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Polling Stations List Dumka Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Dumka

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1madhyavidyalay rasikpur
2Madhya Vidyalay Rasikpur
2Madhya Vidyalay Rasikpur M bhag
3rajkia madhya vidyalay rasikpur P M bhag
3rajkia madhya vidyalay rasikpur
4besik school rasikpur
5besik school rasikpur
6besik school rasikpur
6besik school rasikpur U P bhag
7kaniya paudha sanrakshan padadhikari M bhag
7kaniya paudha sanrakshan padadhikari
8kaniya paudha sanrakshan padadhikari
9adarsh madhya vidyalay ghandhinagar
9adarsh madhya vidyalay ghandhinagar U P bhag
10adarsh madhya vidhyalay gandhinagar
11Kendriya Madhya Vidyalay, Dumka
12baristha adhikshak dakghar karyalay
13kendriya madhya vidyalay moni school
14rajkia madhya vidyalay karaharabil
15rajkia madhya vidyalay karaharbil
16rajkia pashu chikitsalay
16rajkia pashu chikitsalay U M bhag
17rajkia pashu chikitsalay
18urdu prathmik vidyalay
19kshetria shi. upanideshak karyalay
20kshe. shi. upanideshak ka karyalay
21ji. shi. pada. karyalya dumka
22+2 zila school prashal dumka
25jila sankhyiki karyalya dumka
26nagarpalika karyalya dumka
26nagarpalika karyalya dumka P bhag
27karyapalak abhi. pi. dablu. di. karyalya
28kalab bhawan di si chauk
28kalab bhawan di si chauk M bhag
29kalab bhawan di si chauk dumka
30samudayik bhawan kamaradiha
31prathmik vidyalya bhawan hirala
32prathmik vidyalya bhawan hathima
33madya vidyalya bhawan kairavani
34prathmik vidyalya bhawan karakdar
35samudayik bhawan dhodhiya
36prathmik vidyalya bhawan sanpadahar
37prathmik vidyalya bhawan makaro
38panchayat bhawan pakadia
39prathmik vidyalya bhawan chakamuha
40utkramit prathmik vidyalya padariakusum
41prathmik vidyalya bhawan machkich
42madhya vidyalya bhawan chapakandar
43utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan bhurkhunda
44utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan bhurkhunda
45utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan bhurkhunda
46madhya vidyalya bhawan rajbandh
47madhya vidyalya bhawan rajbandh
48prathmik vidyalya bhawan ratanap
49prathmik vidyalya bhawan mdhudih
50utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan asanbani
51utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan badatelli
52prathmik vidyalya bhawan jaradih
53utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan murgabani
54utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan dhanavari i
55panchayat bhawan gando
56utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan shaharaghati
57utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan chirudih
58urdu prathmik vidyalya bhawan mudabhanga
59prathmik vidyalya bhawan dovna
60utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan domuhani
61gando besik schoolmauranacha
62utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan golapur
63utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan sagarbhanga
64dum mishan pra. vi. bh. ghasipur
65naya prathmik vidyalya bhawan sagbehri
66utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan kathijoriya
67prathmik vidyalya bhawan rampur
68maghya vidyalya bhawan kuruva
69prathmik vidyalya bhawan behrabank
70prathmik vidyalya bhawan bagadubbi
71utkramit madhya vidyalya
72utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan kodokhicha
74prathmik vidyalya bhawan digghi
75prathmik vidyalya bhawan zopa
76utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan chandopani
77prathmik vidyalya bhawan bhadudih
78besik school bhawan gadikoraiya
79prathmik vidyalya bhawan nakti
80prathmik vidyalya bhawan baratond
81prathmik vidyalya bhawan chanddih
82utkramit madhya vidyalya bhawan mukharli
83prathmik vidyalya bhawan haripur
84shriramakrishna ashram uchcha vidyalya kuruwa
85shriramakrishna ashram uchchaa vidyalya kuruwa
86shriramakrishna asram uchcha vidyalya kuruwa
87prathmik vidyalya bhawan rakhavani
88shriramkrishna ashram uchcha vidyalya kuruwa
88shriramkrishna ashram uchcha vidyalya kuruwa P bhag
89national school ra. u. vi. dudhani M bhag
89national school ra. u. vi. dudhani
90national school ra. u. vi. dudhani
91national school ra. u. vi. dudhani
92national school ra. u. vi. dudhani
93prathmik vidyalya bhawan mahuadangal
94ramkrishna ashram madhya vi. dudhani
95ramkrishna ashram madhya vi. dudhani
96prathmik vi. bhawan vijaypur
97prathmik vi. bhawan saruva
98prathmik vi. bhawan saruva
99muk. a. vi. bh. hijala
100prathmik vi. bhawan jaruvadih
101prathmik vi. bhawan jaruvadih
102muk badhir a. vi. bh. purana
103muk badir a. vi. bh. purana
104madhya vi. bh. hijala
105prathmik vi. bh. haranakundi
106prathmik vi. bh. gidhanipahari
107vishesh adivashi maghya vi. kadaharbil
108prathmik vi. bh. moratanga
109prathmik vi. bh. bandarjori
110prathmik vi. bh. bandarjori
111utkramit ma. vi. bh. khijuriya
112utkramit ma. vi. bh. bediya
113ma. vi. bh. lakhikunda
114ma. vi. bh. lakhikunda sankul
115ut. ma. vi. bh. chorakatta
116ut. ma. vi. bh. asansol
117ut. ma. vi. bh. asansol
118prathmik vi. bh. kusumdih
119prathmik vi. bh. kusumdih
120ma. vi. bh. dhadhakiya
121ma. vi. bh. dhadhakiya
122ut. ma. vi. bh. bonsajoda
123ut. ma. vi. bh. jamadali
124ut. ma. vi. kumadabad
125ut. ma. vi. bh. banakathi
126ma. vi. bh. kashiyabahal
127pr. vi. bh. bashikchak
128ma. vi. bh. parasimala
129ma. vi. bh. parasimala
130ma. vi. bh. parasimala
131ma. vi. bh. baganal
132ut. ma. vi. bh. salatalla
133ut. ma. vi. bh. kendpahadi
134ut. ma. vi. bh. darabarapur
135pra. vi. panjanapahadi
136pra. vi. bh. kulango
137pra. vi. bh. balirampur
138ut. ma. vi. bh. mudajora
139ut. ma. vi. bh. mudajora
140ma. vi. bh. ranibahal
141uch. vi. bh. ranibahal
142ut. ma. vi. bh. bhalaka
143pr. vi. bh. kolarakonda
144ma. vi. bh. makarampur
145pr. vi. bh. palan
146mis. sc. dharmapur
147ma. vi. bh. kathaliya
148pr. vi. bh. bansajoda
149pra. vi. bh. chaulitond
150pra. vi. bh. sidapahadi
151pra. vi. bh. palasi
152pra. vi. bh. zunako
153pra. vi. bh. harorayadih
154pra. vi. bh. harorayadih
155ma. vi. masaliya
156ut. ma. vi. bh. ranga
157ut. ma. vi. bh. govaso
158pr. vi. bh. ramkhadi
159ma. vi. bh. golbandha
160pr. vi. bh. bagharayadih
161ma. vi. bh. laharajodiya
162ut. ma. vi. bh. hathiyapathar
163ut. ma. vi. bh. golapur
164ma. vi. bh. rastadangal
165ut. ma. vi. bh.dovna
166ut. ma. vi. bh. pipara
167pra. vi. bh. vikrampur
168pra. vi. bh. palasi
169ut. ma. vi. bh. kenduatond
170ma. vi. bh. khairabar
171ma. vi. bh. khairabar
172ut. ma. vi. bh. vrindavani
173ut. ma. vi. bh. vrindavani
174pra. vi. bh. navadih
175ma. vi. bh. gamhariya
176ut. ma. vi. bh. kungbona
177ut. ma. vi. bh. khuthajodi
178ut. ma. vi. bh. patanpur
179ma. vi. bh. pindari
180ut. ma. vi. bh. dudhachua
181ut. ma. vi. bh. bad dumriya
182ut. ma. vi. bh. javavank
183ut. ma. vi. bh. gadapathar
184ut. ma. vi. bh. badachanadana
185pra. vi. bh. sidpahada
186ut. ma. vi. bh. gumro
187pra. vi. bh. jaruva
188pra. vi. bh. baratand
189ut. ma. vi. bh. astajoda
190pra. vi. bh.ghasimarani
191ut. ma. vi. bh. karamatond
192ut. ma. vi. bh. rangamatiya
193ut. ma. vi. bh. singatuta
194pra. vi. bh. vediyachak
195ut. ma. vi. bh. masanajod
196ut. ma. vi. bh. vadachpudiya
197samudayik bhawan gamhariya
198ut. ma. vi. bh. latavani
199ut. ma. vi. bh. ranighaghar
200pra. vi. bh. shaharapura
201ut. ma. vi. bh. paharudih
202ut. ma. vi. bh. dhakarajoda
203ut. ma. vi. bh. manoharchak
204ut. ma. vi. bh. suggapahadi
205ut. ma. vi. bh. vikrampur
206samudayik bhawan amajori
207ut. ma. vi. bh. velaganjiya
208ma. vi. bh. tasariya
209ma. vi. bh. sapachala
210ut. pra. vi. kalipathar
211pra. vi. bh. lakhivad
212ma. vi. bh. dalahi
213pra. vi. bh. madhuvan
214ut. ma. vi. bh. kalipathar
215pra. vi. bh. chitarasaini
216ma. vi. bh. kharana
217ut. ma. vi. bh. voliyajod
218pra. vi. bh. futabeiiya
219ut. ma. vi. bh. shikarapur
220ut. ma. vi. bh. nizor
221ut. ma. vi. bh. bhangahid
222ut. ma. vi. bh. amagachhi
223ut. ma. vi. bh. dovna
224pra. vi. bh. pahadapur
225ut. ma. vi. bh. dumadumi
226pra. vi. bh. hunza
227ma. vi. bh. kusumaghata
228pra. vi. bh. kendaghatta
229pra. vi. bh. bhul
230pra. vi. bh. hathiyapathar
231pra. vi. bh. datiyapur
232pra. vi. bh. godamala
233pra. vi. bh. bhul
234pra. vi. bh. hathiyapathar
235P.S. Datiyarpur
236U.M.S. Gormala

Last Updated on April 10, 2020

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