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Polling Booth in Balasore Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Balasore

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Balasore Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Balasore Assembly Constituency falls under the Balasore Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 AnkoAnko Primary School (E)
2 AnkoAnko Primary School (E)
3 KushadihaKusudiha Primary School.
4 ManudihaManudhia Primary School,Manudhia
5 MachhadihaMachhdiha U Girls Upper Primary School,Machhdiha
6 NimaNima Primary School,Nima
7 KatulidihaKatuldiha Primary School,Katulidiha
8 PuranPurana Primary School,Puran
9 HaladipalHaladipal Upper Primary School,Haladipal
10 OladiOladi Primary School.
11 MirigimundiMirigimundi Primary School.
12 PodadihaPodadiha UGUP(W)
13 PinchhabaniaPinchhabania Sevashram
14 Rupasa Samil HasanapurNarahari Nodal UP
15 TaharapurANGANWADI CENTER,Taharpur
16 AgaragohiraSulochana Nodal Upper Primary School (W),Agaragohira
17 HatiadihaSulochana Nodal Upper Primary School (W),Agaragohira
18 KasipadaKasipada UGUP(E)
19 BerhampurKasipada Panchayat High School,Hatiadiha
20 SanadhanadiSandhanadi Primary School,Sandhanadi
21 BadadhanadiBadadhanadi UGUP
22 KhadikapadaSanthaji Upper Primary School,Khadikapada
23 GunduripadaGunduripada Primary School,Gunduripada
24 ShriramapurSrirampur Primary School,Shriramapur
25 BinjhaBinjha Nodal Upper Primary School.
26 BalabudhiBalabudhi Primary School.
27 BalisahiBalisahi Primary School.,Balisahi
28 SarthaBinapani UP
29 PanchapadaPanchapada Sanskrit School (East), Panchapada
30 KoilisahiKoilisahi Primary School.Schiool,Koilisahi
31 MallisahiMallisahi Primary School
32 KuradihaKuradisha Upper Primary School
33 GobindaGobinda Primary School
34 GobindaGobinda Primary School
35 haladipadaHaladipada UP
36 SingarapurSingarpur Primary School.
37 RaisuanRaisuan Primary School.
38 AmbapujaAmbapunja Nodal Upper Primary School,Ambapuja
39 ParamanandapurParamanandapur Primary School,Paramanandapur
40 MahapadaMahapada UGME School
41 SolapataSolpata Nodal UP
42 PanchapadaPanchapada Sanskrit School (W)
43 SarthachakSarthachak Primary School, School,Sarthachak
44 SarthaSartha UGUP,School,Sartha
45 BudhiamariBudhiamari Primary School
46 AlumedaAlumed Primary School.
47 AlumedaAlumed Primary School.
48 Sartha BindhaSarthabindha Primary School,Sartha Bindha
49 KasaphalKasafal UP
50 Kasaphalchakkasafal Primary School.(E)
51 Kasaphalkasafal Primary School.(E)
52 KasaphalT.N.Pur UGUP
53 KasaphalKasafal UP
54 Kasaphalkasafal Primary School.(E)
55 HaladigudiHaladigudi Primary School,Haladigudi
56 GandhiapahiGandhiapahi Primary School
57 ChhanuaChhanua Nodal Upper Primary School
58 Chak ChhanuaChakchhanua Primary School
59 ChhanuaChhanua Nodal Upper Primary School
60 SiladaSilda Primary School
61 PalasiaPalasia Primary School,Palasia
62 JhinkiriaJhinkiria Primary School,Jhinkiria
63 PotaganPotagaon Primary School,Potagan
64 HinjalaHinjala Nodal Upper Primary School
65 AmaraOdongi Amara Nodal Upper Primary School (West)
66 OdongiOdongi Amara Nodal Upper Primary School (West)
67 NagramNagram Primary School,Nagram
68 Fulwarkasaba-3Fulwarkasba Upper Primary School
69 Fulwarkasaba-1Fulwarkasba Primary School
70 Fulwarkasaba-2Fulwarkasba Primary School
71 KahnrakulKahnarakul Primary School
72 ParikulParikul Primary School
73 SiladSilad Primary School
74 OlandasaraganOlanda Saragan Nodal Upper Primary School
75 OlandasaraganOlanda Saragan Nodal Upper Primary School
76 KesharapurKesharapur Primary School
77 BalipalBalipal U Girls Upper Primary School
78 BuanlaBuanala U Girls Upper Primary School
79 KudiaManoranjan Nodal Upper Primary School, Kudia
80 SindhiaNuapur Sindhia U Girls Upper Primary School
81 BainchaBaincha Nodal Upper Primary School
82 DumuriaDumuria Nodal Upper Primary School
83 BeladaBelda Primary School,Belada
84 SindhiaSindhia High School,Sindhia
85 DigidaDigida U Girls Upper Primary School,Digida
86 GududaGududa Primary School. Scholl,Gududa
87 NiladaNilda Primary School,Nilada
88 EndaraiEndarai Primary School
89 BahabalapurBahabalpur Primary School (West)
90 BahabalapurBahabalpur Primary School (West)
91 BahabalapurBahabalpur Primary School (West)
92 DubalagadiMrutunjaya Nodal UP
93 DubalagadiMrutunjaya Nodal UP
94 BagadaBinapani Nodal Upper Primary School, Bagada
95 Talabarai -1Talabarai Nodal Upper Primary School
96 Talabarai -1Talabarai Nodal Upper Primary School
97 Talabarai -2Talabarai Nodal Upper Primary School
98 Talabarai -2Talabarai Nodal Upper Primary School
99 ParikhiParikhi High School, Parikhi
100 DasipurDasipur Primary School,Dasipur
101 BaharddaBaharda Primary School,Bahardda
102 GopinathapurGopinathpur Primary School
103 GobindapurGobindapur Primary School
104 ManikulaManikula Nodal Upper Primary School,Manikula
105 PakharabadPakhrabad Primary School
106 PalaBalasorePalabalasore Primary School,PalaBalasore
107 GhodapadaGhodapada Primary School,Ghodapada
108 Puruna BalasorePurunabalasore Girls Primary School
109 Puruna BalasorePurunabalasore U Girls Upper Primary School
110 Puruna BalasorePurunabalasore U Girls Upper Primary School
111 SunhatSakuntala U Girls Upper Primary School
112 Kasaba StreetKasaba Primary School
113 Nurpur RoadHazinasirudin Upper Primary School
114 Nurpur RoadHazinasirudin Upper Primary School
115 DamodarpurBaidyanatha Primary School
116 BarabatiBarabati Primary School
117 BarabatiBarabati Girl High School
118 ManikhambManikhamb Primary School
119 DamodarpurShyamasundar High School
120 MotiganjRadhakrushna Hindi School
121 BateswarNateswarnath Nodal Upper Primary School
122 ManikhambManikhamb Primary School
123 GopalganSabitri Girls High School
124 GopalganTown High School
125 GopalaganTown High School
126 GopalganSabitri Girls High School
127 Kacheri RoadChristian High School, Balasore
128 SrikanthpurChristian High School, Balasore
129 RanipatanaJhadeswar Primary School
130 RanipatanaJhadeswar Primary School
131 AradabazarArada Bazar Primary School
132 AradabazarArada Bazar Urdu Primary School
133 AradabazarArada Bazar Primary School
134 BhaskarganjSE(R&B) Office
135 SahadevkhuntaBalashram Upper Primary School
136 PhiringipatanaPhiringipatna U Girls Upper Primary School
137 SahadevkhuntaBalashram Upper Primary School
138 SahadevkhuntaBalashram Upper Primary School
139 SahadevkhuntaBalashram Upper Primary School
140 SahadevkhuntaBalashram Upper Primary School
141 BhaskarganjStation Colony Primary School
142 Church LaneChurchlane Primary School
143 Jail RoadBalasore Zilla School
144 Jail RoadBalasore Zilla School
145 Jail RoadBalasore Zilla School
146 Telenga SahiCo-Operative Audit Office
147 SovarampurSovarampur U Girls Upper Primary School
148 SovarampurSovarampur U Girls Upper Primary School
149 AngargadiaAngaragadia ITI U Girls Upper Primary School
150 AngargadiaAngaragadia ITI U Girls Upper Primary School
151 AngargadiaSatyasai Bidyabihar
152 AngargadiaSatyasai Bidyabihar
153 AzimabadAzimabad UGUP(M.E.), School
154 PadhuanpadaPolicrlineUGUP, School
155 AzimabadAzimabad UGUP(M.E.), School
156 MathasahiMahabir Nodal Upper Primary School,Mathasahi
157 AzimabadAzimabad UGUP(M.E.), School
158 MathasahiMahabir Nodal Upper Primary School,Mathasahi
159 MallikashpurFakir Mohan College
160 S.K.Agasti RoadPublic Nodal Upper Primary School Podhuanpada
161 Mansing BazarMansing UGME School
162 MakalpurMakalpur Primary School
163 Mansing BazarMansingbazar UGME School
164 BateswarSriramchandra Tole
165 MotiganjSri Radhakrushna Hindi Nodal U.P. Shool
166 BateswarBateswar Nath Nodal Upper Primary School
167 Ushamade RoadHazinasiruddin High School
168 AkatpurQuadria Urdu Primary School
169 SunhatSakuntala Girls Gigh School
170 Pathan MahalaPathanamahala Primary School
171 SunhatSunhat Girls Primary School
172 Abdul Gani StreetB.Dey Urdu Primary School
173 Pijuruddin LaneB.Dey Urdu Primary School
174 BadakhuaBadkhua Nodal Upper Primary School
175 Pathan MahalaPathanamahala Primary School
176 SunhatSunhat U Girls Upper Primary School
177 Puruna BalasorePurunabalasore U Girls Upper Primary School
178 Puruna BalasorePurunabalasore U Girls Upper Primary School
179 PatrapadaPatrapada Primary School
180 PanjibagPanjibag Nodal Upper Primary School,Panjibag
181 CharagochhiaCharagochhia Primary School,Charagochhia
182 ShrikonaSrikona Primary School
183 KayakadalaKayakadala Primary School
184 Shrikona (Part)Khandakali Primary School, Srikona
185 ParikhiParikhi Primary School
186 ParikhiParikhi Primary School
187 ShrikonaMirjapur Primary School
188 ShrikonaMirjapur Primary School
189 MirjapurMirjapur Primary School
190 ChandipurChandipur Nodal Upper Primary School

Last Updated on April 25, 2020
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