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Polling Booth in Mendipathar Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Mendipathar

Mendipathar Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mendipathar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Mendipathar Assembly Constituency falls under the Mendipathar Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
New Puthimari L.P. School New PuthimariNew Puthimari, Jamgaon Rabha
Gajingpara L.P. School GajingparaGajingpara, Jamgaon Sorokpara
Soenang Aga L.P. School Soenang AgaSoenang Aga, Dilma Aga, Dilma Kimsri
Dilma Wagenang L.P. School Dilma WagenangDilma Lower, Dilma Wagenang, Dilma Rejakgittim
Dilma Dorengsaram L.P. School Dilma DorengsaramDilma Dorengsaram, Dilma Soksan
Mendipathar College Building MendipatharBabupara, Salpara, Mendipathar College(A), Mendipathar Garo(A), Mendipathar College(B), Mendipathar Garo(B), Mendipathar Rabha, Mendipathar Bazar
Dome Anti L.P. School Dome AntiKawak, Dome Anti, Genang, Jampara, Old Chipakram, New Chipakram
Harinkata Garo L.P. School Gairong Harinkata GaroHarinkata Garo, Harinkata Bakenang, Harinkata Rabha, Harinkata Bakra, Harinkata Kacharipara, New Harinkata, Harinkata Tilapara
Upper Manikganj L.P. School Upper ManikganjUpper Manikganj, Lower Manikganj, Chirim Dare
Miapara L.P. School MiaparaMiapara, Chotto Miapara, New Miapara, Nolbari, Rongdama
Damit Dangra L.P. School Damit DangraDamit Dangra, Rading, Dangra Songgital
Damash He School DamashDamash, Rangsi, Matchakolgre, Rongmaklong, Rongsal
Kaskona L.P. School KaskonaKaskona, Chimatcha, Chitukona, Chitukona Rabha, Upper Chimatcha
Bangsi Apal L.P. School Bangsi ApalBangsi Apal, Guri Simram, Pangsudam, Mongma Karam
Chituk Dadram L.P. School Chituk DadramChituk Dadram, Babupara
Upper Nogolpara L.P. School Upper NogoL.P.araUpper Nogolpara, Lower Nogolpara
Chisim Apal L.P. School Chisim ApalChisim Apal, Dainadubi
Galwangsa L.P. School GalwangsaDoka Saram, Bonggare, Bonggare Olbaknang, Rompa, Galwangsa
Bangsi Dogru L.P. School Bangsi DogruBangsi Minol, Bangsi Dogru, Bangsi Aga, Bangsi Bokda, Rongge, Rongge Apal, Doracha
Gambil Aga L.P. School Gambil AgaGambil Aga, Nanil Apal, Bangsi Gambil
Dilma Keragalram L.P. School Dilma KeragalramDilma Keragalram, Dilma Kaku, Dilma Okbima, Chidoreng Hatibasa, Hatibasa Rabha, Dilma Mongpanggro, Belbari Keragaldam,
Thapa Dangre L.P. School Thapa DangreThapa Dangre
Thapa Agitchak L.P. School Thapa AgitchakEgugre, Thapa Agitchak, Rongdanggre, Thapa Matronggre
Dajong Gate L.P. School Dajong GateDajong Gate, Thapa Dajonggre, Thapa Ragolgre
Chisimari L.P. School Chisimari Raksinggre, Chisimari, Damringgre, Tasilgre
Dokamincheng L.P. School DokaminchengDokamincheng, Dokamincheng Snaru, Upper Niaboli

Last Updated on April 19, 2014