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Polling Booth in Chilika Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Chilika

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chilika Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling Chilika. Boudh Assembly Constituency falls under the Chilika Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 MahuliaMahulia Primary School.
2 KaturikataKaturikata Project Primary School
3 NiladriprasadNiladriprasad Ashram School
4 BrahmapadaBrahmapada P.Upper Primary School
5 BhaliapadaBhaliapada Primary School
6 ArangaAranga U Girls Upper Primary School
7 BadasireipurBadasireipur U Girls Upper Primary School
8 AyatapurAyatapur U Girls Upper Primary School
9 Ayatapur-2Ayatapur U Girls Upper Primary School
10 GopinathprasadGopinathprasad Primary School
11 PaladhuapalliGopinathprasad Panchupally Primary School,
12 TotaTota Project Upper Primary School
13 BharatpurTota Project Upper Primary School
14 BeladihaBeladiha Primary School
15 PankalaPankala Primary School
16 Ghasidiha-1Ghasidiha Project Upper Primary School
17 Ghasidiha-2Ghasidiha Project Upper Primary School
18 KhajuriaKhajuria Project Upper Primary School
19 GodijharaGodijhara Project Upper Primary School
20 KaradapalliKaradapalli Primary School
21 Harichandanapur -1Haja Primary School
22 Harichandanapur -2Harichandanapur Project Upper Primary School
23 BinjhalaBinjhala Sevashram- A
24 GotapalliGotapalli Primary School
25 DinabandhupurDinabandhupur Project Upper Primary School
26 KuleiKulei U Girls Upper Primary School
27 Salapadiha-1Salapadiha Project Upper Primary School
28 Salapadiha-2Salapadiha Project Upper Primary School
29 JagabandhupurJagabandhupur Primary School
30 GoradajhariGoradajhari Primary School
31 NayakoteNayakote U Girls Upper Primary School
32 Nachuni -1Nachuni Godabaris Upper Primary School
33 Nachuni-3Nachuni Godabaris Upper Primary School
34 Nachuni -2Nachuni Godabaris Upper Primary School
35 HaripurHaripur Upper Primary School
36 HaripurHaripur Upper Primary School
37 ParabalParabala Primary School
38 BeguniaBegunia Primary School
39 KayathapallaKayathapalla Nodal Upper Primary School
40 KayathapallaKayathapalla Nodal Upper Primary School
41 ChhakadipurChhakadipur Project Upper Primary School, Chhakadipur
42 BiribadiBiribadi Primary School Biribadi
43 BiribadiBiribadi Primary School Biribadi
44 GainadaGainada Primary School
45 GainadaGainada Primary School
46 TarapiTarapi Project Upper Primary School ,Tarapi
47 Bhagabatipur-1Kalijai U Girls Upper Primary School, Sorana
48 Bhagabatipur-2Kalijai U Girls Upper Primary School, Sorana
49 Manasinghpurr-3Kalijai U Girls Upper Primary School, Sorana
50 SoranaSorana Primary School Sorana
51 SoranaSorana Primary School Sorana
52 SoranaSorana Primary School Sorana
53 SoranaSorana Primary School Sorana
54 BarunapadaBarunapada Project Upper Primary School Barunapada
55 ChampadeipurChampadeipur Project Upper Primary School
56 Chandeswara-1Chandeswara Primary School Chandeswara
57 Chandeswara-2Chandeswara Primary School Chandeswara
58 Chandeswara-3Chandeswara U Girls Upper Primary School Chandeswara
59 AnladihaAnladiha Nodal Upper Primary School Anladiha
60 TarimiTarimi Primary School, Tarimi
61 BalinasiBalinasi Project Upper Primary School, Balinasi
62 Kalakaleswar-1Uasapadara Primary School, Uasapadar
63 BaunshamulaMatiapada Primary School, Baunshamula
64 MatiapadaMatiapada Primary School, Baunshamula
65 Jaripada-1Jaripada Primary School Jaripada
66 Jaripada-2Jaripada Primary School Jaripada
67 Jaripada-3Jaripada Primary School Jaripada
68 JaripadaJaripada G.P OFFICE
69 PanchupatiaPanchupatia Primary School
70 MundalaMundala Primary School Mundala
71 BadapokhariapatanaBadapokharia Patana Primary School
72 Baradi-1Hatabaradi U Girls Upper Primary School
73 Baradi-2S.N.Dev Primary School, Hatabaradi
74 BaliaBalia Primary School
75 GangadharapurGangadharapur Project Upper Primary School
76 ChhotarayapurChhottaraypur Project Upper Primary School
77 SunakhalaSunakhala Project Upper Primary School
78 KahneipurKahneipur Primary School
79 JibanadeipurJibanadeipur Primary School
80 Bhatapada SamiliBhatapada Project Upper Primary School.
81 LahangadihLahangadih Primary School
82 PanchugaonPanchugaon Upper Primary School
83 GambharimundaGambharimunda ME School,Gambharimunda
84 DeogaonDeogaon U Girls Upper Primary School
85 OdagaonK.M. Nodal Upper Primary School, Odagaon
86 Halanda-1Halanda Primary School.
87 Halanda-2Saluni Primary School.
88 SaluniSaluni Primary School.
89 ArakhadihaArakhadiha Primary School
90 BeruanbadiBeruanbadi Primary School
91 SanasireipurSanasireipur Primary School
92 Kasipada Kasipada Forest Bit
93 KhariapalliKhariapalli Project Upper Primary School
94 TalaboreiTalaborei Sevashram
95 DamiabarabaraDamiabarabara Project Upper Primary School.Damiabarabara
96 BhatapadaBhatapada Project Upper Primary School.
97 KosharadaKosharada Primary School,Kosharada
98 SaliadamSaliadam Colony Sevashram
99 PratapaPratapa Primary School
100 PratapaLathipada Primary School
101 ManikpurPratapa Manikapur U Girls Upper Primary School
102 Tumuraput SasanTumuraput Primary School
103 BengarajpalliBengarajpalli Primary School
104 MuktadeipurMuktadeipur Primary School
105 BhuskapadaBhuskapada Primary School
106 Balidiha-IBalidiha Project Upper Primary School,Balidiha
107 Balidiha-IIBalidiha Project Upper Primary School,Balidiha
108 BorigaonBorigaon-Betuli Project Upper Primary School
109 BetuliBorigaon-Betuli Project Upper Primary School
110 SahaspurSahaspur U Girls Upper Primary School
111 BanleiBanloi U Girls Upper Primary School
112 BhapurBhapur U Girls Upper Primary School
113 BrundabanpurBhapur U Girls Upper Primary School
114 BheteswarAbhaya UPME School, Bheteswar
115 BheteswarAbhaya UPME School, Bheteswar
116 PendurapalliPendurapalli Primary School
117 GameiGamei Project Upper Primary School
118 NarendrapurBhabani UPME School, Narendrapur
119 KolathadihKolathadih Primary School
120 TorasinghTorasingh U Girls Upper Primary School.
121 NachhipurNachhipur Primary School
122 Ankula PadarAnkula Padar Primary School
123 SaralasinghSaralasingh Project Upper Primary School
124 BaradihaHarikundabaradi U Girls Upper Primary School
125 PatharakataPatharkata Primary School
126 Baulabandha-1Nilakantha Nodal Upper Primary School, Baulabandha
127 Baulabandha-2Nilakantha Nodal Upper Primary School, Baulabandha
128 Baulabandha-3Nilakantha High School, Baulabandha
129 Baulabandha-4Nilakantha High School, Baulabandha
130 Sananairi-1Lingaraja Nodal Upper Primary School, Sananairi
131 Sananairi-2Lingaraja Nodal Upper Primary School, Sananairi
132 Sananairi-3Lingaraja Nodal Upper Primary School, Sananairi
133 Sananairi-4Lingaraja Nodal Upper Primary School, Sananairi
134 KumandalKumandala U Girls Upper Primary School,Kumandal
135 SamantasinharapurSamantasingharapur Primary School
136 AnkulaAnkula Primary School
137 Brahman KushadihaSomanath Nodal Upper Primary School,Ankulachati
138 PaikakushadihaPaikakusadiha Project Upper Primary School
139 ParikansariParikansari Primary School
140 Nuapatana (Bhimpur)Bhimpur Primary School
141 Bhimpur-1Bhimpur UP(ME) School
142 Bhimpur-2Bhimpur UP(ME) School
143 Bhimpur-3Kapila Vidyapitha Primary School, Bhimpur
144 GaluaGalua Primary School
145 Badahantuad-1Badahantuad Tikirai U Girls Upper Primary School.
146 Badahantuad-2Badahantuad Tikirai U Girls Upper Primary School.
147 MatiapokhariMatiapokhari Primary School
148 Sanahantuad -1Sanahantuad U Girls Upper Primary School
149 Sanahantuad -2Sanahantuad U Girls Upper Primary School
150 GopalpurGopalapur Primary School.
151 KotabidyadharapurKotabidyadharapur Project Upper Primary School.
152 SarubaripadarKotabidyadharapur Project Upper Primary School.
153 BalipadarBalipadar Primary School.
154 Banapur-1Banapur Boys HigHigh Schoolchool.
155 Banapur-3Banapur Boys HigHigh Schoolchool.
156 Banapur-2Banapur Boys HigHigh Schoolchool.
157 DasharathipurDasharathipur Primary School.
158 ShrinibasapurShrinibasapur Primary School.
159 AchyutarajapurAchyutarajpur Primary School.
160 Bisharapatana -1Bisharapatana Project Upper Primary School.
161 Bisharapatana-2Bisharapatana Project Upper Primary School.
162 Bisharapatana-3Bisharapatana Project Upper Primary School.
163 Ekadalia-1Dulani Ekadalia Project Upper Primary School
164 Dulanisasan-1Dulani Ekadalia Project Upper Primary School
165 KumarangaKumaranga ME School
166 ChampadeipurChampadeipur Primary School
167 Ranipada-1Ranipada Primary School
168 Ranipada-2Ranipada Primary School
169 Birakeshapurkeshapur Primary School
170 JhintikapalliJhintikapalli U Girls Upper Primary School
171 KhuntapalliKhuntapalli Project Primary School
172 DandigadiaDandigadia Primary School
173 MangalapurMangalapur Primary School
174 SaranaiSaranai Primary School
175 DamodarapurBheseri Project Upper Primary School
176 BheseriBheseri Project Upper Primary School
177 BandhamundaiBheseri Project Upper Primary School
178 DalamundeiDalamundei Primary School
179 GopinathapurGopinathapur Primary School
180 PadanpurPadanpur Primary School
181 Aleidiha PatanaAleidihaPatana Nodal Upper Primary School,AleidihaPatana
182 NandapurMangarajapur Primary School
183 MangarajapurMangarajapur Primary School
184 AntarakiariAntarakiari Nodal Upper Primary School
185 SunakeraSunakera Project Upper Primary School
186 TentulidihaTentulidiha Primary School
187 BishnudihaBishnudiha Project Upper Primary School
188 KhanataGovt. Upgraded High School, Khanat
189 BasudeipurGovt. Upgraded High School, Khanat
190 DikshitapadaDikshitapada U Girls Upper Primary School
191 KotariKotari Project Upper Primary School
192 BankiapalliBankiapalli Primary School
193 RahanabeliRahanabelli U Girls Upper Primary School
194 LambodarapurLambodarapur Khandualokota Primary School
195 Ghiakhala-1Ghiakhala Mathapur U Girls Upper Primary School
196 Ghiakhala-2Ghiakhala Mathapur U Girls Upper Primary School
197 RaghunathapurKunjaBihari Dev Raghunathpur-Ghumusarapadar Primary School
198 KumbhirapadaKimbhiripada Primary School
199 DhuanlaHatuali U Girls Upper Primary School, Dhuanla
200 Dhuanla-2Hatuali U Girls Upper Primary School, Dhuanla
201 SingeswarSingeswara Project Upper Primary School
202 SaralapadaraSaralapadara Primary School
203 Saralapadara-2Ramapur Primary School
204 Balugaon-1Girls Me School
205 Balugaon RajibNagarBalugaon Rajibnagar Harijan Sahi School
206 Balugaon-2Balugaon Mahasa Primary School,Balugaon
207 Balugaon-3Balugaon Project Upper Primary School
208 Balugaon-6Jugala Charan Girls High School
209 Balugaon-4Balugaon Project Upper Primary School
210 Balugaon-7Balugaon Project Upper Primary School
211 Santarapur-1Santarapur Primary School
212 Santarapur-2Santarapur Primary School
213 Santarapur-3Kanheitarei Primary School
214 Kulakundhei NuaganKulakundhei Nuagaon Primary School
215 BelapadaBelapada Primary School
216 NimikhetaNimikheta Project Upper Primary School
217 RaigurupurBhagabatadev Nodal Upper Primary School
218 ChasangaraChasangara U Girls Upper Primary School
219 Chasangara-2Ostapalli Primary School
220 NimainmallaNimainmalla Primary School
221 InjanapurChilika Nodal Upper Primary School Injanpur
222 GabapadarGabapadar Project Primary School
223 ChhedapadarChhedapadara Primary School
224 AtharabatiaChandraput Project Upper Primary School
225 Subudhi PatanaSubudhi Patana Primary School
226 KhadikapalliKhadikapalli Primary School
227 RautarapalliRautarapalli Primary School
228 Badakul-1Badakul Primary School, Badakul
229 Badakul-2Badakul Primary School, Badakul
230 NuagarhNuagarh Project Upper Primary School
231 Boriasahi Boriasahi Primary School
232 KharibandhaKharibandha Project Upper Primary School
233 Dungamala-1Chhatragarh U Girls Upper Primary School
234 Dungamala-2Brajarajpur Primary School
235 GadadwarGadadwar Primary School

Last Updated on April 27, 2020
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