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Polling Booth in Ranikor Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Ranikor

Ranikor Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ranikor Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Ranikor Assembly Constituency falls under the Ranikor Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Rangthong Rangthong Christian Sec. SchoolRangthong, Photjaud-Rangthong, Mawlyngad-Mawthanrew
Mawmerang Mawmerang Pres. L.P. SchoolMawmerang, Eitser
Rangjadong Rangjadong Govt. L .P. SchoolRangjadong, Kensimphlang, Mawlieh, Mawlar
Ngunraw Ngunraw Upper Sec. SchoolNgunraw
Pyndenumjarain Nongtynniaw U. P. SchoolPyndenumjarain, Nongtynniaw,Umsaw, Lawsiej
Wahkaji Langrin Govt. U.P. SchoolWahkaji
New Nongtnger New Nongtnger L. P. SchoolNew Nongtnger, Nongbahjynrin, Domiasiat, Nongtnger, Mawthabah
Nongmalang Nongmalang RCL.P. SchoolNongmalang
Nongrynniang Nongrynniang Govt. L. P. SchoolNongrynniang, Nongpuinskei,Mawjai, Nongweiteng, New Mawjai, Lower Mawjai,Nongtiniam, Mawphanrang
Nongummer Nongummer U.P. SchoolNongummer, Mawhiangruda
Phlangdiloin Phlangdiloin Govt. L. P. SchoolPhlangdiloin, Rangkhiat, Pyndensynia, Phudumiap, Langpa, New Phanwer, Rngimawpat
Phlangmawprah Phlangmawprah Govt. L. P. SchoolPhlangmawprah, Nongmluh, Mawphansaw, Mawthungmlang, Mawmynsor
Nongkdait Nongkdait U. P. School Nongkdait, Nongkdait-Nongtwah, Thangrai, Mawendeng, Nongbah, Nongktieh, Domsohkhai
Keniong Keniong Govt. L. P. SchoolKeniong, Nongdewsaw
Mawpud Mawpud U.P. SchoolMawpud, Lower Mawpud, Pyndenwar, Dommawlein
Nongkenbah Thiepsohmon L. P. SchoolNongkenbah, Nongpdengkynbah
Sarin Sarin L. P. SchoolSarin
Tlongpleng Tlongpleng U. P. SchoolTlongpleng, Raibah
Mawlongroh Mawlongroh Hig. Sec. SchoolMawlongroh, Nongthymmai, Domshken
Umpung Umpung Govt. L. P. SchoolUmpung, Mawshaliah, Songdongktieh, Photkylla, Pyndensohsham
Balat Bengali Public English L. P. SchoolBalat-A, Balat-B, Balat-C
Moilam Moilam Govt. L. P. SchoolMoilam, Khakorkora, Jamadwar, Upper Rajapara, Mulapat
Umsih Handloom Weaving Co-Op. SocietyUpper Umsih, Lower Umsih, Makbilkol, Panchering-A, Panchering-B, Asimgitim
Rangasora Community Hall, East RangasoraWest Rangasora, New Gulsora, Kulsora, East Rangasora, Ampangre, New Rangasora
Koltapara Koltapara U.P. SchoolKoltapara, Sodorkora, Tebechering, Nayapara, Wahnokchiring, Khasiadop, Lower Koltapara, Lower Rajapara
Munai Munai Govt. L.P. SchoolMunai, Larkaw, Chikonbari, Shipapara, Munaichera, Bolabeta, Koraikora
Photkroh Photkroh L. P. SchoolPhotkroh, Mawhati, Rudu-A, Rudu-B
Myriaw Myriaw Govt. L. P. SchoolMyriaw, Kolomboit, Ditumtum, Pyndenlaru, Photeitsim
Shnongkalong Shnongkalong Govt. L. P. SchoolShnongkalong, Dirang
Ranikor Ranikor U. P. SchoolRanikor, Khatphra Mile, Pamdaba, Kensohsan, Rilang, Th Mile
Nolikata Nolikata Sec. SchoolNolikata, Khangkhlak, Kewri
Mawlongbah Mawlongbah L.P. SchoolMawlongbah, Photeitsim
Mawpyllun Mawpyllun Govt. L. P. SchoolMawpyllun, Alekwareng, Tilakaw, Syntusora, Rajai-A, Rajai-B
Borsora St. Peter English U. P. SchoolBorsora, Shipur, Lakma, Rajaju
Nongjri Nongjri Presbyterian L. P. SchoolNongjri, Nongumsur, Nonghyllam, Nongumbar, Nonghyllam-Poitbli
Nongkulang Nongkulang Govt. L. P. SchoolNongkulang
Khonjowai Khonjowai Deficit U. P. SchoolKhonjowai 'A', Khonjowai'B', Chibak'
Amarsang Amarsang Community HallAmarsang, Umtangkut
Pormawdar Pormawdar Pres. L. P. SchoolPormawdar, Thadteja
Maheshkhola Maheshkhola Govt. L. P. SchoolMaheshkhola, Chitogre, Kamphilgre, Chimasora, Gongonogor-A, Gongonogor-B
Sohhylleng Sohhylleng Govt. L. P. SchoolSohhylleng
Gilagora Gilagora Govt. L. P. SchoolGilagora, Koraibari, Kaitakona, Rangdangai
Bagli Bagli Govt. L. P. SchoolBagli, Majisora, Nowasora, Rongdu, Garobeta, Cheragoan, Kutchisora

Last Updated on April 19, 2014