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Polling Station List Rajpura Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Rajpura

The Rajpura assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Pulwama district. Know the names of polling booths inside Rajpura assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Sangerwani A - M
2Sangerwani A - M
3Sangerwani B - M
4Sangerwani B - M
5Sona Banjar - M
6Khygam - M
7Abahama A - M
8Abahama B - M
9Draklaran - M
10Aglar A - M
11Aglar B - M
12Kamrazipora - M
13Mirgund Thokerpora - M
14Tujan - M
15Rahmoo A - M
16Rahmoo B - M
17Rahmoo C - M
18Rahmoo D - M
19Chewah Kalan - M
20Gusoo A - M
21Gusoo B - M
22Frasipora - M
23Wahibugh - M
24Nowpora Nagam - M
25Looswani Narnopora - M
26Zadoora - M
27Karimabad A - M
28Karimabad B - M
29Wagam - M
30Kangan - M
31Mongahama - M
32Ashmindar - M
33Murran A - M
34Murran B - M
35Murran C - M
36Murran D - M
37Dadora - M
38Mitrigam - M
39Deeri - M
40Kachipora - M
41Putrigam - M
42Tiken Batpora - M
43Tiken Batpora A - M
44Sonta Bugh - M
45Babhar - M
46Bellow Dargund A - M
47Bellow Dargund B - M
48Gulshan Abad A - M
49Gulshan Abad B - M
50Nikas - M
51Uzram Pathri - M
52Hall - M
53Kuchupora Kanjoh - M
54Rajpora A - M
55Rajpora B - M
56Rajpora C - M
57Rajpora D - M
58Chunda Pora - M
59Dangerpora - M
60Ayungund - M
61Qalampora A - M
62Qalampora B - M
63Qasba Yar A - M
64Qasba Yar B - M
65Drabgam A - M
66Drabgam B - M
67Drabgam C - M
68Chake Dewan Badrinath - M
69Achagoza - M
70Bamnoo - M
71Drusoo A - M
72Drusoo B - M
73Chatripora - M
74Bandzoo - M
75Bonura - M
76Arigam - M
77Jandwal - M
78Sona Samilo - M
79Arihal A - M
80Arihal B - M
81Arihal C - M
82Arihal D - M
83Drach - M
84Tumlahal A - M
85Tumlahal A - M
86Lasipora - M
87Armulla - M
88Achan - M
89Panjren - M
90Nowpora Payeen - M
91Nowpora Payeen A - M
92Niloora - M
93Nikloora - M
94Chandgam A - M
95Chandgam B - M
96Tahab A - M
97Tahab B - M
98Tahab C - M
99Naira - M
100Nowhar Malpora - M
101Trichal A - M
102Trichal B - M
103Tenga Puna - M
104Much Una - M
105Payar A - M
106Payar B - M

Last Updated on December 01, 2014