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Polling Booth in Athagarh Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Athagarh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Athagarh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Athagarh Assembly Constituency falls under the Athagarh Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Bhejia SaarasahiBhejia Primary School, Bhejia
2 GokarnakhalGokarnakhal Project Upper Primary School,G.Khal
3 Nuapatna (Part)-1Nuapatna Nodal Upper Primary School
4 Nuapatna (Part)-6Nuapatna Talasahi Primary School.S, Talasahi
5 Nuapatna (Part)-2Nuapatna Nodal Upper Primary School
6 Nuapatna (Part)-7Nuapatna Nodal Upper Primary School
7 Nuapatna (Part)-3Nuapatna Nodal Upper Primary School
8 Nuapatna (Part)-4Nuapatna Talasahi Primary School.S, Talasahi
9 Nuapatna (Part)-5Nuapatna Nodal Upper Primary School
10 Nuapatna (Part)-8Nuapatna Nodal Upper Primary School
11 BhogadaBhogada Primary School, Bhogada
12 BasudevpurBasudevpur Primary School, Basudevpur
13 BelantaBelanta Primary School, Belanta
14 HarisharanapurHarisaranpur Primary School.,Harisaranpur
15 ManapurManpur UGME, Manapur
16 HatamalHatamal Primary School, Hatamal
17 SananauputSananauput Primary School
18 SunthipalSunthipal Primary School, Sunthipal
19 BishnupurBishnupur UGMES,Bishnupur
20 KoilikanyaKoilikanya Primary School, Koilikanya
21 GadadharpurGadadharpur Nodal U.Primary School, Gadadharpur
22 GadadharpurGadadharpur Nodal U.Primary School, Gadadharpur
23 BanamalipurBanamalipur Primary School.S,Banamalipur
24 BaliputBaliput Primary School, Baliput
25 BiriputBiriput Primary School, Biriput
26 Jemadeipur (Part)KMC Nodal Upper Primary School,Jemadeipur(E)
27 Jemadeipur (Part)KMC Nodal Upper Primary School,Jemadeipur(E)
28 Jemadeipur (Part)KMC Nodal Upper Primary School,Jemadeipur(E)
29 PankalPankal Primary School, Pankal
30 HaridapasiHaridapasi Primary School, Haridapasi
31 HaridapasiHaridapasi Primary School
32 Achalakote (part)Achalakot Nodal Upper Primary School, Achalkote(N)
33 Achalakote (part)Achalakot Nodal Upper Primary School, Achalkote(N)
34 Achalakote (part)Achalakot Nodal Upper Primary School, Achalkote(N)
35 KaradapaliKaradapalli Primary School, Karadapali
36 BaneswarapadaBaneswarpada Primary School.S. Baneswarpada
37 Bindhanima (Part)-1Bindhanima Primary School, Bindhanima
38 Bindhanima (Part)-2Bindhanima Primary School, Bindhanima
39 BindhanimaBindhanima HigHigh Schoolool, Bindhanima
40 Bindhanima (Part)-3Bindhanima Primary School, Bindhanima
41 KalibiriKalibiri Projct Upper Primary School, Kalibiri
42 Kalibiri PartKalibiri Projct Upper Primary School, Kalibiri
43 RaghurampurRaghurampur Primary School.S. R.pur
44 NandapurNandapur Primary School.S. Nandapur
45 BadanauputBadanauput Project Project Upper Primary School, B. Nauput
46 PaikianaraPaikianra UGMES, Paikianra
47 Paikianara PartPaikianra UGMES, Paikianra
48 Purunatigiria (Part)-2P. Tigiria Nodal Upper Primary School, P.Tigiria(E)
49 AmuniasahiAmuniasahi Upper Primary School
50 Purunatigiria (Part)-1P. Tigiria Nodal Upper Primary School, P.Tigiria(E)
51 Bhanja SahiBhanja Sahi Upper Primary School
52 Gopinathapur SasanGopinathpur Upper Primary School, Gopinathpur
53 Tigirianizigarh (Part)-1Nizigarh Model Primary School,Nizigarh(N)
54 Tigirianizigarh (Part)-2Nizigarh Model Primary School,Nizigarh(N)
55 Tigirianizigarh (Part)-2Nizigarh Model Primary School,Nizigarh(N)
56 NizigarhNizigarh Model Primary School,Nizigarh(N)
57 BhirudaViruda Primary School, Viruda
58 BhirudaUparagarh Upper Primary School, Bhiruda
59 GodijhariaMahashyamala Nodal Upper Primary School,G.Jharia
60 Godijharia PartMahashyamala Nodal Upper Primary School,G.Jharia
61 BalipatenaBalipatena Primary School
62 Panchagan (part)Panchagaon UGME School, Panchagan
63 Panchagan (part)Panchagaon UGME School, Panchagan
64 Panchagan (part)Panchagaon UGME School, Panchagan
65 Panchagan (Part)Popora Sevashram School, Panchagan(W)
66 SeshaganSeshagan Primary School
67 KumbhiputKumbhiput Project Project Upper Primary School, K.put
68 MahuladhipMahuldhip Primary School.S. Mahuldhip
69 BaharabilaBaharbilla Project Primary School,Baharbilla
70 ChasanaraChasanra Project Upper Primary School, Chasanra
71 SalijangaSalijanga Primary School, Salijanga
72 BaulangaBaulanga UGMES, Baulanga
73 KhandahataRaghunath Nodal Upper Primary School.Khandahata
74 Samapada (part)Sampada UGMES, Somapada
75 Samapada (part)Sampada UGMES, Somapada
76 JagiapadaJagiapada Nodal U.Primary School
77 JagiapadaJagiapada Nodal U.Primary School
78 BadabhuinBadabhuin Project U.Primary School
79 BadabhuinBadabhuin Project U.Primary School
80 BiswanathpurBiswanathpur Primary School Shool
81 JenapadaJenapada Nodal U.Primary School
82 ArakahpatanaL.N.Bidyapitha, Arakhapatana
83 MatikoteMatikote Primary School
84 BhagarathiputBhagirathipur Primary School.
85 ArakahpatanaL.N.Bidyapitha, Arakhapatana
86 PatandaPatanda Primary School.
87 JenapadaJenapada Nodal U.Primary School
88 Jenapada PartBijay Nodal U.Primary School, Nuabandha
89 GopiballavpurGopiballavapur Primary School.
90 NuabandhaBijay Nodal U.Primary School, Nuabandha
91 Nuabandha PartBijay Nodal U.Primary School, Nuabandha
92 RegedapadaRegedapada Project U.Primary School
93 KhuntukatKhuntukata Primary School.
94 KhuntukatKhuntukata Primary School.
95 IchhapurIchhapur UGME School,Ichhapur(N)
96 GudupadaGudupada Primary School.
97 AnkulaSatyabadi Nodal Upper Primary School, Ankula
98 SamsarpurSamsarpur UGME School,Samsarpur(E)
99 SamsarpurSamsarpur UGME School,Samsarpur(E)
100 KuanloKuanlo Nodal Upper Primary School,Kuanlo
101 AmrutamanohipatanaSamasarpur UGME School
102 KorangaKorongo Primary School.
103 SathiloSathilo Basudevpur UGME School.
104 SathiloSathilo Basudevpur UGME School.
105 RadhadarshanRadhadarshanpur Primary School.
106 BirakishorepurBirakishorepur Primary School.
107 BirakishorepurBirakishorepur Nodal Primary School.
108 BirakishorepurBirakishorepur Primary School.
109 Nizigarh, Athgarh-1Biswanath Bidyapitha
110 Nizigarh, AthgarhBiswanath Bidyapitha
111 Nizigarh, Athgarh-3Biswanath Bidyapitha
112 Nizigarh, Athgarh-4Biswanath Bidyapitha
113 Nizigarh, Athgarh-5Govt. Girls High School, Athgarh
114 Padma SahiGovt. Girls High School, Athgarh
115 Nizigarh, Athgarh-6Athgarh Town M.E. School
116 Nizigarh, Athgarh-7Athgarh Town M.E. School
117 RasarasikpurRasarasikpur UGME School.
118 Rasarasikpur PartRasarasikpur UGME School.
119 RadhagoVIndpurRadhagoivindpur Primary School.
120 RadhagoIVIndpurRadhagoivindpur Primary School.
121 Radhaballabhapur Radhaballabhapur Project Upper Primary School
122 Lakshminarayanapur Lakshminarayanpur Primary School
123 GadadharapurGadadharpur Primary School.
124 DhaipurDhaipur UGME Schoo.
125 Dhaipur PartDhaipur UGME Schoo.
126 Kantol-1Kantol Nodal U.Primary School
127 KantoKantol Nodal U.Primary School
128 Kantol-2Kantol Nodal U.Primary School
129 KantolKantol Nodal U.Primary School
130 DoradDorada Primary School.
131 IswaraIswara Primary School.
132 KarikolKarikol Nodal Upper Primary School
133 HaripurHaripur Primary School
134 KulagadaKarikol Nodal Upper Primary School
135 BentapadaBentapada Nodal Upper Primary School.
136 Bentapada (Part)-2Bentapada Nodal Upper Primary School.
137 BetapadaBentapada Nodal Upper Primary School.
138 KandarapurKandarpur Nodal Upper Primary School.
139 KandarapurKandarpur Nodal Upper Primary School.
140 NadailoNandailo Routrapur Primary School.
141 DashapurDaspur Primary School.
142 MeghaMegha Primary School.
143 Rajnagar-1Rajnagar U.G.M.E School
144 Rajnagar PartRajnagar U.G.M.E School
145 Rajnagar-2Rajnagar U.G.M.E School
146 ParsuramapurParsurampur Primary School.
147 DahisaraDahisara Project Upper Primary School.
148 BailoBailo Primary School.
149 Taradinga (Part)Tarading Nodal Upper Primary School.
150 Taradinga (Part)Tarading Nodal Upper Primary School.
151 Patalinga (M)Patalinga Primary School.
152 KarakamalKarakamal Primary School.
153 JorandaJoranda Nodal Upper Primary School.
154 Joranda PartJoranda Nodal Upper Primary School.
155 PaikarapurPaikarapur Primary School.
156 GopinathapurGopinathpur U.G.M.E School.
157 GundichapurGundichapur Primary School
158 UdayapuradalUdayapuradal Primary School
159 KuanloKulailo Primary School
160 GoudajhariGoudajhar Prject Upper Primary School.
161 TotapadaTotapada UGME School
162 BhogaraBhogara Project Upper Primary School.
163 KrushnashyamapurKrushnashyamapur Primary School.
164 DalabhagDalabhag UGME School
165 ChampiaChampia Primary School
166 MadhabapurGovt.Girls High School, Madhabpur
167 MahakalabasMahakalabasta UGME School
168 GaurangapurGaurangapur Primary School
169 DhurukudiaDhurukudia UGME School
170 PateniganPatenigaon Primary School
171 BalaramapurSarpeswar Nodal Upper Primary School Balarampur
172 NuagadSarpeswar Nodal Upper Primary School Balarampur
173 KatakiasahiKatakiasahi UGME School
174 AnantapurAnantapur Project Upper Primary School.
175 DhurusiaShastri Nodal U.Primary School Dhurusia.
176 KeutapadaKeutapda Jagmohan Primary School
177 NuasasanNuasasan UGME School
178 JenapurJenapur Primary School
179 GhantikhalGhantikhal Nodal Upper Primary School.(E)
180 GhantikhalGhantikhal Nodal Upper Primary School.(E)
181 RadhashyamapurRadhashyampur Primary School
182 KhuntuniR.N.Bidyapitha, Khuntuni(E)
183 Khuntuni (Part)-IIR.N.Bidyapitha, Khuntuni(E)
184 Rampei (Part)R.N.Bidyapitha, Khuntuni(E)
185 ManitiriManitree Primary School
186 RadharamanpurRadharamanpur Primary School.
187 RadhakrusnhapurRadhakrusnhapur Primary School.
188 MahalakshmipurMahalakshmipur Project Upper Primary School.
189 KandareiCharidesh Nodal Upper Primary School, Kandarei
190 DaluaDalua Primary School
191 KhandualiKhanduali Primary School.
192 RadhakrushnapurRadhakrushnapur Primary School
193 RahangolRahangol Ashram School
194 RadhadamodarapurRadhadamodarapur Primary School
195 RadhakisorapurG.Ch. Nodal Upper Primary School Radhakishourpur
196 Machyapur PartMachyapur Primary School.
197 PurusottamapurPurusottampur Primary School.
198 BrahmanabastaBrahamanbasta UGME Scbool
199 RamashyamapurRamashyamapur Primary School Scbool
200 MahalpadaMahalpada Primary School.
201 KaptabareiKaptabarei Primary School.
202 BerhampurBerhampur UGME School.
203 KakhadiKakhadi High School.
204 KakhadiKakhadi High School.
205 NarangabastaNarangabasta UGME School.
206 BidyadharpurBidyadharpur Upper Primary School
207 MancheswarDhableswar Nodal Upper Primary School, Mancheswar
208 PaikarapurPaikarapur Primary School..School.
209 KhamaranuaganKhamarnuagaon UGME School.
210 KolathapangiKolathapangi Primary School.
211 ChhotiambaChhotiamba Primary School.
212 GurudijhatiaK.B.M.E. School, Gurudijhatia
213 Gurudijhatia PartK.B.M.E. School, Gurudijhatia
214 KotaraKotara Primary School.
215 OrandaSambeswar Nodal Upper Primary School. Oranda
216 SitaramapurSitarampur Primary School.
217 BaliBali Nodal Upper Primary School (N).
218 BaliBali Nodal Upper Primary School (N).
219 KusupangiKuspangi Primary School.
220 PahilabarPahilbar Primary School.
221 SarakoliSarkoli Primary School.
222 ChhaaganChhagaon UGME School.
223 ChhagaonChhagaon UGME School.
224 ParbatiyaParbatia Primary School.
225 SauriaSauria Primary School.
226 RajabalabhapurRajabalabhapur Project UP. School.
227 KaduanuaganKaduanuagaon Primary School.
228 GobaraGobara Nodal Upper Primary School
229 GobaraGobara Nodal Upper Primary School
230 MahuriaMahuria Pro. Primary School
231 DampatipurDampatipur Primary School.
232 SantanibatiSantanibati Project Upper Primary School.
233 OstapurOstapur U.G.M.E. School.
234 KantaniaKantania Primary School.
235 SasangaSasanga Project Upper Primary School.
236 KumarpurKumarpur High School.
237 KumarpurKumarpur High School.
238 BalipurBalipur Primary School.
239 Kochila NuaganKochila Nuagan Upper Primary School
240 BadasamantarapurBadasamantarapur Nodal Upper Primary School
241 BadasamantarapurBadasamantarapur Nodal Upper Primary School
242 BadapadaganBadapadagan Primary School
243 BadapadaganBadapadagan Primary School
244 RamachandrapurRamachandrapur Primary School
245 AmbilajhariAmbilajhari Primary School
246 MahisalandaMahisalanda Upper Primary School
247 ShankarapurShankarapur Upper Primary School
248 Shankarapur (Part)Shankariprasad Upper Primary School
249 ShankarapurShankarapur Upper Primary School
250 AmarabatipurAmarabatipur Primary School
251 BantoBanto Primary School
252 MangarajapurMangarajapur Upper Primary School
253 MangarajapurMangarajapur Upper Primary School
254 JemadeipurJemadeipur Urdhu Primary School
255 MachhapangiGahanda Primary School
256 KamangaKamanga Upper Primary School
257 BerhampurDamodar Nodal Upper Primary School Brahmapur
258 Berhampur (Part)Damodar Nodal Upper Primary School Brahmapur

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