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Polling Booth in Barchana Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Barchana

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barchana Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Barchana Assembly Constituency falls under the Barchana Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 ChampapurChampapur U Girls Upper Primary School, Champapur
2 Samia-1Someswar Nodal School, Samia
3 Samia-2Dehurigada Primary School, Samia
4 Samia-3Purna Chandra Primary School. Schol, Samia
5 EndarapadaEndarapada Primary School, Endarapada
6 TilapadaTilapada Primary School, Tilapada
7 BaunshamuliBaunsamuli Primary School, Baunsamuli
8 BandhapaliBandhapali Primary School, Bandhapali
9 RaijharRaijhar Primary School, Raijhar
10 BaruniaHarisankar Nodal School, Barunia
11 BaruniaHarisankar Nodal School, Barunia
12 NalidaNalida Primary School, Nalida
13 SalapadaSalapada Primary School, Salapada
14 SalapadaSalapada Primary School, Salapada
15 GodimaguraGodimagura Primary School, Godimagura
16 SihaSiha Nodal School, Siha
17 KaimatiaSwapneswar Nodal School, Kaimatia
18 BirijangaBirijanga Primary School
19 BarangaBaranga Primary School, Baranga
20 AmiyajhariAmiyajhari Primary School, Amiyajhari
21 AmiyajhariAmiyajhari Primary School, Amiyajhari
22 Byree-1Byree Nodal School, Bayree
23 Byree-1Byree Nodal School, Bayree
24 Byree-2Byree Nodal School, Bayree
25 KapasitikiriKapasatikiri Primary School, Kaspastikiri
26 KolhasahiKolhasahi Primary School, Kolhasahi
27 Gulajaranagar PatanaAnadi Primary School, Guljarinagar Patna
28 KharamangiSanskrit School Arabinda Nodal School, Kharamangi
29 KharamangiSanskrit School Arabinda Nodal School, Kharamangi
30 MangarajpurMangarajpur UGME School, Mangarajpur
31 KampiraKampira Primary School, Kampira
32 KhatuapadaKhatuapada Primary School, Khatuapada
33 MahakalaMahakala Primary School, Mahakala
34 Darpangarh-1Mahabinayak Nodal School, Darpangarh
35 Darpangarh-1Mahabinayak Nodal School, Darpangarh
36 Darpangarh-2Lalbahadur High School, Darpangarh
37 Darpangarh-3Lalbahadur High School, Darpangarh
38 BhusandapurBhusandapur Primary School, Bhusandapur
39 NakhapasiGovt. High School, Chandikhole Nakhapasi
40 AkbarabadAkbarabad Primary School, Akbarabad
41 ChaulathaliAnantagopal UGME School, Chaulathali (Sanskrit School)
42 BaghuaBaghua Primary School, Baghua
43 BattoBatto UGME School, Batto
44 ThengadaThengda Primary School, Thenada
45 ThengadaThengda Primary School, Thenada
46 UpulaDayasuni Upper Primary School, Upula
47 Solar-1Solar U Girls Upper Primary School ,Solar
48 Solar-2Solar U Girls Upper Primary School ,Solar
49 Bidyadhara PurBidyadhara Pur Primary School Bidyadhara pur
50 NeliaNelia UGME School , Nelia
51 IchhanagarapatanaIchhanagarapatana Primary School
52 IchhanagarapatanaIchhanagarapatana Primary School
53 OlaraOlara Primary School, Olara
54 BantalaJanatabidyapitha, Bantala
55 Chandital-1Biseswara Nodal School Chandital
56 Chandital-2Biseswara Nodal School Chandital
57 Chandital-3Chandital Primary School
58 SasanapurusottamapurKonark Jhotakal Colony Primary School
59 SasanapurusottamapurSasanapurusottamapur Primary School
60 Sasanasima-1Dhanamandal Nodal School, Sasanasima
61 Dhanamandal -2Dhanamandal High School
62 Sasanasima-2Dhanamandal Nodal School, Sasanasima
63 Sasanasima-3Dhanamandal Nodal School, Sasanasima
64 KhosalipurKhosalipur Primary School, Khosalipur
65 Sunguda-1Sunguda Upper Primary School
66 Sunguda-2Sunguda Upper Primary School
67 Sunguda-2Sunguda Upper Primary School
68 DhanamandalSri Jagannath Primary School, Dhanamandal
69 Nuasunguda-1Janakalyana High School,Nuasunguda
70 Nuasunguda-2Janakalyana High School,Nuasunguda
71 NishimalaNishimala Primary School, Nishimala
72 BadachanaBadachanaSasan PurusottamPur U Girls Upper Primary School
73 Badachana-2Mahabinayak Vidyana (Sanskrit School)
74 DeulakurDeulakur Primary School, Deluapur
75 DeulakurDeulakur Primary School, Deluapur
76 KhairaEzerton Primary School
77 BaunshaputBaunshaput Primary School
78 NuasasanNuasasan Primary School, Nuasasan
79 KadeiJagulai Nodal School, Kadei
80 Bandala-1Kalinga Nodal School Bandala(ES)
81 Bandala-2Kalinga Nodal School Bandala(ES)
82 DihakarandaDihakaranda Primary School Dihakaranda
83 SanabandalSanabnandala Primary School, Sanabandala
84 HatakarandaHatakaranda UGME School, Hatakaranda
85 Champapur-1Hatachampapur Primary School Champapur
86 Champapur-2Hatachampapur Primary School Champapur
87 Chhatia-1Chhatia Nodal Upper Primary School Chhatia(ES)
88 Chhatia-3Chhatia Nodal Upper Primary School Chhatia(ES)
89 Chhatia-2Chhatia Nodal Upper Primary School Chhatia(ES)
90 Chhatia-4Chhatia Nodal Upper Primary School Chhatia(ES)
91 Padmanava purPadmanavapur UGME School Padmanavapur
92 SapanpurSapanpur Primary School, Sapanpur
93 JagannathpurJagannathpur Primary School, Jagannathpur
94 MangarajpurMangarajpur Primary School, Mangarajpur
95 SaboSabo Primary School
96 AhammadapurAhammadapur Primary School Ahammadapur
97 Rambhadei purJirapur Primary School ,Rambhadeipur
98 GopinathpurGopinathpur Primary School
99 NuaganNuagan High School Nuagan
100 Sakuntala purSakuntala pur Nodal School, Sakuntalapur
101 Badaghumuri-1Badaghumuri Primary School Badaghumuri(ES)
102 Badaghumuri-2Badaghumuri Primary School Badaghumuri(ES)
103 PurusottampurPurusuttam pur Primary School Purusuttom pur
104 JagannathpurJagannathpur Nodal School (ES)
105 Bidyadhara PurBidyadhara Pur UGME School Bidyadhara pur
106 BangaragunthaBangaraguntha Upper Primary School Bangaraguntha
107 Radhadei purRadhadeipur Primary School, Radhadeipur
108 SantipurShantipur Nodal School. Santipur
109 BenapurBenapur Primary School, Benapur
110 Haripur-1Kula Haripur Primary School, Haripur
111 Haripur-2Kula Haripur Primary School, Haripur
112 SaikaSaika Primary School, Saika
113 PadmanavpurPadmanavpur Upper Primary School, Padmanavpur
114 SurkhadeipurSurkhadeipur Primary School, Sukhdeipur
115 Arakhpur-1Bayalismouja High School, Arakhapur
116 Arakhpur-2Bayalismouja High School, Arakhapur
117 NilamberpurNilamberpur UGME School, Nilamberpur
118 Arakhpur-3Arakhpur Bazar Primary School,Arakhpur
119 KundalKundal Primary School
120 KundalaKundala Pri school,Kundala
121 GargaliGargali Nodal school, Gargali
122 RahalRahal Pri school, Rahal
123 MahipurMahipur Pri school, Mahipur
124 BhakudBhakud Nodal school, Bhakud
125 Bhakud PartBhakud Nodal school, Bhakud
126 AnakaAnaka UGME School, Anaka
127 Anaka PartAnaka UGME School, Anaka
128 VulukaS.N.Nodal school, Vuluka
129 KrushnapursasanKrushnapursasan Primary School, Krushnapur
130 KhadiangKhadiang Nodal School, Khadiang
131 DakhinakulDakhinakul Primary School, Dakhinakul
132 MahadeipurMahadeipur Primary School, Mahadeipur
133 AsiaGadabandhadiha Primary School. , Asia
134 AchyutabasantAchyutabasant UGME School (ES)
135 Majhipada-IBanamalipur UGME,Majhipada
136 Majhipada-2Banamalipur UGME,Majhipada
137 Majhipada-3Banamalipur UGME,Majhipada
138 BadabalikudaBadabalikuda Nodal School, Badabalikuda
139 Badabalikuda-2Badabalikuda Nodal School, Badabalikuda
140 JanakJanak Nodal School, Janak
141 Janak-2Janak Nodal School, Janak
142 NilaliNiali Nodal School, Niali
143 BarapadaBarapada Nodal School, Barapada
144 Barapada-1Barapada Nodal School, Barapada
145 Saudia-1Talua Balikuda UGME School, Saudia
146 Saudia-1Talua Balikuda UGME School, Saudia
147 Saudia-2Saudia Nodal School, Saudia
148 ChandidaChandia Nodal School, Chandia
149 Charinangal-1Dhaudiapada Primary School, Charinangal
150 Charinangal-2Jharakula Urdhu Primary School, Charinangal
151 Charinangal-3Charinangal Nodal School, Charinangal
152 Charinangal-4Charinangal Nodal School, Charinangal
153 Charinangal-5Bahadur Nagar Primary School. Scholl, Charinangal
154 Charinangal-6Bahadur Nagar Primary School. Scholl, Charinangal
155 MandukaManduka UGME School, Manduka
156 MandukaManduka UGME School, Manduka
157 Nanpur-1Nanpur Primary School, Nanpur
158 Nanpur-2Nanpur Primary School, Nanpur
159 Nanpur -2Nanpur Ghatia Sahi Primary School
160 AsilapadmanavpurAsila Padmanavpur Primary School
161 KrushnadaspurKrushnadaspur Primary School, Krushnadaspur
162 BalichandrapurBalichandrapur Nodal School (NS)
163 BalichandrapurBalichandrapur Nodal School (NS)
164 RukutipatRukutipat Primary School, Rukutipat
165 AmbasauriAmbasauri Primary School, Ambasauri
166 Patrajpur-1Patrajpur Nodal School, Patrajpur
167 Patrajpur-2Patrajpur Nodal School, Patrajpur
168 Charinangal-6Charinangal Nodal School, Charinangal
169 NalipurCharinangal High School
170 BaujangaBaujanga Primary School, Baujanga
171 Baujanga-1Baujanga Primary School, Baujanga
172 GaharnagarGaharnzgar Primary School, Gaharnagar
173 Charinangal-7Charinangal High School, Charinangal
174 NalipurNalipur Primary School, Nalipur
175 KalashriKalashri UGME School, Kalashri
176 Kalashri-1Kalashri UGME School, Kalashri
177 Gopalpur-1Gopalpur Nodal School, Gopalpur
178 Gopalpur-2South Gopal pur Primary School, Gopalpur
179 Gopalpur-3Gajendrapur High School, Gopalpur(ES)
180 Gopalpur-4Gajendrapur High School, Gopalpur(ES)
181 Gopalpur-5Gajendrapur High School, Gopalpur(ES)
182 RaipurRaipur High School, Raipur
183 Raipur-1Raipur High School, Raipur
184 Baniari_1Baniari Primary School, Baniari
185 Baniari-2Talua Upper Primary School, Baniari
186 MusatikiriMusatikiri High School, Musatikiri
187 Kolangiri-1Budhabihar High School, Kolangiri
188 Kolangiri-2Kolangiri Primary School, Kolangiri
189 PanasuapalPanasuapal UGME School, Panasuapal
190 SanabalikudaHaladharpur UGME School, Sanabalikuda
191 Ramdaspur-1Pathapur Primary School, Ramdaspur
192 Ramdaspur-2Pathapur Primary School, Ramdaspur
193 Ramdaspur-3Ramdaspur Primary School, Ramdaspur l (West)
194 DekuriDekuri Primary School, Dekuri
195 Dekuri-1Dekuri Primary School, Dekuri
196 GobandiaGobandia Primary School, Gobandia
197 BikramtiranBikramtiran Primary School, Bikramtiran
198 MatkatpurMatkatpur Primary School, Matkatpur
199 BandareswarBandareswar Primary School. Schol, Bandareswar
200 Bandareswar-1Bandareswar Primary School. Schol, Bandareswar
201 KesharaipurKesharaipur Primary School. Schol
202 Palei-1Pattnaik Nodal School, Palei
203 Palei-2Pattnaik Nodal School, Palei
204 Barada-1Nigamananda Bidyapitha, Barada
205 Barada-2Nigamananda Bidyapitha, Barada
206 Balipadia-1Balipadia Primary School, Balipadia
207 Balipadia-2Balipadia Primary School, Balipadia
208 Bharatpur-1Sidhamahapurus High School, Bharatpur
209 Bharatpur-2Sidhamahapurus High School, Bharatpur
210 ParipaleiParipalei UGME School, Paripalei
211 Panasudha-1Panasudha Upper Primary School, Panasudha
212 Panasudha-2Panasudha Upper Primary School, Panasudha

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