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Polling Booth in Kabisuryanagar Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kabisuryanagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kabisuryanagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling Kabisuryanagar. Boudh Assembly Constituency falls under the Kabisuryanagar Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 B.NuapalliP.U.Primary School, B.Nuapalli
2 BaunsiaU.Primary School, Baunsia
3 BaunsiaU.Primary School, Baunsia
4 ArjunapalliArjunapalli Pprimary School, Arjunapalli
5 PatharapalliP.U.Primary School, Patharapalli
6 Athagadapatana-IBazar Primary School A.Patana
7 A.Patana BazarBazar Primary School A.Patana
8 Athagadapatana-IIUpper Primary School, A.Patana
9 Athagadapatana-IIIHigh School, A.Patana
10 Bada Agula-IUpper Primary School (E) Bada Agula
11 Bada Agula-IIUpper Primary School (E) Bada Agula
12 P.B.BalunkeswarpurS.Nuapalli Primary School, S.Nuapalli
13 PithapurP.U.Primary School,Pithapur
14 Gangapur-IUpper Primary School (E) Gangapur
15 Gangapur-IIUpper Primary School (E) Gangapur
16 KaVIsuryansagar-IPrimary School (E) Brundabanachandrapur
17 BrundabanachandrapurPrimary School (E) Brundabanachandrapur
18 KaVIsuryanagar-IIGangadhar Vidyapitha, Ks Nagar
19 Ks NagarGangadhar Vidyapitha, Ks Nagar
20 KaVIsuryanagar-IIIK.S.Nagar Ex-Board Primary School (E) K.S.Nagar
21 K.S.NagarK.S.Nagar Ex-Board Primary School (E)
22 KaVIsuryanagar-IVK.S.Nagar Ex-Board Primary School (E) K.S.Nagar
23 K.S.NagarK.S.Nagar Ex-Board Primary School
24 KaVIsuryanagar-VK.S.Nagar Girls High School ,K.S.Nagar
25 ,K.S.NagarK.S.Nagar Girls High School
26 KaVIsuryanagar-VIGouda Shai Primary School, Ks Nagar
27 Ks NagarGouda Shai Primary School, Ks Nagar
28 KaVIsuryanagar-VIIMardaraj High School (W) K.S.Nagar
29 K.S.NagarMardaraj High School
30 KaVIsuryanagar-VIIIC.S.High School K.S.Nagar
31 K.S.NagarC.S.High School K.S.Nagar
32 TaliamapalliPrimary School Taliamapalli
33 S. JemadeipurPrimary School, S.Jemadeipur
34 Gudiali-IN.U.Primary School (E) ,Gudiali
35 GudialiN.U.Primary School ,Gudiali
36 Gudiali-IIN.U.Primary School (E) ,Gudiali
37 GudialiN.U.Primary School ,Gudiali
38 Gudiali-IIIGudiali Primary School, Anantapalli
39 Jarada-IN.U.Primary School (E), Jarada
40 Jarada-IIN.U.Primary School (E), Jarada
41 JaradaN.U.Primary School, Jarada
42 GunduribadiPrimary School, Gunduribadi
43 AmbilapalliPrimary School, Ambilapalli
44 Khola SamantarapurUpper Primary School, Khola Samantarapur
45 TankachhaiPrimary School, Tankachhai
46 JhadabandhaPrimary School Jhadabandha
47 MahachhaiPrimary School, Mahachai
48 MahachaiPrimary School, Mahachai
49 Jhadabai-IUpper Primary School (E) Jhadabai
50 Jhadabai-IIN.U.Primary School, Jhadabai
51 GopapurPrimary School Gopapur
52 Ganganapur-IPrimary School Gnaganapur
53 GnaganapurPrimary School Gnaganapur
54 Kolidaspur-IU.Primary School,Kolidaspur
55 Kolidaspur-IIU.Primary School,Kolidaspur
56 AntirigamAntirigam Primary School
57 A.GoVIndapurA.Govindapur Primary School, A.Govindapur
58 MorabaiPrimary School,Morabai
59 Raulapalli Primary School,Raulapalli
60 Changudipadar Nuagam-IN.U.Primary School,Changudipadar Nuangam
61 Changudipadar Nuagam-IIN.U.Primary School,Changudipadar Nuangam
62 AdheibaraganPrimary School, Adheibaragan
63 Pandia-IPrimary School,Pandia
64 Pandia-IIU.Primary School, Pandia
65 Pandarakhali-IPandarakhali Primary School,Pandarakhali
66 DeulapalliDeulapalli Primary School
67 SubarnabarapalliPrimary School, Subarnabarapalli
68 BananaiPrimary School, Bananai
69 BananaiPrimary School, Bananai
70 Bada Kharida-IPrimary School, Bada Kharida
71 Badakharida-IIUpper Primary School, Bada Kharida
72 Bira JaganathpurPrimary School, Bira Jaganathpur
73 SamantaratnapalliPrimary School, Samantaratnapalli
74 Rajapur-IPrimary School (N), Rajapur
75 Rajapur-IIPrimary School (N), Rajapur
76 DasiamaripalliPrimary School, Dasiamaripalli
77 Bhutasarasingi-IUpper Primary School (E), Bhutasarasingi
78 BhutasarasingiHigh School, Bhutasarasingi
79 Bhutasarasingi-IIUpper Primary School (E), Bhutasarasingi
80 RaghunathpalliPrimary School, Raghuanthpalli
81 BalakrishnapurPrimary School, Balakrishnapur
82 Ramasa NarayanpurPrimary School, Ramasa Narayanpur
83 RishipurP.U.Primary School, Rishipur
84 BahalapalliPrimary School, Bahalapalli
85 Bada Mahuri-IUpper Primary School (N), Bada Mahuri
86 Bada Mahuri-IIUpper Primary School (N), Bada Mahuri
87 Muktamala ChampeitapurPrimary School, M.Champeitapur
88 GudiapalliP.U.Primary School, Gudiapalli
89 Budhaamba-IPrimary School (E), Budhamba
90 Budhaamba-IIPrimary School (E), Budhamba
91 DeogamPrimary School, Deogam
92 DeogamPrimary School, Deogam
93 KhojapalliPrimary School, Khojapalli
94 BadarakhapalliPrimary School, Badarakhapalli
95 Matha BerhampurPrimary School, Matha Berhampur
96 MathasarasingiUpper Primary School, Mathasarasingi
97 SatanalaP.U.Primary School, Satanala
98 SalabanaPrimary School, Salabana
99 Kandha RanipadaP.U.Primary School,K.R.Lachipur
100 Sana UstapadaPrimary School, Sana Ustapada
101 LachhipurP.U.Primary School, K.R.Lachhipur
102 Jagilipadar-IIIPrimary School, Jagilipadar
103 Jagilipadar-IU.Primary School,K.Jagilipada
104 Jagilipadar-IIU.Primary School,K.Jagilipada
105 Beruanbadi-IU.Primary School,Berunhabadi
106 Beruanbadi-IIU.Primary School,Berunhabadi
107 JogiagulaPrimary School, Jogiagula
108 RamapalliP.U.Primary School, Ramapalli
109 KusunapaurP.Primary School, Kusunapur
110 GhodapadaPrimary School, Ghodapada(A)
111 Bada GudialiPrimary School, Bada Gudiali
112 Bada GudialiPrimary School, Bada Gudiali
113 DigiPrimary School, Digi
114 TabhabaniaTemprimary Schooltructure At Tabhabania
115 LuhakoteP.Primary School,N. Luhakote
116 SoradapalliSevashram, Soradapalli
117 ChandanapurP.U.Primary School, Chandanapur
118 ChandanpurMangalapurprimary School,
119 Mundula-IO Primary School (E), Mundula
120 Mundula-IIO Primary School (E), Mundula
121 UjalpalliPrimary School, Ujjalapalli
122 SaurachhachinaU.Primary School,S.Chachina
123 RagapurPrimary School, Ragapur
124 BurujhuriU.Primary School,B.Nuagam
125 B.NuagamU.Primary School,B.Nuagam
126 Bada KhairakhamaUpper Primary School, Badakhairakhama
127 SaradhapurPrimary School, Saradhapur
128 GunjabalaPrimary School
129 KaniaribariPrimary School, Kaniaribadi
130 Padmapur NuagamU.Primary School,B.Nuagam
131 B.NuagamU.Primary School,B.Nuagam
132 SaurapalliPrimary School, Saurapalli
133 PaikapadaPrimary School, Paikapada
134 DuarasuniPrimary School, Duarasuni
135 Talasara-IHigh School (E), Talasara
136 Talasara-IIPrimary School
137 BhabinipurP.U.Primary School, Bhabinipur
138 TalaganPrimary School, Talagan
139 Hansatuli-IP.U.Primary School, Hansatuli
140 Hansatuli-IIP.U.Primary School, Hansatuli
141 KumbharagamP.U.Primary School, Kumbharagam
142 MalabelapadaP.Primary School, Malabelapada
143 Kumaripari-IU.Primary School, Kumaripari
144 Angaragam-IU.Primary School, Anganragam
145 Angaragam-IIU.Primary School, Anganragam
146 NuagadaP.U.Primary School, Nuagada
147 NuagadaP.U.Primary School, Nuagada
148 SandhamulaU.Primary School, Sandhamula
149 RahadaPrimary School, Rahada
150 KhasuaSevashram Khasua
151 SalabanaP.U.Primary School, Salabana
152 LachhipurPrimary School, Lachipur
153 Sankuda-IU.Primary School, Sankuda
154 Sankuda-IIU.Primary School, Sankuda
155 SumandalaHigh School, Sumandala
156 BhaliajharaBhaliajhara Upper Primary School,Bhaliajhara
157 BhaliajharaBhaliajhara Upper Primary School,Bhaliajhara
158 BelapadaP.U.Primary School, Belapada
159 ThumudaPrimary School, Thumuda
160 Matha BaridaPrimary School, Mathabarida
161 ChingudikhollaUpper Primary School, Chingudikhola
162 UstaliPrimary School, Ustali
163 Mardakote-IUpper Primary School (E), Mardakote
164 MardakoteUpper Primary School, Mardakote
165 Mardakote-IIUpper Primary School (E), Mardakote
166 OdanaiOdanai Project Upper Primary School, Odanai
167 Barida-IUpper Primary School (E), Barida
168 Barida-IIK.Barida Upper Primary School, K.Barida
169 NiminaPrimary School, Nimina
170 B.NuapalliPrimary School, B.Nuapalli
171 BiribatiaP.U.Primary School, Biribatia
172 BiribatiaP.U.Primary School, Biribatia
173 Tirida-IP.U.Primary School, Tirida
174 Tirida-IIP.U.Primary School, Tirida
175 MirigalendiPrimary School, Mirigalendi
176 Bira JaganathpurPrimary School, Birajaganathpur
177 DeuliapadaPrimary School, Deuliapada
178 Beguniapada-IJanata High School, Beguniapada
179 BeguniapadaJanata High School, Beguniapada
180 Beguniapada-IIP.U.Primary School, Beguniapada
181 Beguniapada P.U.Primary School, Beguniapada
182 Beguniapada-IIIP.U.Primary School, Beguniapada
183 PaikasahiPrimary School, Paiksahi
184 KhandianaiPrimary School, Khandianai
185 ChadhiapadaPrimary School, Chadhiapada
186 KantapadaPrimary School, Kantapada
187 MardamekhaMaradamekha Upper Primary School, Maradamekha
188 BelajhariP.U.Primary School, Belajhari
189 KandiaPrimary School, Kandia
190 Inam BelapadaPrimary School, Inam Belapada
191 Kodala-IN.U.Primary School, Kodala
192 KodalaN.U.Primary School, Kodala
193 Kodala-IIPrimary School, Bila Nuapalli
194 Kodala-IIIN.U.Primary School, Kodala
195 KharudasahiKharudasahi Primary School, Kodala
196 Kodala-IVKodala Boys High School (W), Kodala
197 KodalaBoys High School (W), Kodala
198 Kodala-VKodala Boys High School (W), Kodala
199 KodalaKodala Boys High School (W),
200 Kodla-VIKodala Court Primary School, Kodala
201 Kodala-VIIPrimary School, Gouradeipur
202 Chhachina JaganathpurChachina Jaganathpur Pprimary School,Chachina
203 Chhachina JaganathpurChachina Jaganathpur Pprimary School,Chachina
204 Neuli SrinIVashpurPrimary School, Neuli Srinivashpur
205 DigapadaPrimary School, Digapada
206 DhanurjayapurPrimary School, Dhanurjayapur
207 RengatipalliP.U.Primary School, Rengitipalli
208 KandasaraPrimary School, Kandasara
209 Phasi-IPrimary School (W) Phasi
210 Phasi-IIPrimary School (W) Phasi
211 Phasi-IIIPrimary School, Betarapalli
212 MedinipurPrimary School, Medinipur
213 Bilipada-IP.U.Primary School, Bilipada
214 Bilipada-IIP.U.Primary School, Bilipada
215 Chingudighai-IRi Office, Chingudighai
216 Chingudighai-IIUpper Primary School, Chingudighai
217 DhobapalliPrimary School, Dhobapalli
218 Arakhapur-IUpper Primary School (E), Arakhapur
219 Arakhapur-IVD.S. High School, Arakha
220 Arakhapur-IIUpper Primary School (E), Arakhapur
221 Arakhapur-IIIUpper Primary School (E), Arakhapur
222 Sikula-IHigh School (E), Sikula
223 SikulaPrimary School (E), Sikula
224 Sikula-IIHigh School (E), Sikula
225 SikulaPrimary School, Sikula
226 Sikula-IIIHigh School (E), Sikula
227 SamaPrimary School, Sama
228 SamaUpper Primary School, Sama
229 SingipurUpper Primary School, Singipur
230 KhatadiPrimary School, Khatadi

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