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Polling Booth in Mawkynrew Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mawkynrew

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mawkynrew Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Mawkynrew Assembly Constituency falls under the Mawkynrew Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Laitkseh Presbyterian L. P. School, LaitksehLaitkseh,Mawkathein
Thangsning Govt. L. P. School, ThangsningThangsning,Madan Thangsning
Rapleng L. P. School, RaplengRapleng
Laitdiengsai Ram Krishna L. P. School, LaitdiengsaiLaitdiengsai, Laitlum
Rasong Presbyterian L. P. School, RasongRasong, Mawphynieng
Rangphlang Presbyterian L. P. School, RangphlangRangphlang, Mawslang
Mawlali Presbyterian L. P. School, MawlaliMawlali
Thadan Community Hall, ThadanThadan
Thynroit Govt. L. P. School, ThynroitThynroit (East), Thynroit (West)
Mawber Govt. L. P. School, MawberMawber, Umsawlum
Mawpyrshong R. C. L. P. School, MawpyrshongMawpyrshong, Madan Langning, Kynton Mawbynna, Mawrang
Jongksha Govt. L. P. School, JongkshaJongksha East,Jongksha West
Mawiapbang Govt. L. P. School, MawiapbangMawiapbang
Kharang Govt. L. P. School, KharangKharang
Pingwait Presbyterian L. P. School, PingwaitPingwait
Dienglieng Govt. L.P. School, DiengliengDienglieng, Thanglei
Umsning R.C.L.P. School, UmsningUmsning, Syniasya
Nongjrong Govt. L.P. School, NongjrongNongjrong
Mawkynrew Presbyterian L. P. & U. P. School, MawkynrewMawkynrew, Umtong
Mawlein R.C.L.P. School, MawleinMawlein
Jatah Nonglyer Presbyterian L.P. School, Jatah-NonglyerJatah Nonglyer, Jatah Lakadong
Mynsang Community Hall, MynsangMynsang
Laitmynsang Presbyteran L. P. School, LaitmynsangLaitmynsang
Mawsir Presbyterian Jubilee L.P. School, MawsirMawsir,Mawdulop, Ksanryngngi
Umsaw War R.C.L.P. School, Umsaw WarUmsaw (War), Mawlang, Pashang
Syntung Govt. L.P. School, SyntungSyntung
Mawjatap Presbyterian L.P. School, MawjatapMawjatap, Siangkhnai
Nonghulew Presbyterian L.P. School, NonghulewNonghulew
Mawsna Presbyterian L.P. School, MawsnaMawsna, Khliehasem
Nohron Govt. L.P. School, NohronNohron
Nongryngkoh Presbyterian U.P. School, NongryngkohNongryngkoh, New Nongryngkoh
Lynshing Presbyterian L.P. School, LynshingLyngshing, Umsham, Tmoi, Nongthymmai, Umshyngiar
Nongpyrdi Presbyterian L.P. School, NongpyrdiNongpyrdi (Inc. Klang), Mynriah
Mawrasai Presbyterian L.P. School, MawrasaiMawrasai
Mawlat R.C.L.P. School, MawlatMawlat, Wahmawlein
Wahlakhiat Presbyterian L.P. School, WahlakhiatWahlakhiat
Wahlyngdoh L.P. School, WahlyngdohWahlyngdoh
Mawkria Wahtwa Church Of God L.P. School, MawkriaMawkria
Rngibah Govt. L.P. School, RngibahRyngibah (Inc. Mawshar)
Thangbnai Presbyterian L.P. School, ThangbnaiThangbnai
Khapmaw Presbyterian L.P. School, KhapmawKhapmaw, Iapdkoh
Pyngkya Presbyterian L.P. School, PyngkyaPynkya, Langsiew, Umpdem
Laitkyrhong Govt. L.P. School, LaitkyrhongLaitkyrhong
Laitkyrhong Govt. L.P. School, LaitkyrhongLaitkyrhong
Khwad Presbyterian L.P. School, KhwadKhwad (Inc. Siltham)
Mawlyngot Community Hall, MawlyngotMawlyngot Inc. Iewrynghep, Umkhoi, Mawpynthymmai
Mawblang Presbyterian L.P. School, MawblangMawblang

Last Updated on: Jan 21, 2023

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