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Polling Stations List Bishunpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Bishunpur

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Primary School, Sindoor
2Awasiya Vidyalaya, Tuimupat
3Upg. Middle School, Henhe
4Upg. Middle School, Chaprong
5Primary School, Ganeshpur
6Upg. Middle School, Manhepat
7Primary School, Hesag Kumbatoli
8Middle School, Dundru
9Primary School, Pundag
10Upg. Middle School, Pahardanru
11High School, Mungo
12Govt. Primary School, Garhkasmar
13Primary School, Uru
14Bishramalaya, Ara
15Primary School, Sake
16Nav. Primary School, Churku Khakhsitoli
17Upg. Middle School, Chandwa
18Upg. Middle School, Heswe
19Upg. Middle School, Alaudi
20Upg. Girls Middle School, Manhe
21govt. Upg. Middle School, Daru
22Primary School, Torar
23Govt. Primary School, Murki
24Govt. Primary School, Bansari
25Primary School, Gobersela
26Primary School, Kandra
27Upg. Middle School, ShahButi
28Primary School, Jamira
29Primary School, Jhakhra
30Primary School, Chamru
31Upg. Middle School, Doka
32Upg. Middle School, Parhi
33Govt. Primary School, Kundgari
34Upg. Middle School, Bhargaon
35Nandlal High School, Arru
36Nandlal High School, Arru
37Govt. Middle School, Arru
38Govt. Primary School, Kalhepat
39Primary School, Jogna
40Govt. Basic School, Senha
41Govt. Basic School, Senha
42Govt. Basic School, Senha
43Govt. Basic School, Senha
44Govt. Girls Middle School, Senha
45Govt. Girls Middle School, Senha
46Middle School, Badla
47Govt. Middle School, Badla
48Nav. Primary School, Bodhatoli Badla
49Govt. Primary School, Mahadeotoli
50Govt. Upg. Middle School, Arahansa
51Govt. Middle School, Chandkopa
52Govt. Primary School, Ekkaguri
53Govt. Primary School, Chitri
54Govt. Upg. Middle School, Daru
55Govt. Upg. Middle School, Daru
56Primary School, Torar
57G. E. L. Mission Primary School, Serenghatu
58Govt. Middle School, Sithio
59Upg. Middle School, Barhi
60Nav. Primary School, Chatakpur
61Govt. Primary School, Dattri
62Upg. Middle School, Jhal Jamira
63Govt. Primary School, Ghata
64Govt. Middle School, Gageya
65Govt. Middle School, Patlo
66Govt. Primary School, Ugra
67Govt. Upg. Middle School, Merho
68Govt. Upg. Middle School, Ichri
69Govt. Upg. Middle School, Murpa
70Govt. Upg. Middle School, Korambey
71Primary School, Bhaismundo
72Middle School, Masmano
73Middle School, Masmano
74Primary School, Toto
75Primary School, Burka
76Primary School, Bedal
77Primary School, Bedal
78Middle School, Bhouro
79Middle School, Bhouro
80Anganbari Kendra, Bhouro
81Primary School, Balsota
82Primary School, Soranda
83Primary School, Dhanamunji
84Primary School, Tilsiri
85Primary School, Palmi
86Primary School, Semra
87Primary School, Gararpo
88Primary School, Porha
89Middle School, Bitpi
90Primary School, Kota
91Primary School, Dumri
92Upg. Middle School, Nirasi
93Upg. Middle School, Jamti
94Upg. Middle School, Katiya
95Community Hall, Borang
96Govt. Middle School,Banalat
97Middle School, Auratoli Gobarsela
98R. C. Primary School, Jori
99Primary School, Hakajang
100Upg. Middle School, Rehaldag
101Upg. Middle School, Ghaghra
102Nav.Primary School,Lawga
103Primary School, Lapu
104Nav. Primary School, Pipratoli
105Primary School, Chorkakharn
106Community Hall Brijiyatoli
107Primary School, Beti
108R.C.Primary School, Range
109Panchayat Bhawan Chatakpur
110Residential High School Jobhipat
111Middle School, Narma
112Anganbari Kendra Ankuri
113Health Sub Centre Banari
114Panchayat Bhawan Banari
115Upg. Middle School, Tithi
116Community Hall Jahup Kokotoli
117Upg. Middle School, Hesrag
118Primary School, Chengri
119Govt. Primary School, Jalim
120Middle School, kechki
121Govt. Middle School, Harup
122Upg. Girls Middle School, Bishunpur
123Govt. Primary School, Serka
124Upg. Middle School, Manjira
125Primary School Rehe Chapatoli
126Community Hall Rehatoli
127Middle School, Bishunpur
128Upg. Middle School, Chipri
129Middle School, Samdari
130Middle school Tumse
131Anganbari Kendrs Arangloya
132Middle School Bahagara
133.R. C. Primary School Korkopat Amtipani
134Residential Middle School, Sakhuwapani
135Residential Middle School,Sakhuwapani
136Residential Middle School,Sakhuwapani
137Upg. Middle Middle School, Kujam
138Nav. Primary School Ramjharia
139Girls Residential School Chaurapat
140Primary School Chirodih
141Upg. Middle School Oreya
142Govt. Middle School Champatoli
143R. C. Primary School Chatam
144Upg. Middle School Dewragani
145Project High School, Sato
146Upg. Middle School, Helta
147Residential School Jehangutwa
148Govt Primary school, Mundar
149Govt. Primary School, Tendar
150Govt. Primary School,Dirgaon
151Govt. Primary School Salami
152Govt. Upg. Middle School Hedmi
153R.C. Primary School, Khukhradih
154Govt. Primari School, Biyarbartoli
155R.C. Middle School, Bimarla
156R.C. Middle School, Bimarla
157Govt. Primary School, Jilingsira
158Upgrade Govt. Middle School Salagi
159Govt. Primary School Serengdag
160Govt. Middle School Adar
161Govt. Primary School Itkiri
162Van vibhag Vfshramagar Malgo
163Govt. Middle School Sarango
164Govt. Middle School Sarango
165Nav. Primary School Lapsar
166Govt. Primary School Nathpur
167Govt. Primary School Jamgai
168Govt. Middle School, Icha
169Community Hall Burju
170Govt. Primary School,Chundri
171Upgrade Middle School, Beti
172Nav. Primary School Mahugaon
173Govt. Middle School,Hapamuni
174Govt. Middle School,Gamharia
175Govt. Primary School Balakhatanga
176Govt. Primary School Khatanga
177Sant Yud Middle School Nawdiha
178Sant Yud Middle School Nawdiha
179Nav. Primary School, Mail
180Nav. Primary School, Mail
181Govt. Upgrade Middle School,Dewaki
182Govt. Upgrade Middle School,Dewaki
183Nav. Primary School, Kotamati
184Project Girls High School Ghaghra
185Project Girls High School Ghaghra
186Govt. Middle School Ghaghra
187Govt. Middle School Ghaghra
188Nav. Primary School Ranhe
189Panchayat Bhawan Chadheya
190Govt. Upgrade Middile School Kugaon
191Govt. Primary School Sarjama
192Govt. Primery School Kundo
193Health Sub Centere Kurrag
194Primary School Nawadih
195Nav. School Bara Ajiyatu
196Nav. School Chhota Ajiyatu
197Primary School Lalpur
198Govt. Middle School Shivsereng
199Govt. Primary School Porha
200Govt. Primary School Ruki
201Govt. Primary School Lawadag
202Nav. Govt. Primary School Sehal
203Govt. Primary School Chatamdag
204Govt. Primary School Barang
205Govt. upgrade Middle School Goriyadih
206Community Hall Turiyadih
207Nav. Primary School Tunjo
208Community Hall Nawni
209Primary School Dodang
210Govt. Primary School Shivrajpur
211Govt. Middle School Totambi
212Anganbari Center Dardag
213Community Hall Kasporeya
214upgrade Middle School Andhradih
215Primary School Bansari
216Govt. Girls Primary School Chapka
217Primary School Dhidhauli
218Govt. Primary School Patagai
219Community Hall Baniyadih
220Anganbari Center Tangarsikwar
221Nav. Primary School Gutuwa
222Govt. Middle School Badri Karamtoli
223Govt. Primary Middle School Panwari
224Govt. Upg. Middle School Ghoratangar
225Community Hall Sirkot
226Helth Sub Center Baradih
227Govt. Primary School Halmati
228Govt. Primary School Belagara
229Primary School Burhu
230Min. Urdu Primary School Goya
231Primary School Gomat
232Govt. Primary School Guniya
233Govt. Primary School Guniya
234Govt. Middle School Kuhipat Barwatoli
235Govt. Middle School Kuhipat Barwatoli
236Govt. Upgrade Middle School, Taragutu
237Nav. Primary School, Khambha
238Govt. Primary School Puto
239Govt. Middle School Tilsiri
240Govt. Primary School Khapiya
241Govt. Primary School Sikwar
242Govt. Upgrade Middle School Duko
243Govt. Primary School Ludgo
244Lutheran Primary School Arangi
245Lutheran Primary School Arangi
246Primary School Chumnu
247Govt. Primary School Palma
248Govt. Upgrade Middle School Khambhia
249Govt. Upgrade Middle School Khambhia
250Primary School Kita
251Primary School Chuhru
252Primary School Sisi
253Primary School Katri
254Primary School Patgachha
255Primary School Marwa
256Middile School Anjan Semardih
257Middile School Anjan Semardih
258Primary School Anjan
259Primary School Anjan
260Middle School Kotam
261Middle School Kotam
262Middle School Panso
263Middle School Panso
264Middle School Kharka
265PrMiddle School Kharka
266Primary School Devidih
267Primary School Dumrala
268Primary School Barakhatanga
269Upgrade Middle School Chhotakhatanga
270Upgrade Middle School Murumsokra
271Urdu Middle School Toto
272Urdu Middle School Toto
273Middle School Toto
274Middle School Toto
275Primary School Jhargaon
276Middle School Nawadih
277Middle School Nawadih
278R.C. Primary School Phatthi
279Primary School Mokro
280Primary School Irrophatakpur
281Primary School Sanwariya
282Anganbari Center Ambatoli Basua
283Middle School Basua
284Middle School Basua
285Upgrade Middle School Atariya
286Primary School Bhandariya
287Middle School Phori
288Middle School Phori
289Upgrade Middle School Phori Pasanga
290Upgrade Middle School Phori Pasanga
291Middle School Kraunda Bharda
292Middle School Kraunda Bharda
293Upgrade Middle School Silaphari
294Upgrade Middle School Lanji
295Upgrade Middle School Chauli
296Primary School Pandaria
297Upgrade Middle School Kulabira
298Middle School Patiya
299Middle School Patiya
300Primary School Koynjara
301Primary School Koynjara
302Upgrade Middle School Kasira
303Upgrade Middle School Kasira
304Middle School Dhidholi
305Urdu Middle School Amboa
306Urdu Middle School Amboa
307Primary School Rakamsera
308Upgrade Middle School Samsera
309Primary School Bela
310Primary School Kaliga
311Primary School Kaliga
312Primary School Kutasi Tongritoli
313Upgrade Middle School Rekma
314Primary School Kotengsera
315Upgrade Middle School Kutuwan

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