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Polling Booth in Mawsynram Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Mawsynram

Mawsynram Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mawsynram Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Mawsynram Assembly Constituency falls under the Mawsynram Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Mawspong L. P. School, MawspongMawspong, Dewkber (Inc. Dihad)
Mawkaphan Govt. L. P. School, MawkaphanMawkaphan, Domskong, Jympiat.
Kenbah Govt. L. P. School, KenbahKenbah, Kynmynsaw
Phlangmawsyrpat Govt. L. P. School, PhlangmawsyrpatPhlangmawsyrpat, Janiaw.
Mawsynram Dongneng Mawsynram Higher Secondary School Mawsynram Dongneng, Mawksing, Rangsohkham, Jathang.
Mawsynram Dongrum Mawsynram Higher Secondary SchoolMawsynram Dongrum
Laitsohum Govt. L. P. School, LaitsohumLaitsohum, Wahparkti And Wah Mawlyndiar, Phudphanblei
Thieddieng Nongbah Thieddieng Presbyterian UPSchoolThieddieng Nongbah, Thieddieng Nongthymmai
Synnei Nongrim Govt. L. P. School, Synnei NongrimSynnei Nonrim, Synnei Nongthymmai
Nongshluid Govt. L. P. School, NongshluidNongshluid, Kenshluid, Umpyrdong, Brikapang
Lawbah Mawdon Mawpen Presbyterian Secondary Shool, MawlyngbnaLawbah, Mawlaitshong.
Nonglait Govt. L. P. School, NonglaitNonglait, Sinai Mawshynrut
Umeit Mawlyngbna Mawlyngbna Seng Khasi L. P. & U. P. SchoolUmeit Mawlyngbna
Mawtepiew Umtyllun Mawtepiew Govt. L. P. SchoolMawtepiew, Umtyllun
Mawkhan Govt. L. P. School, MawkhanMawkhan, Mawdon
Thyllaw L. P. School, ThyllawThyllaw
Nongrim (Warding) Govt. L. P. School, Nongrim (Warding)Nongrim (Warding), Mawdngiem
Mawdon Bazar L. P. School, Mawdon BazarHat Mawdon, Delsora, Pathari, Umniang, Kharprah, Katrang, Hapkata
Kyrdoh Govt. L. P. School, KyrdohKyrdoh, Ryngkuskong, Ryngkummukh
Ryngku Bazar R. K. M. School, Ryngku BazarRyngku Bazar, Betgora
Pataghat R. C. L. P. School, PataghatPataghat, Thliew Ryngku, Thakur Naw
Makhali R. C. L. P. School, MakhaliMakhali, Purnanagar, Asimpara, Khaikuna
Telsora R. C. L. P. School, TelsoraTelsora, Weisohpieng, Dwara Bazar, Sohktieh
Chirrakata Govt. L. P. School, ChirrakataChirrakata, Bordup, Khasidop, Dopho (Inc. Weisuloi)
Sonatola Govt. L. P. School, SonatolaSonatola, Kamarphil, Synditola (Inc. Umlynter)
Dholai Malai R. C. L. P. School, Dholai MalaiDholai Malai, Rajagoan, Nongkriah
Dholai Gaon Govt. L. P. School, Dholai GaonDholai Goan, Iapshynreh, Hurupukni, Pisakuna, Kalasandia, Katradua, Umtynriew
Dangar Dangar Presbyterian Higher Secondary SchoolDangar, Dombah
Umsawrang Govt. L. P. School, UmsawrangUmsawrang, Phodstein, Pyndengdakni, Nongdisiar, Shnong Palong, Kendapara, Laitumsaw
Kharabri Govt. L. P. School, KharabriKharabri, Dobakhal, Pyndengiri, Terajamra, Joiram
Lalpani Govt. L. P. School, LaL.P.aniLalpani, Pyndenborsora, Dangardop
Tilagaon Govt. L. P. School, TilagaonTilagaon
Pyndensohsaw Presbyterian UP& Secondary School PyndensohsawPyndensohsaw, Dewsawlia, Mawpdai, Jyllep, Khliehriat
Pomblang Govt. L. P. School, PomblangPomblang
Mawpen Govt. L.P. School, MawpenMawpen, Ingkyrsa
Kynrang Govt. L. P. School, KynrangKynrang, Rangweng
Phlangwanbroi Govt. L. P. School, PhlangwanbroiPhlangwanbroi, Phlangwanbroi Nongthymmai, Kenbah Malai
Mawrapad U. P. & L. P. School, MawrapadMawrapad, Mawkasain, Lumdiengngan
Mawkynwan Lyngkhom Community Hall, Mawkynwan LyngkhomMawkynwan Lyngkhom
Tyngnger Presbyterian L. P. School, TyngngerTyngnger, Dewsaw
Nongtrai L. P. School, NongtraiNongtrai
Nongdom Mawria Sixstar L. P. School, Nongdom SohsatNongdom Mawria, Mawryngkang, Domsohpian, Langsynphut
Mawteibah Mawtwinah Govt. L. P. SchoolMawteibah
Pongkung Presbyterian L. P. School, PongkungPongkung, Mawtyngor
Kmawan Rum Kmawan Rum L. P. School (Day)Kmawan Rum, Mawlyngkut
Saitshylliah L.P. School, SaitshylliahSaitshylliah, Weiloi, Ladkrem-Mawpyllun
Wahmawpad Presbyterian L.P. School, WahmawpadWahmawpad, Mawhiang, Umnongrim

Last Updated on April 19, 2014