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Polling Booth in Baliguda Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Baliguda

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baliguda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Baliguda Assembly Constituency falls under the Baliguda Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 AnagulAnagul U.Primary School,Anagul
2 KarnibedaKarnibeda U.Primary School,Karnibeda
3 LandagamLandagam U.Primary School,Landagam
4 LandagamLandagam U.Primary School,Landagam
5 KhamankholeKhamankhole U.Primary School,Khamankhole(S)
6 KhamankholeKhamankhole U.Primary School,Khamankhole(S)
7 DakaDaka Sanskrit School
8 GatangiGatangi Sanskrit School
9 MelsikiaMelsikia Sanskrit School
10 SudraSudra RS
11 JargiJargi Upper Primary School
12 TikarbajuTikarbaju Primary School
13 RebingiaRebingia Sanskrit School
14 Dulukia (Kutiguda)Dulukia Upper Primary School
15 Barakhama-1Barakhama U.Primary School (S),Barakhama
16 JunagaonJunagaon Upper Primary School
17 Barakhama-2Barakhama-Gadasahi U.Primary School,Barakhama-Gadasahi
18 Barakhama-3Barakhama U.Primary School (S),Barakhama
19 SalagudaSalaguda Sanskrit School
20 KutikiaKutikia U.Primary School,Kutrikia
21 SautikiaSautikia Sanskrit School
22 NilipadaNilipada U.Primary School,Nilipada
23 SindrigaonSindrigaon Ashram
24 ManikutiManikuti Primary School
25 BudrukiaBudukia Sanskrit School
26 Budrukia-1Budukia Sanskrit School
27 PadamapadarPadamapadar Primary School
28 BadagamBadagam Primary School
29 DumudisahiDumudisahiU.Primary School,Dumudisahi
30 Balliguda-1Balliguda-1-Govt. Upper Primary School
31 Balliguda-IIBalliguda-1-Govt. Project Upper Primary School (S)
32 Balliguda-2Patakhanda U.Primary School,(N)Patakhanda
33 DandapadarDandapadar Savashram
34 Balliguda-4Patakhanda U.Primary School,(N)Patakhanda
35 Balliguda-5Balliguda-1-Govt. Project Upper Primary School (S)
36 NuasahiNuasahi U.Primary School (S),Nuasahi
37 NuasahiNuasahi U.Primary School (S),Nuasahi
38 Nuasahi-IIUpper Primary School (S),Nuasahi
39 AntasahiSunapanga Urdu Primary School
40 Sunapanga-IIPrimary School, Antasahi(S)
41 Block ColonyBlock Colony P.U.Primary School,Block Colony
42 Block Colony-1Block Colony P.U.Primary School,Block Colony
43 MediakiaMediakia U.G.H.S
44 Mediakia-1Mediakia U.G.H.S
45 BarikiaBarikia Upper Primary School
46 ParampangaParampanga U.Primary School,Parampanga
47 TengeriTengeri Project Upper Primary School
48 BattagudaBattaguda AS
49 Battaguda-IIBattaguda Primary School
50 PusangiaPusangia U.Primary School,Pusangia
51 BadeketaBadeketa Upper Primary School
52 Mahasingi-I-Mahasingi-II-MES(S)
53 JargisugaJargisuga MES
54 Mahasingi-II-Mahasingi-II-MES(S)
55 GeguripadarGeguripadar Upper Primary School
56 GumapadarGumapadar MES
57 Kudutuli-I-Kudutuli-I-Upper Primary School (N)
58 DamerikiaDamerikia Seva shrama
59 Kudutuli-II-Kudutuli-I-Upper Primary School (N)
60 SikesaruSikesaru MES
61 SainpadaSainpada Sanskrit School
62 DaungiaDaungia Upper Primary School
63 TilakapangaTilakapanga Upper Primary School
64 JarangaJaranga Upper Primary School
65 NandamahaNandamaha Primary School,Nandamaha
66 DasigudaDasiguda Upper Primary School
67 BaneganBanegan MES
68 Sarangada-ISarangada- ME,Sarangada
69 Sarangada partSarangada- ME,Sarangada
70 Sarangada-IIISarangada Puruna Sahi-Upper Primary School,Sarangada Puruna Sahi
71 SalagudaSalaguda Upper Primary School
72 GatamahaGatamaha Sanskrit School
73 KanibidikaKanibidika Project Upper Primary School
74 BondagudaBondaguda Upper Primary School
75 MagadangiaMagadangia Sanskrit School,Magadangia
76 GindapangaGindapanga Upper Primary School
77 JiridikiaJiridikia Project Upper Primary School
78 DharampurDharampur Upper Primary School
79 PirigadPirigad Upper Primary School
80 GudrikiaGudrikia Upper Primary School,Gudrikia
81 KilakiaKilakia Seva shrama
82 ChanchediChanchedi Upper Primary School,Chanchedi
83 KritangiaKritangia Sanskrit School
84 SalangiaSalangia Upper Primary School
85 TutamahaTutamaha Upper Primary School
86 SiringiaSiringia Sevashram
87 GunjibadiGunjibadi Upper Primary School,Gunjibadi
88 SalapajodiSalapajodi Sevashram
89 BalligadaBalligada Sanskrit School
90 JidubadiJidubadi Sanskrit School
91 NuagaonNuagaon Upper Primary School, Nuagaon
92 JugapadarJugapadar Upper Primary School
93 NuagaonNuagaon Upper Primary School, Nuagaon
94 Kanjamendi -I-Kanjamendi -I- Upper Primary School
95 GahangiaGahangia M.E.School.
96 Kanjamendi-II-Kanjamendi -I- Upper Primary School
97 DemisingiaDemisingia Upper Primary School
98 kamangikamangi Upper Primary School
99 GasanajuGasanaju Upper Primary School
100 KatrikiaKatrikia Primary School
101 RutungiaRutungia U.Primary School,Rutungia
102 BanimilaBanimila U.Primary School,Banimila
103 KadagabaliKadagabali Project Upper Primary School
104 KutigudaKutiguda Primary School
105 SirtigudaSirtiguda Upper Primary School,Sirtiguda
106 KudupakiaKudupakia Upper Primary School
107 kandibandakandibanda Upper Primary School
108 LetingiaLetingia Upper Primary School,Letingia
109 GardhikiaGardhikia Seva Shrama
110 BudulipadarBudulipadar Upper Primary School
111 KurtamgadaKurtamgada Upper Primary School
112 Kurtamgada-IIKurtamgada Upper Primary School
113 DangesigudaDangesiguda Upper Primary School
114 Dangesiguda-IIDangesiguda Upper Primary School
115 MandalpadarMandalpadar-Upper Primary School
116 BarengiliBarengili Upper Primary School
117 BhandrangiBhandrangi Upper Primary School
118 ChajangiChajangi Upper Primary School
119 JhiripaniJhiripani U Girls High School
120 Jhiripani-1Jhiripani U Girls High School
121 BelgharBelghar Project Upper Primary School
122 Belghar-1Belghar Project Upper Primary School
123 BilamalBilamal Upper Primary School
124 GumaGuma Sanskrit School
125 Guma-IIGuma Sanskrit School
126 DupiDupi Primary School
127 DhudsiDhudsi Upper Primary School
128 RangaparuRangaparu Upper Primary School
129 LankagadaLankagada Upper Primary School
130 SunagaonSunagaon Upper Primary School
131 MundigadaMundigada Upper Primary School
132 Mundigada-IIMundigada Upper Primary School
133 BenarbahalBenarbahal Upper Primary School
134 Benarbahal-1Benarbahal Upper Primary School
135 SirlaSirla Upper Primary School
136 Sirla-IISirla Upper Primary School
137 TumudibandhTumudibandh Upper Primary School
138 Tumudibandh-IITumudibandh Upper Primary School
139 LinepadaLinepada Upper Primary School
140 MallipadaMallipada Upper Primary School
141 ParigadaParigada Upper Primary School,Parigada
142 LanjamiLanjami U.Primary School,Lanjami
143 PakriPakri Project Upper Primary School,Pakri
144 PokariPakri Project Upper Primary School,Pakri
145 Pokari-IPokari U Girls High School
146 KiramiKirami Primary School
147 BandigudaBandiguda Primary School,Bandiguda
148 AdipadarAdipadar Primary School,Adipadar
149 MadagudaMadaguda Upper Primary School,Madaguda
150 JharighatJharighat Primary School,Jharighat
151 HaripurProject Upper Primary School Haripur
152 Kotagarh [1]Kotagarh Govt. Project Upper Primary School,Kotagarh
153 KalonisahiKalonisahi Project Upper Primary School
154 Kotagarh [2]Kotagarh Govt. Project Upper Primary School,Kotagarh
155 KeshragudaKeshraguda Project Upper Primary School
156 TalamadhugudaTalamadhuguda Project Upper Primary School,Talamadhuguda
157 KutigudaKutiguda Project Upper Primary School
158 SubarnagiriSubarnagiri Upper Primary School,Subarnagiri
159 Salki BudagudaSalki Budaguda Primary School
160 SitanagarSitanagar Primary School
161 JakesiJakesi Primary School
162 Atali SurugudaAtali Suruguda Primary School
163 OraOra Upper Primary School,Ora
164 JudabaliJudabali U Girls High School
165 RadigumaRadiguma Project Upper Primary School
166 LaseriLaseri Primary School,Laseri
167 BandapipiliBandapipili Project Upper Primary School,Bandapipili
168 DurgapanagaDurgapanaga Project Upper Primary School
169 SajeliSajeli Primary School
170 DharakoteDharakote Upper Primary School
171 MaligudaMaliguda Upper Primary School
172 GugurumahaGugurumaha RS,Gugurumaha
173 Gugurumaha-1Gugurumaha RS,Gugurumaha
174 SrirampurSrirampur UGPrimary School
175 JubagudaJubaguda Project Upper Primary School,Jubaguda
176 MatikedaMatikeda Primary School

Last Updated on April 25, 2020
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