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List of Polling Stations in Lamsang Assembly Constituency

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Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Awang Leikinthabi (A)17/1 - Awang Leikinthabi Lower Primary School
2Awang Leikinthabi (B)17/2 - Awang Leikinthabi Junior High School
3Awang Wabgai17/3 - Awang Wabgai Primary School
4Tingri17/4 - Tingri Government Lower Primary School
5Maharabi17/5 - Maharabi Primary School
6Potsangbam Khullen (A)17/6 - Awang Potsangbam Khullen Primary School
7Potsangbam Khullen (B)17/7 - Awang Potsangbam High School
8Khonghampat Khullen (A)17/8 - Khonghampat High School (E/W)
9Khonghampat Khullen (B)17/9 - Khonghampat High School (W/W)
10Khamaral17/10 - Khamaral Junior Basic School
11Kameng17/11 - Nongchup Kameng Primary School
12Tendongyan17/12 - Tendongyan Junior High School
13Loitang Khullen17/13 - Loitang Primary School
14Mayang Langjing (A)17/14 - Mayang Langjing Primary School (N/W)
15Mayang Langjing (B)17/15 - Mayang Langjing Primary School (S/W)
16Mayang Langjing Tamang17/16 - Mayang Langjing High School (R/W)
17Akham17/17 - Akham Primary School
18Lamdeng (A)17/18 - Lamdeng Junior High School (N/W)
19Lamdeng (A)17/19 - Lamdeng Junior High School (S/W)
20Lamdeng (B)17/20 - Public Girls High School
21Lamdeng (C)17/21 - Lamdeng Khunou Lukhambi Tribal Lower Primary School
22Awang khunou (A)17/22 - Awang Khunou Mayai Leikai L.P. School (S/W)
23Awang khunou (B)17/23 - Awang Khunou Mayai Leikai L.P. School (N/W)
24Salam Keikhu (A)17/24 - Salam Keikhu Lower Primary School (E/W)
25Salam Keikhu (B)17/25 - Salam Keikhu Lower Primary School (W/W)
26Salam Keikhu (C)17/26 - Tharoijam Government Primary School
27Lamsang (A)17/27 - Heibongpokpi Junior High School
28Lamsang (A-1)17/28 - Haorang Sabal Primary School
29Lamsang (B)17/29 - Lamsang Awang Leikai Primary School
30Lambal17/30 - Lambal Lower Primary School
31Taothong (A)17/31 - Lamsang Praja High School (E/W)
32Taothong (B)17/32 - Lamsang Praja High School (W/W)
33Khullem Leikai (A)17/33 - Comorin Montessori School (N/W)
34Khullem Leikai (B)17/34 - Comorin Montessori School (S/W)
35Khullem Leikai (C)17/35 - Khullem Leikai Junior High School (N/W)
36Khullem Leikai (D)17/36 - Khullem Leikai Junior High School (C/W)
37Luker (A)17/37 - Luker Model Primary School (N/W)
38Luker (B)17/38 - Luker Model Primary School (S/W)
39Maklang17/39 - Maklang Junior High School
40Thangjing Khullen17/40 - Kachikhul Junior High School
41Sangaithel17/41 - Sangaithel Primary School

Last Updated on June 13, 2016