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Polling Booth in Digapahandi Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Digapahandi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Digapahandi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Digapahandi Assembly Constituency falls under the Digapahandi Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 BabulibandhaPrimary School,Babulibandh
2 Sahadebatikarapada-IPrimary School,Sahadebatikarapada
3 Sahadebatikarapada-IIPrimary School,Sahadebatikarapada
4 TundhraPrimary School,Tundhra
5 BangaradaPrimary School,Bangarada
6 Phasiguda-IPrimary School, Phasiguda
7 Phasiguda-IIN.Upper Primary School,Phasiguda
8 Phasiguda-IIIN.Upper Primary School,Phasiguda
9 DherendiPrimary School,Dherendi
10 JalameripalliPrimary School,Jalameripalli
11 JakameripalliProject Upper Primary School,Jakameripalli
12 Bhismagiri-IBoys Primary School,Bhismagiri
13 Bhismagiri-IIBoys Primary School,Bhismagiri
14 Bhismagiri-IIIBoys High School, Bhismagiri
15 Bhismagiri-IVGirls Primary School, Bhismagiri
16 Bhismagiri-VGirls Primary School, Bhismagiri
17 PhasibandhaPrimary School,Phasibandha
18 JuanapalliPrimary School,Juanapalli
19 PalajhadiPrimary School,Palajhadi
20 ManidhihaPrimary School, Manidhiha
21 ShyamasundarapurapalliPrimary School, Shyamasundarapurapalli
22 SindhabaPrimary School,Sindhaba
23 BhramarabarapurapalliPrimary School,Bhramarabarapurapalli
24 ChasanimakhandiUpper Primary School,Chasanimakhandi
25 Nimakhandi PenthaUpper Primary School,Nimakhandipentha
26 PanadaUpper Primary School,Panada
27 PodabadiPrimary School,Podabadi
28 TalasingiPrimary School,Talasingi
29 Chaka TentuliPrimary School, Chaka Tentuli
30 BhushandaP.Upper Primary School,Bhushanda
31 NabarangapurNabarangapur Primary School
32 ChanchadapaliChanchadapali Primary School
33 Digapahandi-IBoys High School,Badakhemundi,Digapahandi(S)
34 DigapahandiGopabandhu Primary School, Digapahandi
35 Digapahandi-IIBoys High School,Badakhemundi,Digapahandi(S)
36 DigapahandiGopabandhu Primary School, Digapahandi
37 Digapahandi-IIIBlock Colony Primary School, Digapahandi
38 Digapahandi-4Colony Primary School, Digapahandi
39 Digapahandi-VIIMadhubidyapitha, Digapahandi
40 Digapahandi-VIIIMadhubidyapitha, Digapahandi
41 Digapahandi-VRajamata Girls Primary School (E)
42 Digapahandi-VIKabisuryabidyapetha Primary School, Digapahandi
43 Digapahandi -VIIRajamata Girls Primary School (N)
44 Padmanabhapur-IUpper Primary School,Padmanabhapur(E)
45 Padmanabhapur-IIUpper Primary School,Padmanabhapur(E)
46 Padmanabhapur-IIIUpper Primary School,Padmanabhapur(E)
47 Padmanabhapur-IVUpper Primary School,Padmanabhapur(E)
48 RajapurRajapur Primary School
49 AnkoradaAnkorada Upper Primary School
50 PatandaPatanda Project Upper Primary School
51 Kushapada-1Kushapada Upper Primary School (N)
52 Kushapada-2Kushapada Upper Primary School (N)
53 KedarapurKedarapur Primary School
54 Khasapa SamantarapurKhasapa Samantarapur Primary School
55 Gokarnnapur 1Gokarnnapur Upper Primary School
56 Gokarnnapur 2Gokarnnapur Primary School
57 PitambarapurPitambarapur Primary School
58 Sidheswar-IN.Upper Primary School (E) Sidheswar
59 Sidheswar-IIN.Upper Primary School (E) Sidheswar
60 Sidheswar-IIIN.Upper Primary School (E) Sidheswar
61 Sidheswar-IVN.Upper Primary School (E) Sidheswar
62 SidhakhandiPrimary School Sidhakhandi
63 KotinadaUpper Primary School Kotinada
64 NarayanpurNarayanpur Upper Primary School
65 DengapadarDengapadar Upper Primary School
66 DengapadarDengapadar Upper Primary School
67 Rohigan-IRohigan Upper Primary School
68 Rohigan-IIRohigan Upper Primary School
69 NalihadNalihad Primary School
70 PandiajholiPandiajholi Upper Primary School
71 SatapahandiaSatapahandia Primary School
72 BalaramapalliBalaramapalli Primary School
73 Baulajholi-IBaulajholi Upper Primary School (E)
74 Baulajholi-IIBaulajholi Upper Primary School (E)
75 TikarapadaTikarapada Upper Primary School
76 Balipada-IBalipada Primary School
77 Balipada-IIBalipada Primary School
78 Baigan BadiBaigan Badi Project Upper Primary School
79 RaghunathpurA. Raghunathpur Primary School
80 Kukudakhandi-IKukudakhandi Belama Sahi Primary School (E)
81 Kukudakhandi-IIKukudakhandi Belama Sahi Primary School (E)
82 Kukudakhandi-IIIKukudakhandi Belama Sahi Primary School (E)
83 Kukudakhandi-IVKukudakhandi Project Upper Primary School
84 Kukudakhandi-VKukudakhandi Project Upper Primary School.
85 Kukudakhandi-VIKukudakhandi Project Upper Primary School.
86 Rama ChandrapurRama Chandrapur Upper Primary School
87 MasiakhaliMasiakhali Upper Primary School
88 Pratap Kru Cha.PurPratap Kru.Chandrapur Primary School
89 Krupa SindhupurKrupa Sindhupur Nupper Primary School
90 AnkushapurAnkushapur Primary School (E)
91 AnkushapurAnkushapur Aurvedic College
92 AnkushapurAnkushapur Primary School (E)
93 LanjiaLanjia Project Upper Primary School
94 RaijholeRaijhole Project Upper Primary School
95 NaidupalliNaidupalli Primary School
96 Bala KrushnapurBala Krushnapur Project Upper Primary School
97 KumbhajhariKumbhajhari Sevashram
98 DhepagudaPrimary School Dhepaguda
99 JakarapalliJakarapalli P. School
100 DankariDankari Primary School
101 GaneswarpurPrimary School, Ganeswarpur
102 GopalapurPrimary School Gopalapur
103 ChhotarayapurChhotarayapur Primary School
104 BasudevpurBasudevpur Upper Primary School
105 BajapalliBajapali Primary School
106 P PurusottamapurP.Upper Primary School, P Purusottamapur
107 AnangapurAnangapur Primary School
108 NarasinhapurNarasinghapur Primary School
109 NarasinghapurNarasinghapur Primary School
110 B.PadmanabhapurB.Padmanabhapur Project Upper Primary School
111 Rama ChandrapurRama Chandrapur Upper Primary School
112 MangarajapurPrimary School,Mangarajapur
113 Bhimapur SasanPrimary School, Bhimapur Sasan
114 DuaragamP.Upper Primary School,Duargam
115 OdasingUpper Primary School,Odasing
116 PendurabadiP.Upper Primary School,Pendurabadi
117 GaidaPrimary School. Gaida
118 Kaithakhandi-IUpper Primary School,Kaithakhandi
119 Kaithakhandi-IUpper Primary School,Kaithakhandi
120 MeghajholiP.Upper Primary School,Meghajholi
121 GadasamantarapurUpper Primary School,Gadasamantarapur
122 ShankarakhaliPrimary School, Sankarakhali
123 KurubuliP.Upper Primary School,Kurubuli
124 NuagadaPrimary School,Nuagada
125 BaritalaPrimary School, Baritala
126 KhamarigamUpper Primary School,Khamarigam
127 PenthaP.Upper Primary School,Pentha
128 Sebaka TikarapadaPrimary School, Sebaka Tikarapada
129 GolandaPrimary School, Golanda
130 BoripadaraUpper Primary School,Boripadara
131 Kalyanapur-IPrimary School, Kalyanpur
132 Kalyanapur-IIPrimary School, Kalyanpur
133 KaithadaPrimary School, Kaithada
134 ChaitanyapurP.Upper Primary School,Chaitanyapur
135 KandasarKandasar Upper Primary School
136 Chhatra MandirChhatra Mandir Upper Primary School
137 LaxminarayanpurLaxminarayanpur Primary School
138 B. Turubudi 1B. Turubudi Upper Primary School (N)
139 Turubudi 2B. Turubudi Upper Primary School (N)
140 MareibadiMareibadi Primary School
141 ChadhiagaradaChadhiagarada,Primary School
142 DakshinapurDakshinapur Nupper Primary School
143 AmbagadaAmbagada Project Upper Primary School
144 JhagadapalliJhagadapalli Primary School
145 JangamaPrimary School, Jangama
146 Jagadalapur-1Jagadalapur Upper Primary School (E)
147 Jagadalapur-2Jagadalapur Upper Primary School (E)
148 Jagadalapur -3Jagadalapur Upper Primary School (E)
149 GunthabandhGunthabandh Project Upper Primary School
150 Anantai-1Anantai Upper Primary School (E)
151 Anantai-2Anantai Upper Primary School (E)
152 BarapalliBarapalli Primary School
153 BanthapalliBanthapalli Project Upper Primary School
154 Chan ChadapalliChan Chadapalli Primary School
155 Jharipadar-IP.Upper Primary School Jharipadar
156 Jharipadar-IIP.Upper Primary School Jharipadar
157 Sana DumulaSana Dumula Primary School
158 GuhalapurUpper Primary School,Guhalapur
159 GunthapadaP.Upper Primary School,Gunthapada
160 Bagada 1Bagada Primary School
161 ChakipadaChakipada,Primary School
162 Madana MohanapurMadana Mohanpur,Primary School
163 Madana Mohanpur (Bomakai)Madana Mohanpur,Primary School
164 BurudangaPrimary School, Burudanga
165 GhatikandagamPrimary School, Ghatikandagam
166 BijayalaxminarayanpurPrimary School, Bijayalaxminarayanpur
167 BanamaliPrimary School, Banamali
168 LahuniaPrimary School, Lahunia
169 GummaPrimary School, Gumma
170 BiranarayanpurPrimary School,Biranarayanpur
171 GopinathpurUpper Primary School,Gopinathpur
172 Bhramarapur-IUpper Primary School, Bhramarapur(W)
173 Bhramarapur-IIUpper Primary School, Bhramarapur(W)
174 BajragummaPrimary School, Bajragumma
175 Chaudhuritikarapada (E)Primary School, Chaudhuritikarapada
176 Chaudhuritikarapada (W)Primary School, Chaudhuritikarapada
177 DauniP.Upper Primary School,Dauni
178 GaudagamUpper Primary School,Gaudagam
179 GaudagamUpper Primary School,Gaudagam
180 KumaradaP.Upper Primary School,Kumarada
181 KhairapankaUpper Primary School,Khairapanka At Manipadia
182 NarayanapurP.U.Primary Schoolchoo Narayanapur
183 MundapotaMundapota,Primary School
184 TentuapadaTentuapada Primary School
185 DhanarasiPrimary School,Dhanarasi
186 Gadagobindapur-IN.Upper Primary School,Gadagobindapur
187 Gadagobindapur-IIN.Upper Primary School,Gadagobindapur
188 KalingadalaPrimary School,Kalingadala
189 DabarasingiPrimary School, Dabarasingi
190 JakarJakar Upper Primary School
191 JakarJakar Upper Primary School
192 ChaitanyaprasadChaitanyaprasad Primary School
193 BalijodiBalijodi Primary School
194 ManikapurManikapur Primary School
195 Bamokei-IUpper Primary School,Bamokei(S)
196 Bamokei-2Upper Primary School,Bamokei(S)
197 Bamokei-IIBamokei,Upper Primary School (N)
198 DekhaliDekhali Upper Primary School
199 SumantapurSumantapur Primary School
200 ChudangapurChudangapur Primary School
201 HatiadiHatiadi Primary School
202 KarapadaKarapada Upper Primary School
203 Badadumula-IBadadumula Upper Primary School
204 Badadumula-IIBadadumula Upper Primary School
205 BadapalliBadapalli Primary School
206 BikashapurBikashapur Primary School
207 KhandalabandhKhandalabandh Primary School
208 BaniamariBaniamari Primary School
209 KankiaKankia Primary School
210 LangaladeiLangaladei Primary School
211 Sukunda 2Sukunda Project Upper Primary School (W)
212 Mahuda-IMahuda Upper Primary School (E)
213 Mahuda-IIMahuda Upper Primary School (E)
214 LathiLathi Upper Primary School (E)
215 LathiLathi Upper Primary School (E)
216 LathiLathi Upper Primary School (E)
217 LathiLathi Boys Primary School
218 BendaliaBendalia Nupper Primary School (E)
219 Sukunda 1Sukunda Project Upper Primary School (E)
220 BendaliaBendalia Nupper Primary School (E)
221 Bada KusumiBada Kusumi Primary School
222 MedinipurMedinipur Primary School
223 SingabadiSingabadi Primary School
224 Jugudi-IJugudi Upper Primary School
225 Jugudi-IIJugudi Upper Primary School
226 Sihala-ISihala Primary School
227 Sihala-IISihala Upper Primary School
228 BaghalatiBaghalati Project Upper Primary School
229 KumarapurKumarapur Primary School
230 GolamanoharaGolamanohara Project Upper Primary School

Last Updated on April 29, 2020
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