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Polling Booth in Salmanpara Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Salmanpara

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Salmanpara Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Salmanpara Assembly Constituency falls under the Salmanpara Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Anangpara Christian Anangpara L.P. SchoolAnangpara Christian, Anangpara Chipragre, Anangpara Songsarek, Rongchugre
Chepagre Chepagre Community HallMandalgre, Rokolpara, Wadagre, Chepagre
Salmanpara Salmanpara Me SchoolSalmanpara, Boldakgre, Dinapara
Okchokgre Okchokgre L.P. SchoolSantogre, Okchokgre, Kidapara
Megapgre Megapgre L.P. SchoolMegapgre, Kerupara, Chopapara
Sindilgre Sindilgre L.P. SchoolSindilgre, Bangdapara, Kimdegre
Darugre Darugre L.P. SchoolDarugre, Tallinggre, Nachilpara
Dolsi Nokat Dolsi Nokat UP SchoolDolsi Nokat, Dolsigre, Damalgre, Rongsepgre, Nagolpara, Dombagre, Banangpara
Zikzak Zikzak Me SchoolZikzak
Zikzak Zikzak L.P.SchoolMagurmari, Radanpara, Ganggipara, Matrongkolgre
Bhoirakupi Bhoirakupi L.P. SchoolBhoirakupi, Bhoirakupi (Lutubari)
Paglapara Nokat Paglapara Nokat L.P. SchoolPaglapara, Paglapara Nokat, Ponchapara
Hullukona Hullukona L.P. SchoolHullukona, Damdillokgre, Wagipara, Dangga Nathong
Hullukona Hullukona U.P. SchoolJosipara, Rongkaigre, Dombagre
Kalaipara Kalaipara Me SchoolKalaipara, Datbanga, Dolagia, Salampara, Aragittim Chibongbang, Kongbangpara, Patijora
Raghupara Raghupara Govt. L.P. SchoolKendrakona, Kentrikona, Bedukora, Aragittim, Melapara
Jengringpara Debajani Me SchoolDebajani -I, DebajaniIi, Songmagittim, Torangpara, Gongrapara, Jengringpara
Gopinathkilla Gopinathkilla Me SchoolGopinathkilla, Durapara, Bakdagre, Kangkanggre, Sanjangpara
Dingampara Dingampara UP SchoolMarengpara, Dingampara, Gojangpara, Rapangpanggre
Tarapara Tarapara L.P. SchoolTarapara, Bildoba, Bongbanga, Baksalpara
Malmua Malmua L.P. SchoolMalmua, Malmua (Amtuli), Silghaguri
Gopramgre Gopramgre L.P. SchoolGopramgre, Pokasindegre, Mollongpara, Agalgre, Disinggre, Hatimara, Rimtangpara, Santangpara
Babelapara Babelapara Me SchoolBabelapara, Genapara, Medupara, Nokatgre
Babelapara Babelapara L.P. SchoolBabelapara, Genapara, Medupara, Nokatgre
Dhopakura Dhopakura Netaji L.P. SchoolDhopakura
Purakhasia Purakhasia L.P. SchoolPurakhsaia, Borjhora
Bhatuagaon Bhatuagaon L.P. SchoolBhatuagaon, Gobindopara
Sandagre-A Sandagre-A L.P. SchoolSandagre-A, Monuapara
Jarangkona Jarangkona L.P. SchoolJarangkona, Jarangpara
Darong Adu Darong Adu L.P. SchoolDarong Adu, Wakmedamgre
Chongnapara Chongnapara L.P. ScoolChongnapara, Balajuri
Chotto Bollanggre Chotto Bollanggre L.P. SchoolChotto Bollanggre, Belabolgre, Kotchu Adok
Rohonpara Rohonpara Me SchoolRohonparaI, RohonparaIi, Bidapara, Rohonpara Madra, Anchenggre-C
Naronggre Naronggre L.P. SchoolNaronggre, Dolbapara
Halchati Halchati L.P. SchoolHalchati, Sonajuri, Dobokjakolgre (Dobokgre), Boro Bollanggre
Nokchi Nokchi L.P. SchoolNokchi, Sirapara

Last Updated on April 29, 2020
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