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Polling Stations List Maheshpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Maheshpur

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Middle School Pokharia W.Part
2Middle School Pokharia E Part
3Upgraded Middle School Patharghatta
4Primary School Pakripara
5Primary School Simaldhab
6Upgraded Middle School Durgapur
7Primary School Gobindpur
8Primary School Gaybathan
9Upgraded Middle School Barmasia
10Primary School Piparjori
11Upgraded Middle School Khairibari
12Middle School Sahargram
13Upgraded Middle School Amlagachi
14Upgraded Middle School Tulshipur
15Primary School Bhagabandh
16Primary School Borio
17Middle School Ranipur Askandha
18Middle School Tarapur
19Primary School Bhetatola
20Primary School Dhobna
21Upgraded Middle School Banskendri E.Part
22Upgraded Middle School Banskendri W.Part
23Upgraded Middle School Rajapur
24Primary School Basmati
25Primary School Harishpur
26Middle School Chandalmara
27Primary School Bhilai
28Upgraded Middle School Bhilai Barmasia
29Upgraded Middle School Saharpur
30Primary School Singna
31Upgraded Middle School Babudaha
32Primary School Siristalla
33Middle School Amladahi
34Upgraded Middle School Deopur
35Primary School Dhababathan
36Upgraded Primary School Barmasia
37Primary School Shivrampur
38Middle School Khanpur
39Upgraded Middle School Murgadanga
40Upgraded Middle School Ramnathpur
41Upgraded Middle School Kadampur
42Upgraded Middle School Jaipur
43Panchat Bhawan Jaipur
44Primary School Amritpur
45Upgraded Middle School Patharghatta
46Upgraded Middle School Lakhipur
47Upgraded Middle School Rampur E.Part
48Upgraded Middle School Rampur W.Part
49Upgraded Middle School Englishpara E.Part
50Upgraded Middle School Englishpara W Part
51Upgraded Middle School Nurai
52Primary School Sonarpara
53Primary School Kanijhara
54Primary School Dharmkhanpara East
55Primary School Dharmkhanpara West
56Upgraded Middle School Sohbil
57Upgraded Middle School Garbari
58Kalyan chatrawas Maheshpur
59Girls Middle School Maheshpur
60Upgraded High School Maheshpur
61Boys Middle School Maheshpur
62Upgraded Middle School Gwalpara
63Primary School Silampur
64Urdu Primary School Sirajpur
65Middle School Makdampur
66Primary School Rajapur
67Primary School Solpatia
68Upgraded Middle School Baliapatra
69Primary School Teliapokhar
70Primary School Hatimara
71Upgraded Middle School Kairachattar
72Middle School Rolagram
72Middle School Rolagram
73Upgraded Middle School Radhaballavpur
74Upgraded Middle School Ghatchora
75Upgraded Middle School Patharia
76Upgraded Primary School Barakendua
77Primary School Kalidaha
78Primary School Chotakendua
79Primary School Pariardaha
80Middle School Baliadangal
81Upgraded Middle School Dumarghati
82Primary School Narayanpur
83Upgraded Middle School Barhabad
84Upgraded Middle School Chakkudhara Urdu
85Middle School Domnabandh
86Primary School Simaldahi
87Primary School Nunbatta
88Middle School Devinagar
89Primary School Akhrasol
90Primary School Khuridih
91Upgraded Middle School Lalchuan
92Middle School Narayangarh
93Primary School Kanglapahari
94Upgraded Middle School Abhua
95Primary School Murgadanga 2
96Middle School Khagra
97Urdu Primary School Raghunathpur
98Primary School Arhol
99Middle School Barkiyari
100High School Barkiyari
101Upgraded Middle School Sitarampur
102Primary School Bhagabandh
103Upgraded Middle School Datiyarpokhar
104Primary School Manikpur
105Primary School Sonapur
106Primary School Kankjol
107Primary School Giripani
108Upgraded Middle School Kashadighi
109Upgraded Middle School Damdama
110Meeting Hall Damdama
111Primary School Darajpur
112Middle School Birkitti
113Panchayat Bhawan Birkitti
114Primary School Gadarpara E.Part
115Primary School Gadarpara W.Part
116Primary School Bankura
117Middle School Gangadda
118Primary Scholl Kunwarpur
119Middle School Borha W Part
120Middle School Borha E Part
121Madarsa Raddipur
122Primary School Palsa E. Part
123Primary School Palsa W.Part
124Upgraded Middle School Jaynagra
125Upgraded Primary School Lakhijol
126High Middle School Nayagaon
127Upgraded Middle School Nunadanga
128Upgraded Middle School Paharpur
129Primary School Arjundaha
130Upgraded Middle School Kharutola
131Upgraded Middle School Mahulpahari
132Upgraded Middle School Namumohulbona
133Upgraded Middle School Huliapathar
134Primary School Chandpur
135Upgraded Primary School Sriramgaria
136Upgraded Middle School Ichanagar
137Upgraded Middle School Balaktola
138Panchayat Bhawan Durgapur
139Upgraded Middle School Udalbani
140Upgraded Middle School Patpahari
141Primary School Khajurdangal
142Middle School Basetkundi
143Primary School Dhowadangal
144Primary School Lakhipokhar
145Upgraded Middle School Dholkatta
146Middle School Lagdum
147Primary School Chirudih
148Primary School Margaon
149Middle School Talwa
150Primary School Chhota Barmasia
151Upgraded Middle School Tetulia
152Primary School Dumarsol
153Primary School Rajbari
154Middle School Choukishal
155Middle School Ramdeokundi
156Primary School Baraudali
157Primary School Balidih
158Upgraded Middle School Bijaypur
159Middle School Mahulpahari
160Upgraded Middle School Bichpahari
161Primary School Chandna
162Primary School Karmonala
163Primary School Ramghati
164Primary School Jharia
165Primary School Khagachuan
166Upgraded Middle School Basantpur
167Primary School Sridharpara
168Primary School Solla
169Middle School Monglabandh E.Part
170Mddle School Monglabandh C. Part
171Middle School Monglabandh W.Part
172Primary School Amkona
173Upgraded Middle School Dhekiduba
174Primary School Shyamsundarpur
175Upgraded Middle School Rajpokhar
176Primary School Kachuabathan
177Upgraded Middle School Lakrapahari
178Upgraded Middle School Mohanpur
179Middle School Phooljhijri
180Primary School Aaludaha
181Primary School Salgadih
182Primary School Dukhubarmasia
183Middle School Sarsabandh
184Upgraded Middle School Paharkahksa
185Primary School Khaksa
186Upgraded Middle School Pitalgaria
187Primary School Bishanpur
188Primary School Baniapasar
189Upgraded Middle School Sindrisol
190Primary School Sihlibona
191Upgraded Middle School Rajdaha
192Primary School Urdu Paliadaha
193Middle School Paliadaha W.Part
194Middle School Paliadaha E. Part
195Upgraded Middle School Solgetola
196Primary School Jonka
197Girls Middle School Pakuria
198Harischandara Middle School Pakuria
199R. High School Pakuria
200Primary School Dhobna
201Primary School Bara Sapadaha
202Middle School Ganpura
203Upgraded Primary School Dumgi Barmasia
204Priamary School Babujhuti
205Primary School Phulopani
206Upgraded Middle School Barasinghpur
207Primary School Benakura
208Middle School Bandiga
209Primary School Gopalnagar
210Upgraded Middle School Srirampur
211Middle School Domangaria
212Middle School Bannogram
213Primary School Bangabari
214Panchayat Bhawan Radhanagar
215Upgraded Middle School Umapahari
216Upgraded Middle School Ghoshpokhar

Last Updated on April 10, 2020
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