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List of Polling Stations in Tamenglong Assembly Constituency

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1L. Pabram53/1 - L. Pabram Jr. High School
2Tharon53/2 - Tharon Jr. High School
3Sonpram53/3 - Sonram Primary School
4Thingra53/4 - Shingra Jr. High School
5Kajinglong53/5 - Kajinglong Primary School
6Dailong (A)53/6 - Dailiong Jr. High School (N/W)
7Dailong (B)53/7 - Dailiong Jr. High School (S/W)
8Tamenglong (A)53/8 - Tamenglong Jr. High School
9Tamenglong (B)53/9 - Tamenglong Primary School
10Tamenglong HQ Ward-I53/10 - Tamenglong Hr. Sec School (Old Bulding)(W/W)
11Tamenglong HQ Ward-653/11 - Tamenglong Hr. Sec School (Old Bulding)(E/W)
12Tamenglong HQ Ward No. V (A)53/12 - Tamenglong Hr.Sec School (S/W)
13Tamenglong HQ Ward No. V (B)53/13 - Tamenglong Hr.Sec School (N/W)
14Tamenglong HQ Ward No.III (A)53/14 - Model Village Govt. High School (N/W)
15Tamenglong HQ Ward No.III (B)53/15 - Dimthanlong Primary School
16Tamenglong HQ Ward No.IV (A)53/16 - Gadai Primary School (N/W)
17Tamenglong HQ Ward No. IV (B)53/17 - Gadai Primary School (S/W)
18Tamenglong HQ (E) Ward No.II-(A)53/18 - Christian Model English Hr. Sec. School (N/W)
19Tamenglong HQ E./Ward No.II53/19 - Christian Model English Hr. Sec. School (S/W)
20Kabui Khullen53/20 - Kabui Khullen Primary School
21Phalong (Bhalok)53/21 - Bhalok Primary School
22Phalong Part 253/22 - Phalong Part-2 Duiga Primary School
23Khongjron53/23 - Khongjaron Jr. High School
24Dauigailong53/24 - Duigailong Primary School
25Duiluan (Wairongba)53/25 - Duiluan Primary School
26Duiluan Part 253/26 - Duiluan Part 2 Matung Primary School
27Nagaching53/27 - Abungchiang Primary School
28Oktan53/28 - Puichi Primary School
29Bakua53/29 - Bakuwa Primary School
30Khebuching53/30 - Puching Primary School
31Akhui53/31 - Akhui Jr. High School
32Kahulong53/32 - Kahulong Primary School
33Bamgaijang53/33 - Bamgaijang Primary School
34Langkhong53/34 - Raengkhong Primary School
35Lukhambi53/35 - Lower Lukhumbi Primary School
36Haochong (A)53/36 - Haochong High School
37Haochong (B)53/37 - Ejeirong Primary School
38Pungmon53/38 - Pungmon Primary School
39Taobam53/39 - Taobam Primary School
40Sanglungpang53/40 - Sanglungpang Primary School
41Tabanglong53/41 - Tabanglong Primary School
42Nungtek53/42 - Nungtek Primary School
43Kaikao53/43 - Kaikao Jr. High School
44Sempang53/44 - Sempang Primary School
45Luangchum53/45 - Luangchum Primary School
46Ramgailong53/46 - Ramgailong (Luangchum-II) Primary School
47Makhuam (Marangjing)53/47 - Haolaijing Primary School
48Makhuam Part 1 and Part 253/48 - Makhuam Part 1 Primary School

Last Updated on June 13, 2016