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Polling Booth in Raksamgre Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Raksamgre

Raksamgre Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Raksamgre Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Raksamgre Assembly Constituency falls under the Raksamgre Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Raksamgre Raksamgre Sec.SchoolRaksamgre,Machokgre,Jamdamgre,Dabang Dodengpara
Rongalgre Rongalgre L.P. SchoolRongalgre,Dabang Bolsaldamgre,Chambilgre
Gondagre Gondagre L.P.SchoolGondagre,Ringgigre,Dabanggre(B)
Watregre(B) Watregre(B) L.P.SchoolUpper Watregre(B),Kalwagre
Jangrapara Jangrapara L.P.SchoolJangrapara
Rongbokgre Rongbokgre L .P. SchoolRongbokgre,Jelbonggre
Songgitchamgre Songgitchamgre L.P.SchoolSonggitchamgre,Nangbapara,Dilgigre,Jengritgre,Bawagre
Doabokgre Doabokgre L.P.SchoolDoabokgre,Menggotchigre,Menggotchigre Ading
Dobok Jakolgre Dobok Jakolgre L.P.SchoolDobok Jakolgre,Chisikgre,Dandaragre
Bolchukatonggre Bolchukatonggre L.P.SchoolBolchukatonggre,Chibolgre,Bolchugre
Rengsinpara Rengsinpara L.P.SchoolRengsinpara,Kakkunanggre,Megapara,Megonggre, Kosidamgre,Chinaramgre
Rongmakgre Rongmakgre U.P.SchoolRongmakgre,Tosinpara,Uringgre,Angke Rongdikgre, Andalsikgre,Gedapara(Didapara), Ajurigre,Chepagre
Upper Kongrapara Upper Kongrapara L.P.SchoolUpper Kongrapara,Lower Kongrapara,Ravagre,Rangtapgre
Upper Kongrapara Upper Kongrapara Community HallUpper Kongrapara,Lower Kongrapara,Ravagre,Rangtapgre
Pedaldoba Pedaldoba U.P.SchoolPedaldoba-(Garo),Rabugaon(Rabhukong),Pedaldoba-Ii(Rabha), Nayapara
Rongsai Rongsai L.P. SchoolRongsai,Bolsadamgre,Balbalgre,Kurung
Hatugaon Hatugaon L.P.SchoolHatugaon,Jurigaon,Borobakra,Motapara,Kaltapara,Tilapara
Hatugaon Hatugaon U.P. SchoolHatugaon,Jurigaon,Borobakra,Motapara,Kaltapara,Tilapara
Naguapara Naguapara L.P.SchoolNaguapara,Kasipara,Kalapara,Kokapara
Belguri Belguri L.P.SchoolBelguri,Borogobal, Gana Achugre,Dalchengkona
Upper Rembigre Upper Rembigre L.P. SchoolRembigre,Datranggre(Dotronggre),Dilsigre
Bondukmali Bondukmali L.P.SchoolBondukmali(B),Bondukmali(A),Joiranggre,Upper Karchengdap,Lower Karchengdap,Kongkorpara
Borodoldonga Borodoldonga L.P.SchoolBorodoldonga
Photamati Photamati L.P.SchoolPhotamati,Borodubi,Borobatapara,Dhelapara
Laskerpara Laskerpara L.P.SchoolLaskerpara(A),Boldampitbari,Deosali,New Photamati,Aitibi Deosali
Upper Chigijangre Upper Chigijanggiri L P SchoolUpper Chigijanggre,Mandagre,Lower Chigijanggre,Manda Kosakgre
Napakgre Napakgre L.P.SchoolNapakgre,Apalgre,Laskerpara(B)
Roni Asim Bollonggitok H.E.SchoolRoni Asim,Anggarepara,Roni Para,Damachiga,Jongchipara
Takurvilla Takurvilla Garo L.P.SchoolTakurvilla Garo,Takurvilla Rabha,Bakrapara,Amtuli
Daporbhita Daporbhita Rabha L.P.SchoolDaporbhita Rabha,Sarapara,Fakirmara, Borjhora,Mauripara,Puranipara
Dajakkagre Dajakkagre L.P. SchoolDajakkagre,Chimagre,Boldamgre

Last Updated on April 19, 2014