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List of Polling Stations in Tadubi Assembly Constituency

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Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Thuyeng49/1 - Thuyeng UJB School
2Chakha49/2 - Chakha Primary School
3Tamphung49/3 - Tamphung Primary School
4Yangkhullen (A)49/4 - Yangkhullen L.P School (R/W)
5Yangkhullen (A-I)49/5 - Yangkhullen L.P School (N/W)
6Yangkhullen (B)49/6 - Yangkhullen L.P School (L/W)
7Bendramai49/7 - Bendramai L.P School
8Yangkhunou49/8 - Yangkhunou UJB School
9Tadubi (A)49/9 - Mao Maram Hr.Sec/School (R/W)
10Tadubi (A-I)49/10 - Mao Maram Hr.Sec/School (N/W)
11Tadubi (B)49/11 - Mao Maram Hr.Sec/School (L/W)
12Chakumei49/12 - Chakumei UJB/School
13Rajamei49/13 - Rajamei UJB/School
14Willong Khunou49/14 - Willong Khunou L.P School(N/W)
15Shangkungmei49/15 - Shangkhongmei Primary School
16Willong Khullen(A)49/16 - Willong Khullen Jr. High School(N/W)
17Willong Khullen(A-I)49/17 - Willong Khullen Jr. High School(R/W)
18Willong Khullen(B)49/18 - Willong Khullen Jr. High School(S/W)
19Pumdumlong49/19 - Pumdumdlong Community Hall
20Mao Pungdung(A)49/20 - Mao Pungdung UJB School(N/W)
21Mao Pungdung(B)49/21 - Mao Pungdung UJB School(S/W)
22Chawainamei Khullen(A)49/22 - Solitokho Jr. High School (N/W)
23Chawainamei Khullen(B)49/23 - Solitokho Jr. High School (S/W)
24Chawainamei Khunou49/24 - Solitokho Jr. High School (L/W)
25Chawainamei Khunou (A)49/25 - Solitokho Jr. High School (R/W)
26Makhan Khullen49/26 - Makhan UJB School
27Makhan Centre(A)49/27 - New Makhan Primary School (R/W)
28Makhan Centre(B)49/28 - Makhan Christian U.J.B.School (L/W)
29New Makhan (B)49/29 - New Makhan Primary School (L/W)
30New Makhan (A)49/30 - New Makhan Primary School (N/W)
31Maram Khullakpa Sagei (A-I)49/31 - Maram Khullen Jr. High School (R/W)
32Maram Khullakpa Sagei (A-II)49/32 - Maram Khullen Jr. High School (C/W)
33Maram Khullakpa Sagei (B)49/33 - Maram Khullen Jr. High School (L/W)
34Maram Makha Sagei (A)49/34 - Maram Makha Sagei L.Primary School (R/W)
35Maram Makha Sagei (B)49/35 - Maram Makha Sagei L.Primary School (L/W)
36Maram Mathak Sagei (A)49/36 - Maram Thana L.P. School (R/W)
37Maram Mathak Sagei (B)49/37 - Maram Thana L.P. School (L/W)
38Maram Bazar (A)49/38 - Maram Hindi UJB School (R/W)
39Maram Bazar (B)49/39 - Maram Hindi UJB School (L/W)
40Maram Centre49/40 - Maram Centre L.P. School
41LairouChing (A)49/41 - Maram Christian UJB School (R/W)
42LairouChing (B)49/42 - Maram Christian UJB School (L/W)
43New Maram49/43 - New Maram L.Primary School
44Oklong49/44 - Oklong Jr. High School (L/W)
45Oklong49/45 - Oklong Jr. High School (R/W)
46Makuilongdi49/46 - Makuilongdi L.P School
47Maram Khunou49/47 - Maram Khunou Primary School
48Katomei(A)49/48 - Katomei Centre Primary School (R/W)
49Katomei (B)49/49 - Katomei Centre Primary School (L/W)
50Taphou Naga49/50 - Taphou Naga UJB School(S/W)
51Taphou Onaeme49/51 - Taphou Onaeme Primary School
52Taphou Rikhumei49/52 - Taphou Naga UJB School(N/W)
53Taphou Ngaihang49/53 - Taphou Ngaihang Primary School
54Taphou Phyamai49/54 - Taphou Naga UJB School(E/W)
55Taphou Nepali49/55 - Govinda L.P School
56Taphou Kuki49/56 - Taphou Kuki J.B School
57Changoubung49/57 - Changoubung UJB/School
58Maohing Kuki49/58 - Maohing Nepali J.B/School (R/W)
59Maohing Nepali49/59 - Maohing Nepali J.B/School (L/W)
60Turibari49/60 - Goma Devi JB School
61Thonglang49/61 - Thonglang Atongba Jr. High School
62Kotlien (A)49/62 - Kotlien UJB School (R/W)
63Kotlien (B)49/63 - Kotlien UJB School (L/W)
64Selsi49/64 - Selsi UJB School
65T. Waichong49/65 - T.Waichong Jr. High School
66Gelnel49/66 - Gelnel UJB School
67Chalwa49/67 - Chalwa Jr.High School

Last Updated on June 13, 2016