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Polling Booth in Baramba Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Baramba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baramba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Baramba Assembly Constituency falls under the Baramba Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 SatyajaipurSatyajaypur Primary School, Satyajaypur
2 PaikaregedaPaikaregeda Primary School, Paikaregeda
3 NuagaonNuagaon Primary School
4 KaintaraKaintara Primary School
5 PanchamaPanchama Primary School Panchama
6 KamaladihaDamodar Nodal Upper Primary School, Kamaladiha
7 KamaladihaDamodar Nodal Upper Primary School, Kamaladiha
8 RanibhuinRanibhuin Primary School, Ranibhuin
9 TalasahiTalasahi Primary School, Talasahi
10 RegedaRegeda Primary School
11 MahigarhMahigarh Primary School. Schoo. Manigarh
12 KunjabanapuKunjabanapur Primary School
13 DhanurjayapurDhanurjayapur Primary School,Dhanurjayapur
14 JanisahiJanisahi Primary School, Janisahi
15 Jilinda-1Zillinda Govt. M.E. School,Basantapur
16 BasantapurZillinda Govt. M.E. School,Basantapur
17 SanagaonSanagaon Nodal Upper Primary School
18 MandaniaMandania Primary School
19 OdasingaOdasinga U.G.M.E. School
20 JodumJodumu Nodal Upper Primary School (E)
21 JodumJodumu Nodal Upper Primary School (E)
22 ChakamundaChakamunda Primary School, Chakamunda
23 SishupatanaSishupatana Primary School.Sishupatna
24 BalikiariBalikiari Primary School, Balikiari
25 MardamekhaMardmekha Primary School (w),Mardamekha
26 JaganathprasadSaradhpur Nodal Upper Primary School, Saradhapur
27 JaganathprasadSaradhpur Nodal Upper Primary School, Saradhapur
28 JayamangalpurZillinda Govt. M.E. School,Basantapur
29 SaradhapurSaradhpur Nodal Upper Primary School, Saradhapur
30 SukataSaradhpur Nodal Upper Primary School, Saradhapur
31 NuagaonBalisahi Govt. Nodal Upper Primary School,Balisahi(W)
32 ChakraprasaChakragarh Primary School, Chakragarj
33 BaradihaBaradiha Primary School
34 SubalayaSubalaya Primary School, Subalaya
35 KathakhuntaKathakhunta Primary School, Kathakhunta
36 BalidihaSubalaya Primary School, Subalaya
37 BalisahiBalisahi Govt. Nodal Upper Primary School,Balisahi(W)
38 NuagaonBalisahi Govt. Nodal Upper Primary School,Balisahi(W)
39 NakhapadaNakhapada Primary School,Nakhadapada
40 NuabalijhariNuabalijhari Primary School
41 GhantapadaGhantapada Primary School. Schoo, Ghantapada
42 UllasakotUllasakot Primary School. Schoo
43 MitikapurMitikapur Primary School. Schoo
44 KokalabaKokalaba G.P. Nodal Upper Primary School
45 KokalabaLingaraj High School, Kokalaba
46 NimasahiNimasahi U.G.M.E. School, Nimasahi
47 AinsaiaAinsai Project Upper Primary School, Ainsia
48 PurusottampurPurusottampur Project Primary School, Purusottampu
49 DimiriaDimiria U.G.M.E. Schoo, Dimiria
50 PathansahiUrdu Primary School, Schoo. Pathansahi
51 DamakataNimasahi U.G.M.E. School, Nimasahi
52 GurujangaGurujan Girls Upper Primary School
53 JemadeipurJemadeipur Upper Primary School,Jemadeipur
54 BhejiapadaBhejiapada Primary School
55 BadabhuinBadabhuin Nodal Upper Primary School
56 JaypurJayapur Shebashram Primary School Schoo, Jaypur
57 BhuskaBhuska Primary School Schoo, Bhuska
58 KandhalKandhal Primary School
59 DebabhuinDebabhuin U.G.M.E. School, Debabhuin
60 NuaganNuagan Primary School
61 RanasingpurRanasingpur U.G.M.E. School
62 ChatarapadaChatarapada Primary School
63 MalisahiMalisahi Primary School,Malisahi
64 BadhiaBadhiai Primary School
65 HarichandanpurHarichandanpur Nodal Upper Primary School
66 ParbatipurParbatipur Primary School
67 OstannarayanpurOstanarayan Project Upper Primary School
68 NizigarhNizigarh Girls. Primary School (w)
69 NizigarhNizigarh Girls. Primary School (w)
70 PaikapadapatanaNizigarh Girls. Primary School (w)
71 NuapatanaNuapatana U.G.M.E. School
72 KakudiaBaidhara Nodal Upper Primary School,Kakudia(s)
73 KakudiaBaidhara Nodal Upper Primary School,Kakudia(s)
74 ThengapalliThengapalli Primary School
75 PaikapadapatnaNizigarh Girls. Primary School,N.Spur(s)
76 GuhalsahiGuhalsahi Primary School,( Guhalsahi)
77 KathaukhojaKathaukhoja Primary School
78 AlaraAlara U.G.M.E. School , Alara
79 LemboLembo Primary School, Lembo
80 PanchagochhiaPanchagochhia Primary School
81 KhajuriaKhajuria Primary School,Khajuria(N)
82 RangadabaRangadaba Project Upper Primary School,
83 SagarNuasagar Project U.P, School
84 SagarNuasagar Project U.P, School
85 SagarA.T.Nodal Upper Primary School, Sagar
86 BandhahudaBandhahuda Primary School, Bandhahuda(W)
87 BandhahudaBandhahuda Primary School, Bandhahuda(W)
88 BandhahudaBandhahuda Primary School, Bandhahuda(W)
89 BarakoliBarakoli Primary School
90 KendupalliKendupali Routbhuin Primary School Schoo, Kendupali
91 NukhapadaNukhapada Project Upper Primary School
92 RouthuinK.Routbhuin Primary School, Routbuin
93 FulapadaPhulapada Primary School,Phulapada
94 JayamangalJayamangalpur Primary School, Jayamangalpur
95 NuapalliNuapalli Primary School
96 MandatothaGhoradia U.G.M.E. School,(S)
97 GhoradiaGhoradia U.G.M.E. School,(S)
98 BarhampurBerhampura Sevashram, Berhampura
99 NilakanthapurSankarsham Nodal U.P.
100 PatandaSankarsham Nodal U.P.
101 LehangaLehenga Primary School
102 KamaladeipurKamaladeipur Primary School
103 BagadhariaBagadharia Primary School, Bagadharia
104 RanganipatanaAdheigundi Nodal Upper Primary School,Adheigundi(S)
105 AdheigundiAdheigundi Nodal Upper Primary School,Adheigundi(S)
106 AdheigundiAdheigundi Nodal Upper Primary School,Adheigundi(S)
107 BahaliBahali U.G.M.E. School, Bahali
108 PurukutiaPurukhutia U.G.M.E. School, Purukhutia
109 GamiloWCS Gamilo
110 BokadaBokada Primary School,Bokada
111 RagadisahiRagadisahi Primary School, Ragadisahi
112 ChampeswarChampeswar Primary School, Champeswar(w)
113 ChampeswarChampeswar Primary School, Champeswar(w)
114 KariloKarilo Primary School, Karilo
115 JalakeliJalakeli Primary School, Jalakeli
116 DurgaprasadDurgaprasad Primary School, Durgaprasad
117 PaikabarabatiPaikabarabati U.G.M.E. School
118 Paikabarabati PartPaikabarabati U.G.M.E. School
119 GanganaGanagan Primary School, Gangana
120 MuraripurWest Ekadal Primary School,Ekdal(w)
121 EkdalEkdal Nodal Upper Primary School, Ekadal
122 EkadalEkdal Upper Primary School, Ekadal
123 EkdalWest Ekadal Primary School,Ekdal(w)
124 PadamalProject High School, Padamal(S)
125 Padamal PatnaProject High School, Padamal(S)
126 KanjipadaKanjipada Primary School, Kanjipada(S)
127 KanjipadaKanjipada Primary School, Kanjipada(S)
128 ChasabarbatiChasabarbati U.G,M.E. School
129 Chasabarbati PartChasabarbati U.G,M.E. School
130 SolabandhaSolabandha Primary School, Solabandha
131 GopalpurChampeswar Primary School,Champeswar(N)
132 GodibandhaGodibandha Primary School, Godibandha
133 BinchanabatiBinchanabati Primary School, Godibandha
134 OlabaOlaba Project Upper Primary School.Olab
135 KanseiloKanseilo .Primary School
136 GuptamanikGuptamanik Primary School, Guptamanik
137 KalamatiaKalamatia Primary School, Kalamatia
138 SiariaSiaria Primary School, Siaria
139 Siaria TailaJharagadia Primary School, Siaria Taila
140 TamaraGovt. Nodal Upper Primary School, Kanpur(W)
141 ManpurManpur Primary School, Manpur
142 ChampatothaChampatotha Primary School,Champatotha
143 KanpurGovt. Nodal Upper Primary School, Kanpur(W)
144 KanpurGovt. Nodal Upper Primary School, Kanpur(W)
145 KanakpurKanakpur Primary School,Kanakpur
146 RushipadaPragala Nodal U P School ,Rusipada
147 RusipadaRusipada P School
148 HaripurN.B.Nodal Upper Primary School,Haripur
149 AtandaAtanda Primary School, Atanda
150 TagiloTagilo U.G.M.E.School.Tagilo
151 KuranjaKuranja Primary School, Kurunja
152 BalijhariBalijhari Nodal Upper Primary School,(W)
153 BalijhariBalijhari Nodal Upper Primary School,(W)
154 Balijhari PartBalijhari Nodal Upper Primary School,(W)
155 KaanarpurKaanarpur Primary School, School
156 BaselihataBhimsen Nodal Upper Primary School, Baselihota
157 BaselihataBhimsen Nodal Upper Primary School, Baselihota
158 Shyamsundarpur Shyamsundarpur Project Upper Primary School
159 RatapataRatapata U.G.M.E.School, Ratapat
160 RatapataRatapata U.G.M.E.School, Ratapat
161 RatapataRatapata U.G.M.E.School, Ratapat
162 Ratapata PartRatapata U.G.M.E.School, Ratapat
163 RatapataRatapata G.P. Office
164 Ratapata (Part)Patna Sahi Primary School, Ratapat
165 DudhiabareniDudhiabareni Primary School, Dudhiabareni
166 MalatiaMalati Primary SchoolSchool, Malati
167 JanipadaraB.B. Project High School, Janiapadara
168 DasarathipurRaghunath Nodal Upper Primary School Dasarathipur
169 MahatabandhaMahatabandha Primary School
170 KharodKharod Primary School, Kharod
171 Kharod PartKharod Primary School, Kharod
172 ChhanchuniaChhanchunia Primary School, Chhanchunaia
173 GopalpurGopalpur Project High School, Gopalpur
174 BiswanathpurBiswanathpur Primary School. Biswanathpur
175 GobardhanpurGobardhanpur Primary School, Gobardhanpur
176 KandhaKandha New Primary School, Kandha
177 BeliapalBeliapala Primary School., Beliapal
178 Beliapal PartBeliapala Primary School., Beliapal
179 DamanagadiaRaj Padmanav Primary School.,Damangadia
180 AmantiaAmantia Primary School
181 KhairapangaKhairpanga Primary School. Khairpanga
182 ArandaAranda Primary School, Aranda
183 Teli KambiloTeli Kambilo Primary School. Teli Kambilo
184 BadakambiloBadakambilo Project HigHigh Schoolool, Badakambilo
185 GopapurGopapur Primary School. Gopapur
186 GopapurGopapur Primary School. Gopapur
187 KrushnachandrapurMotidevi Project High School,Krushnachandrapur
188 JanisahiJanisahi Primary School, Janisahi
189 KhalidhipKhalidhip Project High School, Khalidhip
190 GameiGamei Nodal Upper Primary School, Gamei
191 GameiShelter House , Gamei
192 SasangaYubaraj Krushnachandra Primary School, Sasanga
193 SasangaYubaraj Krushnachandra Primary School, Sasanga
194 OgalapurYubaraj Krushnachandra Primary School, Sasanga
195 KanjiapalaKanjiapala Primary School
196 KaradibandhaKaradibandha Nodal U.P., School
197 KaradibandhaKaradibandha Nodal U.P., School
198 JhajiaJhajia U.G.M.E. School. Jhajia(W)
199 JhajiaJhajia U.G.M.E. School. Jhajia(W)
200 JhajiaJhajia U.G.M.E. School. Jhajia(W)
201 KeshabareniGagana Keshabereni Primary School,Keshabereni
202 BadabhuinBadabhuin Primary School, Badabhuin
203 BanamalipurBanamalipur U.G.M.E. School,
204 BanamalipurBanamalipur U.G.M.E. School,
205 PadmanavpurPankala Primary School (W)
206 PadmanavpurPankala Primary School (W)
207 AselipurAselipur Primary School, Aselipur
208 BadabarenaBadabarena Primary School. Badabarena
209 GurudipaGurudipal Primary School
210 SunapalaSunapala Project High School, Sunapal
211 DeuliDeuli Primary School, Deuli
212 IchhapurIchhapur Primary School.. School, Ichhapur
213 IchhapurIchhapur M.E. School, Ichhapur
214 ParajapadaParajapada Primary School, Parajapada
215 MangarajpurMangarajpur Project High School,Magarajpur
216 MangarajpurMangarajpur Project High School
217 SankhamariSankhamari Primary School,Sankhamari.(W)
218 Sankhamari PartSankhamari Primary School,Sankhamari.(W)
219 SankhamariSankhamari Primary School,Sankhamari.(W)
220 KantapadaKantapada Primary School, Kantapada
221 KantapadaKantapada Primary School, Kantapada
222 GopamathuraGopamathura Project High School
223 GopamathuraGopamathura Project High School
224 BiswambharpurBiswambharpur Primary School. Biswambharpur
225 BrundabanpurBrundabanpur Primary School . Brundabanpur
226 BarambagarhR.S.K.D. Girls Primary School, Baramba
227 BarambagarhM.S.High School, Baramab
228 BarambagarhM.S.High School, Baramab
229 BarambagarhM.S.High School, Baramab
230 BarambagarhM.S.High School, Baramab
231 Barambagarh PartM.S.High School, Baramab
232 MulaibankaMuliabanka Resdential Sevashram School, Muliabanka
233 GadapokhariChampeidwar Gadapokhari U.G.M.E. School, Gadapokhari(E)
234 TulasipurTulasipur Primary School, Tulasipur
235 GopinathpurLaxmi Primary School, Gopinathpur
236 GopinathpurKrupasindh High school. Gopinathpur
237 GopinathpurKrupasindhu High school. Gopinathpur
238 GopinathpurKrupasindh High school. Gopinathpur
239 GopinathpurKrupasindhu High school. Gopinathpur
240 TunapurTunapur Primary School.
241 Tunapur PartTunapur Primary School.
242 MugagahiraMugagahira U.G.M.E. School., Mugagahira
243 Mugagahira PartMugagahira U.G.M.E. School., Mugagahira
244 ChandimangalChandimangal Primary School.
245 SatakudiaSatakudia Primary School
246 RagadipadaRagadipada N.Upper Primary School
247 Ragadipada PartRagadipada N.Upper Primary School
248 RagadipadaRagadipada N.Upper Primary School
249 Ragadipada PartRagadipada N.Upper Primary School
250 ChampeidwaraChampeidwara Gadapokhari U.G.ME. School (E)
251 KotapallaKotapalla Primary School, Kotapalla
252 KhalimatiKhalimati Project High School. Khalimati
253 HaripurHaripur Primary School,Haripur
254 KaduapadaKaduapada Primary School
255 JemadeipurJemadeipur Primary School, Jemadeipur
256 SanbarsinghSanabarsingh N.Upper Primary School, Sanabarsingh(N)
257 Sanbarsingh PartSanabarsingh N.Upper Primary School, Sanabarsingh(N)
258 BadabarsinghBadabarsingh Primary School.Badabarsingh
259 Badabarsingh PartBadabarsingh Primary School.Badabarsingh
260 BelapadaNuapada Project Upper Primary School. Nuapada
261 DiniaryDiniary Project High School.Diniary
262 TeleniaTelania Primary School, Telenia
263 NaranpurNaranpur Primary School.Naranpur
264 BangearsinghaBangearsingha Primary School .
265 BangearsinghaBangearsingha Primary School .
266 JodumD.R. Nodal Upper Primary School. Jodum
267 Jodum PartD.R. Nodal Upper Primary School. Jodum
268 IndrangaIndranga Primary School. Indranga
269 MahuliaMahulia U.G.ME. School, Mahulia(W)
270 Mahulia PartMahulia U.G.ME. School, Mahulia(W)
271 MahuliaMahulia U.G.ME. School, Mahulia(W)
272 MahuliaMahulia U.G.ME. School, Mahulia(W)
273 KhuntakataRajgopinath Primary School, Khuntukata(W)
274 KhuntakataRajgopinath Primary School, Khuntukata(W)
275 MajhiapadaMajhipada N.Upper Primary School, Majhipada
276 KhandualiKhanduali Nuagaon Primary School,Khanduali
277 KaradaKarada Primary School
278 BarimulaBarimula Primary School. Barimula
279 KasikiariKasikiari Primary School, Kasikiari
280 KasikiariKasikiari Primary School, Kasikiari
281 GodipatanaGodipatana Primary School Godipatana
282 ManiabandhaManiabandha High School. Maniabandha(W)
283 Maniabandh (Part)Maniabandha High School. Maniabandha(W)
284 ManiabandhaManiabandha Primary School. Maniabandha
285 MatiapadaManiabandha High School. Maniabandha(W)
286 TalamundaliG.D. Nodal Upper Primary School, Talamundali
287 TalamundaliG.D. Nodal Upper Primary School, Talamundali
288 BirabarpurBirabarpur Primary School. Schoo, Birabarpur
289 SantarabaliSantarabali Nodal Upper Primary School, Santarabali
290 SantarabaliSantarabali Nodal Upper Primary School, Santarabali
291 KuanrapalKuanrapal Project High School, Kuanrapal
292 BudhapankaBudhapanka Primary School. Schoo, Budhapanka
293 AbhimanpurRaj Nabin Chandra Primary School, Abhimanpur
294 MuktanagarMuktanagar Girls High School
295 BidharpurBidharpur Primary School, Bidharpur
296 KankadajodiKankadajodi Primary School, Kankadajodi
297 KankadajodiKankadajodi Primary School, Kankadajodi
298 Kankadajodi PartKankadajodi Primary School, Kankadajodi
299 ManpurManpur Primary School. Manpur
300 KadanaKadana Haritha Primary School
301 HarithaHaritha Primary School. Haritha

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