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Polling Booth in Gambegre Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Gambegre

Gambegre Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gambegre Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Gambegre Assembly Constituency falls under the Gambegre Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Gambegre Gambegre L.P.SchoolGambegre, Suringgre, Achapara, Dangsapara, Dinasagre, Chigitchakgre, Dapdalgre
Aminda Simsang Amindagre M.E.SchoolAminda Simsang,Aminda Rangsagre,Diagre,Teksragre,Dondagre,Rongalgre, Galabalgre,Gra Adinggre,Aminda Ading
Nengja Bolchugre Nengja Bolchugre L.P.SchoolNengja Bolchugre,Nengjapara,Dilnigre
Doldegre Doldegre L.P.SchoolDoldegre,Gongganggre,Rongkon Marenggre
Sandagre Sandagre M.E.SchoolSandagre,Babagre,Anchenggre-A,Anchenggre-B,Dabelagre
Tochapara Tochapara H E SchoolTochapara
Mankingre Mankingre L P SchoolMankingre,Dangmanggre
Dopogre Dopogre L.P.SchoolDopogre,Jebalgre,Sengminpara,Dikkimpara,Dosragre
Saka Boldamgre Saka Boldamgre Community HallSaka Boldamgre,Somonpara,Kosak Kama Jembragre,Okkapara Songgitcham
Chenggapara Chengapara M.E.SchoolChenggapara,Rakwapara,Rangmanggre,Bendikgre,Songbandugre
Badupara Badupara High SchoolBadupara,Dimagre,Jengchamgre,Kurapara
Mebitpara Mebitpara M.E.SchoolMebitpara,Chollongpara,Rimrangpara,Churabudigre
Sanjengpara Sanjengpara L.P.SchoolSanjengpara,Dewaligre,Sanjengpara Ajugre
Wagegitokgre Wagegitokgre M.E.SchoolWagegitokgre,Akinpara,Selbalgre, Rakagittimgopagre,Sandanpara,Rangapara
Gonchudaregre Gonchudaregre M.E.SchoolGonchudaregre,Asimgre,Anangpara,Terimpara,Rangsagre,Baruagre,Rakmanpara-B
Possenggagre Possenggagre L.P.SchoolPossenggagre,Basulpara,Chasinpara,Pattanggre
Makalpara MakaL.P.ara L.P.SchoolMakalpara,Moropgre
Rimrangpara Rimrangpara M.E.SchoolRimrangpara,Rimrangpara Asimgre,Rimrangpara Bajigre,Mandanggre,Rimrangpara Adinggre,Rimrangpara Selbalgre,Mibon Nokat
Mibonpara Mibonpara L.P.SchoolMibonpara,Chelipara,Jamdamgre
Marapara Marapara L.P.SchoolMarapara,Bagugre,Rongbokgre,Amongpara I,Amongpara Asugre, Sananggre,Dagalgre,Nor Anggre,Amongpara-Ii,Dawagre,Rongkanggitim
Kherapara Kherapara Pwd IbKherapara Songma,Bollonggre,Dadokgre, Darenggre,Bolmagre,Surunanggre,Sosotpara, Songmagre,Kherapara Nokat,Nabandagre,Kherapara Alda,Murigre
Kherapara Kherapara Pwd IbKherapara Songma,Bollonggre,Dadokgre, Darenggre,Bolmagre,Surunanggre,Sosotpara, Songmagre,Kherapara Nokat,Nabandagre,Kherapara Alda,Murigre
Sampalgre Sampalgre L.P.SchoolSampalgre,Dorenggre,Galwanggre-A,Galwanggre-B,Jawakgre
Jongbo Chiringgre Jongbo Chiringgre L.P.SchoolJongbo Chiringgre,Darechikgre,Rakmanpara A,Dulamandagre,Boldorenggre,Dikgre,Bandra Ading
Angallanggre Angallanggre L.P.SchoolAngallanggre,Ganipara,Nalnapara
Jarimpara Jarimpara L.P.SchoolJarimpara,Rajinpara,Sisogre,Balikimgre,Dagugre,Bugakolgre Ading, Bugakolgre Kama,Kopogre,Santogre
Daluagre Daluagre M.E.SchoolDaluagre,Ganapara,Rongkagre,Chidaretgre,Rangminchiringgre, Sangsang Nokatgre,Gimbil Adinggre,Romba Chisakgre,Rongbilbanggre,
Darakgre Darakgre Village Court BuildingDarak Akonggre,Darak Adinggre,Duragre,Rongpinggre, Bolchugre,Rongatagre, Singbandagre,Rongramgre,
Dopgre Dopgre L.P.SchoolDopgre,Rongronggre,Dollonggre,Agindarenggre
Balamagre Balamagre L.P.SchoolBalamagre,Jenggitchakgre,Adugre,Dilni Marenggre
Darengre Darengre H.S.SchoolUpper Darengre,Lower Darengre
Daren Agal Daren Agal M.E.SchoolDaren Agal,Nawalgre,Maguagre,Bolwarigre, Gimbilgre,Chengkurigre,Roba Ronggopgre
Sentapara Sentapara M.E.SchoolSentapara,Chengkurigre,Daronggre,Goragre,Gildinggre
Sentapara Sentapara M.E.SchoolSentapara,Chengkurigre,Daronggre,Goragre,Gildinggre
Matalagre Matalagre L.P.SchoolMatalagre,Chongpotgre
Churabudigre Churabudigre L.P.SchoolChurabudigre,Mengkakgre,Alabagre, Dilni Amakgre,Indik Nokat
Okkapara Okkapara Community HallOkkapara Songma,Agasigre
Rongkon Songgital Rongkon Songgital L.P.SchoolRongkon Songgital,Indikgre,Rongkon Songgitcham

Last Updated on April 19, 2014