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Polling Booth in Aska Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Aska

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Aska Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Aska Assembly Constituency falls under the Aska Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 SingipurSingipur Primary School
2 KhukundiaKhukundia U.Primary School
3 BangaradaBangarada Upper Primary School
4 NahadaNahada Upper Primary School
5 AmbapuaAmbapua Primary School
6 MunigadiMunigadi,Govt High School
7 ChatulaChatula Primary School Schol
8 Kendupadar-1Kendupadar Upper Primary School
9 Kendupadar-2Kendupadar Upper Primary School
10 KesharapalliKesharapalli Primary School
11 Nimina-1Nimina Upper Primary School (E)
12 Nimina-2Nimina Upper Primary School (E)
13 Nimina-3Nimina Primary School
14 RankudaPrimary School, Rankuda
15 Khandarabali (Part)Khandarabali Upper Primary School
16 BenapatBenapat Upper Primary School
17 KeshapurKeshapur Primary School
18 Gahangu-1Gahangu Upper Primary School (N)
19 Gahangu-2Gahangu Upper Primary School (N)
20 PhapalapurPhapalapur Upper Primary School
21 NuapaliNuapali Upper Primary School
22 DanachandanapediDanachandanapedi Primary School
23 SanakholiSanakholi Project Upper Primary School
24 AsuraipalliAsuraipalli Primary School
25 SamantarapurSamantarapur Primary School
26 Kamagad-1Kamagad Upper Primary School
27 Kamagad-2Kamagad Upper Primary School
28 Balisira-1Balisira Upper Primary School
29 Balisira-2Balisira Upper Primary School
30 Landajuali-1Landajuali Upper Primary School (N)
31 Landajuali-2Landajuali Upper Primary School (N)
32 SapuapalliSapuapalli Project Upper Primary School
33 BadagadBadagad Primary School
34 Dhanija-1Dhanija Upper Primary School (E)
35 Dhanija-2Dhanija Upper Primary School (E)
36 Badakholi-1Badakholi Upper Primary School (E)
37 Badakholi-2Badakholi Upper Primary School (E)
38 BhejiputP. S. Bhejiput
39 SunapaliSunapali Primary School
40 Pandiapathar-1Pandiapathar Primary School (N)
41 Pandiapathar-2Pandiapathar Primary School (N)
42 Bhetanai-1Bhetanai Upper Primary School
43 Bhetanai-2Bhetanai Primary School
44 Bhetanai-3Bhetanai Primary School
45 SidhanayiSidhanayi Primary School
46 MaharajapurMaharajapur Primary School
47 AtarangaProject Upper Primary School Ataranga
48 JagadalapurJagadalapur Project Upper Primary School
49 Gunthapada-1Gunthapada Upper Primary School
50 Gunthapada-2Gunthapada High School (E)
51 Gunthapada-3Gunthapada High School (E)
52 SumantapalliSumantapalli Primary School
53 KhandabandhKhandabandh Upper Primary School
54 SahasapurSahasapur Upper Primary School
55 Kishor ChandrapalliKishor Chandrapalli P. S.
56 NabaratnapurNabaratnapur Primary School
57 KaibalyapurPrimary School, Kaibalyapur
58 Gangapur SasanGangapur Sasan Upper Primary School
59 Mangalpur-1Mangalpur Upper Primary School
60 Mangalpur-2Mangalpur Upper Primary School
61 Mangalpur-3Mangalpur Upper Primary School
62 BalichhaiBalichhai Project Upper Primary School
63 RisipurRisipur Project Upper Primary School
64 NiralNiral Primary School
65 PatharaPathara P. S.
66 KotibadiKotibadi Primary School
67 Debabhumi-1Debabhumi Upper Primary School
68 DebabhumiDebabhumi Upper Primary School
69 MamundihMamundih Primary School
70 ChadhiapalliChadhiapalli Primary School
71 K. RaisingipurK. Raisingipur Upper Primary School
72 TumbathengapaliTmubathengapalli P. S.
73 PhulasarapalliPhulasarapalli Primary School
74 Kalinji NuapalliKalinji Nuapalli Upper Primary School
75 Karpur NuaganKarpur Nuagan Project Upper Primary School
76 AlipurBabanapur Primary School
77 KarataliKaratali Primary School
78 Babanapur-1Babanapur Primary School
79 Babanapur-2Babanapur Upper Primary School
80 BabanapurBabanapur Upper Primary School
81 KhariaKharia Upper Primary School
82 HumukiHumuki Upper Primary School
83 DhunkuniDhunkuni P. S
84 SahapurSahapur Primary School
85 BajrakotBajrakote P. S.
86 MadhurajholaPrimary School, Madhurajholi
87 NachunibadiPrimary School, Nachunibadi
88 SamantarapallII Primary School,Santarapalli
89 Kaniari-IPrimary School (E), Kaniari
90 Kaniari-IIPrimary School (E), Kaniari
91 SubalayaProject Upper Primary School, Subalaya
92 MagurapunjaMagurapunja Project Upper Primary School
93 M. DhiasahiPrimary School, M.Dihasahi Sasan
94 Matha TentuliaPrimary School, Matha Tentulia
95 OsingiPrimary School, Osingi
96 NimundiaPrimary School, Nimundia
97 BanapalliPrimary School, Banapalli
98 AsinapurPrimary School Asinapaur
99 Sunapalli-1Sunapalli Upper Primary School
100 Sunapalli-2Sunapalli Upper Primary School
101 Gunthapada-IPrimary School Gunthapada
102 Paikajamuna-IUpper Primary School (E), Paikajamuna
103 Paika Jamuna-IIUpper Primary School (E), Paikajamuna
104 Bada ChadhiapadaPrimary School
105 Barida-IMali Sahi Primary School, Barida
106 BaridaUpper Primary School (E), Barida
107 Barida-IIUpper Primary School (E), Barida
108 Barida-IVUpper Primary School (E), Barida
109 Barida-IIIUpper Primary School (E), Barida
110 Barida-VIUpper Primary School (E), Barida
111 S.J. GoVIndapurS.J. Govindapur Primary School
112 KusapalliPrimary School, Kusapalli
113 BhatapadaPrimary School, Bhatapada
114 Ekadasi-IEkadasi Upper Primary School
115 Borasingi-IPrimary School (E), Borasingi
116 Borasingi-IIPrimary School (E), Borasingi
117 BaliapalliProject Upper Primary School, Baliapalli
118 InamdengapadarPrimary School, Inam Dengapadar
119 RampudiPrimary School, Rampudi
120 Kandha KharidaPrimary School, Kandha Kharida
121 Nutana Kandha KharidaPrimary School (E), N.K.Kharida
122 Sialia-1Sialia Upper Primary School
123 Sialia-IISialia Upper Primary School
124 HindulaUpper Primary School, Hindola
125 AmbapuaAmbapua Upper Primary School
126 Ghatakuri-1Ghatakuri Primary School (N)
127 Ghatakuri-2Ghatakuri Primary School (N)
128 KotinadaKotinada P. S.
129 Baragan-1Baragan Upper Primary School
130 Baragan-2Baragan Primary School
131 GolapalliGolapalli Primary School
132 GolapalliPrimary School Golapalli
133 Nuagan-1Nuagan Primary School (E)
134 Nuagan-2Nuagan Primary School (E)
135 BeniaBenia P. S.
136 MukundapurMukundapur Upper Primary School
137 Aska-1Banibihar Primary School, Aska
138 Aska-2Hari Hara High School
139 Aska-3Hari Hara High School
140 Aska-4Raghunath Nagar Primary School, Aska
141 Aska-5Khambeswarapatana Primary School, Aska
142 Aska-6Aska Girls High School
143 Aska-7Ex Board Primary School, Sunaamba Sahi
144 AskaPrimary School, Sunaamba
145 Aska-8Project Upper Primary School, Sunaamba Sahi
146 Aska-9Project Upper Primary School, Sunaamba Sahi
147 Aska-10Govt. Girls High School (West)
148 Aska-11Aska Girls Primary School
149 Aska-12Aska Girls Primary School
150 Aska-13Aska, Lachhamanapalli Project Upper Primary School
151 Aska-14Aska, Lalasasan Upper Primary School
152 Aska-15Aska, Lalasasan Upper Primary School
153 Kalashandhapur-1Kalashandhapur Upper Primary School
154 Kalashandhapur-2Kalashandhapur Upper Primary School
155 PudugeswarapalliPudugeswarapalli Upper Primary School
156 PadhalPadhal Primary School
157 Jeypore-1Jeypore G. P. Office
158 Jeypore-2Jeypore Upper Primary School
159 DhobapalliDhobapalli Project Upper Primary School
160 Kumbhari-IPrimary School (W) Kumbhari
161 Kumbhari-IIPrimary School (W) Kumbhari
162 K.LachamanapalliUpper Primary School, K.Lachamanapalli
163 GolamundalaPrimary School, Golamundala
164 Pathara-IPrimary School (E) Pathara
165 NandiagadaUpper Primary School Nandiagada
166 SanachadhiapadaPrimary School (W) Sana Chadhiapada
167 SundiriapadaPrimary School, Sinduriapada
168 SandhamaraPrimary School, Sandhamara
169 Venktariapalli-IPrimary School (W) Venkataraipalli
170 Venkataraipalli-IIPrimary School (W) Venkataraipalli
171 HaridapadaraUpper Primary School Haridapadar
172 HaridapadarUpper Primary School Haridapadar
173 TarasingiTarasingi Upper Primary School
174 Nalabanta-1Nalabanta Nupper Primary School (E),Nalabanta
175 Nalabanta-2Nalabanta Nupper Primary School (E),Nalabanta
176 Nalabanta-3Nalabanta Nupper Primary School (E),Nalabanta
177 PatuligudaPataliguda P. S.
178 KarnnoliKarnnoli Upper Primary School
179 KhandadeuliKhandadeuli Project Upper Primary School
180 NuaganNuagan Primary School
181 SameigudaSameiguda P. S.
182 KhadabhagKhadabhag P. S.
183 CheramariaCheramaria Project Upper Primary School
184 KendupadarKendupadar Project Upper Primary School
185 Mentapada-IMentapada Upper Primary School (E)
186 Mentapada-IIMentapada Upper Primary School (E)
187 BhetasingiPrimary School, Bhetasingi
188 Bolasara-IUpper Primary School (E),Bolsara
189 Bolasara-IIUpper Primary School (E),Bolsara
190 Baliasara-IPrimary School
191 Baliasara-IIPrimary School
192 S.NuagamPrimary School, S.Nuagam
193 Sanapankalabadi-IPrimary School (W) S.Pankalabadi
194 Sanapankalabadi-IIPrimary School (W) S.Pankalabadi

Last Updated on April 25, 2020
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