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Polling Station List Ranbir Singh Pura Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Ranbir Singh Pura

The Ranbir Singh Pura assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Jammu district. Know the names of polling booths inside Ranbir Singh Pura assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Kharian A - M
2Kharian A I - M
3Kharian Ii - M
4Ban Sultan A - M
5Ban Sultan A I - M
6Ban Sultan B - M
7Ban Sultan B I - M
8Malikpur A - M
9Malikpur B - M
10Malikpur C - M
11Makhanpur Gujjran A - M
12Basti Govind Pura - M
13Makhnapur Gujjran B - M
14Dhaniday Kalan A - M
15Dhaniday Kalan B - M
16Simbal Camp A - M
17Simbal Camp A I - M
18Simbal Camp B - M
19Nihal Pur Simbal A - M
20Dhinday Kalan - M
21Nihal Pur Simbal B - M
22Nihal Pur Simbal C - M
23Gazipur - M
24Gazipur - M
25Nari - M
26Kotli Shah Doula - M
27Kotli Shah Doula B - M
28Kotli Shah Doula B I - M
29Rangpur Sadhray - M
30Ranbir Singh Pura A - M
31Ranbir Singh Pura B - M
32Ranbir Singh Pura C - M
33Ranbir Singh Pura D - M
34Ranbir Singh Pura E - M
35Ranbir Singh Pura F - M
36Ranbir Singh Pura G - M
37Ranbir Singh Pura G I - M
38Ranbir Singh Pura H - M
39Purana Pind A - M
40Purana Pind B - M
41Gagian A - M
42Gagian B - M
43Melowal - M
44Chohalla A - M
45Chohalla B - M
46Chohalla C - M
47Tanda - M
48Bagga Zanna - M
49Chak Mussa - M
50Chak Mohd Yar A - M
51Chak Mohd Yar B - M
52Chak Bala - M
53Chak Bala - M
54Kalyana A - M
55Kalyana B - M
56Rathana A - M
57Rathana A I - M
58Rathana B - M
59Gandli - M
60Chak Jagtu - M
61Chak Tahir - M
62Salehar A - M
63Salehar B - M
64Salehar C - M
65Jinder Melu A - M
66Jinder Melu B - M
67Chak Islam A - M
68Chak Islam A I - M
69Chak Islam B - M
70Phinder A - M
71Phinder B - M
72Phinder C - M
73Khour Deonian A - M
74Khour Deonian B - M
75Bahu A - M
76Bahu B - M
77Kirpind A - M
78Kirpind B - M
79Rattian - M
80Darsopur A - M
81Darsopur B - M
82Gazia - M
83Gazia - M
84Kotli Main Fateh A - M
85Kotli Mian Fateh A I - M
86Langotian - M
87Maralia A - M
88Maralia B - M
89Maralia C - M
90Maralia C I - M

Last Updated on December 01, 2014