapada
151 JamunaJamuna Govt. Primary School,Jamuna
152 GhantbahaliGhantbahali Govt. Primary School (East),Ghantbahali
153 LakhnaLakhna Govt. Primary School (West),Lakhna
154 MakhapaliMakhapali Govt. Primary School,Makhapali
155 KandhenjhulaKandhenjhula Govt. Primary School,Makhapali
156 SahajpaniSahajpani Govt. Upper Primary School ,Sahajpani
157 SaraspadaSaraspada Govt. Primary School,Saraspada
158 DandaraDandara Govt. Primary School,Dandara
159 PipalmundaPipalmunda Govt. Primary School,Pipalmunda
160 TelipadarTelipadar Govt. Primary School,Telipadar
161 DangiaDangia Govt. Primary School (East),Dangia
162 BarkaniBarkani Govt. Primary School
163 ChhatrangChhatrang Govt. Upper Primary School ,Chhatrang
164 MahkhandMahkhand Govt. Upper Primary School ,Mahkhand
165 NandolNandol Govt. Primary School,Nandol
166 KandeiKandei Govt. Primary School (East),Kandei
167 JubamalJubamal Govt. Primary School,Jubamal
168 GadiajorGadiajor Govt. Primary School,Gadiajor
169 BiripaliBiripali Govt. M.E. School,Biripali
170 BiripaliBiripali Govt. M.E. School,Biripali
171 BedapadaBedapada Govt. Primary School ,Bedapada
172 KutrabedaKutrabeda Govt. Primary School,Kutrabeda
173 TentelpadaTentelpada Govt. Primary School,Tentelpada
174 SangamdaSangamda Govt. Primary School,Sangamda
175 JurabandhJurabandh Govt. P.Upper Primary School,Jurabandh
176 SradhapurSradhapur Govt. Primary School,Sradhapur
177 MalpadaMalpada Govt. Primary School,Sradhapur
178 ChauliaChaulia Govt.P.Upper Primary School,Chaulia
179 LukapadaLukapada Govt. Primary School,Lukapada
180 PatrapaliPatrapali Govt. Primary School,Patrapali
181 LimpadaLimpada Govt. Primary School (West),Limpada
182 JamutJamut Govt. Primary School,Jamut
183 DebangDebang Govt. Primary School (East),Debang
184 KandakhalKandakhal Govt. Primary School,Kandakhal
185 GadgadbahalGadgadbahal Govt. Primary School,Gadgadbahal
186 GadgadbahalGadgadbahal Govt. Primary School,Gadgadbahal
187 PatamaraPatamara Govt. Primary School,Patamara
188 HaladiHaladi Govt. Primary School (North),Haladi
189 HaladiHaladi Govt. Primary School (North),Haladi
190 RahenabhataRahenabhata Govt. Primary School (West),Rahenabhata
191 KhairamalKhairamal Govt. Primary School, Khairamal
192 TikrapadaTikrapada Govt. Primary School,Tikrapada
193 GunchitaraGunchitara Govt. Primary School (East),Gunchitara
194 GunchitaraGunchitara Govt. Primary School (East),Gunchitara
195 KhajurapadaKhajurapada Govt. Primary School,Khajurapada
196 ChingeramundaChingeramunda Govt. Primary School, Chingeramunda
197 Sirol (Part)Sirol Govt. Primary School (South),Sirol
198 Sirol (Part)Sirol Govt. Primary School (South),Sirol
199 BitabandhBitabandh Govt. Primary School,Bitabandh
200 KandakhalKandakhal Govt. Primary School (East),Kandakhal
201 GhantabahaliGhantabahali Govt. Primary School,Ghantabahali
202 PatrapaliPatrapali Govt. Primary School,Patrapali
203 JugirataJugirata Govt. Primary School,Jugirata
204 MalpadaMalpada Govt. Primary School,Malpada
205 AsurmundaAsurmunda Govt. Primary School,Asurmunda
206 PhatamundaPhatamunda Govt. Primary School (West),Phatamunda
207 GanreiGanrei Govt. Primary School (East),Ganrei
208 BhoipadaBhoipada Govt. Primary School (West),Bhoipada
209 GurundaGurunda Govt. Primary School,Gurunda
210 ChitramundaChitramunda Govt. Primary School (West),Chitramunda
211 GohirapadarGohirapadar Govt. Primary School (North),Gohirapadar
212 GohirapadarGohirapadar Govt. Primary School (North),Gohirapadar
213 Bangomunda (Part)Bangomunda Govt. Girls Upper Primary School (North)
214 Bangomunda (Part)Bangomunda Govt. Girls Upper Primary School (North)
215 Bangomunda (Part)Bangomunda Govt. Upper Primary School (South),Bangomunda
216 Bangomunda (Part)Bangomunda Govt. Upper Primary School (South),Bangomunda
217 KhairaKhaira Govt. P.Upper Primary School,Khaira
218 DumerpadaDumerpada Govt. Primary School,Dumerpada
219 PhugudaPhuguda Govt. Primary School,Phuguda
220 BadgamdaBadgamda Govt. Primary School,Badgamra
221 GanjabahalGanjabahal Govt. Primary School,Ganjabahal
222 BelpadaBelpada Nodal Upper Primary School,Belpada
223 TurekelaTurekela Govt. P.Upper Primary School,Turekela
224 Bhalumunda (Part)Bhalumunda Govt. M.E. School (West),Bhalumunda
225 Bhalumunda (Part)Bhalumunda Govt. M.E. School (West),Bhalumunda
226 JoerpadaJoerpada Govt. Primary School,Joerpada
227 GandhrabandhGandhrabandh Govt. Primary School,Gandhrabandh
228 KapilabhataKapilabhata Govt. Upper Primary School ,Kapilabhata
229 TetelpadaTetelpada Govt.P.Upper Primary School,Tetelpada
230 BurobahalBurobahal Govt.P .Upper Primary School,Burobahal
231 ManigaonManigaon Govt. Primary School,Manigaon
232 PatalparaPatalpara Govt. Primary School,Patalpara
233 SahajjotSahajjot Govt. Project Upper Primary School,Sahajjot
234 KanabiraKanabira Govt. Primary School,Kanabira
235 DhundimahulDhundimahul Govt. P.Upper Primary School,Dhundimahul
236 GoimundGoimund Govt. Primary School (East),Goimund
237 BhainrigubhaBhainrigubha Govt. Primary School,Bhainrigubha
238 PhulbandhPhulbandh Govt. Primary School, Phulbandh
239 BarakaniBarakani Govt. P.Upper Primary School (West),Barakani
240 DungurigudaDunguriguda Govt. Primary School (East),Dunguriguda
241 TupaudarTupaudar Govt. Primary School (East),Tupaudar
242 JamakaniJamakani Govt. Primary School (West),Jamakani
243 BankelBankel Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Bankel
244 BankelBankel Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Bankel
245 BankelBankel Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Bankel
246 BelapadarBelapadar Govt. Primary School (East),Belapadar
247 LenjhaLenjha Govt. Primary School,Lenjha
248 RanabandhRanabandh Govt. Primary School,Ranabandh
249 PutuliPutuli Govt. Primary School (East),Putuli
250 BadudarBadudar Govt. Primary School (East),Badudar
251 Badudar PartBadudar Govt. Primary School (East),Badudar
252 TatoparaTatopara Govt. Primary School (East),Tatopara
253 UtkelaUtkela Govt. Primary School (West),Utkela
254 MalakasadaMalakasada Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Malakasada
255 BalikhamarBalikhamar Govt. Primary School, Balikhamar
256 KansilKansil Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Kansil
257 MundpadarMundpadar Govt.Primary School ,Mundpadar
258 TitisiletTitisilet Govt. Primary School,Titisilet
259 SagunbhadiSagunbhadi Govt. P.Upper Primary School,Sagunbhadi
260 Chuliphunka (Part)Chuliphunka Govt. Upper Primary School (South),Chuliphunka
261 Chuliphunka (Part)Chuliphunka Govt. Upper Primary School (South),Chuliphunka
262 BaratundaBaratunda Govt. Upper Primary School
263 AshurlaAshurla Govt. P.Upper Primary School (West),Ashurla
264 SanmulaSanmula Govt. Primary School,Sanmula
265 BaldhaBaldha Govt. P.Upper Primary School,Baldha
266 SindhbhadiSindhbhadi Govt. Primary School (West),Sindhbhadi
267 KundabhutlaKundabhutla Govt. Primary School,Kundabhutla
268 NanglajhuriNanglajhuri Govt. Primary School
269 BahabalBahabal Govt. Primary School (West),Bahabal
270 BeherabhataGovt. Primary School, Beherabhata
271 ThemaraThemara Govt. P.Upper Primary School
272 SalebhataSalebhata Govt. Primary School (West),Salebhata
273 MakripadaMakripada Govt. Primary School (East),Makripada
274 MakripadaMakripada Govt. Primary School (East),Makripada
275 DejuriDejuri Govt. Primary School (West),Dejuri
276 LebadaLebada Govt. Primary School,Lebada
277 Lebada PartLebada Govt. Primary School,Lebada
278 JamataraJamatara Govt. Primary School (East),Jamatara
279 JharialJharial Govt. Upper Primary School, Jharial
280 BakaguraBakagura Govt. Primary School, Bakagura
281 BudhipadarBudhipadar Govt. P.Upper Primary School (East),Budhipadar
282 KandhbahalKandhbahal Govt. Primary School,Kandhbahal
283 GobindpurGobindpur Govt. Project Upper Primary School,Gobindpur
284 DumerpadaDumerpada Govt. Primary School,Dumerpada
285 BadichakaBadichaka Govt. Primary School,Badichaka
286 PalashakhandaPalashakhanda Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Palashakhanda
287 BhushaladBhushalad Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Bhushalad
288 Bhushalad PartBhushalad Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Bhushalad
289 ShriramShriram Sevashram,Shriram
290 GharlaGharla Govt. Primary School
291 PudapaliPudapali Govt. Primary School,Pudapali
292 JhalapJhalap Govt. Upper Primary School,Jhalap
293 DedhagaonDedhagaon Govt.Upper Primary School
294 Dedhagaon PartDedhagaon Govt.Upper Primary School
295 SalebaratSalebarat Govt. Project Upper Primary School
296 BagabahalBagabahal Govt. Primary School (West),Bagabahal
297 SalemudagaSalemudaga Govt. Primary School (East),Salemudaga
298 PandaripaniPandaripani Govt. P.Upper Primary School, Pandaripani
299 PutulatalaiPutulatalai Govt. Primary School, Putulatalai
300 AlandaAlanda Govt. Upper Primary School,Alanda
301 Alanda PartAlanda Govt. Upper Primary School,Alanda
302 BalbengBalbeng Govt. Primary School (West),Balbeng
303 ArsatulaArsatula Govt. P.Upper Primary School (East),Arsatula
304 KurdiamundaKurdiamunda Govt. Upper Primary School,Kurdiamunda
305 KurdiamundaKurdiamunda Govt. Upper Primary School,Kurdiamunda
306 Sindhekela (Part)Sindhekela Govt. Upper Primary School (North),Sindhekela
307 Sindhekela (Part)Sindhekela Govt. Upper Primary School (North),Sindhekela
308 Sindhekela (Part)Sindhekela Govt. Upper Primary School,Sindhekela
309 Sindhekela (Part)Sindhekela Govt. Upper Primary School,Sindhekela
310 SindhekelaSindhekela Govt. Upper Primary School (North),Sindhekela
311 SindhekelaSindhekela Govt. Upper Primary School (North),Sindhekela
312 PurniapaliPurniapali Govt. Primary School
313 PutuparaPutupura Project Upper Primary School
314 BhanpurBhanpur Primary School
315 MamianMamian Govt. Primary School (East),Mamian
316 JamakhuntaJamakhunta Govt. Upper Primary School,Jamakhunta
317 JamaparaJamapara Govt. Primary School, Jamapara
318 TurekelaTurekela Govt.P.Upper Primary School,Turekela
319 ChandotaraChandotara Govt. Primary School (North),Chandotara
320 ChandotaraChandotara Govt. Primary School (North),Chandotara
321 GandharlaGandharla Govt. Upper Primary School,Gandharla
322 GandharlaGandharla Govt. Upper Primary School,Gandharla
323 KurlubhataKurlubhata Govt. Upper Primary School (West),Kurlubhata
324 BadaparaBadapara Govt. Primary School, Badapara
325 KalakutKalakut Govt. Primary School (West),Kalakut
326 BarakaniBarakani Govt. P.Upper Primary School, Barakani
327 JhinkiparaJhinkipara Govt. Primary School (East),Jhinkipara
328 BatharlaBatharla Govt. Primary School,Batharla
329 BhursaguraBhursagura Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Bhursagura
330 TitisiletTitisilet Govt P.Upper Primary School,Titisilet
331 GanjiaparaGanjiapara Govt. Primary School, Ganjiapara

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