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Candidates for Orissa Assembly Elections 2014

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Sachin Pilot Removed as Dy. CM Sachin Pilot in No Fly Zone? – Congress Removes Him as Dy. CM

Congress high command has finally decided to get rid of Sachin Pilot. Randeep Surjewala has announced it before the media that the party has removed Sachin Pilot from the post Read More…

Congress - INC - 2020 Opinion: Congress’s Own Goal in Rajasthan

 Around 30 MLAs of Congress and some independent MLAs have pledged their support to Sachin Pilot. As the latest developments follow, Sachin Pilot is on the verge of leaving Congress. Read More…

Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot Congress is Having a Tough Time Keeping Rajasthan Govt

The possibility of some big news coming out of Rajasthan had emerged in the last month only. Congress CM Ashok Gehlot is repeatedly accusing BJP of destabilizing his government. The Read More…

Paswan NDA Alliance Bihar Paswan Causing Trouble to Bihar NDA Alliance

Bihar Election 2020 is expected to take place around October-November this year. Before that, many political activities are taking place in Bihar. The recent one is the tussle between the Read More…

Most Powerful BJP CM Yogi Adityanath Yogi Is the Only Powerful BJP Chief Minister

Coronavirus pandemic is spreading in India at a faster pace. Initially, the center had taken things into hands. The Modi Government was at the forefront of the fight against the Read More…

Sonia Priyanka Rahul Gandhi Analysis: Congress Repeating BJP’s Mistake of 2008

Every newspaper and news website of India is now having a headline concerning India China border clash. The government is trying its level best to resolve the crisis as soon Read More…

List of BJP Candidates for Orissa Assembly Elections 2019

Constituency NameCandidate NameParty Name
PadampurPradip PurohitBharatiya Janata Party
BijepurSanat Kumar Gartia Bharatiya Janata Party
BargarhAshwini Kumar SarangiBharatiya Janata Party
AttabiraMilan SethBharatiya Janata Party
BhatliIrasis Acharya Bharatiya Janata Party
BrajarajnagarRadharani PandaBharatiya Janata Party
JharsugudaDinesh Kumar JainBharatiya Janata Party
TalsaraBhabani Shankar BhoiBharatiya Janata Party
SundargarhKusum TeteBharatiya Janata Party
BiramitrapurShankar OramBharatiya Janata Party
RaghunathpaliJagabandhu BeheraBharatiya Janata Party
RourkelaNihar RayBharatiya Janata Party
RajgangapurNarasingha MinzBharatiya Janata Party
BonaiAnil Kumar BarlaBharatiya Janata Party
KuchindaRabi Narayan NaikBharatiya Janata Party
RengaliNauri NayakBharatiya Janata Party
RengaliNauri NayakBharatiya Janata Party
SambalpurJaya Narayan MishraBharatiya Janata Party
RairakholDebendra MohapatraBharatiya Janata Party
DeogarhSubash Chandra PanigrahiBharatiya Janata Party
TelkoiDhanurjaya SiduBharatiya Janata Party
GhasipuraPrithviraj KuanrBharatiya Janata Party
AnandapurAlok Kumar SethyBharatiya Janata Party
PatnaBhabani Sankar NayakBharatiya Janata Party
KeonjharMohan Charan MajhiBharatiya Janata Party
ChampuaMurali Manohar SharmaBharatiya Janata Party
JashipurGaneshram SingkhuntiaBharatiya Janata Party
SaraskanaBudhan MurmuBharatiya Janata Party
RairangpurNaba Charan Majhi Bharatiya Janata Party
BangriposiSugda MurmuBharatiya Janata Party
KaranjiaPadma Charan HaiburuBharatiya Janata Party
UdalaBhaskar MadheiBharatiya Janata Party
BadasahiSanatan Bijuli Bharatiya Janata Party
BaripadaPrakash SorenBharatiya Janata Party
MoradaDr. Krushna Chandra MahapatraBharatiya Janata Party
JaleswarJaynarayan MohantyBharatiya Janata Party
BhograiAnshuman MohantyBharatiya Janata Party
BastaShyamaprasad BeheraBharatiya Janata Party
BalasoreMadan Mohan DuttaBharatiya Janata Party
RemunaGobinda Chandra DasBharatiya Janata Party
NilgiriSukanta Kumar Nayak Bharatiya Janata Party
SoroRakesh Kumar MalikBharatiya Janata Party
SimuliaPadmalochan PandaBharatiya Janata Party
BhandaripokhariBadri Narayan DhalBharatiya Janata Party
BhadrakDr. Pradip NayakBharatiya Janata Party
BasudevpurMadhabananda Mallick Bharatiya Janata Party
DhamnagarBishnu Charan SethiBharatiya Janata Party
ChandabaliManmohan SamalBharatiya Janata Party
BinjharpurBabita MallickBharatiya Janata Party
BariBiswaranjan MallickBharatiya Janata Party
BarchanaAmar Kumar Nayak Bharatiya Janata Party
DharmasalaRamesh Chandra ParidaBharatiya Janata Party
JajpurGoutam RayBharatiya Janata Party
KoreiBiswajeet NayakBharatiya Janata Party
SukindaPradeep Bal SamantaBharatiya Janata Party
DhenkanalKrushna Chandra PatraBharatiya Janata Party
HindolAshok Kumar NayakBharatiya Janata Party
KamakhyanagarSatrughan JenaBharatiya Janata Party
ParjangaBibhuti Bhusan Pradhan Bharatiya Janata Party
PallaharaAshok MohantyBharatiya Janata Party
TalcherKalandi Charan SamalBharatiya Janata Party
AngulPratap Chandra PradhanBharatiya Janata Party
ChhendipadaAgasti Behera Bharatiya Janata Party
AthamallikBhagirathi Pradhan Bharatiya Janata Party
BirmaharajpurRaghunath JagadalaBharatiya Janata Party
SonepurAshok Kumar PujariBharatiya Janata Party
LoisinghaMukesh Mahaling Bharatiya Janata Party
PatnagarhKanak Vardhan Singh DeoBharatiya Janata Party
BolangirAnanta Kumar DashBharatiya Janata Party
TitlagarhAshok Dora Bharatiya Janata Party
KantabanjiLaxman Bag Bharatiya Janata Party
NuapadaHome Singh MajhiBharatiya Janata Party
KhariarRitarani BagarttiBharatiya Janata Party
Umerkote (ST)Nityananda Gond Bharatiya Janata Party
Jharigam (ST)Parsuram MajhiBharatiya Janata Party
Nabarangpur (ST)Gouri Shankar MajhiBharatiya Janata Party
Dabugam (ST)Padman NayakBharatiya Janata Party
Lanjigarh (ST)Ramesh Chandra MajhiBharatiya Janata Party
JunagarhManoj Kumar MeherBharatiya Janata Party
DharmgarhAnant Pratap DeoBharatiya Janata Party
BhawanipatnaPradipta Kumar NaikBharatiya Janata Party
NarlaAniruddha PadhanBharatiya Janata Party
BaligudaKarendra Majhi Bharatiya Janata Party
G. UdayagiriArchana Pradhan Bharatiya Janata Party
PhulbaniDebanarayan Pradhan Bharatiya Janata Party
KantamalKanhai Charan Danga Bharatiya Janata Party
BoudhSusanta Kumar Pradhan Bharatiya Janata Party
BarambaBijaya Kumar Dalabehera Bharatiya Janata Party
BankiSubhransu Mohan PadhiBharatiya Janata Party
AthagarhBrajendra Kumar RayBharatiya Janata Party
Barabati-CuttackSamir DeyBharatiya Janata Party
Choudwar-CuttackNayan Kishore Mohanty Bharatiya Janata Party
NialiChhabi Malik Bharatiya Janata Party
Cuttack SadarDilip Kumar Mallick Bharatiya Janata Party
SalipurPrakash Chandra Behera Bharatiya Janata Party
MahangaSarada Prasad Padhan Bharatiya Janata Party
PatkuraBijoy MohapatraBharatiya Janata Party
KendraparaSunakar Behera Bharatiya Janata Party
AulDolagobinda Nayak Bharatiya Janata Party
RajanagarAlekha Kumar Jena Bharatiya Janata Party
MahakalapadaBijay Pradhan Bharatiya Janata Party
ParadeepSampad Chandra Swain Bharatiya Janata Party
TirtolRamakanta Bhoi Bharatiya Janata Party
Balikuda-ErsamaDr. Damodar Rout Bharatiya Janata Party
JagatsinghpurSatyabrata Mohapatra Bharatiya Janata Party
KakatpurRabi Mallick Bharatiya Janata Party
NimaparaPravati Parida Bharatiya Janata Party
PuriJayanta Kumar Sarangi Bharatiya Janata Party
BramhagiriLalitendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra Bharatiya Janata Party
SatyabadiOm Prakash Mishra Bharatiya Janata Party
SatyabadiOm Prakash Mishra Bharatiya Janata Party
PipiliAshrit Pattanayak Bharatiya Janata Party
JayadevNarendranath Nayak Bharatiya Janata Party
Bhubaneswar Central (Madhya)Jagannath Pradahan Bharatiya Janata Party
Bhubaneswar North (Uttar)Aparajita Mohanty Bharatiya Janata Party
Ekamra-BhubaneswarBabu Singh Bharatiya Janata Party
JataniBiswaranjan Badajena Bharatiya Janata Party
BeguniaRhishav Nanda Bharatiya Janata Party
KhurdaKalucharan Khandeitaray Bharatiya Janata Party
ChilikaPrithiviraj Harichandan Bharatiya Janata Party
RanpurSurama Padhy Bharatiya Janata Party
KhandapadaSiddharth Sekhar Singh Bharatiya Janata Party
DaspallaPurna Chandra Nayak Bharatiya Janata Party
NayagarhIrani Ray Bharatiya Janata Party
BhanjanagarPradyumna Kumar Nayak Bharatiya Janata Party
PolasaraGokula Nanda Mallik Bharatiya Janata Party
KabisuryangarRanjan Polai Bharatiya Janata Party
KhalikoteBharati Behera Bharatiya Janata Party
ChhatrapurPrasanta Kumar KarBharatiya Janata Party
AskaDebaraj Mohanty Bharatiya Janata Party
SuradaNilamani Bisoyi Bharatiya Janata Party
SanakhemundiBijaya Kumar Swain Bharatiya Janata Party
HinjiliPitambar Acharya Bharatiya Janata Party
GopalpurBibhuti Bhusan Jena Bharatiya Janata Party
BerhampurKanhu Charan PatiBharatiya Janata party
DigapahandiPinky PradhanBharatiya Janata party
ChikitiManoranjan Dyan SamantaraBharatiya Janata Party
Mohana (ST)Prasanta Kumar MallickBharatiya Janata Party
Parlakhemundi (ST)K.Narayan RaoBharatiya Janata Party
Gunupur (ST)Shishir GamangBharatiya Janata Party
Bissam Cuttack (ST)Siba Sankar UlakaBharatiya Janata Party
Rayagada (ST)Basanta Kumar UllakaBharatiya Janata Party
Laxmipur (ST)Kumuda Chandra SauntaBharatiya Janata Party
Kotpad (ST)Khageshwar PujariBharatiya Janata Party
JeyporeGoutam SamantrayBharatiya Janata Party
Koraput (SC)Tripurary GoradaBharatiya Janata Party
Pottangi (ST)Rama Chandra PangiBharatiya Janata Party
Malkangiri (ST)Aditya MadhiBharatiya Janata Party
Chitrokonda (ST)Padu MajhiBharatiya Janata Party

List of BJD Candidates for Orissa Assembly Elections 2019

Constituency NameCandidate NameParty Name
PadampurBijaya Ranjan Singh BarihaBiju Janata Dal
BijepurNaveen PatnaikBiju Janata Dal
BargarhDebesh Acharya Biju Janata Dal
AttabiraSnehangini ChhuriaBiju Janata Dal
BhatliSusanta SinghBiju Janata Dal
BrajarajnagarKishore Kumar MohantyBiju Janata Dal
JharsugudaNaba Kisore DasBiju Janata Dal
TalsaraStephen Wilson SorengBiju Janata Dal
SundargarhJogesh Kumar SinghBiju Janata Dal
BiramitrapurMakhlu Ekka Biju Janata Dal
RaghunathpaliSubrat TaraiBiju Janata Dal
RourkelaSarada Prasad NayakBiju Janata Dal
RajgangapurMangala KisanBiju Janata Dal
BonaiRanjit KishanBiju Janata Dal
KuchindaKishore Chandra NaikBiju Janata Dal
RengaliReena TantyBiju Janata Dal
SambalpurDr. Raseswari PanigrahiBiju Janata Dal
RairakholRohit PujariBiju Janata Dal
DeogarhRomancha Ranjan BiswalBiju Janata Dal
TelkoiPremananda NayakBiju Janata Dal
GhasipuraBadri Narayan PatraBiju Janata Dal
AnandapurBhagirathi Sethy Biju Janata Dal
PatnaJagannath NaikBiju Janata Dal
KeonjharMadhaba Sardar Biju Janata Dal
ChampuaMinakshi MahantaBiju Janata Dal
JashipurGolakbihari NayakBiju Janata Dal
SaraskanaAmar Singh TuduBiju Janata Dal
RairangpurBasanti MarndiBiju Janata Dal
BangriposiSudam MarndiBiju Janata Dal
KaranjiaBasanti HembramBiju Janata Dal
UdalaShri Srinath Soren Biju Janata Dal
BadasahiBrundaban Das Biju Janata Dal
BaripadaSarojini HembramBiju Janata Dal
MoradaRajkishore DasBiju Janata Dal
JaleswarAswini Kumar PatraBiju Janata Dal
BhograiAnanta DasBiju Janata Dal
BastaNityananda SahooBiju Janata Dal
BalasoreJiban Pradip Dash Biju Janata Dal
RemunaSudhansu Sekhar Parida Biju Janata Dal
NilgiriSantosh Khatua Biju Janata Dal
SoroParshuram DhadaBiju Janata Dal
SimuliaJyoti Prakash PanigrahiBiju Janata Dal
BhandaripokhariPrafulla SamalBiju Janata Dal
BhadrakSanjib Kumar MallickBiju Janata Dal
BasudevpurBishnubrata RoutrayBiju Janata Dal
DhamnagarRajendra Kumar Das Biju Janata Dal
ChandabaliByomakesh RayBiju Janata Dal
BinjharpurPramila MallikBiju Janata Dal
BariSunanda DasBiju Janata Dal
BarchanaAmar Prasad SatpathyBiju Janata Dal
DharmasalaPranab Kumar Balabantaray Biju Janata Dal
JajpurPranab Prakash DasBiju Janata Dal
KoreiAshok Kumar BalBiju Janata Dal
SukindaPritiranjan Gharai Biju Janata Dal
DhenkanalSudhir Kumar Samal Biju Janata Dal
HindolSimarani NayakBiju Janata Dal
KamakhyanagarPrafulla Kumar Mallik Biju Janata Dal
ParjangaNrusingha Charan Sahu Biju Janata Dal
PallaharaMukesh Kumar Pal Biju Janata Dal
TalcherBrajakishore Pradhan Biju Janata Dal
AngulRajanikant SinghBiju Janata Dal
ChhendipadaSusanta Kumar BeheraBiju Janata Dal
AthamallikRamesh Chandra SaiBiju Janata Dal
BirmaharajpurPadmanabha Behera Biju Janata Dal
SonepurNiranjan PujariBiju Janata Dal
LoisinghaPradeep Kumar BeheraBiju Janata Dal
PatnagarhSaroj Kumar MeherBiju Janata Dal
BolangirArkesh Narayan Singh Deo Biju Janata Dal
TitlagarhTukuni Sahu Biju Janata Dal
KantabanjiAjaya Kumar DasBiju Janata Dal
NuapadaRajendra DholakiaBiju Janata Dal
KhariarLambodar NialBiju Janata Dal
Umerkote (ST)Subash Gond Biju Janata Dal
Jharigam (ST)Prakash Chandra MajhiBiju Janata Dal
Nabarangpur (ST)Sadasiva PradhaniBiju Janata Dal
Dabugam (ST)Manohar RandhariBiju Janata Dal
Lanjigarh (ST)Pradip Kumar DishariBiju Janata Dal
JunagarhDibya Shankar MishraBiju Janata Dal
DharmgarhMousadhi BagBiju Janata Dal
BhawanipatnaDusmanta NaikBiju Janata Dal
NarlaBhupinder SinghBiju Janata Dal
BaligudaChakramani Kanhar Biju Janata Dal
G. UdayagiriSaluga Pradhan Biju Janata Dal
PhulbaniAngada Kanhar Biju Janata Dal
KantamalMahidhar Rana Biju Janata Dal
BoudhPradip Kumar Amat Biju Janata Dal
BarambaDebiprasad Mishra Biju Janata Dal
BankiDevi Ranjan Tripathy Biju Janata Dal
AthagarhRanendra Pratap Swain Biju Janata Dal
Barabati-CuttackDebashish SamantarayBiju Janata Dal
Choudwar-CuttackSouvic Biswal Biju Janata Dal
NialiDr. Pramod Kumar Mallick Biju Janata Dal
Cuttack SadarChandra Sarathi Behera Biju Janata Dal
SalipurPrasanta Behera Biju Janata Dal
MahangaPratap Jena Biju Janata Dal
PatkuraBed Prakash Agarwalla Biju Janata Dal
AulPratap Keshari Deb Biju Janata Dal
RajanagarDhruba Charan Sahoo Biju Janata Dal
MahakalapadaAtanu Sabyasachi Nayak Biju Janata Dal
ParadeepSambit Routray Biju Janata Dal
TirtolBishnu Charan Das Biju Janata Dal
Balikuda-ErsamaRaghunandan Das Biju Janata Dal
JagatsinghpurPrasanta Kumar Muduli Biju Janata Dal
KakatpurTusharkanti Behera Biju Janata Dal
NimaparaSamir Ranjan Dash Biju Janata Dal
PuriMaheswar Mohanty Biju Janata Dal
BramhagiriSanjay Kumar Das Burma Biju Janata Dal
SatyabadiUmakanta Samantaray Biju Janata Dal
PipiliPradeep Maharathy Biju Janata Dal
JayadevArabinda Dhali Biju Janata Dal
Bhubaneswar Central (Madhya)Ananta Narayan JenaBiju Janata Dal
Bhubaneswar North (Uttar)Susant Kumar Rout Biju Janata Dal
Ekamra-BhubaneswarAshok Chandra Panda Biju Janata Dal
JataniBibhuti Bhushan Balabantaray Biju Janata Dal
BeguniaRajendra Kumar Sahoo Biju Janata Dal
KhurdaJyotirindra Nath Mitra Biju Janata Dal
ChilikaPrasanta Kumar JagadevBiju Janata Dal
RanpurSatyanarayan Pradhan Biju Janata Dal
KhandapadaSoumya Ranjan Patnaik Biju Janata Dal
DaspallaRamesh Chandra Behera Biju Janata Dal
NayagarhAruna Kumar Sahoo Biju Janata Dal
BhanjanagarBikram Keshari Arukha Biju Janata Dal
PolasaraSrikanta Sahu Biju Janata Dal
KabisuryangarLatika PradhanBiju Janata Dal
KhalikoteSuryamani Baidya Biju Janata Dal
ChhatrapurSubash Chandra Behera Biju Janata Dal
AskaManjula Swain Biju Janata Dal
SuradaPurna Chandra Swain Biju Janata Dal
SanakhemundiNandini Devi Biju Janata Dal
HinjiliNaveen Patnaik Biju Janata Dal
GopalpurD.Pradeep Kumar Panigrahy Biju Janata Dal
BerhampurBikram Kumar PandaBiju Janata Dal
DigapahandiSurya Narayan PatraBiju Janata Dal
ChikitiUsha DeviBiju Janata Dal
Mohana (ST)Purnabasi NayakBiju Janata Dal
Parlakhemundi (ST)Kalyani GajapatiBiju Janata Dal
Gunupur (ST)Raghunath GomangoBiju Janata Dal
Bissam Cuttack (ST)Jagannath SarakaBiju Janata Dal
Rayagada (ST)Lal Bihari HimirikaBiju Janata Dal
Laxmipur (ST)Prabhu JaniBiju Janata Dal
Kotpad (ST)Padmini DianBiju Janata Dal
JeyporeRabi Narayan NandaBiju Janata Dal
Koraput (SC)Raghu Ram PadalBiju Janata Dal
Pottangi (ST)Pitam PadhiBiju Janata Dal
Malkangiri (ST)Mukunda SodiBiju Janata Dal
Chitrokonda (ST)Purna Chandra BakaBiju Janata Dal

List of Congress(INC) Candidates for Orissa Assembly Elections 2019

Constituency NameCandidate NameParty Name
PadampurSatya Bhusan SahuIndian National Congress
BijepurRipunath SethIndian National Congress
BargarhNipon Kumar DashIndian National Congress
AttabiraNihar Ranjan MahanandIndian National Congress
BhatliSaroj Kumar Mahapatra Indian National Congress
JharsugudaMahendra NaikIndian National Congress
TalsaraPrafulla MajhiIndian National Congress
SundargarhAmita BiswalIndian National Congress
BiramitrapurRohit Joseph TirkeyIndian National Congress
RaghunathpaliPrasanta Kumar SethiIndian National Congress
RourkelaBiren Senapaty Indian National Congress
RajgangapurC S Raazen EkkaIndian National Congress
BonaiJanardan DehuryIndian National Congress
KuchindaSovaram PadhanIndian National Congress
RengaliBalakrushna RohidasIndian National Congress
SambalpurDr. Aswini Kumar PujahariIndian National Congress
RairakholAssaf Ali KhanIndian National Congress
DeogarhUma Shankar SahuIndian National Congress
TelkoiPrashant Kumar DaleiIndian National Congress
GhasipuraNiranjan PatnaikIndian National Congress
AnandapurJayadev JenaIndian National Congress
PatnaGourahari NaikIndian National Congress
KeonjharBidyadhar Dehury Indian National Congress
ChampuaJadumani Barik Indian National Congress
JashipurMahendra Nath NayakIndian National Congress
KaranjiaSudam Charan NaikIndian National Congress
UdalaBenudhar MohapatraIndian National Congress
BadasahiDevyani BeheraIndian National Congress
BaripadaDasaratha SinghIndian National Congress
MoradaPravash Kar MohapatraIndian National Congress
JaleswarSudarsan DasIndian National Congress
BhograiSatya Shiba DasIndian National Congress
BastaBijan NayakIndian National Congress
BalasoreManas Ranjan Das PattanaikIndian National Congress
RemunaPratap Kumar SethiIndian National Congress
NilgiriManoj Manjari DebiIndian National Congress
SoroSurendra Prasad PramanikIndian National Congress
SimuliaAnanta Prasad SethiIndian National Congress
BhandaripokhariNiranjan PatnaikIndian National Congress
BhadrakNalini Kanta MohantyIndian National Congress
BasudevpurAshok Kumar Das Indian National Congress
DhamnagarBidyadhar JenaIndian National Congress
ChandabaliDigambar DasIndian National Congress
BinjharpurManoranjan DasIndian National Congress
BariUmesh Chandra Jena Indian National Congress
BarchanaAjay Kumar SamalIndian National Congress
DharmasalaSmrutirekha Pahi Indian National Congress
JajpurSantosh Kumar NandaIndian National Congress
KoreiBandita ParidaIndian National Congress
SukindaSarat Rout Indian National Congress
DhenkanalNabin NandaIndian National Congress
HindolTrinath BeheraIndian National Congress
KamakhyanagarBhabani Sankar Mohapatra Indian National Congress
ParjangaRamesh Chandra BeheraIndian National Congress
PallaharaSubrat GarnayakIndian National Congress
TalcherSuresh Chandra BeheraIndian National Congress
AngulBiplab Kumar JenaIndian National Congress
ChhendipadaSashmita BeheraIndian National Congress
AthamallikBijayananda Chaulia Indian National Congress
BirmaharajpurBinod Patra Indian National Congress
SonepurChittaranjan Mishra Indian National Congress
LoisinghaNaba Kishor NaikIndian National Congress
PatnagarhRamesh Kumar PurohitIndian National Congress
BolangirNarasingha MishraIndian National Congress
TitlagarhSurendra Sing BhoiIndian National Congress
KantabanjiSantosh Singh Saluja Indian National Congress
NuapadaGhasiram MajhiIndian National Congress
KhariarAdhiraj Mohan PanigrahiIndian National Congress
Umerkote (ST)Jasoda Gond Indian National Congress
Jharigam (ST)Uldhar MajhiIndian National Congress
Nabarangpur (ST)Sadan NayakIndian National Congress
Dabugam (ST)Bhujabal MajhiIndian National Congress
Lanjigarh (ST)Sibaji MajhiIndian National Congress
JunagarhAnil Kumar Singh DeoIndian National Congress
DharmgarhDigambar DuriaIndian National Congress
BhawanipatnaSagar Charan DasIndian National Congress
NarlaChittaranjan MandalIndian National Congress
BaligudaSiman Mallick Indian National Congress
G. UdayagiriShyamghan Pradhan Indian National Congress
PhulbaniKishor Chandra Kanhar Indian National Congress
KantamalPrasanta Kumar SahuIndian National Congress
BarambaBobby MohantyIndian National Congress
BankiDebasis PatnaikIndian National Congress
AthagarhUma Ballav RathIndian National Congress
Barabati-CuttackMohammed MoquimIndian National Congress
Choudwar-CuttackJagdish Chandra Mohanty Indian National Congress
NialiMamata Bhoi Indian National Congress
Cuttack SadarAbhishek Mahananda Indian National Congress
SalipurRabindranath Kara Indian National Congress
MahangaDebendra Kumar Sahoo Indian National Congress
PatkuraJayanta Kumar Mohanty Indian National Congress
KendraparaGaneswar Behera Indian National Congress
AulDevendra Sharma Indian National Congress
RajanagarAnshuman Mohanty Indian National Congress
MahakalapadaBibhransu Sekhar Lenka Indian National Congress
ParadeepArindam Sarkhel Indian National Congress
TirtolDebi Prasad Mallick Indian National Congress
Balikuda-ErsamaDr. Lalatendu Mohapatra Indian National Congress
JagatsinghpurChiranjib Biswal Indian National Congress
KakatpurBiswa Bhusahan Das Indian National Congress
NimaparaDillip Kumar Nayak Indian National Congress
PuriAuro Prasad Mishra Indian National Congress
BramhagiriUmakanta Baral Indian National Congress
PipiliAjit Mangaraj Indian National Congress
JayadevSukanta Tiadi Indian National Congress
Bhubaneswar Central (Madhya)Rajeeb Kumar PattanaikIndian National Congress
Bhubaneswar North (Uttar)Itish Kumar Pradhan Indian National Congress
Ekamra-BhubaneswarRashmi Mohapatra Indian National Congress
JataniSuresh Kumar Rautray Indian National Congress
BeguniaPradeep Kumar Sahoo Indian National Congress
KhurdaSwagatika Pattanaik Indian National Congress
ChilikaPradip Kumar Swain Indian National Congress
RanpurSubhashree Panda Indian National Congress
KhandapadaBasanta Kumar Maharana Indian National Congress
DaspallaPrashanta Kumar Naik Indian National Congress
NayagarhManoj Kumar Sahoo Indian National Congress
BhanjanagarSanjay Kumar Tripathy Indian National Congress
PolasaraHari Charan Swain Indian National Congress
KabisuryangarBijaya Kumar Sahu Indian National Congress
KhalikoteBhokali Sethi Indian National Congress
AskaManoj Kumar Jena Indian National Congress
SuradaSangram Keshari Mohanty Indian National Congress
SanakhemundiRamesh Chandra Jena Indian National Congress
HinjiliRama Krishna Panda Indian National Congress
GopalpurS Dharmaraj Reddy Indian National Congress
BerhampurLingaraj ChaudhuryIndian National Congress
DigapahandiPrafulla PandaIndian National Congress
ChikitiSubas RautIndian National Congress
Mohana (ST)Dasarathi GamangoIndian National Congress
Parlakhemundi (ST)K. Surya RaoIndian National Congress
Gunupur (ST)Purusottam GomangoIndian National Congress
Bissam Cuttack (ST)Nilamadhaba HikakaIndian National Congress
Rayagada (ST)Kadraka AppalaswamyIndian National Congress
Laxmipur (ST)Kailash Chandra KulesikaIndian National Congress
Kotpad (ST)Chandra Sekhar MajhiIndian National Congress
JeyporeTara Prasad BahinipatiIndian National Congress
Koraput (SC)Krushna KuldipIndian National Congress
Pottangi (ST)Rama Chandra KadamIndian National Congress
Malkangiri (ST)Mala MadhiIndian National Congress
Chitrokonda (ST)Laxmipriya NayakIndian National Congress

List of BSP Candidates for Orissa Assembly Elections 2019

Constituency NameCandidate NameParty Name
PadampurTankadhara KantaBahujan Samaj Party
BijepurAshok Kalet Bahujan Samaj Party
BargarhKaustuva BudhiaBahujan Samaj Party
AttabiraRabindra MeghaBahujan Samaj Party
BhatliNarayan VesraBahujan Samaj Party
BrajarajnagarSitaram Rohidas Bahujan Samaj Party
JharsugudaKartikeswar Ghugar Bahujan Samaj Party
TalsaraSanjeet PradhanBahujan Samaj Party
BiramitrapurPaulus OramBahujan Samaj Party
RaghunathpaliSunil KaruaBahujan Samaj Party
RourkelaBishnu Charan MahantaBahujan Samaj Party
BonaiMadan Lakra Bahujan Samaj Party
KuchindaRatha MundaBahujan Samaj Party
SambalpurDilip SinghBahujan Samaj Party
RairakholSanket BahidarBahujan Samaj Party
DeogarhKandarpa PatraBahujan Samaj Party
TelkoiBideshi DehuriBahujan Samaj Party
PatnaLokanath Naik Bahujan Samaj Party
KeonjharRam Prasad Hembram Bahujan Samaj Party
ChampuaKailash Chandra Tanti Bahujan Samaj Party
SaraskanaHadibandhu Naik Bahujan Samaj Party
RairangpurSushila SawayanBahujan Samaj Party
BadasahiSanjay Kumar BeheraBahujan Samaj Party
BaripadaSarojini SorenBahujan Samaj Party
MoradaNarendra PradhanBahujan Samaj Party
JaleswarPrabhuram Jena Bahujan Samaj Party
BhograiNalini Kumar Jena Bahujan Samaj Party
BastaMrutyunjay Dey Bahujan Samaj Party
BalasoreMayadhar BeheraBahujan Samaj Party
SoroMadhabananda MalikBahujan Samaj Party
SimuliaPruthwiraj DasBahujan Samaj Party
BhandaripokhariRajiba Lochan JenaBahujan Samaj Party
BhadrakSasmita Patra Bahujan Samaj Party
BasudevpurNirmal MalikBahujan Samaj Party
DhamnagarBudhiram Samal Bahujan Samaj Party
ChandabaliAjaya Kumar MahalikBahujan Samaj Party
BinjharpurRasmita JenaBahujan Samaj Party
BariRohit Kumar MallickBahujan Samaj Party
BarchanaUmakanta Malik Bahujan Samaj Party
DharmasalaDebabrata RoutBahujan Samaj Party
KoreiKajal KinnarBahujan Samaj Party
DhenkanalGaneswar PradhanBahujan Samaj Party
HindolChandan Naik Bahujan Samaj Party
KamakhyanagarBijaya Kumar Naik Bahujan Samaj Party
PallaharaBinoda Bihari BoitaBahujan Samaj Party
TalcherUchhan Chandra Pattanayak Bahujan Samaj Party
AngulTrilochan NaikBahujan Samaj Party
ChhendipadaSarat Chandra NaikBahujan Samaj Party
AthamallikHrusikesh Luha Bahujan Samaj Party
BirmaharajpurBrajendra LuhaBahujan Samaj Party
SonepurSurubabu NandaBahujan Samaj Party
PatnagarhLaba SunaBahujan Samaj Party
BolangirDrona Kumbhar Bahujan Samaj Party
TitlagarhBibhisan NagBahujan Samaj Party
KantabanjiChampa NagBahujan Samaj Party
NuapadaKunti SahooBahujan Samaj Party
KhariarPurna Chandra NetamBahujan Samaj Party
Umerkote (ST)Sudar Bhatara Bahujan Samaj Party
Lanjigarh (ST)Suresh MajhiBahujan Samaj Party
DharmgarhJubaraj ParabhoiBahujan Samaj Party
BhawanipatnaMangal PalBahujan Samaj Party
NarlaPravakar NagBahujan Samaj Party
Choudwar-CuttackNaba Kishore DasBahujan Samaj Party
NialiSudhir Kumar NayakBahujan Samaj Party
SalipurJasobanta Jena Bahujan Samaj Party
KendraparaRanjan Kumar Mallik Bahujan Samaj Party
AulSudhakar Malik Bahujan Samaj Party
RajanagarAnirudha Sethi Bahujan Samaj Party
MahakalapadaAdhir Nath Sarma Bahujan Samaj Party
ParadeepAnjan Mallick Bahujan Samaj Party
TirtolRabindra Nath Sethy Bahujan Samaj Party
JagatsinghpurParina Bibi Bahujan Samaj Party
KakatpurChhabi Malik Bahujan Samaj Party
NimaparaShankar Prasad Bhoi Bahujan Samaj Party
PuriSuchendra Bhoi Bahujan Samaj Party
BramhagiriBihari Bandhu Palai Bahujan Samaj Party
SatyabadiPravata Kumar Bhoi Bahujan Samaj Party
PipiliAhemad Khan Bahujan Samaj Party
JayadevPabitra Mohan Bhoi Bahujan Samaj Party
Bhubaneswar Central (Madhya)Birendra NayakBahujan Samaj Party
Bhubaneswar North (Uttar)Abhimanyu Naik Bahujan Samaj Party
Ekamra-BhubaneswarBinapani BhoiBahujan Samaj Party
JataniBasanta Kumar Naik Bahujan Samaj Party
KhurdaRajakishore Nayak Bahujan Samaj Party
ChilikaBasanta Behera Bahujan Samaj Party
RanpurKulamani Naik Bahujan Samaj Party
DaspallaDebaraj Naik Bahujan Samaj Party
BhanjanagarNarasingha Gouda Bahujan Samaj Party
PolasaraKailash Chandra Patro Bahujan Samaj Party
ChhatrapurRamahari Behera Bahujan Samaj Party
SanakhemundiGariba Naik Bahujan Samaj Party
HinjiliBhaskar Choudhury Bahujan Samaj Party
BerhampurAshok Kumar SahooBahujan Samaj Party
DigapahandiPabitra Kumar TripathyBahujan Samaj Party
Mohana (ST)Sudam RaitaBahujan Samaj Party
Parlakhemundi (ST)Gouri Shankar MahanandiaBahujan Samaj Party
Gunupur (ST)Kailash SabarBahujan Samaj Party
Bissam Cuttack (ST)Jetendra Jakaka (Jitu Bhai)Bahujan Samaj Party
Rayagada (ST)Purnabati MajhiBahujan Samaj Party
Laxmipur (ST)Anita SagariaBahujan Samaj Party
Kotpad (ST)Mangal Sai MajhiBahujan Samaj Party
JeyporeKrushna Chandra SagariaBahujan Samaj Party
Koraput (SC)Bhagirathi PatniaBahujan Samaj Party
Pottangi (ST)Muralidhara GunthaBahujan Samaj Party
Malkangiri (ST)Jara Sabar MadhiBahujan Samaj Party
Chitrokonda (ST)Sanatana KawasiBahujan Samaj Party

List of BJP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AnandapurAlok Kumar Sethy (BJP)JunagarhAnil Kumar Singh Deo (BJP)
AngulMinaketan Amant (BJP)KabisuryanagarSri Bishnu Prasad Jena (BJP)
AskaNarayan Behera (BJP)KakatpurTusharkanti Behera (BJP)
AthagarhSri Biswa Sundar Mishra (BJP)KamakhyanagarPrasanna Pattnaik (BJP)
AthmallikBhagirathi Pradhan (BJP)KantabanjiLachhaman Bag (BJP)
AttabiraMilan Seth (BJP)KantamalSudhansu Danga (BJP)
AulBraja Sundar Bhuyan (BJP)KaranjiaJyostna Bhansingh (BJP)
BadasahiBrundaban Das (BJP)KendraparaSunakar Behera (BJP)
BalasoreMadan Mohan Dutta (BJP)KeonjharMohan Charan Majhi (BJP)
BaligudaKarendra Majhi (BJP)KhallikoteSarat Chandra Behera (BJP)
Balikuda-ErsamaChitta Ranjan Kansa (BJP)KhandapadaShiba Prasad Bhanja (BJP)
BangriposiPurusotam Naik (BJP)KhariarDuryodhan Majhi (BJP)
BankiAjaya Kumar Swain (BJP)KhurdaJyotirindra Nath Mitra (BJP)
Barabati-CuttackPradeep Swain (BJP)KoraputJayaram Garada (BJP)
BarambaSri Bibhudatta Pattanaik (BJP)KoreiSmt. Sanchita Mohanty (BJP)
BarchanaSimantini Jena (BJP)KotpadSri Padmanav Majhi (BJP)
BargarhAshwini Kumar Sarangi (BJP)KuchindaRabinarayan Naik (BJP)
BariNilamani Samal (BJP)LanjigarhBijaya Dishari (BJP)
BaripadaNisamani Baske (BJP)LaxmipurShiba Muduli (BJP)
BastaShyama Prasad Behera (BJP)LoisinghaParamananda Seth (BJP)
BasudevpurDinabandhu Pati (BJP)MahakalapadaBijoy Mohapatra (BJP)
BeguniaJatin Kumar Mohanty (BJP)MahangaSamir Kumar Samal (BJP)
BerhampurSri Siva Shankar Dash (BJP)MalkangiriAditya Madhi (BJP)
BhadrakDr. Pradip Nayak (BJP)MohanaBharat Paik (BJP)
BhandaripokhariBadri Narayan Dhal (BJP)MoradaRajkishore Das (BJP)
BhanjanagarPradeep Kumar Sahu (BJP)NabarangpurSri Birendra Pujari (BJP)
BhatliSauri Charan Barik (BJP)NarlaArtatrana Mohapatra (BJP)
BhawanipatnaDayanidhi Naik (BJP)NayagarhPradipta Jena (BJP)
BhograiParesh Chandra Nayak (BJP)NialiSushanta Kumar Mallick (BJP)
Bhubaneswar CentralJagannath Pradhan (BJP)NilgiriSushama Biswal (BJP)
Bhubaneswar NorthDillip Mohanty (BJP)NimaparaPravati Parida (BJP)
BijepurJayshankar Pattanaik (BJP)NuapadaBasanta Kumar Panda (BJP)
BinjharpurDeba Prasad Mallik (BJP)PadampurPradip Purohit (BJP)
BiramitrapurShankar Oram (BJP)PallaharaAshok Mohanty (BJP)
BirmaharajpurAnanda Barik (BJP)ParadeepDiptirekha Nayak (BJP)
Bissam CuttackSarangadhara Kadraka (BJP)ParjangaBibhuti Pradhan (BJP)
BolangirBasudev Pati (BJP)ParlakhemundiTripati Nayak (BJP)
BonaiLuthar Oram (BJP)PatkuraManas Ranjan Mohanty (BJP)
BoudhSurya Narayan Mahapatra (BJP)PatnaBhabani Sankar Nayak (BJP)
BrahmagiriDebendranath Tarei (BJP)PatnagarhKanak Vardhan Singh Deo (BJP)
BrajarajnagarRadharani Panda (BJP)PhulbaniDebanarayan Pradhan (BJP)
ChampuaGirish Chandra Mahanta (BJP)PipiliPrafulla Prasad Gajendra (BJP)
ChandbaliManmohan Samal (BJP)PolasaraSmt.Kumudini Patnaik (BJP)
ChhatrapurDharanidhar Behera (BJP)PottangiKrushna Chandra Jani (BJP)
ChhendipadaSantosh Kumar Naik (BJP)PuriKrushna Chandra Panda (BJP)
ChikitiSri Udaya Nath Pradhan (BJP)RaghunathpalliJagabandhu Behera (BJP)
ChilikaBibhutibhusan Harichandan (BJP)RairakholPratap Kumar Pradhan (BJP)
ChitrakondaSarat Chandra Buruda (BJP)RairangpurDroupadai Murmu (BJP)
Choudwar-CuttackNayan Kishore Mohanty (BJP)RajanagarJnandev Beura (BJP)
Cuttack SadarDilip Kumar Mallick (BJP)RajgangpurUpendra Pradhan (BJP)
DabugamSri Sasi Dhar Majhi (BJP)RanpurShrimati Surama Padhy (BJP)
DaspallaPramoda Kumar Behera (BJP)RayagadaKaliram Majhi (BJP)
DeogarhNitesh Gangadeb (BJP)RemunaGobinda Chandra Das (BJP)
DhamnagarSri Bishnu Charan Sethi (BJP)RengaliNauri Nayak (BJP)
DharamgarhRabindra Pattjoshi (BJP)RourkelaDilip Kumar Ray (BJP)
DharamsalaRamesh Chandra Parida (BJP)SalepurChoudhury Hemanta Kumar Sahu (BJP)
DhenkanalKrushna Chandra Patra (BJP)SambalpurJayanarayan Mishra (BJP)
DigapahandiSri Bijaya Kumar Swain (BJP)SanakhemundiSri Birkishore Dev (BJP)
Ekamra-BhubaneswarAmiya Dash (BJP)SaraskanaNarendra Nath Singh (BJP)
G. UdayagiriManagobinda Pradhan (BJP)SatyabadiBiswanath Rath (BJP)
GhasipuraSatyabrata Panda (BJP)SimuliaShashi Kumar Sahoo (BJP)
GopalpurSri Bibhuti Bhusan Jena (BJP)SonepurPramod Kumar Mahapatra (BJP)
GunupurRamurty Gomango (BJP)SoroRakesh Kumar Malik (BJP)
HindolLaxmidhar Behera (BJP)SukindaAbhina Kumar Hota (BJP)
HinjiliDevananda Mahapatra (BJP)SundargarhSahadev Xaxa (BJP)
JagatsinghpurPratap Kumar Mishra (BJP)SuradaBhagabana Panda (BJP)
JajpurJagannath Prasad Samal (BJP)TalcherKalandi Samal (BJP)
JaleswarArun Kumar Bej (BJP)TalsaraSantosh Kumar Amat (BJP)
JashipurDr. Ragunath Hembram (BJP)TelkoiKailash Chandra Nayak (BJP)
JatniSudipta Kumar Ray (BJP)TirtolRamakanta Bhoi (BJP)
JayadevBasanta Kumar Nayak (BJP)TitlagarhMahendra Kumar Thakur (BJP)
JeyporeBhrugu Baxipatra (BJP)UdalaSri Bhaskar Madhei (BJP)
JharigamSri Kumar Pujari (BJP)UmarkoteSri Nityananda Gond (BJP)
JharsugudaAnand Pradhan (BJP) ()

List of INC Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AnandapurJayadev Jena (INC)JunagarhGobardhan Dash (INC)
AngulPratap Chandra Pradhan (INC)KabisuryanagarSri Sitaram Panigrahi (INC)
AskaSaroj Kumar Padhi (INC)KakatpurRabindra Kumar Sethy (INC)
AthagarhSri Bichitrananda Muduli (INC)KamakhyanagarBhabani Sankar Mohaptra (INC)
AthmallikSurendra Kumar Pradhan (INC)KantabanjiSantosh Singh Saluja (INC)
AttabiraNihar Ranjan Mahananda (INC)KantamalHarinarayan Pradhan (INC)
AulDevendra Sharma (INC)KaranjiaBaidyanath Sing (INC)
BadasahiJaminikanta Naik (INC)KendraparaGaneswar Behera (INC)
BalasoreArun Dey (INC)KeonjharSidheswar Naik (INC)
BaligudaKlesa Pradhan (INC)KhallikotePandaba Jalli (INC)
Balikuda-ErsamaLalatendu Mohapatra (INC)KhandapadaBinodini Mohanty (INC)
BangriposiSundar Mohan Singh (INC)KhariarAdhiraj Mohan Panigrahi (INC)
BankiRabindra Kumar Mallick (INC)KhurdaDillip Srichandan (INC)
Barabati-CuttackMohammed Moquim (INC)KoraputKrishna Chandra Sagaria (INC)
BarambaLaxmi Devi (INC)KoreiBiswajeet Nayak (INC)
BarchanaJanmejoy Lenka (INC)KotpadChandra Sekhar Majhi (INC)
BargarhSadhu Nepak (INC)KuchindaRajendra Kumar Chhatria (INC)
BariGagan Jena (INC)LanjigarhPradip Kumar Dishari (INC)
BaripadaPriyabrata Majhi (INC)LaxmipurKailash Chandra Kulesika (INC)
BastaJay Narayan Mohanty (INC)LoisinghaPandaba Chandra Kumbhar (INC)
BasudevpurMadhabananda Mallick (INC)MahakalapadaBalaram Parida (INC)
BeguniaDebasis Patnaik (INC)MahangaSk. Matlub Ali (INC)
BerhampurSri Bikram Kumar Panda (INC)MalkangiriMala Madhi (INC)
BhadrakNaren Pallai (INC)MohanaDasarathi Gamango (INC)
BhandaripokhariSubrat Kumar Das (INC)MoradaPravash Kar Mohapatra (INC)
BhanjanagarBinayak Tripathy (INC)NabarangpurSri Sadan Nayak (INC)
BhatliPrakash Chandra Debta (INC)NarlaJagannath Pattnayak (INC)
BhawanipatnaDusmanta Naik (INC)NayagarhLala Monaj Kumar Ray (INC)
BhograiSatyashib Das (INC)NialiChhabi Malik (INC)
Bhubaneswar CentralShuvendu Mohanty (INC)NilgiriKartik Mohapatra (INC)
Bhubaneswar NorthManoranjan Dash (INC)NimaparaBiswaranjan Mohanty (INC)
BijepurSubal Sahu (INC)NuapadaGhasi Ram Majhi (INC)
BinjharpurBabita Mallick (INC)PadampurPrakash Narayan Tripathy (INC)
BiramitrapurRajesh Kerketta (INC)PallaharaSubodh Chandra Pani (INC)
BirmaharajpurKartik Prasad Taria (INC)ParadeepArindam Sarkhel (INC)
Bissam CuttackDambarudhar Ulaka (INC)ParjangaSantosh Kumar Rout (INC)
BolangirNarasingha Mishra (INC)ParlakhemundiKengam Surya Rao (INC)
BonaiBhimsen Choudhary (INC)PatkuraJayanta Kumar Mohanty (INC)
BoudhSusanta Kumar Pradhan (INC)PatnaSanatan Naik (INC)
BrahmagiriLalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra (INC)PatnagarhKishor Kumar Parichha (INC)
BrajarajnagarKishore Chandra Patel (INC)PhulbaniSudarsan Kanhar (INC)
ChampuaKshetra Mohan Mahanta (INC)PipiliJudhistir Samantaray (INC)
ChandbaliAmiya Kumar Mahapatra (INC)PolasaraSri Gokulananda Mallik (INC)
ChhatrapurBanamali Sethi (INC)PottangiRama Chandra Kadam (INC)
ChhendipadaAgasti Behera (INC)PuriUma Ballav Rath (INC)
ChikitiSri Mano Ranjan Dyana Samantara (INC)RaghunathpalliGajendra Tanty (INC)
ChilikaManasi Pradhan (INC)RairakholAssaf Ali Khan (INC)
ChitrakondaSunadhar Kakari (INC)RairangpurShyam Charan Hansdah (INC)
Choudwar-CuttackSuresh Mohapatra (INC)RajanagarAnshuman Mohanty (INC)
Cuttack SadarChandra Skhar Samal (INC)RajgangpurGregory Minz (INC)
DabugamSri Bhujabal Majhi (INC)RanpurSatyajit Pattnaik (INC)
DaspallaIndumati Nayak (INC)RayagadaMakaranda Muduli (INC)
DeogarhSem Hemram (INC)RemunaPratyush Ranjan Jena (INC)
DhamnagarHrudananda Sethi (INC)RengaliDuryodhan Gardia (INC)
DharamgarhTushar Ranjan Pattjoshi (INC)RourkelaPravat Mohapatra (INC)
DharamsalaSrinath Mishra (INC)SalepurPrakash Chandra Behera (INC)
DhenkanalSidheswari Prasad Mishra (INC)SambalpurSureswar Mishra (INC)
DigapahandiSri Saka Sujit Kumar (INC)SanakhemundiSri Ramesh Chandra Jena (INC)
Ekamra-BhubaneswarShivananda Ray (INC)SaraskanaBerel Sirka (INC)
G. UdayagiriJacob Pradhan (INC)SatyabadiPrasad Kumar Harichandan (INC)
GhasipuraPrithviraj Kuanr (INC)SimuliaPadmalochan Panda (INC)
GopalpurSri Bhagaban Gantayat (INC)SonepurSarbeswar Purohit (INC)
GunupurPurusattam Gomango (INC)SoroMrutyunjay Jena (INC)
HindolNamita Naik (INC)SukindaSarat Raut (INC)
HinjiliSibaram Patra (INC)SundargarhJogesh Kumar Singh (INC)
JagatsinghpurChiranjib Biswal (INC)SuradaBasanta Kumar Bisoyi (INC)
JajpurSantosh Kumar Nanda (INC)TalcherSashmita Behera (INC)
JaleswarDebiprasanna Chand (INC)TalsaraPrafulla Majhi (INC)
JashipurMinati Nayak (INC)TelkoiDhanurjaya Sidu (INC)
JatniSuresh Kumar Routray (INC)TirtolRajkishore Behera (INC)
JayadevBenudhar Bhoi (INC)TitlagarhSurendra Singh Bhoi (INC)
JeyporeTara Prasad Bahinipati (INC)UdalaSri Dukhishyam Murmu (INC)
JharigamSri Uldhar Majhi (INC)UmarkoteSri Jatindra Nath Gond (INC)
JharsugudaNaba Kisore Das (INC) ()

List of AAP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AngulPradipta Kumar Tripathy JaleswarGagan Bihari Das Mohapatra
AthmallikPrasadi Behera JayadevPrafulla Chandra Behera
AttabiraUpendra Seth JeyporeManoranjan Naik
AulSoumya Ranjan Dhal JharsugudaParikhita Panigrahi
BadasahiRabindra Nath Sethi JunagarhChinmaya Behera
BalasoreKesu Das KabisuryanagarSri Samarjit Mahanty
Balikuda-ErsamaAkshya Kumar Swain KamakhyanagarMayadhara Nayak
BangriposiDharmendra Munda KantabanjiAjay Kumar Das
BankiRitanjali Samal KantamalRajeeb Kumar Nayak
Barabati-CuttackShaikh Muntaqeem Buksh KaranjiaNiranjan Naik
BarambaSri Susanta Kumar Jena KendraparaBijan Kumar Mallik
BarchanaDurga Prasad Dash KeonjharSunaram Mardi
BargarhArun Kumar Sahu KhallikoteSaroj Kumar Behera
BariPulin Bihari Khuntia KhandapadaSantosh Kumar Sahoo
BaripadaBadal Hembram KhurdaSudhir Kumar Mansingh
BastaSaroj Kumar Roul KoraputMangaldan Khosla
BasudevpurPrakash Chandra Gochhait KoreiSatyabrata Prusty
BeguniaRajesh Rajaratan Bidhar KuchindaLinkan Kumar Kindo
BerhampurSri Ramesh Chandra Patra LanjigarhLala Bahadur Jani
BhadrakAkhtar Alli Khan MahakalapadaBabrubahan Routray
BhandaripokhariBikash Ranjan Jena MahangaBhaskar Chandra Swain
BhatliSushil Kumar Sahu MoradaKishore Dash
BhawanipatnaDamayanti Mahanand NarlaLaxminarayan Panda
BhograiRaghunath Patra NayagarhManas Kumar Mishra
Bhubaneswar CentralRanjan Kumar Das NilgiriSharat Mahakud
Bhubaneswar NorthSwarna Lata Pattnaik NimaparaPrafulla Chandra Mishra
BijepurSuresh Tripathy NuapadaSurendra Prasad Panda
BinjharpurJanardan Das PadampurRajkumar Seth
BiramitrapurLaxmidhar Sa PallaharaJugal Kishor Jit
BolangirSangita Majhi ParadeepMathurananda Das
BonaiChandramani Naik ParjangaSusanta Kumar Pany
BoudhSamaresh Mishra ParlakhemundiSisir Kumar Bhanja Samanta
BrajarajnagarJayaram Barik PatkuraBanamber Sahoo
ChampuaMd Azhar Imam PatnagarhSunil Goel
ChandbaliDebadutta Mohanty PhulbaniUmesh Prasad Patra
ChhatrapurRitu Kumari Sethi PuriAditya Hruday Mishra
ChhendipadaTrilochan Behera RairakholLaxmidhar Naik
ChikitiSri Salina Umashankar RairangpurSudarsan Murmu
ChilikaBinod Panda RajgangpurPramod Ekka
Choudwar-CuttackBichitrananda Routray RanpurDebaraj Sahoo
Cuttack SadarPranakrushna Bhoi RemunaAshok Kumar Sethi
DaspallaBaneeta Naik RengaliBira Kishor Bhoisagar
DhamnagarAruna Chandra Sethi RourkelaBinay Kumar Tiwari
DharamgarhBishnu Prasad Agrawal SalepurSk.Asfaque Ali
DhenkanalShishira Kumar Satapathy SambalpurBirendra Kumar Panigrahi
DigapahandiSri Kuresh Maharana SanakhemundiSri Kadmi Ramesh Kumar Dora
Ekamra-BhubaneswarDebi Prasad Mishra SaraskanaChandan Kisku
GhasipuraPramod Kumar Sahoo SimuliaRatikanta Nayak
GopalpurSri Debasish Bebartta SukindaDipaka Kumar Nayak
HindolBiranchi Narayan Nayak SundargarhJalandhar Pradhan
HinjiliMohammad Sazid Hussai TalcherBishnu Mohan Rath
JagatsinghpurDebi Prasad Moharana TelkoiPurna Chandra Nayak
JajpurBijayananda Mohanty TirtolPramodini Sethy

List of BSP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AngulPramod Chandra Naik KabisuryanagarSmt.Sangeeta Kumari Mohapatra
AskaDwiti Krushna Badatya KantabanjiSushil Kumbhar
AthmallikAnanda Chandra Behera KantamalRamesh Chandra Dehuria
AttabiraMadhabi Dehuria KendraparaAkshaya Kumar Malik
AulBirabara Jena KeonjharLaxmipriya Hembram
BadasahiMoheswar Sethi KhandapadaSarojini Ranasingh
BalasoreMayadhar Behera KhariarSudhir Kumar Sahoo
BaligudaNabaghana Karjimajhi KhurdaRajkishore Nayak
Balikuda-ErsamaBibhuti Bhusan Majhi KoraputBabhadra Mandi
BangriposiLaxman Hansdah KotpadBasu Nayak
Barabati-CuttackSyed Saif Ali KuchindaDeepak Pradhan
BargarhSurendra Kumar Tandi LanjigarhSobha Majhi
BariBhimsen Behera LaxmipurJandhar Wadaka
BaripadaSubash Chandra Hansdah LoisinghaJugeswar Kumbhar
BastaPramod Kumar Pattayat MahakalapadaRanjan Kumar Mallik
BasudevpurManoj Barik MahangaLaxmidhar Jena
BeguniaBaman Naik MalkangiriJarasabar Madhi
BerhampurSri Ramesha Chandra Behera MoradaJay Krushna Naik
BhadrakRamahari Das NabarangpurSri Narasinh Bhotra
BhandaripokhariRajiblochan Jena NarlaGoura Chandra Seth
BhanjanagarPurna Chandra Naik NayagarhKamal Kumari Patasani
BhatliBihari Meher NialiSasmita Mallcik
BhawanipatnaChitrasen Chhatria NuapadaKunti Sahoo
BhograiKartick Chandra Behera PadampurTankadhar Kanta
BijepurJayram Bag PallaharaJambeswar Pattanaik
BiramitrapurDevananda Oram ParadeepManoj Patra
BirmaharajpurSadanand Mahanand PatkuraSk Ahesan Ali
Bissam CuttackBarini Miniaka PatnaGopeswar Naik
BolangirKaram Chand Bej PatnagarhJaya Sudan Bariha
BonaiRaghunath Oram PhulbaniHarekrishna Mallick
BoudhGangadhara Hansa PottangiAshok Kumar Ulaka
BrahmagiriMangaraj Das PuriBasanti Bhoi
BrajarajnagarRanjit Kumar RaghunathpalliLalman Suna
ChhendipadaGobinda Naik RairakholDebdulal Bakshi
ChitrakondaSanatan Kabasi RairangpurLambodar Murmu
Choudwar-CuttackBijay Kumar Samal RajgangpurAnmol Kindo
Cuttack SadarMinakhi Das RanpurJogendra Nayak
DabugamSri Khagapati Nayak RayagadaBhaskar Mutuka
DaspallaBrajendra Malik RemunaSukumar Das
DeogarhRajib Kisan RengaliRasia Haripal
DhamnagarAjay Malik RourkelaRichard Anand Kujur
DharamgarhSibaram Naik SalepurJasobanta Jena
DharamsalaGobinda Sahoo SambalpurMd. Mustakim
DhenkanalKamaksha Prasad Bihari SanakhemundiSri Sirish Charan Mishra
Ekamra-BhubaneswarSubrat Samal SatyabadiJitendra Kumar Sahoo
GhasipuraBijaya Kumar Rana SimuliaGajendra Jena
GopalpurSri Jitendra Kumar Panda SonepurBimala Naik
GunupurHaribandhu Sabar SoroAshok Kumar Das
JagatsinghpurRajesh Kumar Gochhayat SukindaBraja Kishore Mallik
JajpurSuryamani Jena SundargarhMiss Mariam Guria
JaleswarRamakanta Jena TalcherUchhan Chandra Pattanayak
JashipurDelha Soren TalsaraBishnu Kerketta
JatniMohit Ranjan Behera TelkoiBhagirathi Dehury
JayadevDibakar Das TirtolSukanta Kumar Bhoi
JeyporeSada Naik TitlagarhSatya Narayan Behera
JharsugudaBhaskar Gardia UdalaSri Dhaneswar Naik
JunagarhManmath Benupani

List of BJD Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AnandapurMayadhar Jena JunagarhDibya Sankar Mishra
AngulRajanikanta Singh KabisuryanagarSmt.V.Sugnana Kumari Deo
AskaDebaraj Mohanty KakatpurSurendra Sethi
AthagarhSri Ranendra Pratap Swain KamakhyanagarPrafulla Kumar Mallik
AthmallikSanjeeb Kumar Sahoo KantabanjiAyub Khan
AttabiraSnehangini Chhuria KantamalMahidhar Rana
AulPratap Keshari Deb KaranjiaBijay Kumar Naik
BadasahiGaneswar Patra KendraparaKishore Chandra Tarai
BalasoreJiban Pradip Das KeonjharAbhiram Naik
BaligudaRajib Patra KhallikotePurna Chandra Sethy
Balikuda-ErsamaPrasanta Kumar Muduli KhandapadaAnubhav Patnaik
BangriposiSudam Marndi KhariarLambodar Nial
BankiPravata Kumar Tripathy KhurdaRajendra Kumar Sahoo
Barabati-CuttackDebashish Samantaray KoraputRaghuram Machha
BarambaSri Debiprasad Mishra KoreiAkash Das Nayak
BarchanaAmar Prasad Satpathy KotpadAshok Kumar Pangi
BargarhDebesh Acharya KuchindaBhubaneswar Kisan
BariDebasis Nayak LanjigarhBalabhadra Majhi
BaripadaSananda Marndi LaxmipurSmt. Hema Gomango
BastaNityananda Sahoo LoisinghaJogendra Behera
BasudevpurShri Bijayshree Routray MahakalapadaAtanu Sabyasachi Nayak
BeguniaPrasanta Kumar Jagadev MahangaPratap Jena
BerhampurDr. Ramesh Chandra Chyau Patnaik MalkangiriManasmadkami
BhadrakJugal Kishore Pattnaik MohanaBasanti Mallick
BhandaripokhariSri Prafulla Samal MoradaPraveen Chandra Bhanjdeo
BhanjanagarBikram Keshari Arukha NabarangpurSri Manohar Randhari
BhatliSusanta Singh NarlaDhaneswar Majhi
BhawanipatnaAnam Naik NayagarhArun Kumar Sahoo
BhograiAnanta Das NialiPramod Kumar Mallick
Bhubaneswar CentralBijaya Kumar Mohanty NilgiriSukanta Kumar Nayak
Bhubaneswar NorthPriyadarshi Mishra NimaparaSamir Ranjan Dash
BijepurPrasanna Acharya NuapadaRajendra Dholakia
BinjharpurPramila Mallik PadampurBijaya Ranjan Singha Bariha
BiramitrapurMagdali Kongadi PallaharaMahesh Sahoo
BirmaharajpurPadmanabha Behera ParadeepDamodar Rout
Bissam CuttackJagannath Saraka ParjangaNrusingha Charan Sahu
BolangirAnag Uday Singhdeo ParlakhemundiKoduru Narayana Rao
BonaiDayanidhi Kisan PatkuraBed Prakash Agarwalla
BoudhPradip Kumar Amat PatnaHrushikesh Naik
BrahmagiriSanjay Kumar Das Burma PatnagarhPrakriti Devi Singh Deo
BrajarajnagarAnup Kumar Sai PhulbaniDuguni Kanhar
ChampuaTattwa Prakash Satapathy PipiliPradeep Maharathy
ChandbaliByomkesh Ray PolasaraSri Srikant Sahu
ChhatrapurPriyanshu Pradhan PottangiPrafulla Kumar Pangi
ChhendipadaSusanta Kumar Behera PuriMaheswar Mohanty
ChikitiSmt.Usha Devi RaghunathpalliSubrat Tarai
ChilikaRaghunath Sahu RairakholRohit Pujari
ChitrakondaDambaru Sisa RairangpurSaiba Sushil Kumar Hansdah
Choudwar-CuttackPravat Ranjan Biswal RajanagarDhruba Ch. Sahoo
Cuttack SadarChandra Sarathi Behera RajgangpurMangala Kisan
DabugamSri Motiram Nayak RanpurRabinarayan Mohapatra
DaspallaPurna Chandra Nayak RayagadaLalbihari Himirika
DeogarhAnita Pradhan RemunaSudarshan Jena
DhamnagarMuktikanta Mandal RengaliRamesh Patua
DharamgarhPuspendra Singh Deo RourkelaSarada Prasad Nayak
DharamsalaPranab Kumar Balabantaray SalepurPrasanta Behera
DhenkanalSaroj Kumar Samal SambalpurRaseswari Panigrahi
DigapahandiSri Surjya Narayan Patro SanakhemundiSmt. Nandini Devi
Ekamra-BhubaneswarAshok Chandra Panda SaraskanaBhadav Hansdah
G. UdayagiriPradeep Kumar Pradhan SatyabadiRama Ranjan Baliarsingh
GhasipuraBadri Narayan Patra SimuliaJyoti Prakash Panigrahi
GopalpurDr. Pradeep Kumar Panigrahy SonepurNiranjan Pujari
GunupurTrinath Gomango SoroParshuram Dhada
HindolSeemarani Nayak SukindaPritiranjan Gharai
HinjiliNaveen Patnaik SundargarhKusum Tete
JagatsinghpurBishnu Charan Das SuradaPurna Chandra Swain
JajpurSri Pranab Prakash Das TalcherBrajakishore Pradhan
JaleswarAswini Kumar Patra TalsaraBinaya Kumar Toppo
JashipurMangal Singh Mudi TelkoiBedabyasa Nayak
JatniBhagirathi Badajena TirtolRajashree Mallick
JayadevSashi Bhusan Behera TitlagarhTukuni Sahu
JeyporeRabi Narayan Nanda UdalaSri Golakbihari Naik
JharigamSri Ramesh Chandra Majhi UmarkoteSri Subash Gond
JharsugudaKishore Kumar Mohanty

List of PVP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AthmallikBhramarbara Sahu NarlaBhisma Chandra Sahu
AttabiraChandramani Kumbhar PadampurGangadhar Bhoi
BhatliLaxman Kumar Bhoi RairakholLaxman Kumar Bhoi
BhawanipatnaUsha Nag RengaliSobhamani Padhan
BoudhSana Pradhan SambalpurManagobinda Padhan
KantamalBishnupriya Panda

List of OJM Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AngulPradip Sahu KeonjharAswini Kumar Naik
AthagarhSri Shankarshan Mohanty KhariarDeb Deb Prasad Singh Deo
AulAkshaya Kumar Karan KotpadGolok Bihari Majhi
BadasahiBanalata Behera LanjigarhBishnu Charan Bhoi
BaligudaBijeswar Mallick LaxmipurAkhil Chandra Jhodia
BangriposiBalaram Marndi LoisinghaNarasingh Sing
BargarhDebabrata Mishra MahangaAmar Nayak
BaripadaDebendra Nath Singh MalkangiriDasarath Padiami
BasudevpurAparna Swain MohanaRaghunath Badamundi
BeguniaKrushna Chandra Barik MoradaYudhistir Mohanta
BhadrakSekh Mahammad Alli Jinna NabarangpurSri Dibakar Pujari
BhatliDhanapati Sahu NarlaLaxmi Goudia
BhawanipatnaManoj Naik NialiRinabala Das
Bhubaneswar CentralJayadarshi Nayak NilgiriAnil Kumar Mohapatra
BijepurKishor Daphadar NuapadaRangadhar Majhi
Bissam CuttackRamadas Ullaka PadampurNeheru Bag
BrahmagiriSubhashree Biswal PallaharaMaharga Singh
ChandbaliRanjan Panda ParadeepRashmi Ranjan Samal
ChikitiSri Rama Prasad Mohanty ParjangaSusanta Kumar Sahoo
ChitrakondaMukunda Padiami ParlakhemundiAmit Kumar Patnaik
DabugamSri Gangadhar Jani PatkuraAmiya Ranjan Sahoo
DeogarhSudhir Kumar Brahma PatnaYashobanta Marndi
DhamnagarGanesh Prasad Das PhulbaniPurusottam Kanhar
DharamsalaPravakar Nayak PottangiJayaram Bhoi
Ekamra-BhubaneswarRabi Maharana RairakholBholanath Dehury
GunupurBruhaspati Sabar RairangpurMangal Sing Tudu
JaleswarSantanu Kumar Das RajanagarKailas Mohanty
JashipurDillip Naik RajgangpurAugustine Minz
JeyporeGoutam Samantray SaraskanaSripati Dandapat
JharigamSri Jalandhar Majhi SimuliaSridhar Tripathy
JunagarhPradeep Kumar Padhi TelkoiHiranya Kumar Naik
KakatpurMadhab Mallik TirtolJasobanta Bhoi
KantamalSandip Kumar Meher TitlagarhJagneswar
KaranjiaSabitri Naik UmarkoteSri Sanraj Gond

List of RPI(D) Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BijepurKumar Nanda

List of API Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BhawanipatnaBaidya Nath Behera LoisinghaJanma Barik
BijepurPurna Chandra Paik PallaharaBijaya Kumar Behera
BirmaharajpurJyotirmoya Nag RairakholAparna Bagh
BolangirNilakantha Nag SonepurGiridhari Khura
ChhendipadaSubash Naik TalcherRanjit Kumar Sahoo
DeogarhKalakar Naik TitlagarhLalit Mohan Tandi
KoraputRekhit Kuladip

List of AITC Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AttabiraKumar Behera HinjiliHarihar Sahu
BadasahiHarish Chandra Behera JaleswarManoj Kumar Sasmal
BalasoreArchana Nandi JayadevBishnu Charan Malik
BankiNarendra Kumar Moharana JeyporeMahendra Kumar Patra
BargarhMd. Nijamudin Saha MahakalapadaSikhansu Lenka
BastaMadan Mohan Jena MalkangiriSundar Ray Seda
BerhampurSri M. Ananda Rao Achary MohanaHaladhar Karjee
BhandaripokhariShibanarayan Bishwal MoradaAshok Kumar Dhal
BhatliBruhaspati Khamari NilgiriLaxman Singh
BhograiAshis Kumar Das ParjangaDambaru Dehury
Bhubaneswar CentralSangram Keshari Pattnayak ParlakhemundiSujit Pradhan
Bhubaneswar NorthBikekananda Patra PatkuraLelin Lenka
BijepurRohita Kumar Sahu PolasaraSri Ranjana Kumar Apat
ChhatrapurNatabara Behera PuriDr. Nrusingha Charan Das
ChitrakondaChinmay Kumar Dora RemunaRaghunath Mohalik
Cuttack SadarBirendra Kumar Samal

List of AOP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AngulLaxman Kumar Sahu KamakhyanagarBiprabara Sahoo
AthagarhSri Bikash Chandra Panda KantabanjiSatyendra Suna
AulPramila Samal KaranjiaJatin Kumar Das
BaligudaDukhishyam Muthamajhi KendraparaJagannath Sethi
BangriposiKanhu Soren KhandapadaSoumya Ranjan Patnaik
BankiKamalakanta Praharaj KhariarBhramar Bag
Barabati-CuttackMd. Wahid Shakeel KhurdaPrakash Samantaray
BarambaSri Subas Kumar Sahoo KoraputSmt. Manjulata Khemundu
BaripadaBishnunath Purty KuchindaPadmalochan Majhi
BeguniaPradeep Kumar Sahoo LanjigarhKiran Kumar Majhi
BerhampurSri Pabitra Mohan Misra LoisinghaOm Prakash Kumbhar
BhandaripokhariSwadhin Sahoo MohanaPabitra Gamango
BhawanipatnaSarat Chandra Naik MoradaKalinga Keshari Jena
Bhubaneswar CentralGitanjali Bakshi NarlaManoj Kumar Pattanayak
Bhubaneswar NorthSubhas Chandra Parida NayagarhPurna Chandra Sahoo
BijepurSachidananda Patra NialiSanatan Malick
BiramitrapurLalit Singh Munda NuapadaIswar Chandra Thakur
BirmaharajpurBholanath Sagar PallaharaParamananda Behera
ChandbaliBiswakeshari Mohanty ParjangaRanjit Kumar Sahu
ChilikaSubrat Kumar Habadasingh ParlakhemundiSabita Sahukar
ChitrakondaDhanurjay Madkami PhulbaniDurgamadhab Kanhar
Choudwar-CuttackSriram Pandey PolasaraSri Simanchala Behera
Cuttack SadarManas Ranjan Khatua PuriSridhar Mishra
DabugamSri Laxmi Dhar Naik RaghunathpalliKrishna Chandra Swain
DeogarhSatya Narayan Pani RairakholManabodha Bhoi
DhamnagarPremananda Mallick RairangpurBirsa Kandankel
DharamgarhShyam Sundar Panda RajgangpurMohanlal Kishan
DhenkanalSadashiv Mohapatra RanpurSubhashree Panda
Ekamra-BhubaneswarSunjoy Hans RengaliSantosh Kumar Beriha
G. UdayagiriPradeep Kumar Mallick SalepurBijan Satapathy
GunupurNajita Raita SambalpurKalpana Sahu
HindolTrinath Behera SaraskanaDasarath Mahali
HinjiliBijaya Mohanty SimuliaKamalesh Kumar Das
JagatsinghpurSisir Kumar Swain SonepurAmareswar Mishra
JashipurBhimsen Naik SukindaRabindranath Jarika
JatniNamita Pal TalcherKeshab Bhutia
JharigamSri Shyam Sundar Majhi UdalaSri Ananga Charan Senapati
JunagarhUmakanta Tandi UmarkoteSri Nabin Kumar Santa

List of LGGP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AttabiraArjun Nag
BrajarajnagarChaitanya Kanta
LoisinghaLalman Nag
RengaliSubal Singh

List of CPI Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AskaLalit Mohan Dash JharsugudaBasudeb Bhoi
BadasahiSarat Chandra Mukhi JunagarhDamodar Behera
BalasoreGouranga Charan Panigrahi KakatpurKamal Kumar Behera
Balikuda-ErsamaAbhijit Sahoo KamakhyanagarShiba Ram Sahu
BeguniaBasant Kumar Paikray KantabanjiPremananda Putel
BhandaripokhariSuvendra Pratap Mohanty KhallikoteSimanchal Behera
BhatliGunanidhi Mishra KotpadSmt. Surjyamani Nayak
BoudhAbakash Sahoo MahakalapadaGolekha Naury
BrajarajnagarGajanan Sahu MahangaRakhi Agarwal
ChampuaBidyadhar Mahanta NimaparaDebendra Nath Sahoo
ChandbaliUpendra Kumar Roul ParadeepJinmayee Sahani
ChhatrapurKrushna Chandra Nayak SanakhemundiSri Antarjyami Swain
ChitrakondaHaladhar Pujari SaraskanaBalaram Murmu
DharamgarhSushanta Kumar Naik SimuliaSantosh Biswal
Ekamra-BhubaneswarSura Jena SoroJayakrushna Mallick
JeyporeSushant Kumar Adhikari SundargarhDurjodhan Bhoi

List of KOKD Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BhatliBenudhar Mahapatra RaghunathpalliUgresan Patra
BiramitrapurRam Chandra Amat RajgangpurPhilman Toppo
BrajarajnagarNarayan Mohapatra RourkelaHrudananda Behera
JharsugudaSatyabhama Dhurua SundargarhPrafulla Chandra Bipra
KantamalDolamani Pradhan TalsaraMinaketan Naik
NarlaBaidyanath Mishra

List of SKD Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AngulDebadatta Pati KoreiBiswanath Sahoo
BadasahiBasudev Behera LanjigarhKabi Majhi
BangriposiGobinda Hembram LaxmipurRama Chandra Kendruka
BarchanaSangram Keshari Jena MahangaLaxmipriya Sahoo
BariAnanda Chandra Jena MoradaKshetramohan Mohanta
BerhampurSri Khalli Sahu NabarangpurSri Laiban Muduli
BhadrakKallola Kanta Swain NarlaHemanta Kumar Das
BhawanipatnaKaishab Bihari NayagarhSaroj Kumar Behera
Bhubaneswar CentralLalit Mohan Patnaik NuapadaPrabhat Kumar Dharua
BiramitrapurGeorge Tirkey PallaharaGolap Sahoo
ChikitiSri Amulya Kumar Sahu ParadeepBimala Chandra Pattnayak
ChitrakondaGhenu Muduli ParjangaBijaya Kumar Pratapdeou
DharamgarhKuber Sahu ParlakhemundiMeenaketan Jenna
DharamsalaChandramani Nayak PolasaraSri Brundaban Behera
DhenkanalSaroj Kumar Satapathy PottangiSnehapatro Santa
DigapahandiBandana Maharana PuriSurendranath Dash
Ekamra-BhubaneswarSaudamini Dash RaghunathpalliGopal Das
GopalpurSmt. Namita Panda RairakholGitanjali Pradhan
GunupurBhagaban Gomango RajgangpurLawrence Kerketta
HindolBijaya Kumar Behera RanpurAratatrana Pradhan
HinjiliRabi Rath RemunaNityananda Malik
JajpurHarekrushna Debata SaraskanaShiba Majhi
JaleswarSubhasish Das SonepurNandighosh Meher
JharsugudaGuru Prasad Rout TalcherAren Kumar Pani
KhandapadaAshok Kumar Satapathy TitlagarhSitaram Satpathy
KoraputDama Suna

List of CPI(ML)(L) Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AulBidhan Chandra Das KendraparaBabaji Charan Malik
Bhubaneswar NorthMahendra Kumar Parida LanjigarhSanatan Majhi
Bissam CuttackPraska Ramachandra MohanaPurna Chandra Bhuyan
ChandbaliSamarendra Bal NarlaUdhaba Sahu
ChilikaNarayan Behera ParlakhemundiTrinath Panda
Ekamra-BhubaneswarRabindra Nath Dash PatnaRasika Dehuri
GunupurMandangi Madhava Rao PipiliSatyapriya Behera
JharsugudaHiralal Dhurua SatyabadiMrutyunjaya Badajena
KakatpurSanjay Kumar Kandi

List of HND Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
RaghunathpalliBidyadhar Pandav
TalsaraPareswar Barla

List of JMM Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BangriposiAjen Murmu MoradaManoranjan Dhal
BaripadaFagu Hansda RairangpurPurna Chandra Marndi
BiramitrapurSebeyan Aind RajgangpurDhaneswar Xalxo
BonaiPatras Ekka SambalpurRajkumar Aind
JashipurMahesh Chandra Hembram SaraskanaRamchandra Murmu
KaranjiaBiplab Kumar Sankhiala UdalaSri Thumpu Murmu
KuchindaBinod Toppo

List of JDP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BangriposiLaduram Soren MoradaPravakar Hasda
BaripadaChaitanya Hembram RairangpurBudhan Sing Marndi
BiramitrapurChandra Mohan Majhi RajgangpurRubsen Horo
JashipurBaiju Majhi SaraskanaNaran Murmu
KaranjiaRama Chandra Soren UdalaSri Kali Charan Murmu

List of CPM Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BerhampurSri Basanta Nanda NilgiriPradipta Panda
BonaiLaxman Munda ParlakhemundiLalichetti Ramgopal Rao
DigapahandiSri Bidyadhar Jena RanpurGolak Bihari Muduli
JaleswarSisir Kumar Hui RemunaSanjaya Kumar Das
MohanaDondo Pani Raito RourkelaSalomi Minz
NayagarhBiswanath Mahapatra SalepurBadrinarayan Dash

List of KS Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AthmallikPradeep Kumar Sahoo MahakalapadaNalinikanta Behera
Balikuda-ErsamaKhirod Kumar Swain MalkangiriBhagaban Nali
BhadrakMustak Ahamad Azad NarlaP. Shankar Reddi
BhawanipatnaHemabanti Naik NilgiriBitendra Das
Bhubaneswar NorthNarendra Panda NimaparaSantosh Kumar Kunda
ChitrakondaRama Chandra Mademi ParadeepKapila Charan Jena
DharamgarhAkrur Prasad Sethia PhulbaniAnanta Kanhar
GhasipuraJagabandhu Mahanta RajanagarSurendranath Mohanty
JajpurRajendra Dhal RengaliJayakrushna Podh
JashipurSukalal Tudu RourkelaGokulananda Mohanty
JunagarhRajesh Kumar Mund TirtolBijaya Kumar Sethi
KhallikoteRanjan Dangua TitlagarhSudam Nag

List of PBI Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
Bhubaneswar CentralPitambar Bhuyan
Bhubaneswar NorthHrusikesh Sadangi
DeogarhDolakar Bhoi
Ekamra-BhubaneswarKhageswar Bal
KantamalAditya Pradhan
TelkoiChandramani Dehury

List of BMP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BhawanipatnaRishisudan Chhatrapal
ChampuaShyam Sundar Purty
JunagarhSuresh Chandan
KantabanjiJagadish Singh Bhoi
LanjigarhChandramani Naik
NarlaMahendra Dhangada Majhi
SukindaChakradhar Haibru
TelkoiManjula Pingua

List of Biju SD Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BalasoreAbhishek Das
GhasipuraHemanta Kumar Nayak
KoreiParamananda Jyotish
MoradaRanjan Kumar Singh

List of SUCI(C) Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AnandapurMinati Jena DharamsalaAkshaya Kumar Das
AngulMandodari Roul GopalpurSri P. Sibaprasad Reddy
AulAbani Das JashipurShambhu Nath Naik
Barabati-CuttackPratap Chandra Mishra KaranjiaJamuna Samad
BinjharpurRadhaballav Malik KoraputRama Barik
ChhendipadaBharat Kumar Naik PipiliSubash Baral
Choudwar-CuttackGanesh Kumar Tripathy RanpurKrushna Chandra Mohapatra
Cuttack SadarRajakishore Mallik TalcherPrahalad Chandra Sahoo

List of RIM Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BadasahiRadhashyam Patra
BaripadaSwarup Chandra Naik
BhadrakSanjaya Kumar Nayak
ChampuaPurna Chandra Mahanta
MoradaHimanshu Mohanta
PatnaNirupama Tudu

List of SP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BastaRamakanta Panda JayadevBijay Kumar Bhoi
BasudevpurAjit Kumar Das JunagarhHara Prasad Bag
BeguniaLalit Mohan Harichandan KhariarSanyashi Das
BhadrakHaji Sk Abdul Istar KhurdaDibakar Maharathy
BhawanipatnaLalu Nial LanjigarhSuresh Majhi
Bhubaneswar CentralSudarshan Pradhan LoisinghaDingar Kumbhar
Bhubaneswar NorthSubhash Chandra Dash NarlaUmesh Chandra Sahu
ChandbaliGangadhar Bal NilgiriPratap Chandra Mohanty
DharamgarhDhanugopal NuapadaLochan Singh Majhi
Ekamra-BhubaneswarSonali Dakua PatnaPadmini Munda

List of AJSUP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BaripadaChandra Mohan Murmu
JashipurManju Singh
RairangpurSamay Murmu
SaraskanaSurya Hembram

List of SAP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
KamakhyanagarAkrur Behera
KaranjiaSishir Hembram

List of SAMO Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BarambaSri Devi Prasad Pattanaik JaleswarBrajagopal Raut
BaripadaNanda Kishore Hansdah JunagarhJatish Chandra Mohanty
BeguniaMayadhar Behera KoraputKasti Turuk
BhawanipatnaSurya Narayan Kumar LanjigarhMahendra Kumar Majhi
ChitrakondaJagabandhu Godangi LaxmipurNiranjan Jani
Cuttack SadarHari Gochhayat NarlaDebaraj Sahu
DabugamSri Bhagaban Nayak PottangiGuneipadia Radha
DharamgarhDigambar Duria SoroAira Kharabela Mahalik
Ekamra-BhubaneswarSurya Narayan Gouda

List of UTKAL SAMAJ Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BalasoreBhaskar Chandra Jena

List of RPI(A) Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
DhenkanalShaikh Abdul Wali
JunagarhSobharam Roul

List of ABP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
HindolSabita Naik

List of NCP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BhawanipatnaYudha Sunani
G. UdayagiriMenaka Pradhan
RayagadaSankar Bidika
TitlagarhLoknath Jal

List of KOMM Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
KhariarJaleswar Suna
TitlagarhDevendra Kumar Jain

List of ICP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BoudhSasta Kumar Purohit
KantabanjiTankadhara Saa
KoraputDhanurjaya Hantal
PatkuraSatyajit Rout

List of SWJP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BhawanipatnaLingaraj Azad

List of SLWP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
Bhubaneswar CentralAnita Manjari Samal
Ekamra-BhubaneswarJagatjit Padhi

List of AIFB Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
Bhubaneswar CentralDebi Prasad Prusti

List of CPI(ML) Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
Bhubaneswar CentralSikhara Bhoi
Bhubaneswar NorthRajalaxmi Nayak
Ekamra-BhubaneswarBijay Barik
KoraputBibek Ranjan Sethi
LaxmipurKanhei Jani
PolasaraSri Bhaskar Sabar

List of JM Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
BerhampurSri Bipin Bihari Dash

List of RSP Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate Name
KotpadTrilochan Disari

List of IND (Independent) Candidates for Orissa General Elections 2014

LS ConstituencyCandidate NameLS ConstituencyCandidate Name
AnandapurRabin Kumar Jena KantabanjiSantosh Deep
AskaLingaraj Kar KantamalKanhai Charana Danga
AthmallikTapan Kumar Mishra KantamalSushil Kumbhar
AthmallikPrafulla Kumar Chaulia KaranjiaDayanidi Naik
AthmallikMitrughna Mahakhuda KaranjiaPadma Charan Haiburu
AthmallikRamani Ranjan Pradhan KendraparaRabindra Sethi
BadasahiDebanarayan Patra KeonjharDwarika Nath Naik
BadasahiBikash Chandra Sethi KhandapadaKrushna Chandra Barad
BalasoreBasantalata Pattanayak KhariarKishor Kumar Bag
BalasoreMd Sahirul Haque KhariarNimai Charan Tandi
BalasoreMaheswar Behera KhariarRadheshyam Sagar
BalasoreManas Ranjan Das Pattnaik KhariarSatrughan Behera
BalasoreRajendra Bal KhurdaDeepak Kumar Dalasinghray
BaligudaDebendra Kanhar KhurdaDebi Prasad Pattnaik
BaligudaMinati Mallick KhurdaPramod Chandra Dash
Balikuda-ErsamaRaghunandan Das KhurdaRajib Lochan Sarangi
Balikuda-ErsamaSarada Prasan Jena KhurdaRudranath Dutta
BankiUtkalmani Mantry KhurdaLaxmikanta Mishra
BankiHemant Devata KoraputKhagapati Khosla
BankiSubhransu Mohan Padhi KoraputRohidas Nayak
BankiBiranchi Kumar Moharana KoraputPurna Chandra Pangi
BankiJajati Kesari Pattanayak KoreiGopal Krushna Mohanty
Barabati-CuttackBipin Bihari Sahoo KoreiTapan Kumar Khandai
Barabati-CuttackDr. Ramaraman Sarangi KoreiPratap Kumar Mohanty
BarambaDillip Kumar Khatua KoreiBimal Kumar Dash
BarambaSri Manoj Kumar Panda LaxmipurSuresh Sirika
BarambaSri Nityananda Khatua LaxmipurParada Kulesika
BarambaSri Surya Kishore Mohanty LaxmipurKanteswar Hikaka
BarambaSri Laxmidhar Sahoo LoisinghaSatyananda Suna
BarchanaAmar Kumar Nayak LoisinghaSurusingh Nag
BarchanaBikram Dash MahakalapadaBikram Keshari Routray
BarchanaJatindra Kumar Sahoo MahakalapadaSiba Prasad Singh
BarchanaRajnarayan Mohapatra MahangaMihir Ranjan Jena
BariBiswaranjan Mallick MahangaSarada Prasad Padhan
BariMahendra Kumar Nayak MalkangiriUday Narayan Buruda
BastaGourab Kumar Andia MalkangiriParbati Nayak
BasudevpurBijay Kumar Pakal MalkangiriSambaru Padiamu
BeguniaNirvaya Kumar Samantray MohanaChakradhara Paik
BeguniaBhikari Charan Sahoo MoradaAnusaya Dhal
BeguniaRaja Kishore Parida MoradaChandra Sekhar Dhauria
BerhampurSri Daka Bishoyi MoradaDibrat Chandra Mohanta
BerhampurSmt. Pramila Tripathy MoradaDillip Kumar Acharya
BerhampurSri Satish Kumar Nayak MoradaDillip Kumar Bhanja
BhadrakBasanta Mahalik MoradaDukhinath Sethi
BhandaripokhariAshok Kumar Rout MoradaPratap Chandra Mohanta
BhandaripokhariJayanti Parida MoradaBaidyanath Rath
BhandaripokhariSujata Jena MoradaJagendra Nath Mohanta
BhandaripokhariSudhakar Nanda MoradaRabinarayan Sie
BhanjanagarMadhusudan Padhi MoradaSujit Kumar Mohanta
BhatliMukesh Agrawal NabarangpurSri Chandradhwaja Majhi
BhatliSushant Mishra NabarangpurSmt Puspanjali Nayak
BhawanipatnaBaisnab Charan Naik NabarangpurSri Bhaskar Majhi
Bhubaneswar CentralSubash Chandra Chau Pattnayak NarlaArjun Sahoo
Bhubaneswar CentralHarihara Deo NarlaAshakari Nag
Bhubaneswar NorthRabindra Kumar Patra NarlaUchhaba Sahu
Bhubaneswar NorthSwami Sampurnananda Saraswati NarlaDebendra Nayak
BijepurAshok Kumar Panigrahi NarlaPravakar Nag
BinjharpurPrasant Kumar Jena NayagarhSusanta Kumar Dash
BiramitrapurPeter Topno NimaparaSamir Ranjan Samantaray
BiramitrapurSohan Mundari NimaparaSudhir Charan Mohanty
BiramitrapurRohidas Mundary NuapadaBharat Das
BiramitrapurDeme Oram PadampurGobardhan Bhoy
BirmaharajpurAshraya Mahananda PadampurPurnananda Sahu
Bissam CuttackSridhara Korada PallaharaDeepak Kumar Jena
Bissam CuttackMandika Rajendra PallaharaManoj Kumar Sahu
BolangirGopal Chandra Hota PallaharaMotilal Chatamba
BolangirSandeep Kumar Bag PallaharaSripati Sinko
BonaiJanardan Dehury PallaharaSundeep Kumar Pradhan
BonaiJaura Oram ParjangaBiswatosh Sahoo
BonaiMahadev Bhumij ParlakhemundiKedar Shabar
BoudhBijaya Kumar Behera PatkuraAnnada Prasad Routray
BoudhBanamali Bhabasagara PatkuraPradeep Kumar Dash
BoudhLakshman Behera PatnaKanhu Charan Naik
BrahmagiriSanjay Das PatnaGourahari Naik
BrahmagiriSusanta Kumar Das PatnagarhPurna Chandra Meher
BrajarajnagarBishwa Lochan Bhoi PatnagarhMohan Sundar Meher
BrajarajnagarJogindra Majhi PhulbaniJalandhar Kanhar
ChampuaKusha Apat PipiliAshrit Pattanayak
ChampuaBenudhara Behera PolasaraSri P.Kalish Chandra Patro
ChampuaBhabani Mahanta PolasaraSri Babulu Kumar Nayak
ChampuaSanatan Mahakud PolasaraSri Susant Kumar Sahu
ChhatrapurE. Pramod Kumar PolasaraSmt.Sasmita Mallik
ChhendipadaBhikaram Naik PottangiBhagaban Petia
ChhendipadaSukadeb Behera PuriRama Chandra Pradhan
ChikitiSri Ashok Kumar Panda RaghunathpalliBabulal Badaik
ChikitiSri Bibhudhendra Padhy RaghunathpalliRaj Kishore Bhanja
ChikitiSri Surendra Mandal RairakholManis Kumar Deheri
ChilikaPradip Kumar Swain RairakholSwadhin Panda
ChilikaMuralidhar Ghadei RairangpurUmakanta Naik
ChitrakondaGhana Nayak RairangpurNanda Kishore Kisku
ChitrakondaJalandhar Nayak RairangpurBada Naran Majhi
Choudwar-CuttackJines Das RairangpurBiswanath Kisku
Cuttack SadarBilasa Mallik RairangpurBudhu Mahali
DabugamSri Kusia Majhi RairangpurBula Sardar
DaspallaMami Nayak RairangpurBraja Kishore Majhi
DeogarhAmar Keshari Gangadeb RairangpurRajendra Singh
DharamsalaNirmal Kumar Rout RajgangpurClement Lakra
DhenkanalAruna Kumar Sahoo RajgangpurBikram Toppo
DhenkanalBibhuprada Sahoo RajgangpurMarcel Kindo
DhenkanalRanjan Kumar Nayak RajgangpurRajendra Kumar Lakra
DigapahandiSri Pratap Kumar Sethy RanpurPrafulla Routaray
Ekamra-BhubaneswarChhabindra Jena RanpurSatyanarayan Mishra
Ekamra-BhubaneswarGyanendra Mohanty RayagadaKrishna Huika
Ekamra-BhubaneswarRashmi Mohapatra RourkelaTapan Kumar Panda
Ekamra-BhubaneswarShyam Sundar Bhoi RourkelaPapu Kumar Ray
Ekamra-BhubaneswarSurendra Kumar Raut RourkelaBiswanath Lakra
G. UdayagiriSanjaya Kumar Pradhan RourkelaMahipal Singh
GhasipuraRama Chandra Behera SalepurSanjay Kumar Lenka
GopalpurSri Ujala Behera SalepurSuvesh Ranjan Parida
GopalpurA. Raghunath Varma SambalpurUma Prasad Panigrahi
GunupurLingaraj Gomango SambalpurJayashree Mishra
GunupurDamodor Sabar SambalpurBhakta Charan Mirdha
GunupurRajeswari Sabar SaraskanaBiram Tudu
HindolAnjali Behera SaraskanaBraja Mohan Hansdah
HinjiliRam Krishna Dash SatyabadiUmakanta Samantray
JagatsinghpurSk Imam Uddin SatyabadiOm Prakash Mishra
JagatsinghpurBirendra Kumar Biswal SukindaAshok Behera
JagatsinghpurSatyabrata Mohapatra SukindaDwijendra Kumar Ghose
JajpurBadri Narayan Ray SukindaPradip Bal Samanta
JaleswarSudarsan Das SukindaPrafulla Patra
JashipurMina Kumari Rout SukindaSubhakanta Mohanty
JashipurAjit Kumar Naik SukindaSurjit Rout
JashipurDhanurjay Laguri SundargarhMitrabhanu Kisan
JatniSri Ashok Kumar Sundaray SundargarhSulagan Bhoe
JatniShankarshna Nayak SuradaSunil Kumar Mohanti
JatniSangram Keshari Rautaray SuradaDayanidhi Gouda
JayadevSatya Priya Behera SuradaPurna Chandra Patra
JeyporeJohn Bahadur TalcherParsuram Barik
JeyporeSantosh Kumar Das TalcherAnita Mohanty
JunagarhSudhanidhi Naik TalsaraPraphul Kumar Kujur
KabisuryanagarSri Hara Prasad Sahu TelkoiJaladhar Naik
KamakhyanagarDebasisha Hota TelkoiBrundaban Naik
KantabanjiAlexander Senapati TitlagarhChairman Bag
KantabanjiNandalal Tandi TitlagarhRanju Raiman
KantabanjiNishikanta Rana UdalaSri Dinamani Salangi
KantabanjiBishnu Prasad Jued UdalaSmt Maya Tudu
KantabanjiBhola Panika UmarkoteSri Dambarudhar Majhi
KantabanjiSrikanta Mahananda UmarkoteSmt Reena Majhi

Last Updated on April 13, 2019