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Polling Booth in Bhadrak Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bhadrak

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhadrak Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Bhadrak Assembly Constituency falls under the Bhadrak Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 EdadeiEdadei Primary School
2 SirapurSirapur Project Primary School
3 Rautaragadia PatanaRautaragadhia Patana U.G.M.E School
4 KaupurKaupur Nodal Upper Primary School
5 KaupurBaidanatha Nodal Upper Primary School,Bangalisahi,Kaupur
6 KusunnagarSubarneswari Primary School
7 DaisingaDaisinga Primary School
8 DaisingaKaupur High School Daisinga
9 ChadheyaChadheya Nischintapur Nodal Upper Primary School
10 NalagaraNalagara Nodal Upper Primary School
11 KudiamalKudiamal Primary School
12 Banitia (part)Banitia Nodal Upper Primary School (S)
13 BanitiaBanitia Nodal Upper Primary School (S)
14 AmbaroliAmbaroli Upper Primary School
15 AmbaroliAmbaroli Upper Primary School
16 BhandhaganBandhagan Nodal Upper Primary School
17 BhandhaganBandhagan Nodal Upper Primary School
18 KalidaspurKalidaspur U.G.M.E. School
19 PanchapadaPanchapada Primary School
20 SusiladeipurSusiladeipur Primary School
21 RambilaBinapani Nodal Upper Primary School
22 KeshpurKeshapur Primary School
23 RambhilaBinapani Nodal Upper Primary School
24 JagadalpurJagadalpur U.G.M. E. School
25 SarasatiaSarasitia Primary School
26 TagiraTagira Upper Primary School
27 RahanjaRahanja Primary School
28 RahanjaBalisahi Primary School. Schoo
29 RahanjaBalisahi Primary School. Schoo
30 BhadalpurBhadalpur Primary School
31 BalantaBalanta Upper Primary School
32 ChandiganChandigan M.E. School
33 ChandiganChandigan High School
34 KodabaruanKodabaruan U.G.M.E.School
35 Asura (part)Asurar Primary School
36 AsuraAsurar Primary School
37 TisalpurTisalpur Project Upper Primary School
38 CharampaMallikasahi Primary School, Baulapokhari
39 CharampaMallikasahi Primary School, Baulapokhari
40 ThoradaThorada Nodal Upper Primary School
41 TalangaTalanga Nodal Upper Primary School (S)
42 TalangaTalanga Nodal Upper Primary School (S)
43 BagamaraBagamara Nodal Upper Primary School
44 KuapadaKuapada Primary School
45 JalangaJalanga Upper Primary School (S)
46 JalangaU.N High School
47 JalangaJalanga Upper Primary School (S)
48 Olanga (part)Neula Adibasi Sahi Project Primary School ,School,Olanga
49 OlangaNeula Adibasi Sahi Project Primary School ,School,Olanga
50 BarapadaBarapada Nodal Upper Primary School
51 BarapadaBarapada Nodal Upper Primary School
52 SaramangaSaramanga Upper Primary School
53 SaramangaSartola Primary School, Saramanga
54 GobindapurGobindapur Upper Primary School
55 OgalapurOgalapur Project Primary School, Ogalpur
56 BaudpurBaudapur Project Upper Primary School
57 Baudpur (part)Baudapur Project Upper Primary School
58 GeltuaHarihara Nodal Upper Primary School, Geltua
59 GeltuaHarihara Nodal Upper Primary School, Geltua
60 GabasahiGabasahi Primary School
61 GabasahiGabasahi Primary School
62 BarapokahariBaralapokhari Primary School
63 BaralapokhariHanuman Jew Nodal M.E School
64 BaralapokhariGopabandhu Nodal Upper Primary School
65 BaralapokhariGopabandhu Nodal Upper Primary School
66 BaralapokhariDagarasahi Upper Primary School
67 BaralapokhariRCBL, M.E. School,Rly. Colony
68 KantapalRCBL. High School
69 KantapalRCBL. High School
70 EreinErein Upper Primary School (N)
71 EreinErein UGME School
72 EreinErein Upper Primary School (N)
73 EreinKhandia Bazar Adibasi Sahi PPrimary School, Erein
74 Erein (part)Erein Upper Primary School (N)
75 EreinBisani Kharida Das Sahi PPrimary School
76 ParasingaParasinga Proejct Primary School
77 HamirabindhaHamirabindha Proejct Primary School
78 BhagabanpurBhagabanpur Project Primary School, Bhagabanpur
79 NachhipurProject Primary School, Nachhipur
80 SaragadiaSaragadia U.G.M.E. School
81 BaniaBania Upper Primary School
82 BaniaBania Upper Primary School
83 KodagambhiraKodagambhira Upper Primary School
84 PalliPalli Nodal UP. school
85 AttoAtto UGME School
86 AttoAtto UGME School
87 KhirasahiKhirasahi M.E. School
88 PagadaPagada UGME.School
89 Erada (part)Pitambar Nodal Upper Primary School, Erada(N)
90 Erada (part)Pitambar Nodal Upper Primary School, Erada(N)
91 EradaPitambar Nodal Upper Primary School, Erada(N)
92 EradaPitambar High School
93 SabarangaSabranga Nodal M.E School
94 SabarangaSabranga Nodal M.E School
95 SabarangaNDM M.E School
96 ToranapadaToranapada Primary School, Toranpada
97 Goramati (part)Goramati U.G. M.E.School
98 GoramatiGoramati U.G. M.E.School
99 SamianSamian Proejct U.Primary Schoolchool
100 Dharma saranbindhaDharmasaranbindh Primary School
101 Dharma saranbindhaLalaji M.E. school, Dharmasaranbindha
102 Sahada (part ()Sahada Dolagobindha Harijansahi Nodal Upper Primary School
103 Sahada (part ()Sahada Dolagobindha Harijansahi Nodal Upper Primary School
104 HaripurHaripur U.G.M.E. school
105 BarangaBaranga Nodal Upper Primary School
106 BerhampurBerhampur Nodal Upper Primary School
107 BerhampurBerhampur Nodal Upper Primary School
108 Berhampur PartKundibag Primary School
109 BerhampurBerhampur Nodal Upper Primary School
110 MarapurMarapur Primary School
111 TaraganaTaragana Primary School
112 TaraganaPadmapur Upper Primary School
113 ParibindharasalpurGanjeibadi Primary School, Rasalpur
114 KedarpurKedarpur Primary School
115 KedarpurBalibili Primary School
116 JitangaJitanga Project Upper Primary School,Jitanga
117 SerpurSerpur Primary School
118 HarishankarapurHarishankarpur Upper Primary School
119 JagannathpurJagannathapur Upper Primary School
120 BentalBental U.G.M.E. School,Bental
121 BhabanibindhaBhabanibindha Pro. Upper Primary School
122 BijeygangadharapurBijeygangadharapur UGME, School
123 BalipatanaBalipatana Primary School
124 DahanasuniSalandi College (Uttarbahini)
125 DahanasuniUttarbahini Primary School
126 DahanasuniHaladidiha UGME School
127 Beka (Alalpur)-1Dhadibaban Upper Primary School (S)
128 Beka (Alalpur)-2Dhadibaban Upper Primary School (S)
129 Beka (Alalpur)-3Dhadibaban Upper Primary School (S)
130 ChhadakmahalaChhadakmahala UGMES, Mirzapur(N)
131 NathasahiMirzapur Nathasahi Upper Primary School (S),Mirzapur
132 MirzapurChhadakmahala UGMES, Mirzapur(N)
133 Mirzapur PartChhadakmahala UGMES, Mirzapur(N)
134 ChhadakmahalaChhadakmahala UGMES, Mirzapur(N)
135 Mirzapur (P)Mirzapur Upper Primary School
136 Mirzapur (P)Mirzapur Upper Primary School
137 Mirzapur (P)Mirzapur UGME School
138 Bajetol (P)Frezor Girls Upper Primary School
139 Bajetol (P)N.C.Feeder Upper Primary School
140 Bajetol (P)D.N Girls High School
141 BalioradaPatanasahi Upper Primary School,Baliorada(N)
142 BalioradaPatanasahi Upper Primary School,Baliorada(N)
143 BalioradaPatanasahi Upper Primary School,Baliorada(N)
144 BalioradaPatanasahi Upper Primary School,Baliorada(N)
145 SankarpurN.C.High School (N)
146 SankarpurN.C.High School (N)
147 SankarpurN.C.High School (N)
148 SankarpurN.C.High School (N)
149 MathasahiGopalgew High School
150 MathasahiGopalgew High School
151 MathasahiGopalgew High School
152 KuansaKuansa Primary School
153 KuansaKuansa Primary School
154 KuansaKuansa Primary School
155 KuansaKuansa Primary School
156 KuansaKuansa ME.School
157 KuansaKuansa ME.School
158 KuansaKuansa ME.School
159 SanthiaBhadrak Urdhu Primary School
160 NialkanthapurNilakanthapur UGME School
161 BankasahiBhadrak High School (S)
162 BankasahiBhadrak High School (S)
163 Naripur (P)Govt. Girls High School (N)
164 Naripur (P)Govt. Girls High School (N)
165 JagannathpurBhadrak Autonomas College(S)
166 Jagannathpur (P)Bhadrak Autonomas College(S)
167 JagannathpurBhadrak Autonomas College(S)
168 JagannathpurBhadrak Autonomas College(S)
169 BaguraiB.M.High School, Bagurai(S)
170 BaguraiBagurai feder Primary School
171 BaguraiB.M.High School, Bagurai(S)
172 BaguraiJagulai Project Upper Primary School
173 GelpurBapuji Nodal Upper Primary School, Gelpur(S)
174 SamaraipurBapuji Nodal Upper Primary School, Gelpur
175 GelpurBapuji Nodal Upper Primary School, Gelpur(S)
176 SamaraipurBapuji High School
177 Randiacharigharia Project Upper Primary School,Randia
178 Amar GadiaAmar Gadia Primary School,Randia
179 Randiacharigharia Project Upper Primary School,Randia
180 KorantaKoranta Primary School
181 BetaraBetara RNUpper Primary School (S)
182 BetaraBetara RNUpper Primary School (S)
183 KalahandiaKalahandia UGME School
184 Andeipali (P)Andeipali Nodal Upper Primary School
185 Andeipali-2Andeipali Nodal Upper Primary School
186 SingadaSingada Primary School
187 BahudaradaBahudarada High School
188 BahudaradaBahudarada nodal Upper Primary School
189 BahudaradaBahudarada High School
190 GohiraniHarachandi Primary School, Gohirani
191 MulaganMulagan Primary School,Mulgan
192 BiripadaBiripada Nodal Upper Primary School
193 NalangaNalanga P.G.M.E. School
194 NalangaKhantagadia Primary School
195 TihidTihidi Primary School,Tihidi
196 TihidTihidi Primary School,Tihidi
197 KantapadaKantapada Nodal Upper Primary School
198 KaleiKalei U.G.M.E. School
199 BalabhadrapurBalabhadrapur Nodal Upper Primary School
200 BalabhadrapurBalabhadrapur Nodal Upper Primary School
201 ChunidaKhetarbasi High School
202 ChunidaMangalapada M.E.School
203 AnantapurAnantapur Primary School
204 BalajitpadaBalajitpada U.G.M.E. School,Balajitpada
205 BilabadiPodadiha Sridharpur Primary School. Bilabadi
206 Korkora (part)Korkora Nodal Upper Primary School
207 Korkora (part)Korkora Nodal Upper Primary School
208 ApartibindhaBanka UGMES(S)
209 ApartibindhaBanka UGMES(S)
210 ApartibindhaBanka UGMES(S)
211 AparttibindhaBanka UGMES(S)
212 Garadapur!)Harinarayan ME.School (S), Garadapur
213 Garadapur (2)Harinarayan ME.School (S), Garadapur
214 Bhunyamahala (P)Bhunyamahala Upper Primary School (S)
215 Bhunyamahala (P)Bhunyamahala Upper Primary School (S)
216 SaidabadJivram Nodal Upper Primary School,Saidabad
217 Khandatada (P)Khandatada Nodal Upper Primary School
218 Khandatada (P)Khandatada Nodal Upper Primary School
219 Raghupatibindha (P)Raghupatibindha Primary School
220 AarhapadaAarhapada Primary School
221 GopalbindhaGopalbindha U.G.M.E. school
222 KeshpurKeshpur U.G.M.E. school
223 PanibhandarPnibhandar Primary School
224 Gujidarada (P)Nuapatna Primary School
225 GujidaradaDandisahi Primary School
226 Gujidarada (P)KamalpurProejct Upper Primary School
227 GujidardaMadarasa Gulsan-E Bagdad
228 Gujidarada (P)Gujidarada High school
229 GujidaradaGujidarada Urdu Girls Primary School
230 Gujidarada (P)Mir Patna Primary School , Gujidarada
231 Gujidarada (P)Gujidarada UGMESchool
232 GujidaradaGujidarada Feeder Primary School
233 BhaktiberhampurBhakti Berhampur Upper Primary School,
234 MadhusudanpurOkara High School
235 Bishnupurbindha (P)Bishnupurbindha Upper Primary School
236 Bishnupurbindha (P)Bishnupurbindha Upper Primary School
237 Haripur (P)Bhatapur Primary School, Haripur
238 Haripur (P)Satabhauni High School
239 LangudiLangudi Primary School
240 GanjamalGanjamala Primary School
241 GanjamalAandabazar UP(ME) School
242 SusuaSusua Unita M.E.School,Susua
243 Rajualibindha (P)Rajamukundapur U.G.M.E. School,(S)Rajualibindha
244 Rajualibindha (P)Rajamukundapur U.G.M.E. School,(S)Rajualibindha

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