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Polling Booth in Umroi Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Umroi

Umroi Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Umroi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Umroi Assembly Constituency falls under the Umroi Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Mynri Umsning Govt. L.P. School Mynri Umsning,Madanrtiang
Itsohpair Presbyterian L.P. SchoolItsohpair
Pynthor Govt. L.P. SchoolPynthor, Umdenumbathiang
Mynsain Mynsain L.P. SchoolMynsain
Thadnongiaw Little Flower RCL.P.. SchoolThadnongiaw, Tyrsha, Liarshluid
Liarkhla RCL.P.. SchoolLiarkhla, Kdonghulu
Mawbri Little Flower Higher Secondary SchoolMawbri, Nongrim Nongladew
Khweng Khweng L.P. SchoolKhweng
Mawtneng Govt. L.P. SchoolMawtneng,Palwi,Umshaproh
Bhoirymbong(Lumsohpieng) Mynken Christian H/S SchoolBhoirymbong(Lumsohpieng)
Nongkdait Nongkdait L.P. SchoolNongkdait
Nonglum Govt. L.P. SchoolNonglum
Umtangling Umtangling L.P. SchoolUmtangling, Umlangkraw
Umktieh Rcl P SchoolUmktieh,Umsawriang,Syllei Ular
Lumdaitkhla Govt. L.P. SchoolLumdaitkhla
Nongrah Govt. L.P. SchoolNongrah
Labansaro Labansaro L.P. SchoolLabansaro,Jaiawpdengshnong
Mawthei Mawthei L.P. SchoolMawthei
Mawpun Kshiad Gorkha M.E. SchoolPyllun,Mawpun Kshaid,Lumsohpetbneng
Umdohbyrthih Umroi Umdohbyrthih U.P. SchoolUmdohbyrthih,Umroi Madan,Umeit
Umtung Govt. L.P. SchoolUmtung,Lumrit,Nongtarian
Umket Umket L.P. SchoolUmket
Mawpun Community HallMawpun, Nongpyrdet, Mawdwar
Umden Arka Govt. L.P. SchoolUmden Mission,Umden Umsaitprah,Umden Arka
Nongtraw Govt. L.P. SchoolNongtraw
Mawkduk RCL.P. L.P. School, MawkdukMawkduk,Kyrdeng,Wah Myntait,Lumdiengngan
Mawkyrdep RCL.P. SchoolMawkyrdep,Mawblang,Nongthymmai Kyrdem
Nongsder State Institute Of Rural DevelopmentNongsder,Rangmen
Umiam Meseb High SchoolUmiam
Klew Govt. L.P. SchoolKlew
Mawnohsynrum Gorkha L.P. SchoolMawnohsynrum
Mawbsein RCL.P. SchoolMawbsein
Lumshyiap Govt. L.P. SchoolLumshyiap,Lumsohphoh
Madan Nonglakhiat Madan Nonglakhiat L.P. SchoolMadan Nonglakhiat,Umsarang
Kyrdem M.E. SchoolKyrdem,Sohriewblei
Mawlwai Mawlwai Presbyterian L.P. SchoolMawlwai
Umraling RCL.P. SchoolUmraling
Kalapangti Kalapangti L.P. SchoolKalapangti

Last Updated on April 19, 2014