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Polling Booth in Baharagora Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Baharagora

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Primary School Ganga
2Upgrated Middle School Basadiha
3Middleschool Baliagudi
4Upgrated Middle School Matiabandhi (East Part)
5Upgrated Middle School Matiabandhi (West Part)
6Middle School Bardikanpur
7Primary School Kalapathar
8Upgrated Middle School Machhkandna
9Primary School Narsinghpur
10Upgrated Middle School Madhupur
11Primary School Biharipur
12Primary School Bhandaru
13Upgrated Middle School Chalunia
14Middle School Kendadangri
15Primary School Shishakhun
16Primary School Amlagora
17Upgrated Middle School Kishoripur
18Primary School Simdi
19Primary School Baghghori
20Middle School Joram Lohamalia
21Primary School. Birdaha
22Primary School Dhengam
23Upgrated Middle School Baranata
24Middle School Chandua
25Primary School Rengarpahari
26Upgrated Middle School Tukda
27Middle School Bend (East Part)
28Middle School Bend (West Part)
29Primary School Kanimahuli
30Upgrated Middle School Jharia
31Primary School Kalidaspur
32Upgrated Primary School Sonahara
33Primary School Jugitopa
34Primary School Barsole
35Middle School Murathakura
36Middle School Balibandh
37Primary School Kuchiasoli
38Upgrated Middle School Matapur
39Upgrated Middle School Jirapara
40Primary School Kashiabera
41Upgrated Middle School Bhatkunda
42Middle School Jordiha
43Primary School Dhobasole
44Primary School Bariagajar
45Primary School Amabhula
46Primary School Jorisa
47Middle School Muturkham
48Middle School Purnapani
49Kasturba Girls Middle School Chakulia
50Middleschool Urdu Chakulia
51Primary School Namopara (East Part)
52Primary School Namopara (West Part)
53Manoharlal Middle School Chakulia
54Primary School Mistripara
55Teacher Traning College Chakulia (East Part)
56Teacher Traning College Chakulia (West Part)
57Upgrated Middle School Kamarigora
58Upgrated Middle School Sugnibasa (East Part)
59Upgrated Middle School Sugnibasa (West Part)
60Upgrated Middle School Malkundi
61Primary School Sindurgouri
62Middle School Kantaboni
63Upgrated Middle School Baliduma
64Primary School Dudhiasole
65Upgrated Middle School Dhadika
66Upgrated Middle School Kaliam
67Primary School Kalajharia
68Middle School Gohaldangra
69Primary School Pukhuria
70Primary School Bartolia
71Upgrated Middle School Chandanpur
72Middle School Dhudhiasole
73Primary Schoolshyamsundarpur (West Part)
74Primary School Shyamsundarpur (East Part)
75Upgrated Middle School Nayagram
76Middle School Kerukocha
77Primary School Harnia
78Upgrated Middle School Jamua
79Upgrated Middle School Khejuria
80Upgrated Middle School Morbera
81Middle School Mural
82Upgrated Middle School Baramara
83Primary School Purnapani
84Middle School Chouthia
85Upgrated Middle School Lodhasoli
86Primary School Kharbandha
87Upgrated Middle School Amlagora
88Upgrated Middle School Kolbadia
89Middle School Kalapathar (West Part)
90Middle School Kalapathar (East Part)
91Upgrated Middle School Udal
92Upgrated Middle School Bankati
93Primary School Pakuria
94Middle School Rupushkundi
95Middle School Dhakhinasole
96Middle School Sardiha
97Primary School Murakati
98Middle School Arjunbera
99Upgraded Middle School Ashanboni
100Primary School Paharpur
101Middle School Kaima
102Primary School Swargachhira
103High School Muchiasai
104Middle School banmakri
105Middle School Bangram
106Upgraded Middle School Manda
107Upgraded Middle School Aangarpara
108Upgraded Middle School Kenduapal
109Primary School Ladkabasa
110Middle School Benagadiya
111Middle School Balijuri
112Primary School Naikanshol
113Upgraded Middle School Muturkham
114Upgraded Middle School Kandar
115Upgraded Middle School Shiyalbindha
116Upgraded Middle School Dholabera
117Upgraded Middle School Kasaphalia
118Primary School Chingra (Hindi)
119Middle School Bhandarshol
120Middle School Katushol
121Middle School Dandudihi
122Upgraded Middle School Rangamatia (Budipokhar)
123Upgraded Middle School Karkata
124Primary School Kuldiha
125Upgraded Middle School Kadokotha
126Upgraded Middle School Kesharda, Balak
127High School Kesharda
128Middle School Baghrachura (East Part)
129Middle School Baghrachura (West Part)
130Upgraded Middle School Jhariya
131Primary Scool Bakdaha
132Middle School Guhiyapal
133Upgraded Middle School Charakmara
134Middle School Bamdol
135primary School Jenaghati (N.P.S)
136Upgraded Middle School Mahuldangri
137Primary School Pathri
138Middle School Benda Mouda
139Upgraded Middle School Raghunathpur
140Middle School Bankata
141High School Kaimi
142Upgraded Middle School Khudputli
143Panchayat Bhaban Mouda
144Uriya Middle School Mouda
145Middle School Baharagora (Balak)
146Girls Middle School Baharagora (East part)
147Girls Middle School Baharagora (West part)
148Primary School Keola (East Part)
149Primary School Keola (West Part)
150Primary School Kuldiha
151High School Baharagora (South part)
152High School Baharagora (East part)
153Primary School Kapariya (East Part)
154Primary School Kapariya (West Part)
155Middle School Matihana (East Part)
156Middle School Matihana (West Part)
157Panchayat Bhawan Matihana
158Middle School Sonajuriya
159Primary School Murakati Matiyaldih
160Primary School Ghaghra
161Primary School Kadamdiha
162Middle School Bhutiya
163Middle School Baniyakundar
164High School Gandanata
165Primary School Nakdoha
166Primary School Pathra
167Primary School Saldoha
168Upgraded Middle School Balidiha
169Primary School Dhanghori
170Girls Middle School Manusmuria
171Middle School Manusmuria (North part)
172Middle School Manusmuria (South part)
173Upgraded Middle School Benasoli
174Middle School Jhajhiya
175Primary School Masra
176Middle School Aarang
177High School Khandamouda
178Sanskrit Primary School Khandamouda
179Primary School Panchrulia
180Primary School Digbarda
181Primary School Khandamouda
182Middle School Maisar
183Primary School Nedra Niramishri
184Middle School Kendua Mahakuria
185Middle School Aadibasi Gamariya
186Primary School Malua
187Primary School Dhadika
188High School Gamariya
189Primary School Taliya
190Middle School Shasan
191Upgraded Middle School Shakra (East Part)
192Upgraded Middle School Shakra (West Part)
193Middle School Domjuri (North Part)
194Middle School Domjuri (South Part)
195Primary School Malbandhi
196Primary School Banabura
197Middle School Baragariya (North Part)
198Primary School Bhalukkhuliya
199Middle School Baragariya (South Part)
200Upgraded Middle School Ranguniya
201Middle School Panchando
202Middle School Chitreshwar
203Upgraded Middle School Bahuliya
204Primary School Shaljhatiya
205Middle School Darkhuli
206Primary School Patpur
207Middle School Kumardubi
208Upgraded Middle School Chandra
209Primary School Patharghata
210Primary School Jagannathpur
211Primary School Gudursai, Lalsai
212High School Paruliya
213Middle School Ghaspada
214Primary School Gamariya
215Primary School Gahalamura
216Primary School Nayabasan
217Upgraded Middle School Dudhkundi
218Middle School Kheduya
219High School Jaipura (East Part)
220High School Jaipura (West Part)
221Upgraded Middle School Darishol
222Middle School Barshol
223Upgraded Middle School Gopalpur
224Upgraded Middle School Dhobachandra (East Part)
225Upgraded Middle School Dhobachandra (West Part)

Last Updated on April 10, 2020
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