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Polling Booth in Shella Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Shella

Shella Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shella Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Shella Assembly Constituency falls under the Shella Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Mawphu Presbyterian L.P. SchoolMawphu, Mawphir
Umblai Presbyterian L.P. SchoolUmblai, Maweitksar, Mawiong, Kunongrim
Laitduh Presbyterian L.P. SchoolLaitduh
Nongsteng R.K.M. L.P. SchoolParamdhah, Kiengshympet, Nongsteng
Wahkaliar Govt. L.P. SchoolLummawshken, Wahkaliar
Tyrna Govt. L.P. SchoolMawshamok, Lumsohphie, Tyrna, Nongthymmai
Laittyra M.E. SchoolLaittyra, Wahjain, Thangkharang
Mawthang Sohkhyllung Govt. L.P. SchoolRingur, Mawthang Sohkhyllung, Byrong
Sohbar Community HallSohbar, Lad Sohbar, Shnongkawar, Khliehumlang
New Majai Bholaganj Anderson L.P. SchoolMawbang, Umsaw Maskon, Kurikhal, Nayabasti, Dharambasti, Chaklabasti, New Majai Bholaganj, Lailad, Umdud, Tharia Ghat, Old Komorah, New Komorah
Umwai Govt. L.P. SchoolUmwai
Mawlong Mawlong Umwai M.E. SchoolDiengsiar, Nongduh, Mawlong
Laitkynsew M.E. SchoolLaitkynsew, Sohsarat Wahkhim, Mot, Wahkrem, Siej, Nongkroh
Rumnong R.K.M. L.P. SchoolMawrap, Rumnong, Umtlang, Nonglyngkien
Mawsahew M.E. SchoolRamdait, Mawkawir, Mawsahew, Pyndemdkhar, Mawlakhiat
Nongriat Govt. L.P. SchoolNongriat, Mynteng
Nongwar R.K.M. M.E. SchoolNongwar
Mustoh Khang-U-Sahei L.P. SchoolMustoh
Disong R.K.M. L.P. SchoolDuba, Nongrum, Nongnong, Jamew, Disong, Ramsong Katanor, Mawryngkhong, Jasier
Sohlab R.C.L.P. SchoolUmdoh Mawpud, Sohlab, Pyrkan, Shken, Lumpukri, Jalba, Khahmohi, Kalatek, Khahbada (Khahsyndha), Dalia, Umsaw, Umkhabaw
Ichamati L.P. SchoolUmtaru, Lumbaniang, Lummuri, Khahumrin, Tyllap, Diengkain, Rangamati, Khahkangi, Dhorom, Ichamati
Saikarap R.C.L.P SchoolJatap, Saitsohphan, Lum-U-Smon, Khahmalai, Saikarap
Umniuh Tmar Secondary School Umniuh, Umniuh Tmar, Umniuh Iarbniaw, Umniuh Nongrim, Umniuh Dear Valley, Wahsherkhmut
Tynriang St. Cyprian'S R.C.L.P SchoolTynriang
Nongjri Nongbah Govt. L.P. SchoolNongjri Nongbah, Nongjri War, Nongjri Tluh, Nongjri Hat (Inc. Lehumai), Nongjri Wahsier, Nongjri Tishang
Mawkliaw Roba Singh SchoolKemrang, Mawkliaw, Diengsiar
Mawlatang Mawlatang L.P. SchoolMawlatang, Tyrngei
Suktia Village L.P. SchoolSuktia, Mawsiangei, Korbari, Nongla, Rithymmai
Laitiam Presbyterian L.P. SchoolLaitiam
Ryngud Presbyterian L.P. SchoolLyngngar Three Mawsan Shillong, Ryngud, Lad Ryngud
Mawsmai Community HallNongthymmai, Mawsmai, Mawblang
Mawpun Govt. Normal Training SchoolSaitsohpen, Mawpun
Mawkisyiem Community HallNongsawlia, Mawkisyiem
Mawmluh R.K.M. Secondary SchoolMawmluh, Wah-U-Tim
MesebMccl Recreation HallMeseb And Mccl Colony
Kutmadan Presbyterian L.P. SchoolKutmadan
Sohkmie Govt. L.P SchoolSohkhmie

Last Updated on April 19, 2014