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Polling Booth in Nongstoin Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Nongstoin

Nongstoin Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nongstoin Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Nongstoin Assembly Constituency falls under the Nongstoin Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Mawlangniang U.P. School BuildingMawlangniang, Tiehbah, Mawsaw, Nongdom, Nongkhniang, Mawsiej, Mawngap, Nongkynbah, Mawroh Mawlangniang
Pyndengrei St. Peter'S Higher Sec. Sch. Bldg.Pyndengrei, Mawthoh
Ladweitang L.P. School BuildingLadweitang, Mawiong Lumsyntiew
Tiehsaw Presbyterian L.P. School BuildingTiehsaw, Mawrusyiar, Pungsior
Umsaw U.P. School BuildingUmsaw
Shohphria Govt. L.P. School BuildingShohphria, Sohwanthiang, Lawrapha
Mawlangkhar U.P. School BuildingMawlangkhar, Tyllang, Ksehkohlong
Nongspung Govt. U.P. School BuildingNongspung, Domkohsam, Nongsohpian
Upper New Nongstoin Govt. L.P. School BuildingUpper New Nongstoin
New Nongstoin Public School Building,New Nongstoin (A)
Siejlieh Govt. L.P. School BuildingSiejlieh
Mawlangdep Sacred Heart U.P. School BuildingMawlangdep, Umjaru, Umsaw, Urkali, Mawsiangbah
Mawkadiang Community HallMawkadiang, Mawliehdein, Mawshlap, Mawliehbah, Nohrasong, Mawrok
Mawkhlam Govt. L.P. School Building Mawkhlam
Nongpyndeng Sibsingh Mem. Govt. Higher Sec. Sch BuildingNongpyndeng
Nongstoin Govt. L.P. School BuildingNongstoin
Mawkawah Govt. L.P. School BuildingMawkawah, Khliehmawlieh
Mawrok Porsohsat Govt. L.P. School BuildingMawrok Porsohsat, Syllei Iawkhein, Nongritong
Mawkynbat Hynniew Sordar U.P. School BuildingMawkynbat, Mawsngapwir, Mawiawet, Nongdom
Mawbrimynni Govt. L.P. School BuildingMawbrimynni, Kyllang, Mawkynrum, Kohkam
Mawkaton Govt. L.P. School BuildingMawkaton, Umlipoi, Mawlwai Kynbah
Laitkseh Govt. U.P. School BuildingLaitkseh
Marngor Govt. L.P. School BuildingMarngor, Mawblei, Mawkhan Wahkwang, Phyllut
Langlew Govt. L.P. School BuildingLanglew, Mawkhan Pambeh
Marskuin Sub-Sirdar U.P. School BuildingMarskuin, Laitphlang, Langpyrdaw, Dommyntong, Marshiangbai
Jaidoh St. Anthony'S Sec. Sch. BuildingJaidoh, Nongklung, Mawthungkper
Sangriang Govt. L.P. School BuildingSangriang, Mawthawphet
Mawduh U.P. School BuildingMawduh, Diengsyiang, Mawthawtep
Nongkhlaw Govt. L.P. School BuildingNongkhlaw, Nongkynjang, Thyrnangkhmahjah
Nonglwai Govt. L.P. School BuildingNonglwai, Mawkaianglangdain
Byrki U.P. School BuildingByrki, Marshan Namlang, Marshan Nongrim, Dilingim, Mawkhmahtyngkoh, Wahjynriew, Byrki Mawthung, Pyndenmawbah
Mawliehbah Mawnar Govt. L.P. School BuildingMawliehbah Mawnar, Kaitkohram, Nongdisong, Mawiawa
Nongrangoi Govt. L.P. School BuildingNongrangoi, Lumpyngngad, Nongdiwah, Domwahlang
Mawthawniaw Seng Nongrep U.P. School BuildingMawthawniaw, Diskiang Pungsior
Pyndenglawar Community HallPyndenglawar
Lawse Fellowship Sec. School BuildingLawse, Sohparu, Nongjyllieh, Tynrongwahladew
Tiehsaw (Khyllem) L.P. School BuildingTiehsaw, Khyllem, Mawkohnoh

Last Updated on April 19, 2014