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Polling Booth in Dabugam Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Dabugam

Dabugam Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dabugam Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Dabugam Assembly Constituency falls under the Dabugam Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 KahakagudaKahakaguda Primary School
2 GhodakhuntaGhodakhunta U Girls Upper Primary School
3 MenjaraMenjara U Girls Upper Primary School
4 NandapuraNandapura U Girls Upper Primary School
5 MendraMendra U Girls Upper Primary School
6 MendrigudaMendriguda Primary School
7 MundigudaMundiguda Project Upper Primary School
8 KurupaKurupa Primary School
9 JhadakusumiJhadakusumi UP Jhadakusumi
10 NangaladharaNangaladhara Primary School
11 BadakhunaBadakhuna Primary School
12 ParajagudaParajaguda Primary School
13 BankuliBankuli U Girls Upper Primary School
14 GotibedaU Girls Upper Primary School Gotibeda
15 AmbaganProject Upper Primary School Ambagan
16 BorigamBorigam U Girls Upper Primary School
17 KhutugudaPrimary School Khutuguda
18 PariabedaPariabeda New Upper Primary School
19 ParsubedhaParsubedha Project Upper Primary School
20 AtigamAtigam U Girls Upper Primary School
21 DangabedaDangabeda Upper Primary School
22 DeogamDeoogam Primary School
23 PampuniPampuni Primary School
24 MotiganMotigan U Girls Upper Primary School
25 JhitakagudaProject Upper Primary School,Jhitakaguda
26 JhadkandapuriJhadakandapur Project Upper Primary School
27 M.KaragamM.Karagam Project Upper Primary School
28 AmidigudaAmidiguda Project Upper Primary School
29 SikadagudaSikadaguda Project Upper Primary School
30 TaraganTaragan Primary School
31 Katagan-1Katagan Primary School Room No.1
32 Katagan-2Katagan Primary School Room No.1
33 BadagumudaBadagumuda Sevashram
34 JabagudaJabaguda Project Upper Primary School
35 PhulabhataPhulabhata NUpper Primary School
36 TalabedaTalabeda Primary School
37 JunapaniJunapani Project Upper Primary School
38 KoilariKoilari U Girls Upper Primary School
39 KamataKamata Primary School
40 RabanagudaRabanaguda Project Upper Primary School
41 DhanasaraDhanasara Primary School
42 MaligudaMaliguda Project Upper Primary School
43 MedanaMedana U Girls Upper Primary School
44 ChatigudaChatiguda NUpper Primary School
45 AnchalaAnchala Primary School
46 KakadagudaKakadaguda Project Upper Primary School
47 PujarigudaPujariguda Primary School
48 ChikiliChikili U Girls Upper Primary School
49 JhaliagudaJhaliaguda Primary School
50 MajhigudaMajhiguda Primary School
51 SoragudaSoraguda Project Upper Primary School
52 GodeigamGodeigam Project Upper Primary School
53 SanagumudaSanagumuda Project Upper Primary School
54 EkoriEkori Project Upper Primary School
55 LandugudaLanduguda Primary School
56 MundrigudaMundriguda Upper Primary School
57 MirimundaMirimund Project Upper Primary School
58 BalengaBalenga Project Upper Primary School
59 MalipadarMalipadar Project Upper Primary School
60 KodabhattaKodabhatta Primary School
61 TeligudaTeliguda Primary School
62 KakadagudaKakadaguda Project Upper Primary School
63 SantoshpurSantoshpur Sevashram
64 MundidhanuaMundidhanua Primary School
65 MajhidhanuaMajhidhanua U Girls Upper Primary School
66 AunliAunli Project Upper Primary School
67 BhainsabedaBhainsabeda Primary School
68 PikoddhanuaPikaddhanua Primary School
69 SaraladhanuaSaraladhanua Primary School
70 BhansuliBhansuli Project Upper Primary School
71 Ghodadhanua-1Ghodadhanua Project Upper Primary School
72 Ghodadhanua-2Ghodadhanua Project Upper Primary School
73 TemeraTemera U Girls Upper Primary School
74 KendugudaKenduguda Primary School
75 ChurahandiChurahandi Project Upper Primary School
76 KusumiKusumi Primary School
77 BelputiBelput Sevashram
78 JhadasemelaJhadasemela Project Upper Primary School
79 BaraganBaragan Project Upper Primary School
80 NunpaniNunpani Project Upper Primary School
81 Badaolama-1Badaolama Sevasharam
82 Badaolama-2Badaolama Sevasharam
83 Bad panjiarigudaProject Upper Primary School Bad Panjiariguda
84 DangrigudaDangriguda Primary School
85 BaripadarBaripadar Sevasharam
86 Dabugam-IDabugam Ex-Board U Girls Upper Primary School Room No.-I
87 JayantinagarJayantinagar NPrimary School
88 Dabugam-IIDabugam Ex-Board U Girls Upper Primary School Room No.-I
89 Dabugam-IIIDabugam Govt. M.E. School
90 DumunigudaDumuniguda Primary School
91 BaigamBaigam Project Upper Primary School
92 GirligudaGirliguda Primary School
93 ChacharagudaKumajhariaguda NPrimary School at Pakhanaguda
94 KumajhariagudaKumajhariaguda NPrimary School at Pakhanaguda
95 KusumabandhKusumabandh U Girls Upper Primary School
96 BadaligudaBadaliguda Primary School
97 ChichibaiChichibai NUpper Primary School
98 ManiagudaManiaguda Primary School
99 HaladiHaladi Primary School
100 LodiPrimary Schoolmary School Lodi
101 NuagudaDPEP School,Nuaguda
102 BadbarliPrimary Schoolmary School Badbarli
103 SanbarliProject Upper Primary School,Sanbarli
104 JambagudaPrimary Schoolmary School,Jambaguda
105 BatakoriBatakori Project Upper Primary School
106 KaliagudaKaliguda Primary School
107 KantamalU Girls Upper Primary School,Kantamal
108 RotigudaRotiguda Primary School
109 GhusurabedaProject Upper Primary School Ghusurabeda
110 UmarahandiUmarahandi Primary School
111 ManigamSevashram Manigam
112 TailagudaPrimary School Schoool Tailaguda
113 KerandiKerandi Primary School
114 GorudagudaSevashram Gorudaguda
115 MundigudaMundiguda Primary School
116 DabarigudaDabariguda Primary School
117 SanaolamaSanaolma U Girls Upper Primary School
118 ChallipitaProject Upper Primary School Challipita
119 AmlipadarPrimary School Amlipadar
120 KerandimalKerandimal Sevashram
121 DuraganDuragan Project Upper Primary School
122 RunigudaRuniguda Primary School
123 DashaporiagudaDashaporiaguda Primary School
124 Kosagumuda-IKosagumuda TOME School
125 MajhigudaMajhiguda Primary School
126 Kosagumuda-IIKosagumuda Ex-Board U.Primary School
127 Kosagumuda-IIIKosagumuda Ex-Board U.Primary School
128 BajragadBajraga UGME School
129 ChhelipadarChhelipadar Primary School
130 BaktigudaBaktiguda Project Upper Primary School
131 Butimajhi SemelaButimajhi Semela U Girls Upper Primary School
132 BaraodaBaraoda Primary School
133 DumadeiDumadei Project Upper Primary School
134 KhutubaiU Girls Upper Primary School Khutubai
135 Dangra-1U Girls Upper Primary School Dangra Room No.I
136 Dangra-3Dangra High chool
137 Dangra-2U Girls Upper Primary School Dangra Room No.I
138 SilakgudaSilakguda Primary School
139 KadabhataPrimary School Kadabhata
140 BardeiProject Upper Primary School Bardei
141 BatasorPrimary School Batasor
142 BhatikoteSevashram Bhatikote
143 RauligudaPrimary School Rauliguda
144 MohendriU Girls Upper Primary School Mohendri
145 KendugudaPrimary School Kenduguda
146 PitarigudaU Girls Upper Primary School,Pitariguda
147 MudigudaMudiguda Primary School
148 DohadamalDohadamal Primary School
149 Majhiguda-1U Girls Upper Primary School,Majhiguda
150 Majhiguda-2U Girls Upper Primary School,Majhiguda
151 BhalujarBhalujar New Primary School
152 GopigudaPrimary Schoolmary School,Gopiguda at Turunjiaguda
153 TurunjiagudaProject Upper Primary School,Turunjiaguda at Gopiguda
154 NuakoteProject Upper Primary School Nuakote
155 PanditgudaPrimary School Panditguda
156 KholigudaJELC Primary School Kholiguda
157 PatriSevashram Patri
158 BhatadhansuliDPEP School Bhatadhansuli
159 Jatabal -ISevashram Jatabal Room No.I
160 Jatabal IISevashram Jatabal Room No.I
161 CherchettaU Girls Upper Primary School Cherchetta
162 BaminiProject Upper Primary School Bamini
163 BasiniBasini Primary School
164 BirigudaU Girls Upper Primary School Biriguda
165 BirigudaU Girls Upper Primary School Biriguda
166 KhutugudaPrimary School Khutuguda
167 DamapallaProject Upper Primary School Damapalla
168 PhulpadarProject Upper Primary School ,Phulpadar
169 NugudaNuguda Project Upper Primary School
170 Kodinga-IKodinga Primary School Ropom No.I
171 Kodinga-IIKodinga Primary School Ropom No.I
172 BandigudaBandiguda Primary School
173 PharsagudaPharsaguda Project Upper Primary School
174 KujagudaKujaguda Primary School
175 BhandiaProject Upper Primary School Bhandia
176 DengagudaProject Upper Primary School Dengaguda
177 KharkiSevashram Kharki
178 Mokia-1U Girls Upper Primary School Mokia
179 Mokia-2U Girls Upper Primary School Mokia
180 EkoriProject Upper Primary School Ekori
181 BarigudaProject Upper Primary School Bariguda
182 ChingudisorProject Upper Primary School Chingudisor
183 MundagudaProject Upper Primary School Mundaguda
184 KumbharagudaPrimary School Kumbharaguda
185 KhoiraPrimary School Khoira
186 JhadkusumiPrimary School Jhadkusumi
187 BhejaProject Upper Primary School Bheja
188 ChandrapurSevashram Chandrapur
189 CharamulaProject Upper Primary School Charamula
190 Maidalpur-1TOME,Maidalpur
191 Maidalpur-2TOME,Maidalpur
192 NigigudaPrimary School, Nigiguda
193 AunliProject Upper Primary School,Aunli
194 KantasaruPrimary Schoolmary School,Kantasaru
195 GadbakotraSevashram Gadabakatra
196 RangamatigudaRangamatiguda New Primary School
197 DumuripadarPrimary School Dumuripadar
198 Semela-2U Girls Upper Primary School Semela
199 Semela-2U Girls Upper Primary School Semela
200 TikirapalaProject Upper Primary School Tikirapala
201 BetjharanU Girls Upper Primary School Betjharan
202 NiladrigudaNiladriguda Primary School
203 DhansuliSevashram Dhansuli
204 NaktigudaProject Upper Primary School Naktiguda
205 KaliagudaPrimary School Kaliaguda
206 GhatgudaProject Upper Primary School Ghataguda
207 TondagudaPrimary School Tondaguda
208 DhokragudaPrimary School Dhokraguda
209 SorisapadarPrimary School Sorisapadar
210 SirisiProject Upper Primary School Sirisi
211 PalpurU Girls Upper Primary School Palpur
212 SunadongriPrimary School Sunadangri
213 KangumajhigudaProject Upper Primary School, Kangumajhiguda
214 TumberlaPrimary School Tumberla
215 HirliU Girls Upper Primary School Hirli
216 MohuliPrimary School Mohuli
217 UsigamProject Upper Primary School Usigam
218 PaikkatraPrimary School Paikkatra
219 RajamatuProject Upper Primary School Rajamatu
220 GoberlaJELC Primary School Goberla
221 JhitkugudaPrimary School Jhitkuguda
222 PradhanigudaProject Upper Primary School Pradhaniguda
223 PapadahandiBlock Colony Primary School Papadhandi
224 PapadahandiU Girls Upper Primary School Papadahandi Room No.I
225 PapadahandiU Girls Upper Primary School Papadahandi Room No.I
226 KhadugudaKhaduguda Primary School
227 DoleigudaSevashram Doleiguda
228 LabanyapadarSevashram Labanyapadar
229 BankasaragiPrimary School Bankasaragi
230 PondikoteU Girls Upper Primary School Pondikote
231 ChandiliPUP Chandili
232 GumidoraU Girls Upper Primary School Gumidora

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