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Polling Stations List Majhganon Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Majhganon

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Middle School Kokcho (North Part)
2Middle School Kokcho (South Block)
3Upgrade M/S Roladih
4Upgrade M/S Tuibana
5Middle School Iligada
6Primary School Kulaburu
7Primary School Pasubeda
8Upgrade M/S Ganjiya
9Primary School Surlu
10Upgrade M/S Angardiha
11Primary School Lowahatu
12Upgrade M/S Kumbram
13Middle School Tantnaga
14Primary School Gitilader
15Upgrade M/S Khediyasndri
16Middle School Chitimiti
17Primary School Bingburu
18Upgrade M/S Ulidih
19Primary School Dobrobasa
20Primary School Purniya
21Middle School Gidibas
22Upgrade M/S Bara Koyta
23Primary School Chotakoyta
24Upgrade M/S Serengbil
25Upgrade M/S Gumdapokha
26Upgrade M/S Kaseya
27Upgrade M/S Pundigutu
28Upgrade M/S Tenteda
29Primary School Dadima
30Primary School Chimisai
31Middle School Khediyatangar ( East Part )
32Middle School Khediyatangar (West Part )
33Upgrade M/S Tantnagarpokhariya
33Upgrade M/S Tantnagarpokhariya
34Middle School Mirudih
35Upgrade M/S Tenteda
36Primary School Pendargadiya
37Upgrade Girls M/S Kathbhari
38Primary School Chidiyapahadi
39Upgrade M/S Barudangua
40Primary School Bara Pokhariya
41Upgrade M/S Phatatangar
42Middle School Khaspokhariya
43Primary School Banahamtu
44Primary School Chirubasa
45Primary School Thai
46Primary School Dokatta
47Primary School Jaldhar
48Middle School Roladih (North Part)
49Middle School Roladih (South Part)
50Middle School Bharbhariya( East Part)
51Middle School Bharbhariya (West Part)
52Primary School Mauda
53Upgrade M/S Demkapada
54Primary School Malidu
55Primary School Deojhari
56Middle School Padsa
57Primary School Jomkojodi
58Primary School Tunga
59Primary School Dobila
60Primary School Epilsingi
61Upgrade M/S Lupunghatu
62Middle School Udalkam
63Primary School Tangrai
64Bindri Forest Dak Banglow
65Primary School Panga
66Primary School Gangimundi
67Middle School Kundrugutu ( North Part)
68Middle School Kundrugutu ( South Part)
69Upgrade M/S Purda
70Primary School Pindgi Sindri
71Primary School Patasai
72Primary School Bunumlata
73Primary School Gitilpi
74Primary School Gaugutu
75Primary School Sanrunju
76Primary School Baratorlo
77Primary School Chotatorlo
78Upgrade M/S Bararunju
79Upgrade M/S Barbil
80Primary School Lamjhari
81Upgrade M/S Bhagabila
82Middle School Pilka ( N. Part )
83Middle School Pilka ( S. Part )
84Upgrade M/S Padsi
85Primary School Guli
86Upgrade M/S Balkand
87Middle School Putisiya
88Middle School Baralagda ( N. Part )
89Middle School Baralagda ( S. Part )
90Primary School Pandrasali
91Primary School Butka
92Middle School Barkundiya
93Middle School Dudhjodi
94Primary School Kalaiya
95Primary School Dikubalkand
96Primary School Bhonda
97Primary School Ho Balkand
98Primary School Dhansai
99Middle School Kundiyadhar
100Primary School Amda
101Middle School Dumriya
102Primary School Kulaburu
103Primary School Lupungpi
104Basic School Kusmita ( N. Part )
105Basic School Kusmita ( S. Part )
106Primary School Banspani
107Primary School Gangapur
108Primary School Baiburu
109Primary School Kushmunda
110Middle School Barhamita ( W. Part )
111Middle School Barhamita (S. Part )
112Primary School Tirilpi
113High School Kumardungi (N. part )
114High School Kumardungi (W. part )
115Middle School Kumardungi
116High School Kumardungi (S. part )
117Primary School Burhasai
118Primary School Barusai
119Middle School Ulihatu
120Primary School Jojohatu
121M/S Angardiha (East Part)
122M/S Angardiha (West Part)
123Primary School Tuntakata
124Primary School Dhodhi (East Part)
125Primary School Dhodhi (West Part)
126Primary School Beda Mundui
127Primary School Bara Lunti
128M/S Pokhariya
129M/S Kumirta (West Part)
130M/S Kumirta (East Part)
131Primary School Tangar
132Primary School Tirilpi
133Primary School Eater (West Part)
134Primary School Eater (East Part)
135M/S Andhari (West Part)
136M/S Andhari (East Part)
137Primary School Champila (West Part)
138Primary School Champila (East Part)
139Primary School Khandkhori (North Part)
140Primary School Khandkhori (South Part)
141Primary School Patarhatu (North Part)
142Primary School Patarhatu (South Part)
143Primary School Byda
144Primary School Unduda
145Primary School Chotalunti (East Part)
146Primary School Chotalunti (West Part)
147Samudaik Vikas Bhawan, Bararaykamal
148Primary School Chotaraykamal
149M/S Khairpal
150Primary School Sadamasai
151M/S Asanpat
152Primary School Kantbila
153Primary School Baliyaposi
154Primary School Gudgaon
155M/S Tuntakata
156Girls M/S Padsa
157M/S Haduwakaman
158Primary School Tadapai (East Part)
159Primary School Tadapai (West Part)
160Primary School Chatrisai
161M/S Sonaposi
162Primary School Betajori
163Primary School Bara Belma
164M/S Majhgaon (East Part)
165High School Majhgaon
166M/S Majhgaon (West Part)
167Govt. Balika Prathmik Shiksha Kendra (NPGEL) Majhgaon
168Primary School Kudahatu (East Part)
169Primary School Kudahatu (West Part)
170Primary School Dhobadhobin
171Upgrade M/S Lowahatu
172M/S Tantariya
173Primary School Ritusai
174Primary School Ichapi
175Primary School Panduwaburu
176M/S Kharpos (N. Part )
177Anganbadi Kendra Kharpos
178M/S Kharpos
179Senior Basic School Janumpi
180M/S Ghodabandha
181Primary School Heperburu (East Part)
182Primary School Heperburu (West Part)
183Primary School Buruikuti
184M/S Nayagaon
185Primary School Delgapada
186Primary School Sharda Khas (New Building)
187Primary School Angarpada (East Part)
188Primary School Angarpada (West Part)
189Oriya Primary School Kanka
190Primary School Ambaimarcha (North Part)
191Primary School Ambaimarcha (North Part)
192M/S Adhikari
193Primary School Balibandha
194Primary School Saparamgutu

Last Updated on April 10, 2020
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