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Mizoram Election Results 2018 - Winner and Runner-Up Candidate News & Updates

Mizoram Elections Results 2018 - Party Wise No. of Seats Secured & Percentage of Votes

PartyNo of Votes SecuredPercentage of Votes SecuredNo of Seats secured
Mizo National Front23730537.58%26
Indian National Congress19041230.15%5
Bharatiya Janata Party507448.04%1
National People's Party36260.57%0
Nationalist Congress Party3340.05%0
None of the Above29170.46%0
PRISM Party12620.20%0

List of Winning Candidates in Mizoram 2018 Elections

A.C. No.ConstituencyWinnerPartyVotesRunner-UpPartyVotes
1HachhekLALRINDIKA RALTEIndian National Congress6202LALRINENGA SAILOMizo National Front5836
2DampaLALRINTLUANGA SAILOMizo National Front5840LALROBIAKAIndian National Congress4183
3MamitH. LALZIRLIANAMizo National Front6874JOHN ROTLUANGLIANAIndian National Congress6467
4TuirialANDREW H. THANGLIANAIndependent4387SAILOTHANGA SAILOMizo National Front4183
5KolasibK. LALRINLIANAMizo National Front5940LALFAMKIMAIndependent5661
6SerluiLALRINSANGA RALTEMizo National Front6128LALHMACHHUANAIndian National Congress5201
7TuivawlLALCHHANDAMA RALTEMizo National Front5207R. L. PIANMAWIAIndian National Congress5204
8ChalfilhLALRINLIANA SAILOMizo National Front5541F. RUALHLEIAIndependent4534
9TawiR.LALZIRLIANAMizo National Front4940R. LALTHATLUANGAIndependent4756
10Aizawl North - iVANLALHLANAIndependent7094LALRINGLIANAMizo National Front5929
11Aizawl North - iiVANLALTHLANAIndependent7775LALTLANZOVA KHIANGTEMizo National Front5974
12Aizawl North-iiiC LALMUANPUIAMizo National Front5166LAL THANZARAIndian National Congress4732
13Aizawl East - iZORAMTHANGAMizo National Front8358K SAPDANGAIndependent5854
14Aizawl East iiROBERT ROMAWIA ROYTEMizo National Front5869B LALCHHANZOVAIndependent4377
15Aizawl West iLALDUHOMAIndependent7889K. SANGTHUAMAMizo National Front6829
16Aizawl West iiLALRUATKIMAMizo National Front7626DR. LALMALSAWMA NGHAKAIndian National Congress4906
17Aizawl West iiiV.L. ZAITHANZAMAIndependent6934VANLALZAWMAMizo National Front5908
18Aizawl South iC. LALSAWIVUNGAIndependent6808K. LIANTLINGAMizo National Front5759
19Aizawl South iiLALCHHUANTHANGAIndependent7294DENGHMINGTHANGAMizo National Front7115
20Aizawl South-iiiF. LALNUNMAWIAMizo National Front7558K.S THANGAIndian National Congress5470
21LengtengL.THANGMAWIAMizo National Front6430H.ROHLUNAIndian National Congress4658
22TuichangTAWNLUIAMizo National Front5146W. CHHUANAWMAIndependent4407
23Champhai NorthDR ZR.THIAMSANGAMizo National Front6057T.T. ZOTHANSANGAIndian National Congress4964
24Champhai SouthT.J LALNUNTLUANGAMizo National Front5212LAL THANHAWLAIndian National Congress4163
25East tuipuiRAMTHANMAWIAMizo National Front4384C.LALTANPUIAIndependent3797
26SerchhipLALDUHOMAIndependent5481LAL THANHAWLAIndian National Congress5071
27TuikumER. LALRINAWMAMizo National Front5439SANGZELA TLAUIndian National Congress4042
28HrangturzoLALCHAMLIANAMizo National Front4572VANLALAWMPUII CHAWNGTHUIndian National Congress3815
29South tuipuiDR R LALTHANGLIANAMizo National Front6126JOHN SIAMKUNGAIndian National Congress4657
30Lunglei NorthVANLALTANPUIAMizo National Front5022V MALSAWMTLUANGAIndependent4627
31Lunglei EastLAWMAWMA TOCHHAWNGMizo National Front4063LALRINPUIIIndependent3991
32Lunglei WestC.LALRINSANGAMizo National Front4093CHALROSANGA RALTEIndian National Congress4016
33Lunglei SouthK PACHHUNGAMizo National Front6245R LALNUNTHARAIndian National Congress3804
34ThorangZODINTLUANGA RALTEIndian National Congress4499R.ROHMINGLIANAMizo National Front3259
35West tuipuiNIHAR KANTI CHAKMAIndian National Congress5943KINA RANJAN CHAKMABharatiya Janata Party3558
36TuichawngBUDDHA DHAN CHAKMABharatiya Janata Party11419RASIK MOHAN CHAKMAMizo National Front9825
37Lawngtlai WestC. NGUNLIANCHUNGAIndian National Congress10678C. RAMHLUNAMizo National Front9883
38Lawngtlai EastH. BIAKZAUAMizo National Front8656H. ZOTHANGLIANAIndian National Congress7712
39SiahaDR. K. BEICHHUAMizo National Front8109S. HIATOIndian National Congress5641
40PalakK.T. ROKHAWIndian National Congress5492M. CHAKHUMizo National Front4648

Mizoram Elections Results 2018 - Party Wise Comparision 2013 and 2008

PartyAssembly Seats 2018Assembly Seats 2013Assembly Seats 2008Changes (+/-)

Mizoram Elections Results 2013

Mizoram people have chosen Congress as their next ruling party, making it win 33 out of the 40 seats in the state assembly elections. The Indian National Congress will govern Mizoram for the fifth time now, defeating the Mizo National Front, the Mizoram People’s Conference as well the ZNP.

Lal Thanhawla (71), the chief minister of Mizoram, will serve the state for a second consecutive term. He has won from two seats, Serchhip and Hrangturzo. Since 1972 he has won the election to the assembly for the ninth time.

The Mizo National Front won five seats - Tuikum, Saiha, Aizawl West-I, Aizawl West-II, and Aizawl West-III, up from the three seats in last election.

List of Winning Candidates in Mizoram 2013 Elections

Mizoram Assembly Elections 2013 Polling Statistics

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