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Polling Booth in Bolangir Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bolangir

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bolangir Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Bolangir Assembly Constituency falls under the Bolangir Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 UchabahalGovt. Primary School,Uchabahal
2 GarjanGovt.Primary School,Garjan
3 BhundimuhanGovt. U.Primary School,Bhundimuhan
4 KakhalPrimary School,Kakhal
5 KankaraProject Upper Primary School,Kankara
6 SanatelenapaliSevasram Santelenpali
7 BadatelenapaliGovt.Primary School,Badtelenpali
8 KhagasabahalGovt.Primary School,Khagasabahal
9 KhuntapaliGovt.Primary School,Khuntpali
10 HaripaliGovt.Primary School,Haripali
11 SialabahaliProject Upper Primary School,Sialbahali
12 BandhanaghorGovt.Primary School,Bandhanghor
13 KutumadolaGovt.Primary School,Kutumdola
14 JhankarapaliSevashram School, Jhankarpali
15 DuanapaliGovt.Primary School,Duanpali
16 BaghalaGovt.Primary School,Baghala
17 ChandanabhatiGovt.Primary School,Chandanbhati(Left Side)
18 ChandanabhatiGovt.Primary School,Chandanbhati(Left Side)
19 BadighorBadighor Primary School
20 RamasinhaGovt. Upper Primary School,Khaliapali
21 KhaliapaliGovt.Upper Primary School,Khaliapali
22 BaghapaliProject U. Primary School,Baghapali
23 BhainsaGovt.Primary School,Bhainsa(Right)
24 Manahira (Part)Govt Primary School, manhira(Left)
25 Manahira (Part)Govt Primary School, manhira(Left)
26 AmamundaGovt.Primary School,Amamunda
27 PhasadGovt.Primary School,Phasad
28 SakamaGovt.Primary School,Sakma
29 KutrapaliGovt.Primary School,Kutrapali
30 RanipaliGovt.Primary School,Ranipali
31 KirabahalNodal Primary School,Kirabahal
32 MiradhapaliProject U.Primary School,Miradhapali
33 KaganGovt.Primary School,Kagan
34 Dhubaudar BaxiudarBaxiudar Project Upper Primary School ,.
35 SindurabahalGovt Upper Primary School, Sindurbahal
36 SalepaliGovt. U.Primary School,Salepali
37 DudukasiraGovt.Primary School,Dudkasira
38 HardatalGovt. U.Primary School,Hardatal
39 BarapudUgiaGovt.Primary School,BarapudUgia
40 BarapitaGovt.Primary School,Barpita
41 DhulusarGovt. Primary School,Dhulusar
42 ChudapaliGovt. Primary School,Chudapali
43 ChudapaliGovt. Primary School,Chudapali
44 MayabarahGovt.Upper Primary School,Mayabarh
45 GhutupaliGhutupali Primary School
46 JiratamalProject Upper Primary School,Jiratmal
47 TusurabahalProject U.Primary School,Tusurabahal
48 SarasapitaGovt.Primary School,Saraspita
49 KarlapitaGovt.Primary School,Karlapita
50 AdenadunguriGovt.Primary School,Adenadunguri
51 KerameliGovt.Primary School,Kermeli
52 BargaonGovt. U. Primary School, Bargaon
53 BaidipaliProject U.Primary School,Baidipali
54 DhumamaraGovt.Primary School,Dhumamara
55 PatharachepaPatharachepa Primary School
56 BarakaniGovt. U.Primary School,Barkani
57 BiramundaProject U.Primary School,Biramunda
58 RinabachanGovt Upper Primary School, Rinbachan
59 MadhiapaliGovt Upper Primary School, Madhiapali
60 KhairapaliGovt Upper Primary School, Khairapali
61 SadeipaliGovt. U.Primary School,Sadeipali
62 SadeipaliGovt. U.Primary School,Sadeipali
63 GandrelGovt.Primary School,Gandrael
64 ParadhiapaliProject U. Primary School, PardhiapalIi
65 KalijharanGovt.Primary School,Kalijharan
66 BidighatGovt Sevashram, Bidighat
67 ChantimundaGovt. U.Primary School,Chantimuda
68 SibatalaGovt Primary School,Sibtala
69 SibatalaGovt Primary School,Sibtala
70 SibatalaGovt. Primary School,Sibtala
71 PilatimahulGovt. U.Primary School,Pilatimahul
72 DangaghatGovt. U.Primary School,Dangaghat
73 SatighatGovt.Primary School,Satighat
74 DumerapitaProject U.Primary School,Dumerpita
75 ChipakaniChipakani Primary School
76 KundapaniProject U.Primary School,Kundapani
77 KundpatharProject U.Primary School,Kundpathar
78 SahajabahalGovt.Primary School,Sahajbahal
79 PhatakaraProject U.Primary School,Phatkara
80 NawapadaGovt.Upper Primary School,Nawapada
81 ChikalabahalProject U. Primary School, Chikalbahal
82 SikachhidaProject U.Primary School,Sikachhida
83 SinakhamanProject U.Primary School,Sinakhaman
84 BhanapurGovt.Primary School,Bhanpur
85 KharlikaniGovt. U.Primary School, Kharlikani
86 KhujenpaliGovt.Upper Primary School, Khujenpali
87 KhujenpaliGovt.Upper Primary School, Khujenpali
88 DabkaniGovt.Primary School,Dabkani
89 BagbhadiBagbhadi Primary School
90 AinlachuanProject U.Primary School,Ainlachuan
91 PandarapitaGovt.Primary School,Pandrapita
92 BarakaniGovt.Primary School,Barkani
93 MakarchuanProject U.Primary School,Makarchun
94 PhatamundaPhatamunda Project U.Primary School
95 JaliaJalia Primary School
96 Saunta MundaProject U. Primary School, Sauntmunda
97 Kudasingha -!Govt U.Primary School, Kudasingha(N)
98 Kudasingha -2Govt U.Primary School, Kudasingha(N)
99 RajamundaProject U.Primary School,Rajamunda
100 Bhutiar BahalGovt.Primary School,Bhutiarbahal
101 Bhutiar BahalGovt.Primary School,Bhutiarbahal
102 AntarlaGovt Primary School, Antarla
103 BrahmanijorGovt.Primary School,Brahmanijor
104 TalpaliGovt.Primary School,Talpali
105 PhabsiGovt.Primary School,Phabsi
106 TepraenProject U. Primary School, tepren
107 GaelapitaGovt.Primary School,Gaelpita
108 RamachandrapurGovt Upper Primary School, Ramchandrapur.
109 TangurupadarGovt.Primary School,Tangurpadar
110 ParuabhadiGovt. U.Primary School,Paruabhadi
111 MatupaliGovt.Primary School,Matupali
112 LuhakhanProject U.Primary School,Luhakhan
113 Kuburi MahulGovt Upper Primary School, Kuburimahul
114 BaraghatiGovt Upper Primary School, Baraghati
115 KhaliapaliGovt. Upper Primary School,Khailapali
116 BudabahalGovt. U.Primary School,Budabahal
117 BandhapadaGovt U.Primary School, Bandhpada
118 ChhatapipalChhatapipal Primary School
119 DangarapadaPrimary School,Dangarapada
120 PipalapadarGovt.Primary School,Pipalpadar
121 AphamaraGovt. U.Primary School,Aphamara
122 PulasakhandaGovt.Primary School,Pulsakhanda
123 SarasamalGovt. Upper Primary School,Sarasmal
124 SiletakaniGovt.Primary School,Siletkani
125 BadabandhGovt.Primary School,Badbandh
126 GaelapitaGovt.Primary School,Gaelapita
127 KuthurlaProject U.Primary School,Kuthurla
128 ArdaGovt.Primary School,Arda
129 SikuanGovt. U.Primary School,Sikuan
130 GaibahalGovt Upper Primary School,Gaibahal
131 RatanapurProject U.Primary School,Ratanpur
132 RapaliGovt.Primary School,Rapali
133 PadmapurProject Primary School, Padampur
134 UparajharUparjhar Primary School
135 RugudipaliGovt.Primary School,Rugudipali
136 BhimadunguriBhimdunguri Primary School
137 PurunapaniPurunapani Primary School
138 HirlimalHirlimal Project U.Primary School
139 BandhapadaBandhapada Primary School
140 KhairagudaGovt. Primary School, Khairaguda
141 AinlapaliAinlapali Primary School
142 GudakapalaGudkapala Primary School
143 KundeimalKundeimal Project U. Primary School
144 BandhapaliBandhapali Project U.Primary School
145 ThalbandhThalbandh Primary School
146 MahaleiMahalei Primary School
147 BabijorBabijore Primary School
148 NuapaliNuapali Primary School
149 SirabahalSirabhal Project U.Primary School
150 GhuchepaliGovt.Primary School,Ghuchepali
151 SagarapaliGovt.Primary School,Sagarpali
152 DeoganGovt.Upper Primary School,Deogan
153 DeoganGovt.Upper Primary School,Deogan
154 KachharapaliGovt.Primary School,Kacharpali
155 KachharapaliGovt.Primary School,Kacharpali
156 KuturlaKuturla Primary School,
157 MursinghMursingh Upper Primary School,
158 MursinghMursingh Upper Primary School,
159 KaruanjharGovt. U.Primary School,Karuanjhar
160 ChoramaraGovt. Upper Primary School,Chormara
161 DhandamalGovt.Primary School,Dhandamal
162 BilasapurGovt.Primary School,Bilaspur
163 GhatuldunguriGovt.Primary School,Ghatuldunguri
164 AmaghatProject Primary School,Amghat
165 SinhamundaGovt U.Primary School, Sinhamunda
166 LakhanapurGovt U.Primary School,Lakhanapur
167 BhalukundaGovt.Primary School,Bhalukunda
168 DesandhGovt Upper Primary School, Desandh
169 GambharimalGovt U.Primary School, Gambharimal
170 BankiamundaGovt Primary School, Bankiamunda
171 DumerajorGovt. Primary School,Dumerjor
172 JhinkeramalProject U.Primary School,Jhinkermal
173 DahimalGovt.Primary School,Dahimal
174 LandapatharGovt. U.Primary School,Landapathar
175 RugudipaliGovt.Primary School,Rugdipali
176 BahaliBahali Primary School,Govt
177 SarasabahalGovt. Primary School, Sarasabahal
178 NaikenasiraNaikenasira Project U.Primary School,
179 HatisaraHatisara Project U.Primary School
180 ChandrapurChandrapur Block colony Primary School
181 UdarUdar Project U.Primary School
182 BarakaniBarkani Project U.Primary School
183 JarasinhaJarasingha Boys Upper Primary School
184 JarasinhaJarasingha Boys Upper Primary School
185 SalepaliSalepali Primary School GOVt
186 BadadunguripaliGovt. Primary School, Badadunguripali
187 KuliabahalKulihabahal Primary School GOVt
188 PandelPandel Primary School GOVt
189 BalarapaliBalarapali Primary School
190 KukurakhaiGovt. Primary School, Kukurakhai
191 BagadaBagada Primary School GOVt
192 BudelagumaBudelaguma Primary School
193 KhagasikanaKghagsikana U.Primary Schoo GOVt
194 BadabahalBadbahali U.Primary School GOVt
195 GaudagothGaudagoth GOVt U. Primary School (E)
196 KendughatKendughat Primary School
197 GaudagothGaudagoth GOVt U. Primary School (E)
198 RatakhandiRatakhandi U.Primary School GOVt
199 BarhakunaBarhakuna Primary School GOVT
200 MundapalaMundapala Primary School GOVt
201 KulatapadaKultapada Project U.Primary School
202 SihatimalGovt. U. Primary School, Sihatimal
203 ArjunapurArjunpur U.Primary School GOVt
204 Larkipali (Ward No-1)Gram sevak Talim Kendra,
205 Larikipal (Ward NO-1)Govt Upper Primary School, Larikipal
206 Kandhapali (Ward NO-2)Govt Primary School, Kandhpali
207 KandhapaliKandhapali Primary School
208 Santi Pada (Ward NO-2)Govt Primary School, Santipada
209 Santi Pada (Ward NO-21)Govt Primary School, Santipada
210 Dungari Pada (Ward NO-3)Dungari Pada MiSanskrit Schoolion High School
211 Dungari Pada (Ward NO-3)Dungari Pada MiSanskrit Schoolion High School
212 Dungari Pada (Ward NO-3)Dungari Pada MiSanskrit Schoolion High School
213 Talapali (Ward No-4)Govt Primary School,Talpalipada
214 Talapali (Ward No-4)Govt Primary School,Talpalipada
215 Thikadarapada (Ward NO-4)Govt Upper Primary School,Thihadarpada
216 Hatisalapada (Ward NO-5)Govt Upper Primary School,Hatisalpada Left
217 Hatisalapada (W.N-5)Govt Upper Primary School,Hatisalpada Left
218 Hatisalapada- (W.N-5)Govt Upper Primary School,Hatisalpada Left
219 Barapalipada- (Ward No. -6)Panchasakah Govt Primary School
220 Barapalipada (Ward No. -6)Panchasakah Govt Primary School
221 Chiminebhati (Ward No. -6)Chimnebhati Govt Primary School
222 Rameswar Nagar (Ward NO-7)Govt Primary School, Rameswar Nagar
223 Rameswar Nagar (Ward NO-7)Govt Primary School, Rameswar Nagar
224 Rameswar Nagar -3Govt Primary School, Rameswar Nagar
225 Gandhinagar- (Ward No. -7)GandhinagarGovt Primary School
226 Gandhinagar (Ward NO-9)Gandhinagar Govt Girls school
227 Brahmanapada (Ward NO-8)Govt Upper Primary School,Brahmanpada
228 Brahmanapada (Ward NO-8)Govt Upper Primary School,Brahmanpada
229 Beherapali (Ward No. -9)Beherapali Govt Primary School.
230 Sudapada (Ward NO-10)Govt Primary School, Sudapada
231 Sudapda -2Govt Primary School, Sudapada
232 Getasarobar Pada (Ward NO-10)Govt Primary School, Gatesarobarpada
233 Radharani Pada (Ward NO-11)Govt Primary School, Radharanipada
234 Radharanipada (Ward NO-11)Govt Primary School, Radharanipada
235 Laxminarayanpada (Ward NO-12)Govt Girls High School (Old Building)
236 Lakshmi Narayan Pada (Eard NO-12)Govt Upper Primary School, Laxminarayan Pada
237 Laxminarayanpada-2Govt Upper Primary School, Laxminarayan Pada
238 Club Pada (Ward No. -13)Govt College,Balangir
239 ClubPada (Ward No. -13)Govt. College,Balangir
240 Malapada (Ward NO-14)Ananta Bidyapitha, Malpada
241 Malapada PartAnanta Bidyapitha, Malpada
242 Malapada (Ward NO-14)Ananta Bidyapitha, Malpada
243 Malapada (Ward No. -14)EastCoast Railway M.T.P School
244 Tikrapada (Ward NO-15)Upper Primary School, Tikrapada
245 Tikrapada (Ward NO-15)Upper Primary School, Tikrapada
246 Tikra Pada (Ward NO-16)Tikra Pada Patitapabana Academy
247 Tikrapada (Ward NO-16)Tikra Pada Patitapabana Academy
248 Khalia Pali (Ward NO-17)Govt Upper Primary School, Khaliapali
249 Khalia Pali (Ward NO-17)Govt Upper Primary School, Khaliapali
250 Manohar Pur (Ward NO-18)Upper Primary School, Manoharpur
251 Manoharpur (Ward NO-18)Upper Primary School, Manoharpur
252 Manoharpur (P)Upper Primary School, Manoharpur
253 Manoharpur (Ward NO-18)Upper Primary School, Manoharpur
254 Rugudipada (Ward NO19)Upper Primary School, Rugudipada
255 Rugudipada (Ward NO-19)Upper Primary School, Rugudipada
256 Rugudipada (Ward NO-19)Upper Primary School, Rugudipada
257 Ichhapada (Ward NO-20)Primary School,Ichhapada
258 IchhapadaPrimary School,Ichhapada
259 Sagarapada (Ward NO20)Upper Primary School, Sagarpada
260 Sagarapada (Ward NO-20)Upper Primary School, Sagarpada
261 Sagarapada (Ward NO-20)Upper Primary School, Sagarpada
262 Palace Line (Ward NO-21)Palace Line Govt Womens College
263 Palace LinePalace Line Govt Womens College
264 Palace Line (Ward NO-21)Palace Line Govt Womens College
265 Palace Line (Ward NO-21)Palace Line Govt Womens College
266 Mining Colony (Ward No. -21)Project Colony Primary School
267 SalepaliGovt. Primary School, Salepali

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