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Polling Stations List Lohardaga Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Lohardaga

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Upg. Middle School, Sangodih
2Panchayat Bhawan, Murmu
3Primary School, Manha
4Samudayik Bhawan, Manchi
5Primary School, Adim Janjati Seva, Siram
6New Primary School, Rubed
7Upgreded Middle School, Bariyatu
8Middle School, Makka
9Upgreded Middle School, Kerar
10Middle School, Duggu
11Panchayat Bhawan, Peshrar
12Middle School, Bondobar
13Primary School, Kauwadanr
14Upgreded Middle School, Onegarha
15Middle School, Rorad
16Upgreded Middle School, Kekrang
17Primary School, Kharcha
18Upgreded Middle School, Deodariya
19Primary School, Khariya
20Primary School, Pakhar
21Primary School, Salaiya
22Middle School, Tisiya
23Upgreded Middle School, Nathpur Hutap
24Upgreded Urdu Middle School, Nari
25New Primary School, Durhul Sarnatoli
26Primary School, Nini
27Middle School, Nawadih
28Urdu Middle School, Nawadih
29Primary School, Parhepat
30Girls Middle School, Janwal
31Middle School, Kisko
32Urdu Middle School, Hondaga
33Upgreded Middle School, Kasiyadih
34Primary School, Semardih
35New Primary School, Kharki
36Upgreded Middle School, Upper Kocha
37Primary School, Datma
38Upgreded Middle School, Banpur
39Urdu Primary School, Anandpur
40Anganbari Kendra, Patgechha
41Upgreded Middle School, Bethat
42Upgreded Middle School, Bhushar
43Upgreded Middle School, Hisri Jamuntoli Patratu
44Middle School, Bagru Jamuntolinpur
45Middle School, Bagru Hill
46Primary School, Chhotchorgain
47Middle School, Merle
48Samudayik Bhawan, Jogiyara
49Middle School, Hisri (North Wing)
50Middle School, Hisri (South Wing)
51Primary School, Agardih
52Primary School, Tetartanr
53Samudayik Bhawan, Mahugaon
54Urdu Middle School, Charhu
55Samudayik Bhawan, Nirhu
56Primary School, Bonga
57Middle School, Areya
58Upgreded Middle School, Masiyatu
59Upgreded Middle School, Dhoura
60Middle School, Salgi (East Wing)
61Middle School, Salgi (West Wing)
62Upgreded Middle School, Rocho
63Upgreded Middle School, Kundgarha
64Primary School, Chund
65Primary School, Jario
66Anganbari Kendra, Hotwar
67Vetnary Centre, Barkichanpi
68New Primary School, Dubang
69Govt. Basic School, Banduwa
70New Primary School, Chhotakichanpi
71Middle School, Opa
72Primary School, Kamle
73Upgreded Urdu Middle School, Sundru
74Upgreded Middle School, Bishramgarh
75Upgreded Middle School, Sukumar
76Govt. Basic School, Chiri (North Wing)
77Govt. Basic School, Chiri (South Wing)
78Primary School, Karak
79Primary School, Tiko
80Primary School, Chatakpur
81Middle School, Jima (North Wing)
82Middle School, Jima (South Wing)
83Anganbari Kendra, Chandu
84Basic School, Lawagain (North Wing)
85Basic School, Lawagain (South Wing)
86Upgreded Urdu Middle School, Nantilo
87Primary School, Jangi
88Middle School, Kolsimri (North Wing)
89Middle School, Kolsimri (South Wing)
90Middle School, Umri
91Primary School, Sinjo
92Primary School, Bardih
93Primary School, Sukurhuttu
94Upgreded Middle School, Jonjro (North Wing)
95Upgreded Middle School, Jonjro (South Wing)
96Middle School, Jingi (North Wing)
97Middle School, Jingi (South Wing)
98Upgreded Middle School, Tan
99Middle School, Urumuru
100Anganbari Kendra, Baridih
101Primary School, Hurhad
102Upgreded Middle School, Makandu
103Primary School, Barmara
104Primary School, Kundo
105Upgreded Middle School, Tati
106Upgreded Middle School, Doba
107Dairy Collection Centre, Taku
108Primary School, Jido
109Basic School, Kuru (North Wing)
110Basic School, Kuru (South Wing)
111Block Office, Kuru
112Panchayat Bhawan, Kuru
113Primary School, Maradih
114Govt. Basic School, Jilling
115Middle School, Pandra (North Wing)
116Middle School, Pandra (South Wing)
117Primary School, Chetar
118Primary School, Rajrom
119Middle School, Henjla
120Primary School, Chandlaso
121Upgreded Middle School, Kokar
122Upgreded Middle School, Fulsuri
123Middle School, Kakargarh (East Wing)
124Middle School, Kakargarh (West Wing)
125Primary School, Mahugaon
126Upgreded Urdu Middle School, Lapur
127Middle School, Basri Nagra (East Wing)
128Middle School, Basri Nagra (West Wing)
129Middle School, Guri (East Wing)
130Middle School, Guri (West Wing)
131Upgreded Middle School, Chipo
132Parha Bhawan, Baghi
133Middle School, Kairo (North Wing)
134Middle School, Kairo (South Wing)
135Panchayat Bhawan, Kairo
136New Primary School, Birajpur
137Primary School, Utka
138Primary School, Eradon
139Middle School, Sarabey
140Primary School, Tati
141Upgreded Middle School, Kharta
142Basic School, Hanhat (East Wing)
143Project High School, Hanhat
144Basic School, Hanhat (West Wing)
145Primary School, Torang
146Upgreded Middle School, Gitilgarh
147Upgreded Middle School, Huddu
148Govt. Upgreded Middle School, Khanda
149Middle School, Chalho
150Primary School, Mahuwari
151Upgreded Middle School, Gajni
152Upgreded High School, Garadih
153New Primary School, Ulti
154Middle School, Narauli (North Wing)
155Middle School, Narauli (South Wing)
156Upgreded Middle School, Khawas Ambowa
157Upgreded Middle School, Pachagain
158Middle School, Nagjuwa
159New Primary School, Jhakhratoli (Cherima)
160Upgreded Middle School, Hesal (Room No.1)
161Upgreded Middle School, Hesal (Room No.2)
162Middle School, Kurse
163Upgreded Middle School, Kujji
164Middle School, Kujra
165Primary School, Hendlaso
166Urdu Middle School, Hirhi
167Basic School, Hirhi (East Wing)
168Basic School, Hirhi (West Wing)
169Primary School, Baratpur
170Anganbari Kendra, Baksi
171Upgreded Middle School, Banjar Kisko
172Upgreded Middle School, Kaimo
173Middle School, Manho
174Samudayik Bhawan, Manho
175Upgreded Middle School, Jori
176Samudayik Bhawan, Saheda
177Primary School, Oina
178Primary School, Kutmu (East Wing)
179Primary School, Kutmu (West Wing)
180Panchayat Bhawan, Nigni
181Anganbari Kendra, Bamandiha
182Primary School, Nigni
183Primary School, Nigni Kumbatoli
184Middle School, Juria (Room No.1)
185Middle School, Juria (Room No.2)
186Panchayat Bhawan, Juria
187Primary School, Juria Karamtoli
188Nadia Hindu High School, Lohardaga (East Wing)
189Nadia Hindu High School, Lohardaga (West Wing)
190Primary School, Harmu
191Anganbari Kendra, Harmu
192Upgreded Middle School, Bhakso
193Middle School, Arkosa (North Wing)
194Middle School, Arkosa (South Wing)
195Primary School, Khakhparta
196Panchayat Bhawan, Rampur
197Middle School, Rampur (East Wing)
198Middle School, Rampur (West Wing)
199Middle School, Bagha
200Middle School, Aine
201Upgreded Middle School, Nadi Nagra
202Balika Bihar, Basri
203Primary School, Bakarni
204Middle School, Bhatkhijri
205Primary School, Mundo
206Girls High School, Irgaon
207Middle School, Tigra (East Wing)
208Middle School, Tigra West Wing)
209Upgreded Middle School, Inta
210Basic Middle School, Bhujania
211Primary School, Bejwali
212Nagarpalika Karyalaya, Lohardaga
213Samudayik Bhawan, Kutmu, Bagru Chowk, Kuraishi Muhalla lohardaga
214Backword Muslim Class Hostel, Islamnagar
215Primary School, Somar Bazar, Lohardaga
216Harijan Middle School, Lohardaga (South Wing)
217Harijan Middle School, Lohardaga (North Wing)
218Nadia Hindu High School, Lohardaga (Bigyan Bhwan)
219Fisheries Office, Lohardaga
220Middle School, Palmerganj (East Wing)
221Middle School, Palmerganj (West Wing)
222Islamia Urdu Middle School, Lohardaga.
223Upgreded Middle School, Shanti Ashram (East Wing)
224Upgreded Middle School, Shanti Ashram (West Wing)
225Aisha Kacchi Girls High School, Lohardaga (South Wing)
226Aisha Kacchi Girls High School, Lohardaga (North Wing)
227District Library, Lohardaga
228Hindi Middle School, Lohardaga (East Wing)
229Hindi Middle School, Lohardaga (West Wing)
230Pannalal Modi Sanskrit Middle School, Lohardaga
231Girls High School, Lohardaga
232Laxmi Narayan Bal Mandir, Lohardaga
233Chunnilal High School, Lohardaga (East Wing)
234Chunnilal High School, Lohardaga (West Wing)
235Middle School, Nawaripara (South Wing)
236Middle School, Nawaripara (North Wing)
237Bazar Samittee Office, Lohardaga
238Primary School, Baksidipa
239Ursuline Girls Convent High School, Lohardaga
240Kannilal Primary School, Agrawal Muhalla
241Middle School, Barwatoli Lohardaga
242Lutheran High School, Lohardaga (South Wing)
243Lutheran High School, Lohardaga (North Wing)
243Lutheran High School, Lohardaga (North Wing)Auxilary
244Upgreded Middle School, Bara Ambera
245Primary School, Jamuntoli, Ambera
246Middle School, Udrangi
247Primary School, Hati
248Middle School, Bhandra (North Wing)
249Middle School, Bhandra (South Wing)
250Govt. Primary School, Kaspur
251Primary School, Pajhri
252Upgreded Middle School, Kumhariya (East Wing)
253Upgreded Middle School, Kumhariya (West Wing)
254Middle School, Akashi (North Wing)
255Middle School, Akashi (South Wing)
256Govt. Upgreded Middle School, Banda
257Upgreded Middle School, Bhitha (East Wing)
258Upgreded Middle School, Bhitha (West Wing)
259Primary School, Kachmachi
260Primary School, Tetarpoka
261Upgreded Middle School, Makunda
262Primary School, Kundo
263Middle School, Kanjo
264Upgreded Middle School, Baragain
265High School, Bamandiha (East Wing)
266High School, Bamandiha (West Wing)
267Middle School, Bamandiha (North Wing)
268Primary School, Pandariya
269Middle School, Jamgain (East Wing)
270Middle School, Jamgain (West Wing)
271Middle School, Bamandiha (South Wing)

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