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Polling Booth in Basudevpur Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Basudevpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Basudevpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Basudevpur Assembly Constituency falls under the Basudevpur Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 RadhamohanapurRadhamohanapur U.G.M.E School
2 JagannathpurJagannathpur M. E. School
3 JagannathapurJagannathpur High School
4 Bachhada-1Bachhada M.E.School
5 Bachhada-2Bachhada M.E.School
6 Bachhada-2Bachhada M.E.School
7 MohanapurMohanapur Primary School
8 Padhuan-1Padhuan M.E.School
9 Padhuan-2Padhuan M.E.School
10 Padhuan (Part)-3Padhuan M.E.School
11 PadhuanGanapati Sanskrit Tull, Padhuan
12 JireigadiJireigadi Upper Primary School
13 Arttung-1Artung Upper Primary School
14 Arttung-2Artung ME School
15 AmajiaAmajia U.G.M.E. School
16 Sankharu-1Barapur High School
17 Sankharu-2Barapur Upper Primary School
18 Kumarapur -1Kumarpur U.G.M.E.School
19 Kumarapur-2Kumarpur U.G.M.E.School
20 UhadUhada U.G.M.E. School
21 IswarapurIswarpur Upper Primary School
22 SadeipadaD.P.M.E.School,Kumbharagadia
23 Nuagan-1Nuagan U.G.M.E.School
24 Nuagan-2Nuagan U.G.M.E.School
25 Nuagan (Part)-3Nuagan U.G.M.E.School
26 Nuagan (Part)-4Nuagan U.G.M.E.School
27 Eram -1Iram Primary School
28 Eram-2D.P.M.E.School,Kumbharagadia
29 Eram -3Sahid Smaruti High School (N)
30 Eram-4Sahid Smaruti High School (N)
31 OlagadaOlagada Project Upper Primary School
32 Adhuan -1Adhuan Nodal Upper Primary School (N)
33 Adhuan-2Adhuan Nodal Upper Primary School (N)
34 Adhuan-3Nandapur U.G.M.E.School
35 Adhuan-4Nandapur U.G.M.E.School
36 AdhuanDhatapur Upper Primary School
37 Chudamani (Part)-1Chudamani Adia Upper Primary School
38 Chudamani (Part)-2Chudamani Adia Upper Primary School
39 Chudamani-1K.S. M.E.School (N)
40 Chudamani -2K.S. M.E.School (N)
41 Chudamani -3Chudamani Upper Primary School
42 Chudamani-4Chudamani Upper Primary School
43 Chudamani-5B.C. Nodal Upper Primary School,Chakradharpur
44 Chudamani-6B.C. Nodal Upper Primary School,Chakradharpur
45 Sudarshanapur-1Sudarshanapur U.G.M.E.School (N)
46 Sudarshanapur-2Sudarshanapur U.G.M.E.School (N)
47 Sudarshanapur-3Sudarshanapur U.G.M.E.School (N)
48 Suan-1Suan Harijan Upper Primary School
49 Sudarshanpur-4Suan Upper Primary School (N)
50 Suan-2Suan Upper Primary School (N)
51 Barandua-1Jagabandhu Vidya Pitha
52 Barandua-2Jagabandhu Vidya Pitha
53 Ratanga-1Ratanga Upper Primary School
54 Ratanga-2Ratanga Upper Primary School
55 Chandanapur-1Panchayat High School
56 Chandanapur-2Panchayat High School
57 NarasinhapurNarasinhapur M.E.School (N)
58 JaiypurJaiypur Upper Primary School
59 NarasinhapurNarasinhapur M.E.School (N)
60 KalidasapurKalidasapur Upper Primary School
61 RadhaballavpurRadhaballavpur U.G.M.E.School (N)
62 Guagan-1Guagan U.G.M.E.School
63 Guagan-2Radhaballavpur U.G.M.E.School (N)
64 BalibindhaBalibindha Upper Primary School
65 BhairabapurBhairabpur U.G.M.E.School
66 BansipatanaBansipatana Primary School
67 Uchchadiha-1Uchhadiha Upper Primary School
68 Uchchadiha-2Uchhadiha Upper Primary School
69 ParaPara Upper Primary School
70 TentuliaTentulia Primary School
71 MandalpokhariMandalpokhari Upper Primary School,Praobdhapur
72 MandalpokhariMandalpokhari Primary School,Prabodhapur
73 MandalpokhariMandalpokhari Primary School,Prabodhapur
74 RadhanathapurMandari Upper Primary School (S)
75 RadhanathapurMandari Upper Primary School (S)
76 RadhanathapurMandari Upper Primary School (S)
77 AdiaAdia Upper Primary School, Radhanathpur
78 Kismat KrushnapurJaminikanta U.G.M.E., Kismat Krushnapur
79 Kismat KrushnapurKismat Krushnapur Upper Primary School (N)
80 Kismat Krushnapur (Part)Kismat Krushnapur Upper Primary School (N)
81 Kismat KrushnapurKismat Krushnapur ME School
82 RadhakantapurD.M.Nodal School,Radhakantapur
83 BasudevpurA.B.High School (E)
84 BasudevpurA.B.High School (E)
85 BasudevpurA.B.High School (E)
86 BasudevpurA.B.High School (E)
87 BasudevpurA.B College
88 SukadebapurSukadebapur UP Schhol
89 SabarapurSabarpur UGME Schhol(N)
90 SabarapurSabarpur UGME Schhol(N)
91 AranduaArandua Upper Primary School (N)
92 AranduaArandua Upper Primary School (N)
93 BachhipurBachhipur Primary School
94 BadaanandapurBada Anandapur Primary School
95 BhagapurBhagapur Upper Primary School
96 Tulamatula-1Tulamatula Nodal Upper Primary School
97 Tulamatula-2Tulamatula Nodal Upper Primary School
98 GobindabindhaGobindabindha Upper Primary School
99 NaichhanapurNaichhanapur Primary School
100 AruhaAruha Upper Primary School
101 Brahmanigaon-2Brahmanagan High School
102 Brahmanagan -3G.D. Nodal Upper Primary School (N)
103 BrahmanaganG.D. Nodal Upper Primary School (N)
104 BrahmanaganBrahmanagan High School
105 ManmathapurManmathapur Upper Primary School
106 AlabagaAlbaga Primary School,Alabaga
107 AlabagaAlbaga Primary School,Alabaga
108 NarendrapurNarendrapur Nodal Upper Primary School
109 KiapadaKiapada Project Upper Primary School
110 Bagada BinayakapurBagada Binayakpur Primary School
111 BinayakapurBinayakapur Primary School
112 BinayakapurBinayakapur Primary School
113 BinayakapurBinayakapur Primary School
114 BelasaunliaBelasaunlia Upper Primary School
115 ChirolChirola Harijanasahi Primary School
116 GuagadiaGuagadia Upper Primary School
117 GuagadiaNirakar High School (N)
118 KamaraganRasbihari Bidyamandir,Guagadia
119 KamarganRasbihari Bidyamandir,Guagadia
120 MatipakaAjyodhya Upper Primary School,ajyodhya
121 MatipakaAjyodhya Upper Primary School,ajyodhya
122 JagannathapurNarayana Chandra Upgated Upper Primary School
123 RamachandrapurRamachandrapur Upper Primary School
124 SanakrushnapurChandimala High School (M), Sanakrushnapur
125 Sanakrushnapur (Part)Chandimala High School (M), Sanakrushnapur
126 Sanakrushnapur (Part)Chandimala High School (M), Sanakrushnapur
127 Sanakrushnapur (Part)Binapani Project Upper Primary School
128 BideipurBideipur Nodal Upper Primary School
129 BideipurBideipur Nayak Grils High School
130 BideipurBideipur Bangalipada UUpper Primary School
131 BadamaharaBadamahara Project Primary School
132 BideipurSunamunhi Upper Primary School
133 BideipurSunamunhi Upper Primary School
134 BideipurNarendra PraSanskrit Schoolad High School (N)
135 BideipurBideipur Nodal Upper Primary School
136 BideipurNarendra PraSanskrit Schoolad High School (N)
137 KerasahiKerasahi Upper Primary School
138 BirasaBirasa Nodal Upper Primary School
139 GadalaGadala Upper Primary School
140 TambakhandiTambakhandi Upper Primary School
141 BinadandaBinadanda Upper Primary School
142 LaxmiprasadLaxmiprasad Upper Primary School
143 AparttipurAparttipur Primary School
144 KansaripurKansaripur,Kaligadi Project Upper Primary School
145 SendhagadaSendhagadha Primary School
146 BhanjasahiBhanjasahi Upper Primary School
147 LaxmidasapurLaxmidasapur Upper Primary School
148 JiginipurJibanpurr Project Upper Primary School
149 ShribatsapurSribastapur Primary School
150 ChatrapurChatrapur Primary School
151 JayakrushnapurJayakrushnapur UGME School
152 JagannathprasadJagannathprasad Cyclone Shelter
153 LungaLunga Primary School
154 LungaLunga Primary School
155 DadhibamanapurDadhibamanapur Primary School
156 UruniaUrunia Upper Primary School
157 UruniaUrunia Primary School
158 KurudaKuruda Upper Primary School (North), Urunia
159 EdatalEdatal Upper Primary School
160 EdatalEdatal Upper Primary School
161 EdatalEdatal Horizan Upper Primary School
162 SugoSugo High school
163 SugopatanaSugopatana nodal Upper Primary School
164 KusunibindhaKusunibindha Primary School
165 SugoSugo Upper Primary School school
166 KanjikhiaKanjikhia Primary School
167 KapagadiaKapagadia Primary School
168 PadampurJayakrushna High School, Padmapur
169 RukunadeipurProject Upper Primary Shoo;. Rukunadeipur
170 PadampurPadampur Upper Primary School
171 PadampurPadampur Upper Primary School
172 PadampurJayakrushna High School, Padmapur
173 MadhapurMadhapur Nayaksahi Primary School
174 NichantapurNischantapur J.B. Project Upper Primary School
175 SayaMahadevsahi Primary School , Saya
176 SayaBanshubag Primary School , Saya
177 TalabandhTalabandha Project Upper Primary School
178 SayaG.C. Nodal Upper Primary School
179 MaharamapurMaharamapur Nodal Upper Primary School (S)
180 MaharamapurMaharamapur Nodal Upper Primary School (S)
181 KandapurKandapur Primary School
182 Mirjapur-1C.R.S. High School, Tihidi
183 Mirjapur-2KhankihatUGME School,Tihidi
184 Mirjapur (Part)-3Umamani UGME School , Mirjapur
185 MangarajapurTihidi College, Tihidi
186 Bhatapada-1Bhatapada Primary School
187 Bhatapada-2Baulapal Primary School
188 Bhatapada-3Sankhida Primary School
189 KalimeghaMukundapur UGME School
190 KanchanapurChaunrikanchanpur Primary School
191 BudhapurBudhupur Primary School
192 JhinkiriaArasa Nodal Upper Primary School
193 Arasa-1Arsa High School
194 Arasa-2Arsa Nodal Upper Primary School
195 BidyadharapurBidyadhar Primary School
196 GudupalGudupal Project U. Primary School. .School
197 GudupalGudupal Project U. Primary School. .School
198 PhatepurPhatepur Primary School (N)
199 PhatepurPhatepur Primary School (N)
200 SankhiloSankhilo Primary School
201 SankhiloSankhilo Primary School
202 Indiria-1Indiria Urdhu Primary School
203 Indiria-2Santhapura Primary School,Indira
204 IndiriaIndiria Urdhu Primary School
205 Kamaria-1Kamaria Primary School
206 Kamaria-2Kamaria Primary School
207 Kamaria-3Kamaria UGME School
208 KolhaKolha Primary School
209 KolhaKolha Primary School
210 NishchintapurNishchintapur Primary School
211 MusangaMusanga Primary School
212 GolapokhariGolapokhari UGME School
213 BadagolaBadagola Upper Primary School
214 SatibatiTarasahi Primary School
215 BalichaturiBalichaturi UGME Shool
216 AruhaJagarnanth Banudhara Nodal School, Aruha
217 SanthapuraSanthapura Primary School
218 MangalpurMangalpur Project U.Primary School
219 KanatiaSankarpurkanatia Project U.Primary School
220 KanatiaShankarpur Kanatia Project Upper Primary School
221 Nandakandarpa-1Nandakandarpa Project Upper Primary School
222 Nandakandarpa-2Doharasahi Sahi Upper Primary School
223 Bahabalpur-1Nandakeshor HIgh School
224 Bahabalpur-2Krusaka Sahayog ME School,Bahabalpur
225 MishrapurMishrapur Primary School
226 PatanamishrapurPatanamishrapur ME. School
227 BalimedBalimeda Nodal Upper Primary School
228 BalimedBalimeda Nodal Upper Primary School
229 RajagharapokhariK.C Nodal School,Rajagharapokhari
230 RajagharapokhariK.C Nodal School,Rajagharapokhari
231 SanakurubatiaRaipur Upper Primary School
232 SanamachhuaghaiSanamachhuaghai Primary School
233 BadamachhuaghaiBadamachhuaghai Primary School
234 RaipurRaipur Upper Primary School
235 GobindpurGobindpur UG High School
236 BrajanandapurBrajanandapur Upper Primary School
237 MallikadeipurMallikadeipur Upper Primary School
238 GopalpurGopalpur Upper Primary School
239 AndolaAndola UGME School
240 KualiKuali Primary School
241 KalidasapurKalidasapur Upper Primary School
242 KhantakhuadKhantakhuad Upper Primary School
243 KhantakhuadKhantakhuad Upper Primary School
244 RahimapurMahabir Girls High School
245 KaranjadiaGarudeswar Nodal Upper Primary School
246 KaranjaadiaGarudeswar Nodal Upper Primary School
247 KaranjadiaKaranjadia High School
248 NaikanidihiNaikanidihi PP School
249 BalaramapurBalarampur Upper Primary School
250 BalaramapurBalarampur Upper Primary School
251 BadahabelisahiBadahabieisahi Upper Primary School
252 DhipioraDhipiora Pro. Primary School
253 Balimunda-1K.S.High School, (S) Balimunda
254 Balimunda-2K.S.High School, (S) Balimunda
255 Balimunda-3K.S.High School, (S) Balimunda

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