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Polling Booth in Ampati Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Ampati

Ampati Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ampati Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Ampati Assembly Constituency falls under the Ampati Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Khongpara Khongpara L.P.SchoolKhongpara, Bansali, Garodoba
Mahishbathanpara Mahishbathanpara L.P.SchoolMahishbathanpara, Saptoka, Doguripara
Lutubari Lutubari L.P. SchoolLutubari, Chalitabari, Mokpara
Joyfer Joyfer U.P. School Joyfer, Sagarkona, Deokashra
Kashra Kashra L.P. SchoolKashra, Belbari
Dingjoar Dingjoar U.P. SchoolDakupara, Dingjoar, Borkona
Monabari Monabari U.P. SchoolMonabari, Rangapani, Takuranbari, Ichakuri, Watregre
Monabari Monabari Sec. SchoolMonabari, Rangapani, Takuranbari, Ichakuri, Watregre
Rongramgre Rongramgre L.P. SchoolRongramgre, Badagre, Hajonggre
Sonabil Sonabil L.P.SchoolSonabil, Baishpara
Chondonpara Chondonpara (S) Community HallChondonpara (S), Chondonpara (N)
Chiringpara Chiringpara U.P.SchoolChiringpara, Malchapara, Parengpara, Dobokgre
Betasing Betasing U.P. SchoolBetasing, Marpara, Kharugaon, Nirghinigaon
Morkona Morkona L.P. SchoolMorkona, Murikati, Ulubari, Bandrikona, Bashbari
Samatigaon Samatigaon L.P.SchoolSamatigaon, Batajoar, Purasingga
Gasuragaon Gasuragaon L.P.SchoolGasuragaon, Amjana, Kathalbari, Bandoraja (Nokat)
Taktaki Taktaki L.P. SchoolTaktaki, Domdoma, Rongma Agalgre
Sulguri Sulguri Sec. School Jholgaongre, Bangkapara (Songma), Bangkapara (Nokat), Sulguri
Kumligaon Kumligaon L.P.SchoolKumligaon, Sipragaon, Chotolaturi
Bainapara Bainapara U.P. School Bainapara, Banduraja
Bainapara Bainapara U.P. School Baniapara, Adugre
Latrigre Latrigre L.P.SchoolLatrigre, Borolaturi (Koch), Borolaturi (Garo)
Chengkompara Chengkompara Ssa U.P. SchoolChengkompara
Ampati Ampati M.E. SchoolAmpati
Goldatgre Goldatgre L.P. SchoolGoldatgre, Chelipara (Songma)
Gara Bokmangre Gara Bokmangre UPSchoolGara Bokmagre, Kebolpara, Jangnapara, Chelipara (Nokat), Simsang Bokmangre
Hathisil Hathisil L.P.SchoolHathisil, Maji Agalgre
Chigitchakgre Chigitchakgre L.P. SchoolChigitchakgre, Kolkatola, Bolchugre
Murchapani Murchapani U.P. SchoolMurchapani, Murchapani (Koch), Sasatbolgre, Balladinggre (Kristian), Gimbilgre
Rongsang Abagre Rongsang Abagre L.P. SchoolRongsang Abagre, Mangsanggre, Rongsanggre Songma, Rongsang Ajregre
Godalgre Godalgre L.P. SchoolGodalgre, Arenggre, Ajonggre
Jelbongpara Jelbongpara L.P. SchoolJelbongpara, Salbari, Jelbongpara Wadagre, Manuapara
Skagre Skagre L.P. SchoolSkagre, Golmangre, Damdiloka
Bandarkona Bandarkona Me SchoolBandarkona, Dalbotpara, Jongchetpara

Last Updated on April 19, 2014