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Polling Stations List Sisai Assembly

List of Polling Stations in Sisai

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
0Primary School Supa
0Adimjati Sewa Mandal Middle School Narekela
0Upgrade Middle School Maharajganj
0Middle School Bangarkela
0Anganbari Center Lotwa
1Upgrade Middle Scshool Larango
2Upgrade Middle Scshool Larango
3Primary School Sahijana
4Govt. Middle School Barri
5Primary School Urdu Lohanjara
6Upgrade Middle School Chapi
7Middle School Kulkupi
8Primary School Nijma
9Middle School Puso
10Primary School Ekamba
11Upgrade Middle School garhwali
12Primary School Bondo Chapatoli
13Primary School Bondo Chapatoli
14Anganbari Kendra Mada
15Primary School Sursa
16Upgrade Middle School Arko
17Upgrade Middle School Arko
18Primary School Hesagutu
19Upgrade Middle School Pahamu
20Primary School Bhurso
21Middle School Lawagai Chengri
22Middle School Lawagai Chengri
23Primary School Kurgi
24Primary School Kherra
25Upgrade Middle School Dari
26Primary School Kocha
27Primary School Harri
28Primary School Ghaghra
29Upgrade Middle School Gamhariya
30Primary School Jalka
31Upgrade Middle School Shinnathpur
32Upgrade Middle School Pandrani
33Primary School Siyang
34Primary School Sainda
35Primary School Baghni
36Kartik Oroan High School Chharda
37Middle School Chharda
38Upgrade Middle School Lathdag
39Primary School Manglo
40Upgrade Middle School Karkari
41Middle School Jaira
42Primary School Gurgoan
43Upgrade Middle School Kudra
44Boys Middle School Sisai
45Boys Middle School Sisai
46Girls Middle School Sisai
47Girls Middle School Sisai
48Sant Tulsidas High School Sisai
49Primary School Kulankeri
50Middle School Bargoan
51Middle School Bargoan
52Community Hall Bargoan
53Community Hall Bargoan
54Middle School Pilkhi Roshanpur
55Primary School Bargoan Bartoli
56Primary School Bargoan Bartoli
57Middle School Songra
58Middle School Murgu
59Middle School Murgu
60Community Hall Murgu
61Primary School Kamta
62Upgrade Middle School Nagfeni
63Primary School Porha
64Primary School Ghaghra
65Upgrade Middle School Birkera
66Primary School Lawagai
67Primary School Dikdon
68Upgrade Middle School Rerwa
69Primary School Mahuda
70Upgrade Middle School Lakeya
71Upgrade Middle School Lakeya
72Primary School Potro
73Middle School Block Headquarter Bhadauli
74Middle School Block Headquarter Bhadauli
75Middle School Sakrauli
76Middle School Sakrauli
77Middle School Bishrampur Jhatnitoli
78Primary School Jamgai
79Primary School Lulhawa
80Primary School Pandaria
81Middle School Sogra
82High School Nagar Siskari
83Middle School Nagar
84Middle School Nagar
85Upgrade Middle School Thethaitangar Ambatoli
86Upgrade Middle School Thethaitangar Ambatoli
87Primary School Semra
88Primary School Samal
89Upg. Middle School, Asro
90Primary School Korekera
91Middle School Olmunda
92Middle School Olmunda
93Primary School Baranda
94Middle School Pabeya
95Primary School Paharkesa
96Primary School Darkesa
97Primary School Supa
98Anganbari Centre Sukurhutu
99Primary School Jatargari
100Primary School Kharka
101Primary School Amalia
102Primary School Amalia
103Govt. Middle School Bantoli
104Primary School Raikera
105Primary School Samsera
106Middle School Burhipat
107Girls Middle School Bharno
108Girls Middle School Bharno
109Project High School Bharno
110Primary School Parsa
111Nav. Primary School, Cheto
112Primary School Mathturiamba
113Primary School Masia
114Primary School Masia
115Middle School Baraturiamba
116R. C. Primary School Kamalpur
117Govt. High School Bharno
118Govt. High School Bharno
119Boys Middle School Bharno
120Primary School Kumharo
121Govt. Middle School Morgoan
122Primary School Batkuri
123Primary School Longa
124Primary School Mahadeo Chengri
125Primary School Atakora
126Primary School Atakora
127Primary School Malgo
128Primary School Dumbo
129Primary School Dumbo
130Primary School Bhargoan
131Middle School Jura
132Anganbari Kendra Nagri
133Nav. Primary School, Singrauli
134Govt. Primary School Kusumbaga
135Primary School Marasilli
136Primary School Mahugoan
137Primary School Khartanga
138Govt. Middle School Sargoan
139Primari School Bangru
140Govt. Primary School Parwal
141Primary School Pahar Bangru
142Primary School Datia
143Primary School Duria
144Primary School Jirhul
145Primary School Madanpur
146Govt. Primary School Algori
147Govt. Middle School Domba
148Govt. Middle School Domba
149Primary School Amboa
150Primary School Amboa
152Middle School Ambera
153Primary School Karaundajor
154Primary School Koinjali
155Primary School Londra
156Primary School Kanarwa
157Primary School Tetarbira
158Middle School Karanj
159Primary School Omesera
160Nav. Primary School, Batkuri
161Primary School, Joreya
162Nav. Primary School, kathaitkura
163Primary School, Maladon
164Primary School Bataloya
165Upgrade Middle School Okba
166Primary School Kedli
167Upgrade Middle School Dakeya
168Primary School Tengra
169Primary School Bongaloya
171Girls Middle School Mamarla
172Upgrade Middle School Chintamankura
173R. C. Primary School Tangarjariya
174Primary School Karaloya
176R. C. Primary School Bondekera
177Primary School Gangra
178Middle School Banai Kohratoli
179Panchayat Bhawan Banai
180Upgrade Middle School Ramjari
182Primary School Lohri
183Panchayat Bhawan Pokta
184Primary School Jolo
185Primary School Lungtu
186Upgrade Middle School Ninai
187Primary School Tukai
188High School Kumhari
189High School Kumhari
190Primary School Ghunsera
191Primary School Farsama
192Middle School Banagutu
193Primary School Sonmer
194Middle School Surajpur
195Primary School Lauwakera Karamtoli
196Upgrade Middle School Pantha
198Upgrade Middle School Jakjor
199Primary School Tirra Kemtatoli
200Upgrade Middle School Bambiyari
201Boys Middle School, Basia
202Boys Middle School, Basia
203Girls middle School Basia
204Upgrade Middle School Solangbira
205Primary School Tetra
206Nav Primary School Saitoli
207Nav. Primary School Sidhma
208Upgrade Middle School Bhagidera
209Panchayat Bhawan Konbir
210Panchayat Bhawan Konbir
211Primary School Guram
212Anganbari Center Sukurda
213Primary School Konaskeli
214Upgrade Middle School Ramdih
215Community Hall Areya
216Primary School Sakeya
217Upgrade Middle School Kaliga
218Upgrade Middle School Kaliga
219Community Hall Longa
220Community Hall Longa
221Upgrade Middle School Saruda
222Panchayat Bhawan Moreng
223Panchayat Bhawan Moreng
224Primary School Raikera
225Upgrade Middle School Kindirkela
226Community Hall Patura
227Middle School Takarma
228Upgrade Middle School Kurlaga
229Primary School, Kinirkela
230Primary School Turbunga
231Middle School Dolangsera
232Middle School Sasia
233Anganbari Center Kochedega
234Primary School Dalmadi
235Primary School Kurum
236Middle School Itam
237Primary School, Narsinghpur
238Middle School Rerwa
239Middle School Rerwa
240Primary School Parhi
241Primary School Sursang
242Middle School Hafu
243Primary School Murmkela
244Middle School Latra
245Middle School Konsa
246Middle School Konsa
247Middle School Arhara
248Primary School Kotbo
249Primary School Bamhani
250Middle School Ramtolya
251Middle School Kenaloya
252Primary School Chitapiri
253Primary School Pokla
254Middle School Turundu
255Middle School Poje
256Anganbari Center Bongda
257Middle School Kuda
258Primary School Korekera
259Middle School Raikera
260Middle School Kamdara
261Community Hall Kamdara
262Community Hall Kamdara
263Middle School Turbul
264Primary School Raiba
265Primary School Kajra
266Primary School Surhu
267Primary School Nawatoli
268Community Hall Gara
269Middle School Loyanga
270Primary School Bikma
271Primary School Barkoili
272Primary School Jharo
273Primary School Garai
274Middle School Kamta
275Middle School Salegutu
276Middle School Salegutu
277Middle School Surhuwa
278Primary School Pakra
279Primary School Bamandih
280Primary School Buruhatu
281Middle School Tithi
282Primary School Kisni
283Middle School Sarita
284Primary School Pimpi
285Middle School Khijri
286Primary School Kulburu
287Middle School Kurkura
288Primary School Betarkera
289Middle School Ichgutu
290Middle School Jamdih
291Primary School Loyankel
292Middle School Rampur
293Middle School Rampur
294Primary School Tati

Last Updated on April 10, 2020
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