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Polling Booth in Kakatpur Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kakatpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kakatpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling Kakatpur. Boudh Assembly Constituency falls under the Kakatpur Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Bhuan-1Basudeb Nodal Primary School,Bhuan
2 Bhuan-2Basudeb Nodal Primary School,Bhuan
3 Gadabangor-1Gadbangor U Girls Upper Primary School,Gadabangor
4 Gadabangor-2Gadbangor U Girls Upper Primary School,Gadabangor
5 AlandaAlanda Primary School
6 TikinaTikina Project Upper Primary School .Tikina
7 BangorBangor Kapileswr Project Upper Primary School,
8 Tarakor-1Tarakor Project Upper Primary School-1,Tarakor
9 Tarakor-2Tarakor Project Upper Primary School-1,Tarakor
10 Tarakor-3Tarakor Project Upper Primary School-1,Tarakor
11 BandaloBandalo Primary School.Bandalo
12 KhagipurNarayani Primary School Khadipur(Nija Rupasa)
13 SarodaSaroda U Girls Upper Primary School .Sarada
14 Achyutapur-1Achyutapur U Girls Upper Primary School.Achyutapur
15 Achyutapur-2Achyutapur U Girls Upper Primary School.Achyutapur
16 SutanSutan U Girls Upper Primary School-1.SUTAN
17 SutanSutan U Girls Upper Primary School-1.SUTAN
18 BeruhanBeruhan Project Primary School .BERUHAN
19 NalakanaNalakana Project Primary School
20 KharagaonKharagaon Primary School.
21 BanakhandiBanakhandi Primary School
22 JuneiJunei Primary School
23 KaramangaKaramanga Primary School -1
24 KaramangaKaramanga Primary School -1
25 Raulapatna-1Raulapatna U Girls Upper Primary School.Raulapatna
26 Raulapatna-2Raulapatna U Girls Upper Primary School.Raulapatna
30 Matiapada-1MATIAPADA NODAL Upper Primary School,MATIAPADA
31 Matiapada-2MATIAPADA NODAL Upper Primary School,MATIAPADA
32 NuagaonNuagaon Primary School
33 PaikerapurPaikerapur Primary School
34 SiripurSIRIPUR PROJ, Upper Primary School .SIRIPUR
35 SimiliSIMILI PROJ Upper Primary School, SIMILI
36 Anasar -1RUDRANI NODAL Upper Primary School.Anasar
37 Anasar -2RUDRANI NODAL Upper Primary School.Anasar
38 BaharanaBaharana Primary School
39 BagalaiBagalai Primary School
40 AmbiligaonAmbiligaon U Girls Upper Primary School.Ambiligaon
41 MahalapadaMahalapada Primary School
42 OreiJageswari Bidyhapitha
43 KundishKundish Primary School
44 RedhuaRedhua Primary School
45 GirimaGiirma NODAL Upper Primary School-2 .Girima
46 GirimaGiirma NODAL Upper Primary School-2 .Girima
47 MandupadaMandupada Primary School
48 BiratungaSaraswat Upper Primary School,, Biratunga
49 BiratungaBiratunga Primary School
50 MaradMarad Primary School
51 NahitiNahiti Primary School
52 GadakaramalaGadakaramala Primary School
53 GadakaramalaGadakaramala NODAL Upper Primary School.Gadakaramala
54 Otar SasanPATITAPABAN NODAL Primary School,Otar Sasan
55 Otar SasanDURGESWAR PROJ. Upper Primary School.DURGESWAR
56 DesthaliDESTHALI PROJ Upper Primary School-2,DESTHALI
57 DesthaliDESTHALI PROJ Upper Primary School-2,DESTHALI
58 KolarKolar Primary School
59 DesunthiDesunthi Primary School
60 BisulipadaBisulipada UP. School ,Bisulipada
61 SinghapanianSinghapanian Nodal Upper Primary School ,Singhapanian
62 JageswarapurJageswarapur Primary School
63 KhanijipurKhanijipur Primary School
64 Narasinhapur -1Narasinghapur UGUP. School .Narasinghapur
65 Narasinhapur -2Narasinghapur UGUP. School .Narasinghapur
66 DhumalSinghapanian Primary School .Singhapanian
67 Dhumal-2Singhapanian Primary School .Singhapanian
68 Jangalabori-1Jagannatha NODAL.U.P.Madhubana
69 Jangalabori-2Nuapatna Primary School, Jangalbori
70 Jangalabori-3Nuapatna Primary School, Jangalbori
71 BharagolBharagol Primary School
72 IsanpurKadampatna U Girls Upper Primary School.Isanpur
73 AmapadaAmapada Primary School
74 SireiSirei Primary School
75 AreiArei ME School
76 BhianpadaBhianpada Primary School
77 BarimundaBarimunda U Girls Upper Primary School,Barimunda
78 BanaharaBanahara Primary School
79 PodanaPodana Primary School
80 SuarSuar Primary School
81 KorualDeshabandhu Upper Primary School, Korual
82 PanchanaPanchana Primary School
83 SamankulaSamankula Primary School
84 OtangaOtanga Primary School
85 SorabhaSorabha Primary School
86 MurudaMuruda Primary School
87 DurgapurDurgapur Project Primary School
88 SantarasJogeswar Primary School ,Santaras
89 DhanitriHateswar Nodal Primary School
90 DhanitriHatesawar Nodal ME School Dhanitri
91 TalasuanTalasuan U.G Primary School
92 TalasuanJamadharma Primary SchoolME School
93 BianlaBianla Primary School
94 KurujangaKurujanaga Primary School
95 KurujangaKurujanaga Primary School
96 GuhalpurGuhalpur Primary School,
97 KhandolBateswar High School-1 Balidokan
98 KhandolBateswar High School-1 Balidokan
99 KotangaKotanga Nadal Primary School Kotanga
100 KantimalaKantimala Primary School
101 KurujngaKurujanga Primary School Kurujanga
102 Chheli BeruhanChheli Beruhan Project Primary School
103 PhurusipadaPhurusipada Primary School
104 KajalapatiaKajalapatia Primary School
105 KarunaKaruna Primary School
106 JaleswarpadaSukpokhari Primary School ,Sukpokhari
107 JaleswarpadaSukpokhari Primary School ,Sukpokhari
108 BanbaradaBanbarada Primary School
109 Banbarada -2Banbarada Primary School
110 PatapurPatapur ME School-2
111 SadengaSadenga Project Primary School
112 RaisaRaisa UGME School
113 Patapur -2Patapur Nodal Upper Primary School-2
114 Patapur -3Patapur Nodal Upper Primary School-2
115 Suhanapur-1Suhanapur ME School
116 Suhanapur-2Suhanapur ME School
117 OthakaOthaka Primary SchoolME School-1
118 OthakaOthaka Primary SchoolME School-1
119 ChandikudChandikud Primary School
120 SomanathpurGopikantapur Project U P. School Gopikantapur
121 SomanathapurSri Ramchandra Nodal Upper Primary School.
122 SuhagapurKrupasindupur Primary School Krupasindhu
123 SuhagapurFakirasahi Primary School-1
124 SuhagapurFakirasahi Project Upper Primary School-2
125 SuhagapurSuhagpur Primary School
126 GambharipadaGambharipada Nodal UP. School-1
127 KantapadaGambharipada Nodal UP. School-2 Gambharipada
128 KandisahiKandisahi Primary School
129 Banamalipur SasanBanamalipur Primary School
130 MahadebabastaMahadebabasta Nodal UP . School-1
131 MahadebabastaMahadebabasta Primary School-2
132 PatharapakaBatamangala Nodal Upper Primary School-1
133 PatharapakaPatharapada Primary School -2
134 BhandisahiBhandisahi Primary School
135 PatasundarapurPatasundarapur Primary SchoolME School
136 BhandisahiBarenai Nodal Upper Primary School-1
137 MutuniaMutunia Primary School, Bhandisahi-2
138 RasulpurRasulpur UGME School, Bhandaghar-2
139 RasulpurRasulpur UGME School, Bhandaghar-2
140 RasulpurRasulpur Urdu Primary School
141 AhmuniapatanaAhmuniapatana Primary School-1
142 AhmuniapatanaAhmuniapatana Primary School-1
143 KandalpurKandalpur Primary School
144 Kandalpur -2Kandalpur Primary School
145 KuapadaKuapada Primary School
146 SadansahSadansh Primary School
147 BalaraBalara Sevasram School
148 NilakanthapurNilakanthapur Primary SchoolME School
149 Nilakanthapur -2Nilakanthapur Primary SchoolME School
150 GokulapurGokulapur Project Primary School
151 Kakatpur -1Kakatpur Primary School
152 Kakatpur -2Kakatpur High School
153 Kakatpur -3Kakatpur High School
154 KotakanaKotakana Urdu Primary School-1 Kotakana
155 KotakanaKotakana Urdu Primary School-1 Kotakana
156 LataharanLataharan Urdu Primary School
157 LataharanLataharan Nodal UP. School
158 DhurujangaDhurujanga Primary School
159 BauriakanaBauriakana Primary School
160 BoitikudBoitikud Project Primary School
161 DahikhiaDahikhia Primary School
162 Shriram PurShriram Pur Primary School
163 HaridasapurHaridasapur Primary School
164 NaranpurNaranpur Project Primary School
165 BajapurBajapur Primary School
166 BajapurBajapur ME School
167 KundheiKundhei Primary School
168 Narua ShankareswarNarendrapur Project Primary School
169 ShrichandanapurShrichandanapur Primary School-1
170 ShrichandanapurShrichandanapur Primary School-1
171 SuarSuar Primary School
172 PalabastaPalabasta Primary School
173 AbadanChitreswar ME School Chitreswari
174 JadupurJadupur Project Primary School
175 SinharapalSinharapal Project Primary School
176 ChhenuaChhenua Primary School
177 Kania -2Kania ME School
178 Kania-1Kania Primary School
179 GanipurGanipur Project Primary School
180 BangurigaonBangurigaon High School
181 Bangurigaon -2Bangurigaon High School
182 NasikeswarNasikeswar Primary SchoolME School-1
183 NasikeswarNasikeswar Primary SchoolME School-1
184 Sisua-1Sisua Primary SchoolME School-1
185 BankuriBankuri Primary School
186 Sisua-2Sisua Primary SchoolME School-1
187 BadagolaBadagola Primary School
188 BadssireiBadasirei U. Girls Upper Primary School,Badasirei
189 Badssirei-2Badasirei U. Girls Upper Primary School,Badasirei
190 BantiloSri Jagannath Nodal Upper Primary School,Bantilo.
191 Bantilo -2Sri Jagannath Nodal Upper Primary School,Bantilo.
192 Udayapur-1Udayapur Npdal Upper Primary School,Udaypur
193 Udayapur-2Udayapur Npdal Upper Primary School,Udaypur
194 RatanpurRatanpur Science College
195 SaripurSaripur Centre Primary School
196 MudugalSiddheswar Bidyapitha, Mudugal
197 KundeswarFakirapatna Project U. P. School
198 KundeswarFakirapatna Project U. P. School
199 JiolaGanganarayanapur ME School
200 Kendrapati-1Kendrapati Primary School-1 Kendrapati
201 Kendrapati-2Kendrapati Primary School-1 Kendrapati
202 NagapurNagapur Nodal Upper Primary School, Namaro
203 BijipurBijipur Primary School
204 RaghunathapurRaghunathapur Primary School
205 KantapadaKantapada Primary School
206 Kantapada -2Kantapada Primary School
207 JiuntiJiunti Primary School
208 KahalGopinath Nodal Upper Primary School
209 BadaolangarBadaolangar Primary School
210 NaiguanBinayak Deba Nodal Upper Primary School Naiguan
211 Naiguan -2Binayak Deba Nodal Upper Primary School Naiguan
212 DeruniaDerunia Primary School
213 GopalpurOsian Primary School
214 KhandasahiSwapneswardeba Nodal U.Primary Schoolchhol
215 KhandasahiSwapneswardeba Nodal U.Primary Schoolchhol
216 BinayakpurBinayakpur Primary School
217 OstapurOstapur Primary School
218 TaladaTalada U. Girls Upper Primary School
219 PaikhalaPaikhala Primary School
220 DihakaradaDihakarada Primary School
221 EdabanshEdabansh Nodal U. P. School
222 AsanaAsana U. Girls Upper Primary School
223 Pat SundarapurPat Sundarapur Project Primary School
224 AthatiraAthatia Primary School
225 AlasahiAlasahi Primary School-1
226 AlasahiAlasahi Patana Primary School-2
227 BarapadaBarapada Primary School
228 OlihanOlihan Primary School
229 KaranjapurKaranjapur Primary SchoolME School
230 AlangapurAlangpur Primary School
231 BeguniabastaBeguniabasta Project Upper Primary School
232 Beguniabasta-2Beguniabasta Project Upper Primary School
233 KuhudiKuhudi U. Girls Upper Primary School
234 Kuhudi-2Kuhudi U. Girls Upper Primary School
235 KuanrapurKuanrapur Primary School
236 SilariSilari Primary School
237 SiangaSianga Primary School
238 MaladaMalada Primary School
239 GudubaniGudubani Primary School
240 PataladaBkramdev Nodal Upper Primary School
241 KanamanKanaman Primary School
242 BaradihiBaradiha Primary School
243 ChakrapadaChakrapada Primary School
244 SudarSundar Primary School
245 MandukiManduki Primary SchoolME School
246 OlaraOlara Primary School
247 KoranaKorana Primary School
248 RaiberuanRaiberuan Primary School
249 ChhurianaPapira Primary School -1
250 ChhurianaPapira Primary School -1
251 SahanaSahana Project Primary School,
252 GundalabaGundalaba Primary School
253 SuddhikeswarSuddhikeswar Primary School
254 BalabhadrapurBalabhadrapur UGME School
255 NanapurNanapur Project Upper Primary School
256 DamasunDamasun Project Primary School
257 MadhupurMadhupur Primary School
258 JhadalingaJhadalinga M.E. School Jhadalinga
259 JhadalingaJhadalinga Primary School
260 AstarangAstarang High School
261 AstarangAstaran Girls Upper Primary School
262 Astarang -3Astaran Girls Upper Primary School
263 BarangaBaranga U Girls Upper Primary School
264 AnantaAnanta Primary School
265 DakshinapantalDakshinapantal Primary School
266 BalipantalBalipantal U. Girls Upper Primary School
267 Balidiha-1Balidia Primary School-1, Nagar.BALIDIA
268 Nagar-2Balidia Primary School-1, Nagar.BALIDIA
269 KaliakanaKaliakana Primary School
270 Nagar-3Nagar Primary School
271 NuagadNuagad U. Girls Upper Primary School -1
272 NuagadNuagad U. Girls Upper Primary School -1
273 NuagadDalkhai Primary School

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