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Polling Booth in Songsak Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Songsak

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Songsak Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Songsak Assembly Constituency falls under the Songsak Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Rimtonggre L.P. School RimtonggreSuchilgre, Rimtonggre, Kakwagre, Bawegre
Dilma Songgitcham (Chiading) Me School Dilma Songgitcham (Chiading)Dilma Songgitcham (Chiading), Chiading, Debrakgre
Ampanggre L.P. School AmpanggreAmpanggre, Rongalgre
Megagre L.P. School MegagreMegagre, Dilsekgre, Matchok Akawe, Rongakgre
Tongbolgre Me School TongbolgreTongbolgre, Tongbol Kamagre, Tongbol (Songma) (Chimagre), Songma Enggokgre
Denajikgre L.P. School DenajikgreDenajikgre, Dimogre
Rongribo Watregre Me School Rongribo WatregreGongmagre, Retenggre, Chibolgre, Rongribo Watregre
Kalak Songgital L.P. School Kalak SonggitalKalak Songgital, Rongribo Amalgre, Kalak Dorekgre
Barikgre L.P. School BarikgreBarikgre, Chinabat Barikgre, Bone Megapgre
Rimrang Bonegre L.P. School Rimrang BonegreRimrang Bonegre, Geru Apal
Asil Songgital L.P. School Asil SonggitalAsil Songgital, Asil Mindilgre, Asil Chirenggre, Asil Dikagre
Bijasik Matwa Apal L.P. School Bijasik Matwa ApalBijasik Matwa Apal, Bijasik Wage Apal, Bijasik Chisim Apal
Bijasik Timbogre L.P. School Bijasik TimbogreBijasik Bolonggre, Bijasik Doki Ading, Bijasik Timbogre, Bijasik Redamgre, Bijasik Silkol, Chikasin Bolonggre, Bijasik Warimandal
Bonegre L.P. School BonegreBonegre, Bone Watregre
Bone Chisogre L.P. School Bone ChisogreBone Chisogre, Bone Chijengre, Rongreng Nokat, Sokadam Baladinggre, Sokadam Rongkabokgre, Sokadam Sokmetingre
Sokadam Banggna L.P. School Sokadam BanggnaSokadam Agalgre, Sokadam Banggna
Bolonggre Songsak Agitok Me School Bolongre Songsak AgitokBolonggre Songsak Agitok
Dimbil Bonegre L.P. School Dimbil BonegreDimbil Bonegre, Dimbil New Boldakgre, Dimbil Chirangranggre
Wagopgre L.P. School WagopgreWagopgre, Rongdolgre, Sawegre, New Megapgre, Bolchugre
Nengsamgre L.P. School NengsamgreNorek Indikkim, Dalbot, Nengsamgre
Samin Indikkim L.P. School Samin IndikkimSamin Indikkim Songma (A), Samin Indikkim (B), Samin Chianing, Samin Songkama Silkigre
Samin Rongalgre L.P. School Samin RongalgreSamin Rongalgre, Samin Songkama (B)
Gongrang L.P. School GongrangGongrang, Rongchek Songgitcham
Koknal Imong L.P. School Koknal ImongKoknal Imong, Rongchek
Napak Apal L.P. School Napak ApalNapak Apal, Napak Songgital
Napak Bolchugre L.P. School Napak BolchugreNapak Bolchugre, Tangkama, Karik Apal
Snal Dajreng L.P. School Snal DajrengJamge (A), Jamge (B), Snal Dajreng, Bolonggre
Cheran Songgitcham L.P. School Cheran SonggitchamCheran Songgital, Cheran Songgitcham
Simseng Bongga L.P. School Simseng BonggaSimseng Bongga, Simseng Aringga, Simseng Rongal, Simseng Bolma, Dagal Bolmedang Gadinggittim
Dangkong Songgital L.P. School Dangkong SonggitalDangkong Songgital, Dangkong Songgitcham, Dangkong Doragre, Dangkong Dokatong, Dangkong Tasekgre, Dangkong Tasilgre, Dangkong
Songsak Agalgre Me School Songsak AgalgreSongsak Agalgre
Rongap Mikilsimgre (Kera) L.P. School Rongap Mikilsimgre (Kera)Rongap Mikilsimgre (Kera), Rongap Konchigre, Rongap Songgitcham
Rongap Songgital L.P. School Rongap SonggitalRongap Songgital
Bolmoram Dochokgre L.P. School Bolmoram DochokgreBolmoram Dochokgre, Bolmoram Misichikgre, Bolmoram Adapgre
Bolmoram Agalgre L.P. School Bolmoram AgalgreBolmoram Agalgre, Bolmoram Adinggre, Rongap Angkekolgre
Jalwagre L.P. School JalwagreJalwagre Songgital, Jalwagre
Dobu Me School DobuDobu Achakpekgittim, Dobu Songmong, Dobu Agalgre
Rongrong Antidam L.P. School Rongrong AntidamRongrong Antidam, Rongrong Balnanggre, Rongrong Watenanggre
Dagal Apal L.P. School Dagal ApalDagal Apal, Chimram
Koksi Nengsat L.P. School Koksi NengsatKoksi Nengsat
Dalbot Matrong L.P. School Dalbot MatrongDalbot, Dalbot Matrong, Dalbot Kongkal, Dalbot Bangkol
Danal Songgitcham L.P. School Danal SonggitchamDanal Songgitcham
Danal Bolgipokgre L.P. School Danal BolgipokgreDanal Dogisikgre, Danal Bolgipokgre
Dimit L.P. School DimitDimit, Dobu Warikatchigittim
Dobu Rongmu L.P. School Dobu RongmuDobu Rongmu Songgitcham, Dobu Chitimbing
Chidimit Namesa L.P. School Chidimit NamesaChidimit Namesa, Chidimit Charedam
Nangapa L.P. School NangapaChidimit Nengsat, Koksi Songma, Koksi Rongkong, Koksi Chiwate
Dagal Aringga L.P. School Dagal AringgaDagal Aringga
Rongrong Bolsongchok L.P. School Rongrong BolsongchokRongrong Bolsongchok, Rongrong Dijonggre, Rongrong Resagre, Rongrong Songgitcham, Rongrong Kanchimikgre
Tebil Bonegre L.P. School Tebil BonegreTebil Bonegre, Kakwa Bonegre, Cheran Bonegre
Simseng Nakol L.P. School Simseng NakolSimseng Nakol, Simseng Balkol, Simseng Minol, Simseng Wale
Rongbenggre L.P. School RongbenggreMandalanggre, Rongbenggre, Kantra

Last Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

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