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List of Polling Stations in Karong Assembly Constituency

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Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Koide (A)47/1 - Koide Jr. High School (R/W)
2Koide (B)47/2 - Koide Jr. High School (L/W)
3Koide (C)47/3 - Koide Reafii Christian L.P School (R/W)
4Koide (D)47/4 - Koide Reafii Christian L.P School (L/W)
5Kapao47/5 - Kapao Primary School
6Maiba (A)47/6 - Maiba Jr. High School (R/W)
7Maiba (B)47/7 - Maiba Jr. High School (L/W)
8Phuba Khuman (A-1)47/8 - Phuba Primary School (R/W of Eastern Bldg.)
9Phuba Khuman (A-2)47/9 - Phuba Primary School (L/W of Eastern Bldg.)
10Phuba Khuman (B)47/10 - Phuba Primary School (L/W)
11Phuba Khuman ( C )47/11 - Phuba Primary School (N/W)
12Phuba Khuman (C-II)47/12 - Phuba Primary School (S/W)
13Phuba Thapham (A)47/13 - Phuba Thapham Primary School (R/W)
14Phuba Thapham (B)47/14 - Phuba Thapham Primary School (L/W)
15Phuba Thapam (C)47/15 - Phuba Thapam Primary School (L/W)
16Phaibung Khullen (A)47/16 - Phaibung Khullen High School (R/W)
17Phaibung Khullen (B)47/17 - Phaibung Khullen High School (L/W)
18Phaibung Khullen (C)47/18 - Maodona UJB School
19Phaibung Khunou47/19 - Phaibung Khunou UJB School
20Lower Phaibung47/20 - Lower Phaibung Primary School
21Lakhamei (A)47/21 - Lakhamei Jr. High School (R/W)
22Lakhamei (B)47/22 - Lakhamei Jr. High School (L/W)
23Lakhamei (C)47/23 - Lakhamei Jr. High School (N/W)
24Purul Atongba (A)47/24 - Purul Atongba High School (R/W)
25Purul Atongba (B)47/25 - Purul Atongba High School (L/W)
26Purul Atongba(C )47/26 - Purul Atongba High School (L/W)
27Purul Atongba (C)47/27 - Purul Atongba UJB/ School
28Purul Akutpa (A)47/28 - Purul Akutpa UJB School(C/W)
29Purul Akutpa (B)47/29 - Purul Akutpa UJB School (R/W)
30Purul Akutpa (C)47/30 - Purul Akutpa UJB School (L/W)
31Purul Akutpa (D)47/31 - Purul Akutpa L.P. School
32Oinam (A-I)47/32 - Oinam Hill High School (R/W)
33Oinam (A-II)47/33 - Oinam Hill High School (S/W)
34Oinam (B-I)47/34 - Oinam Hill High School (L/W)
35Oinam (B-II)47/35 - Oinam Hill High School (W/W)
36Kodom Khullen47/36 - Kodom Khullen UJB/School
37Kodom Khavii47/37 - Kodom Kavii Primary School
38Sirong47/38 - Sirong UJB/School
39Ngari Khullen47/39 - Ngari Khullen L.P School
40Ngari Lishang47/40 - Ngari Lishang Primary School
41Ngari Raidulomai (A)47/41 - Ngari Raidulomai L.Primary School
42Ngari Raidulomai (B)47/42 - Ngari Raidulomai Upper UJB School
43Thiwa47/43 - Thiwa Govt. High School
44Khongdei Khuman47/44 - Khongdei Khuman Jr. High School
45Khongdei Shimphung/Ngawar47/45 - Khongdei Shimphung UJB/School
46Ngamju47/46 - Ngamju UJB/School
47Thingba Khullen (A)47/47 - Thingba Khullen UJB/School (R/W)
48Thingba Khullen (B)47/48 - Thingba Khullen UJB/School (L/W)
49Keiye47/49 - Keiye UJB School
50Thingba Khunou (A)47/50 - Thingba Khunou UJB School (R/W)
51Thingba Khunou (B)47/51 - Thingba Khunou UJB School (L/W)
52Chofii47/52 - Chofii Govt. Primary School
53Sadim47/53 - Sadim Pukhri UJB School
54Karong (A)47/54 - Karong UJB/School (R/W)
55Upper Khongnem47/55 - Khongnem UJB School
56Karong (B)47/56 - Karong UJB/School (L/W)
57Khabung47/57 - Khabung UJB School
58Senapati (A)47/58 - Senapati Thong Primary School
59Senapati (B)47/59 - Senapati Aided High School(E/W)
60Senapati (B-1)47/60 - Senapati Aided High School(W/W)
61Thingsong Khullen47/61 - Tingsong U.J.B/School
62Thingsong Centre47/62 - Tingsong Centre Primary School
63Khamsom47/63 - Khamsom Jr. high School
64Khamsom Makha47/64 - Khamsom Hufii U.J.B. School
65Ngatan47/65 - Ngatan UJB. School
66Sorbung47/66 - Sorbung UJB School
67Gallam47/67 - Gallam Jr. High School
68Phaikon47/68 - Phaikon Primary School
69Yangnoi47/69 - Yangnoi UJB School
70Ihang Karong47/70 - Ihang Karong Jr. High School

Last Updated on June 13, 2016