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List of Polling Stations in Chandel Assembly Constituency

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Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Purum Pantha41/1 - Purum Pantha Primary School
2Purum Khullen41/2 - Purum Khullen Primary School
3Wangparal41/3 - Wangparal Primary School
4Salemthar41/4 - Little Angel's Paradise School
5Thamlapokpi41/5 - Thamlapokpi Primary School
6Thamla Khuren41/6 - Anganwadi Centre
7Lamkang Khunou41/7 - Lamkang Khunou Primary School
8Lamkang Khunkha41/8 - Lamkang Khunkha Primary School
9Tarao Laimanai41/9 - Tarao Laimanai Primary School
10Liwa Sarei41/10 - Liwa Sarei Primary School
11New Chayang41/11 - New Chayang Primary School
12Aihang41/12 - Aihang Primary School
13Charang Ching41/13 - Charangching Khunou Primary School
14Japhou Bazar Part-I(A)41/14 - Maha Union High School (N/W)
15Japhou Bazar Part-I(B)41/15 - Maha Union High School (S/W)
16Kanankhu41/16 - Kanankhu Primary School
17Chengkhu (Haobibam)41/17 - Chengkhu (Haobibam) Primary School
18Monsang Pantha41/18 - Mongsang Pantha Primary School
19Khongjon41/19 - Khongjon Primary School
20Mantri Pantha41/20 - Mantri Pantha Primary School
21Lambung Main41/21 - Lambung Primary School (W/W)
22Chandel Christian41/22 - Chandel Christian Primary School(W/W)
23Modi41/23 - Modi Primary School
24Chandel Khullen41/24 - Chandel Christian Primary School(E/W)
25Mahoutera41/25 - Mahoutera Primary School
26Tonsen41/26 - Tonsen Primary School
27Unupat41/27 - Unupat Primary School
28Khambathel41/28 - Khambathel Primary School
29Berukhudam41/29 - Berukhudam Primary School
30Phiran Khullen41/30 - Phiran Khullen Primary School
31Larong41/31 - Larong Primary School
32Duthang41/32 - Duthang Primary School
33Anal Khullen41/33 - Anal Khullen Primary School
34Singtom41/34 - Singtom Primary School
35Sugnu Tribal41/35 - Sugnu Tribal Primary School
36Sugnoo Zouveng41/36 - Standard English High School
37Sugnu Lamhang41/37 - Sugnu Lamhang Primary School
38Toupokpi41/38 - Toupokpi Primary School
39Y Thingkangphai41/39 - Y. Thingkangpai Jr. High School
40Tampi41/40 - Tampi Primary School
41Anal Khunou41/41 - Anal Khunou Primary School
42Paraolon41/42 - Paraolon Primary School
43Chakpikarong41/43 - Chakpikarong Govt. High School
44Rungchang41/44 - Rungchang Std. English School
45Salluk(A)41/45 - Salluk Primary School(E/W)
46Salluk(B)41/46 - Salluk Primary School(W/W)
47Longja41/47 - Longja Primary School
48Teiyang41/48 - Teiyang Primary School
49Gobok41/49 - Govok Primary School
50Khubung Khullen41/50 - Khubung Khullen Primary School
51Paldai41/51 - Paldai Primary School
52Molphei41/52 - Molphei Primary School
53Mombi41/53 - Mombi Primary School
54Khangbarol41/54 - Khangbarol Primary School
55Lamphei41/55 - Lamphei Primary School
56K Savompa41/56 - K. Savompa Primary School
57New Songjang41/57 - New Songjang Primary School
58Sajiktampak41/58 - Sajiktampak Jr. School
59Joupi41/59 - Joupi Primary School
60Changpol41/60 - Changpol Primary School
61Khengjoi41/61 - Khengjoi Primary School
62Sehlon41/62 - Sehlon Primary School
63Hengsi41/63 - Hengsi Primary School
64Aisi41/64 - Aishi Primary School
65Aibol41/65 - Aibol Joupi Primary School
66Wayang41/66 - Wayang Primary School
67Yangoulen41/67 - Yangoulen Primary School
68Molcham41/68 - Molcham J.B School
69New Samtal41/69 - New Samtal Jr. High School

Last Updated on June 11, 2016