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Polling Station List Wachi Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Wachi

The Wachi assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Shopian district. Know the names of polling booths inside Wachi assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Mohandpora - M
2Pargochi - M
3Losdanew - M
4Dangerpora - M
5Chitragam - M
6Sugoo Handhama - M
7Turkawangam A - M
8Turkawangam B - M
9Maldair - M
10Nuly Poshwari - M
11Homhuna - M
12Urpara - M
13Gundi Darvesh - M
14Dachoo - M
15Hilow Gundi Mureed - M
16Imam Sahib - M
17Tulren - M
18Sangren - M
19Hardu Hendew - M
20Woyen - M
21Manihal - M
22Chotipora - M
23Deeri Kali Pora A - M
24Deeri Kali Pora B - M
25Alora - M
26Narwani - M
27Baskuchan - M
28Malibugh - M
29Nadigam - M
30Mazimpara - M
31Cheki Sidiq Khan - M
32Kumdalan - M
33Hardu Nagisharen - M
34Hajipora - M
35Chakroo - M
36Kilora Maligund A - M
37Kilora Maligund B - M
38Kachdoora - M
39Kachdoora B - M
40Wangam A - M
41Wangam B - M
42Ratnipora - M
43Kapren A - M
44Kapren B - M
45Hipora Batgund - M
46Hermain A - M
47Hermain B - M
48Abalwani - M
49Landoora - M
50Nildora - M
51Kharwara - M
52Mantribugh - M
53Tangpora - M
54Pratabpora - M
55Renipora - M
56Cheki Chuland - M
57Reshipora - M
58Padderpora - M
59Muradpora - M
60Kanji Ullar - M
61Gadipora - M
62Kanji Ullar B - M
63Pudsoo - M
64Mandojan - M
65Sugan - M
66Reshipora - M
67Sofipora - M
68Kashwa - M
69Heff Kuri - M
70Chitragam A - M
71Chitragam B - M
72Chitragam C - M
73Reban A - M
74Reban B - M
75Shirmal - M
76Heff - M
77Zainapora A - M
78Zainapora B - M
79Babapora - M
80Awneera A - M
81Awneera B - M
82Durpora - M
83Chera Marg - M
84Nadimarg - M
85Wachi A - M
86Wachi B - M
87Wachi C - M
88Melawoora A - M
89Melawoora B - M
90Aglar Chirat A - M
91Aglar Chirat B - M
92Safnagri - M
93Peerpora - M
94Ahgam - M
95Nowpora Bala - M

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