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Polling Booth in Mawshynrut Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Mawshynrut

Mawshynrut Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mawshynrut Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Mawshynrut Assembly Constituency falls under the Mawshynrut Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Nongrathaw Govt. L.P. School BuildingNongrathaw (N), Nongdambur
Nongpdeng L.P. School BuildingNongpdeng (J), Nongdiengkain, Nongkyndang, Upper Nongkyndang, Upper Kijang, Nongmawnar, Nongrathaw (J)
Myndo Presbyterian L.P. School BuildingMyndo, Nongbaiu, Umsohpieng, Mawlein, Mawjiej, Mawjain, Mawehrang
Nongrynniaw R.C.L.P. School BuildingNongrynniaw, Thangtngaw, Nongmawngap, Nongriangseh, Nongrimthawrat, Riangsiehkhon, Mawthung Nongpdeng
Porsohsan U.P. School BuildingPorsohsan, Mawdongkiang, Mawtirang, Porkrong, Mawkhumkha, Riangthiej
Nongriangkang Sormanick Syiem Presbyterian L.P. School BuildingNongriangkang, Mawkyllon, Nongaswit, Nongporiew, Pormawthar, Pyndensohphnat, Pyndenmawnar, Lumkynjang
Nongjri Community HallNongjri, Nongriangken, Nongumkait, Mawshut, Nongdhapor
Japung Presbyterian L.P. School BuildingJapung, Jririangsin, Borkhe, Nongthymmai (N), Nongpdeng (N), Mawkohram, Mawdonglang, Lumdiengjri
Mawtynrong Presbyterian L.P. School BuildingMawtynrong, Tynrong Riangkhon, Lumdiengsong, Mawkhamlonglieh
Riangdo Presbyterian L.P. School BuildingRiangdo, Nongprut, Mawshynrut, Lumpyngngad, Pormawthaw, Tynrong Mawblei, Tynrong Sanlapor
Mawthengkut Lyngngam Presbyterian Higher Sec. School BuildingMawthengkut, Nongkyna, Nongryngkew (A), Nongryngkew (B)
Thaiem R.C.L.P. School BuildingThaiem, Janepih, Nongmawbri, Mawkdep, Mawpomblang
Nongtynhiang Govt. L.P. School BuildingNongtynhiang, Mawkhar, Proin, Rimardon
Mawsaw Presbyterian L.P. School BuildingMawsaw, Mawsyrpat, Tynrong Mawsaw, Nongsleh
Kriangrin St.Paul U.P. School BuildingKriangrin, Rwiang, Tiniang, Mynniar, Siangra, Mynniar (B), Thynri
Seinduli U.P. School BuildingSeinduli (I), Seinduli (Ii), Tumtum
Porla Presbyterian L.P. School BuildingPorla, Nongsynrang, Domsynrang, Mawthylliang, Porla (A)
Banglapluh L.P. School BuildingBanglapluh, Pohshih, Mawlaidong
Jynruniangbrak L.P. School BuildingJynruniangbrak, Riangshiang, Mangsang Daso, Dohdemakuram, Sohkyntait, Iewjynru
Umdein L.P. School BuildingUmdein, Pomdkhar, Mawpun-H
Langumshing Govt. L.P. School BuildingLangumshing (A), Langumshing (B), Porsohlang, Nongjynra
Umshynrut L.P. School BuildingUmshynrut, Nongkrong, Tlon
Umdang Rongrin Govt. U.P. School BuildingUmdang
Nongdaju Govt. L.P. School BuildingNongdaju, Nongrongdu, Nongriangju, Nongsnaram, Nongriangkhain, Nongdakong, Nongthymmai (D), Pormawlein, Umsor
Shahlang Sohbar Joplang R.C.L.P. School BuildingShahlang Sohbar, Nongsohbar (B), Nongwardienger, Nongwardro, Pordiengbi
Rongkhugre L.P. School BuildingRongkhugre, Shahlang, Damangre
Swangre Hamegam Govt. L.P. School BuildingSwangre Hamegam, Dalbot (A), Dalbot (B), Swangre Chansi, Swangre Waso, Rongkhang, Chimihmang, Swangre Rangjambi, Swangre Acheng, Dalbot (C)
Nongshram Rongbeng L.P. School BuildingNongshram Rongbeng, Dymmut, Nongshram Hadeng, Daat
Wahthre L.P. School BuildingWahthre, Thodmari, Awiak, Shongbiang, Goriang (A), Jukisil, Nongniangju
Dorangre R.C.L.P. School BuildingDorangre, Nonghynrum, Mawbonriangna, Songsak, Niangshigredawet, Khymereng
Langshonthiang Govt. L.P. School BuildingLangshonthiang, Nongjaiaw, Nongmawlai, Nongriangka
Risiang Lurmangkara U.P. School BuildingRisiang, Mawkynjoin, Bri Iawnoh (Nonglangsain), Nongkaniang, Kenlyngdoh
Nongtraw R.C.L.P. School BuildingNongtraw, Umthli, Nongdiengsning, Nongmawbuit, Nongthyrnang Nonglwet, Mawlait, Wahlyngdoh, Mawriat
Shyrkon Govt. L.P. School BuildingShyrkon (A), Shyrkon (B), Porla (N), Mawlangkew
Nongriangna R.C.L.P. School BuildingNongriangna, Nonglangtur, Nongwaitwiang, Miangmawdar, Tarajak, Nongsohmyntang, Nongriangud, Nongmawjut
Riangshi Kanshusik R.C.L.P. School BuildingRiangshi Kanshusik, Rongram, Niangshiken, Rongthok, Shiniangkhri
Riangdim Govt. L.P. School BuildingRiangdim, Niangshigre, Dambo, Wakpangram, Hakashak, Khalu, Bokshung
Riangmaw Govt. L.P. School BuildingRiangmaw, Nirang, Langmar
Nongmiangshang L.P. School BuildingNongmiangshang, Nongsba, Nongpein, Rimynniar, Nongumiang, Nongpohlong, Nongdohlieh, Kujynrong
Maweit Presbyterian U.P. School BuildingMaweit, Nongkhusba, Mawrynniaw, Nonglamjew, Umtynru, Nongdhar, Nongpathar, Miangkain, Camino Mawblang, Nongshiliang, Nonglyier
Mawmarin Govt. L.P. School BuildingMawmarin, Nonglanglieh, Nongmawlieh
Porkhadoh Community HallPorkhadoh, Sdaddkhar, Umwein, Pyndeng Shahlang
Thiepjaphlang L.P.School BuildingThiepjaphlang, Shiliangrynniaw, Patharkhnang, Mawruksoin
Photjalei Govt. L.P.School BuildingPhotjalei, Mawjeinlang
Umdang Don Bosco Sec. School BuildingPorksai, Riangba, Mawkhap (N), Mawlong, Nongthawkhong, Pyndenmawlieh
Pyndengmynraw L.P.School BuildingPyndengmynraw, Mawpon, Maweitksar, Nongriangpoit, Riangpoit Thymmai
Pyndengkirit Govt. L.P.School BuildingPyndengkirit, Lawdap, Santipor, Iawnaw

Last Updated on April 19, 2014