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Polling Booth in Banki Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Banki

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Banki Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Banki Assembly Constituency falls under the Banki Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 BaideswarBaideswar Patana Primary School
2 MalisahiBaideswar Primary School
3 Malisahi-1Malisahi Primary School
4 AlasuaAlsua Primary School
5 KendupalliKendupalli Primary School
6 Kendupalli-1Kendupalli Primary School (West)
7 Kendupalli-2Kendupalli Upper Primary School
8 Kendupalli-3Kendupalli Upper Primary School (West)
9 PasurampurParsurampur U.G.M.E. School
10 KrushnapalliKrushnapalli Primary School,
11 LemberiLemberi Project U.P..School
12 MadhuapalliMadhuapalli Project Upper Primary School
13 BhageiNilakantha Primary School,Baghei
14 NateriNateri Project Upper Primary School
15 GopinathpurGopinathpur Project Primary School
16 KurumpadaKurumpada U.G.M.E. School
17 MalabiharpurMalabiharpur Project Primary School
18 RajibBhagabati Nodal Upper Primary School,Rajib
19 Rajib-1Bhagabati Nodal Upper Primary School,Rajib
20 GaudachelliGaudachelli Project Upper Primary School
21 ManapurManapur Project Primary School
22 BalabhadrapurBalabhadrapur Primary School
23 KhairapangaKhairapanga Primary School Scholl
24 JaganathpurJaganathpur Upper Primary School
25 Jaganathpur-1Jaganathpur Upper Primary School
26 NandahatapalliNandahatapalli Primary School
27 PurunapaniPurunapani Seva Shram
28 Kalapathar-1Kalapathar Primary School (East)
29 Kalapathar-2Kalapathar Primary School (East)
30 KhajuripadaKhajuripada U.G.M.E. School
31 Khajuripada-1Kalapathara Dhalapthara Mahabidyalaya
32 Khajuripada-2Khajuripada U.G.M.E. School
33 PurbagadiaPurbagadia Primary School, Purbag -adia
34 KadhamalaKadhamala U.G.M.E. School
35 PunichaPunicha Project Upper Primary School
36 Karadapalli-1Karadapalli Nodal Upper Primary School
37 Karadapalli-2Karadapalli Nodal Upper Primary School
38 BaniaBania Project Primary School, Bania
39 KalipoiKalipoi Primary School
40 ChadeibandhaChadebandha Project Upper Primary School
41 KantakaiKantakai U.G.M.E.School
42 Kantakai-1Kantakai Upper Primary School (West)
43 GolagandaGolagand Project Upper Primary School
44 AndharuaAndharua Primary School.
45 PasaniaPasania Seva Shram
46 Pasania-1Pasania Seva Shram
47 BaraputBaraput Primary School
48 GahirgadiaGahirgadia Project Upper Primary School
49 PandalamPandalam Nodal Upper Primary School
50 Pandalam-1Pandalam Nodal Upper Primary School
51 PanikoradaPanikorad Project Upper Primary School
52 NuaganNuagan Primary School
53 DengambaDengamba Primary School, Denga -mba
54 NaranpurNaranpur Primary School
55 PathapurPathapur Primary School
56 PathuripadaMahaberana Bidya Prith, Pathuri -pada
57 Pathuripada-1Pathuripada Upper Primary School
58 AnuaryAnuary U.G.M.E. School
59 GopaGopa Primary School,Gopa
60 Bili TentuliaBili Tentulia Primary School
61 BotalamaBotalama Project Primary School
62 KurumchainiKurumchaini Primary School
63 MaijoriMaijori U.G.M.E.School
64 HaliasahiHaliasahi Primary School
65 RajuasahiRajua Sahi Primary School,Rajua Sahi
66 Brahmapura-1Brahmapur Upper Primary School
67 Brahmapura-2Raghunath Debata High School
68 Brahmapura-3Raghunath Debata High School
69 TiarasahiTiarasahi Project Primary School.Tiara-sahi
70 KiapallaKiapalla Project Upper Primary School , Kiapalla
71 KumusaraKumusara Project Upper Primary School
72 NaragangaNaraganga U.G.M.E.School
73 Naragang-1Naraganga U.G.M.E.School (South)
74 PalasuniPalasuni Project Upper Primary School,Palasuni
75 TarapurDhansar U.G.M.E.School (West)
76 DurgapurDurgapur Project Upper Primary School
77 KotadwarKotadwar Primary School
78 Veda RamachandrapurVeda Ramachandrapur Nodal Upper Primary School (E)
79 Veda Ramachandrapur-1Veda Ramachandrapur Nodal Upper Primary School (E)
80 BaunsaputBaunsaput Project Upper Primary School
81 Baunsaput-1Baunsaput Project UGME School (South)
82 Baunsaput-2Palaput U.G.M.E.School
83 PalaputPalaput Upper Primary School (West)
84 CharimadhiaCharimadhia Primary School., Charima- dhia
85 BandaloPanasapatana Primary School (East)
86 Bandalo-1Panasapatana Primary School (East)
87 TentuliaR.N.Nodal Upper Primary School Tentulia
88 Tentulia-1R.N.Nodal Upper Primary School Tentulia
89 CharchikaCharchika Nodal Upper Primary School (South)
90 Charchika-1Charchika Nodal Upper Primary School (South)
91 Charchika-2Govt. Girls High School,Banki
92 Charchika-3Govt. Girls High School,Banki
93 RanapurRanapur Project Upper Primary School
94 SrichandanpurSrichandanpur Primary School
95 RagadiB.S.M.E. Nodal Upper Primary School
96 Ragadi-1B.S.M.E. Nodal Upper Primary School
97 Ragadi-2B.S.M.E. Nodal Upper Primary School
98 GopalpurGopalpur Primary School
99 Gopalpur-1Pandit Govinda Rath U.P.( M.E.)School
100 JamudihiJamudihi Project Upper Primary School
101 TarapurDhansar U.G.M.E.School (West)
102 TulasipurTulasipur U.G.M.E.School
103 Tulasipur-1Tulasipur High School
104 Tulasipur-2Tulasipur High School
105 Tarapur-1Krushak High School,Dhansar
106 Tarapur-2Dhansar U.G.M.E.School (West)
107 PatapurSinghanath Dev Bidya Pitha
108 Patapur-1Gopalpur Girls Primary School
109 Patapur-2Gopalpur Girls Primary School (west)
110 SinghanathpurSinghanathpur U.G.M.E.School (West)
111 Singhanathpur-1Singhanathpur U.G.M.E.School (West)
112 SahadapadaSahadapada U.G.M.E.School
113 Sahadapada-1Sahadapada U.G.M.E.School
114 KhamarangaB.K.Bidya Pitha Banki,
115 SisuaSisua Project Upper Primary School.
116 Sisua-1Sisua Project Upper Primary School.
117 ChakapadaChakapada Primary School.
118 SahangagopalpurSahangagopalpur Project Upper Primary School
119 SahangagopalpurSahangagopalpur Project Upper Primary School (west)
120 GholapurGholapur Nodal Upper Primary School
121 Gholapur-1Gholapur Nodal Upper Primary School (South)
122 Gholapur-2Gholapur Nodal Upper Primary School
123 KrushnapurKrushnapur Primary School, Krushnpur
124 KantapanharaKantapanhara Project Upper Primary School
125 Kantapanhara-1Kantapanhara Nodal Upper Primary School
126 GhodabaraGhodabara Primary School
127 RatagarhDantakathia Primary School,Ratagarh
128 SantarapurSubarnapur Govt. Upper Primary School
129 Santarapur-1Subarnapur Govt. Upper Primary School
130 BishnupurBishnupur Nuaostia Primary School,Bishnupur
131 Bishnupu-1Bishnupur Nuaostia Primary School (south),Bishnupur
132 MalabiharpurMalabiharpur U.G.M.E.School,(East)
133 Malabiharpur-1Malabiharpur U.G.M.E.School,(East)
134 Malabiharpur-2Malabiharpur U.G.M.E.School,(East)
135 KadalibadiKadalibadi Seva Shram
136 OstiaOstia Primary School
137 FulabadiFulabadi U.G.M.E.School
138 MakundapurMakundapur Primary School
139 KarabaraKarabara Project Upper Primary School
140 SimilipurSimilipur U.G.M.E.School
141 Similipur-1Similipur U.G.M.E.School (South)
142 HarirajpurR.C.Panda M.E. School
143 Harirajpur-1Totabadi Primary School
144 Harirajpur-2Harirajpur Primary School
145 BaraganBaragan Project Upper Primary School, Baragan
146 BiliMantriSahiBili Mantri Sahi Primary School
147 Mantri SahiMantri Sahi Primary School
148 JorakulaJorakula Project Upper Primary School
149 BilipadaBilipada U.G.M.E.School
150 PakharakhaPakharakhal Primary School
151 PadanpurPadanpur Nodal Upper Primary School
152 RoutarapurRoutarapur Primary School
153 SamntarapurSamantrapur U.G.M.E.School
154 Samntarapur-1Talavegiput Sevashram
155 TalabastaTalabasta Boys Primary School
156 Talabasta-1Talabasta Boys Primary School
157 Talabasta-2Talabasta Girls Primary School
158 Talabasta-3Talabasta Girls Primary School (West)
159 Talabasta-4Talabasta High School
160 Talabasta-5Talabasta High School (west)
161 Banahara NandapurBanahara Nandapur Primary School
162 ArapurArapur Primary School
163 DulanapurDulanapur Primary School
164 Dulanapur-1Dulanapur Primary School
165 HamiraHamira Primary School,Dulanapur
166 KalaraantaKalaraanta Primary School
167 KusundaKusunda Nodal Upper Primary School
168 Kusunda-1 (Gobindpur)Kusunda Nodal Upper Primary School
169 Kusunda-2Kusunda high School
170 NistipurUnited Bidya Pitha,Gothapada
171 IndumatipatanaIndumatipatana Primary School
172 GhasiputGhasiput Primary School
173 KusupangiKusupangi Primary School
174 Kuspangi-1Kusupangi Primary School
175 Kuspangi-2Kusupangi Primary School
176 ChakuleswarChakuleswar Primary School
177 Upper PathapurUpper Pathapur Primary School
178 Amerendrapur (pathpur)Pathapur U.G.M.E.School
179 PathapurPathapur U.G.M.E.School (South)
180 DamapadaDamapada Boys Primary School
181 Damapada-1Damapada Boys Primary School
182 Damapada-2Amarendra U.P.(M.E.)School, Damapada
183 Damapada-3Amarendra U.P.(M.E.)School, Damapada
184 BramhaniaBramhania Primary School
185 Nua KuaNua Kua Primary School
186 KaimundiIndira Project Upper Primary School
187 GayalbankPurusottam Nodal Upper Primary School Gayalabank
188 Gayalabank-1Purusottam Nodal Upper Primary School Gayalabank (South)
189 Gayalbank Saara sahiGayalbank Seva Sharm
190 BhagipurBhagipur U.G.M.E.School
191 KuamadaKuamada Primary School
192 BanaraBanara U.G.M.E.School
193 RamachandiRamachandi Project Upper Primary School
194 SanamundaliSanamundali Primary School
195 TalagadaTalagada Primary School
196 BadamundaliMundali Nodal Upper Primary School
197 Badamundali-1Mundali Nodal Upper Primary School
198 NarajSidheswar Nodal Upper Primary School
199 Naraj-1Sidheswar Nodal Upper Primary School
200 GodisahiGodisahi High School
201 Godisahi-1Godisahi Nodal Upper Primary School
202 MarthapurMarthapur Primary School
203 AriloArilo Primary School
204 RatagarhRatagarh Primary School,Ratagarh
205 ChandiprasadChandiprasad Primary School
206 MadhubanMadhuban Primary School,Madhuba
207 PatapurPatapur Primary School, Patapur
208 BramhniganBramhanigan Primary School
209 Padmanav NagarBramhanigaon Primary School (West)
210 MundumuhanMundumuhan Seva Sharm
211 TrisuliaTrisulia Primary School,Trisulia
212 Krushan chandrapurKrushnachandrapur Primary School
213 MadhupurMadhupur Primary School,Madhupur
214 FulapokhariPhulapokhari Primary School
215 BachhipurBachhipur Primary School
216 Fulapokhari-1Phulapokhari Primary School
217 DadhapatanaDadhapatana Primary School
218 Dadhapatana-1Dadhapatana Primary School
219 Dadhapatana -2Dadhapatana Primary School
220 Dadhapatana-3Dadhapatana Primary School
221 PanchupalPanchupal Primary School.. School
222 SribantapurShribantapur Primary School
223 BelagachhiaBelagachhia Primary School,Naranpur
224 Belagachhia-1Belagachhia Primary School (North),Naranpur
225 JaypurJaypur- Gothapur Upper Primary School, jaypur
226 Jaypur- Gothapur-1Jaypur- Gothapur Upper Primary School (N), jaypur
227 NayapatnaNayapatna Primary School

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